2007-02-10b (PreU) The Plotting Trio travel to New World

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The Plotting Trio travel to New World


Who: Arshiva, crux, datenshi, evil_cale, cassie
When: February 10th, 2007
Where: New_World

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New World: The Grass Plain(#1958R)

Eternal blue twilight rests upon this world. You count three moons, or perhaps dulled suns in the sky above you. Your feet rest upon a long and lush grassy plain, spreading out for miles. In the distance is a mammoth sized black stone castle, beyond that a forest, and in the opposite direction is a landscape of distant rolling mountains.

One piece of the plain shimmers and churns, occasionaly a doorway onto an empty cracked street will form and then fade, sometimes depositing things, sometimes taking them.

Arshiva walks over to where Cassie is now, keeping the chains nice and tight around her, as a matter of fact, the end of the chain is growing longer and continuing to wrap around her body, while the part already on her stays in place. She's about to move over nearer Cassie, then she notices the girl isn't...no, is still floating, which she shouldn't be, unless... "That's because you're coming through the portal I'm guarding." She stares at Cassie a few moments, then shifts her grip on her chain lightly, causing the girl to spin in the air so they're both face to face. There is a single cigarrette butt on the ground next to her foot, by the by. "Might be a threat, might be passing through, but first, tell me what you're using to keep yourself afloat when none of your magic is working. Is it technology?" She glances briefly over towards the castle.

Cassie smiles and sweatdrops a little. "Hehe, funny thing about that." She glances around nervously, then towards the ground. "I dunno, maybe part of my DNA? I kinda don't know anything about myself." She'd scratch her head, aside from the fact that her hands are kinda bound. "I can go back if you like! I've no problem doing that!"

Datenshi appears through the portal walking casually through as Arshiva's talking to Cassie, shame if she's supposed to be guarding the doorway to New World as it's greatest conspirer has just walked casually through- though no one's really aware of that. Either way the Dark angel steps to the side to let others pass through, tugging at one of his gloves idly and looking with blood-red eyes at the goings on of Arshiva and that other girl who are obviously already here. "Got your ciggarettes." He calls out in a rather nonchalant tone, as if to state a fact rather then draw attention in his direction. She did want them, after all, and he's back after such a long trip. Wonder how that vampire contagion is doing?

Cale Charis comes through after Datenshi of course, her eyes eyeing things over. Hm, girl with wings, one humanoid in chains...grassy plain, castle, mountains. Interesting. She walks herself over to the far side of Datenshi, coming to a stop with a smirk as she folds her arms within her sleeves. She starts casting a scanning spell, eyeing the place over to try and gather what information she can. Blast, some of the ale is starting to wear off already, it's such a pity! But, she can't go taking off the spells that regulate her system like that, not here anyway.

Crux walks in right after Cale, arms crossed. And notes Cassie tied up in chains. "...." He doesn't say a word to her, instead walking past Arshiva and stopping for a moment. "Let that one go, or else I'll destroy every cigarette in existence, just for the sole purpose of making your existence miserable." Now there's a ridiculous claim, if ever there was one, but ludicrous as it may sound, he doesn't give the impression of being anything other than serious. "And I'll make fun of you, too." Ooh, a scary threat. He gets ready to walk on, depending on Arshiva's reaction. He doesn't expect his words to have an effect, but better words than straight up decking the lady. Though it might've been a little fun.

Cassie looks over to the trio, her face a bit nervous and pale as the crazy lady keeps her in place. Eyeing Datenshi and Evil Cale, the chains clink as she trys to turn and move towards Crux, a smile on her face despite her postion. "Crux!" Her tone is filled with relief as her hair writhes behind her, wrapping and tugging at the chains. And to think, this is what her curiosity gets her. She looks around, to see what Arshiva's reaction to Crux's threat is, her large eyes darting from face to face, analzing the situation and the new players in this game.

Arshiva's eyes look over to the portal as Datenshi walks through it. Oh, Datenshi. Finally come back as he? He better have her...oh good, he does. Well, that's fine then. She's about to hold out her free hand towards him to receive her payment, when Cale walks through the portal next. Someone she doesn't recognize. She already has one in chains, well, two won't hurt. She flicks her wrist ever so slightly that holds the chain and the end that was winding even moreso around Cassie darts out to try and wrap itself around Cale. Then Crux comes out.. o O ( ... ) She glances over at the castle at this, and back to Crux, well, Crux gave her that cigarrette before, and she was never told to guard the gate, but she decided it should be guarded. Hm, tough call. "Can't right now, I'll do it when I know she's not a threat here." She says, she values Damon far over herself, so losing cigarette's, something she wants, over protecting him isn't really a choice for her. "I need to stop you too, so stop walking for me." Though the chain doesn't go after him, at least not yet.

Datenshi looks at the wrapped up Cassie and dosn't really care, though now Arshiva's here he's got a strange urge to smoke. Which isn't so distressing as it sounds, since he can't actually get lung-cancer... or drunk for that matter. Looking over at Cale with the chain flying towards him he dosn't make any movements, there's no way he's getting between Arshiva and her prey and those chains are something else entirely. "... She's not a threat, she's barely worth decapitating and using as a trophy." Just a fact, the Dark angel couldn't care if she crushed her to death with those bizzare chains of hers. Rather he flicks his fingers and a cigarrette rolls over them, and he makes a hand gesture as fire bursts out around his gloved hand. The Dark angel uses these to light said cigarrete, peer-pressure gets to him too. The other hand tilts Masamune, Crux's outbursts seem to be causing a bit more immediate trouble and that's a little disconcerting. "Hey, she's useful so don't cut her up /too/ much." Though no matter who gets injured, Cale or Datenshi get the soul.

Cale Charis watches the chain snap out towards her, she's already been scanning, so the effects of the chain are already known to her, they're rather similar to her black sphere's she makes. However, it'd be very inconvenient to lose some of the spells hanging on her right now. Still, she should drop them anyway, she's not on Twisted, and unless The Council is here on New World, it doesn't really matter. Well, fine, she'll earn this gatekeepers trust and let the chain wrap around her. Her eyes twitch visible as her magic gets cancelled out, but she stays relatively still, though she feels nausious, "Yes well, greetings." She says towards Arshiva.

Crux blinks at Arshiva's words and smiles happily, suddenly chipper and polite. "Oh, you're reasonable then. Maybe I mis-judged you." He points at Cassie, smiling. "She can't do anything but float, maybe make her hair look cool. She also gave me her last cigarette to give to you, so she's a good kid. You can let her go now." He watches the chains wrap around the dark Cale and fights the urge to smile a very different kind of smile. Instead, he just gives Arshiva the most sincere and trustworthy smile in the history of smiles... at least since the last time he gave it to someone. "As for me, I'm a threat to everyone in existence, but I promise not to kill anyone while you're on duty, so let me go too, ok?" What? He's just being honest.

Cassie watches the going ons with great intrest. It's not everyday you see a black distorted Big Bird smoking. She would give a semi-reprochful look towards Crux, but he is trying to get her out of this situation so she just nods and smiles. It keeps her out of trouble. She says nothing, nor thinks it, just kind of floats there in her binds and awaits her freedom, or she'll have to whine just a little bit.

Arshiva wonders at Crux's words, and she feels the magic the chain is keeping nulled, ugh, there's a lot coming from that blonde girl over there, that's worrysome. But Cassie...sigh...it's obvious all of these people are together, in one way or another, and she can't stop them all, but, if she goes to the castle and lets everyone know, her job is good. The chains around Cassie and Cale both peel away, retratcing themselves further and further until it's just about five links she holds in her hand, which, by the by, comes from the hem of her purple clothing. "All right." She looks over at Datenshi, holding her hand out for the cigarrette's as she starts to walk towards the castle, hoping he'll throw them to her.

Datenshi takes a drag of the cigarrette and then as Arshiva gestures he closes a clawed fist- generating a shadow in his palm to pull out a pack when it's opened again. Bet that's a rave at parties, since everyone knows that he's great with children. Well, great with shutting them up that is... permenantly. THe pack gets tossed towards Arshiva rather detachedly since she earned payment more then that with the whole Kurushimeru thing. "... You okay, Cale?" He turns around since magicians /are/ brittle creatures after all, or at least in his experience. Crux is ignored for the moment, since he's likely to talk to the innocent he just saved- or whatever it is those non-evil types do in thier free time. "She's useful if you use the right price. Yours is souls, hers is cigarrettes." Notes to his former partner in crime, since he did ask for information. A wing stretch and a glance over at the castle in the meantime, Damon...

Cale Charis is glad when the chain comes off, she was a tad worried there, because it's a pain to die, and she's never had to do it before, she has a lot of precautions set up in the event of her death, but so far all of them have been unneccessary. But, the chain comes off, thankfully. Her eyes refocus as her magic floods back into her body, using it to keep her muscles moving and just about her entire body, really. The normal body is very inefficient with the way it deals with energy. She looks to Datenshi, and gives a single nod of her head, wondering if he's worried about her. Ah, no. Of course, he wants to make sure she's all right so she can help him get this Damon, of course. "Interesting, yes." She says, albeit quietly. Her first words since coming through the portal. She waits for Datenshi to lead them off, though she's pretty sure it's going to go for that castle which looks like it takes up more than a mile in space.

Cassie breaths deeply as she's relased. Bobbing a few times, she adjusts her jeans and tank top. Casting a glance at the retrating Arshiva, Cassie is unable to hold back and sticks her tounge out at her back, pulling it quickly back in and turning to move beside Crux, waiting for the proper moment to thank him AGAIN for saving her. She might not have needed it, but then again, she may have.

As the chains come off of Cassie and Cale, Crux's smile widens. "Huh. She actually listened. When was the last time anyone ever did that?" He waves at Cassie politely, and wonders idly how he'd best tell her that she doesn't want to be here right now, and more importantly how he'd convince her of that, knowing her impulsive tendencies. "I guess you can go home now, Cassie. Congratulations!" He decides to play it off as she should be happy to be able to go home, and doesn't push the 'It's dangerous' angle that he would with less impulsive and more rational individuals. Aww, he's babying her by not babying her. Wait, how does that work exactly? He glances between Datenshi and Cale, almost as if trying to assess them for a moment, but not with any ill intent towards the pair, though he doesn't much like evil Cale. Not since the silencing thing, especially. Depriving the multiverse of Crux's most excellent voice. The nerve.

Arshiva catches the cigarrette's as they're thrown to her, and she opens the pack up, pulls one out, and sticks it into her mouth, unlit, because she doesn't have a lighter or matches or anything useful like that. But, she'll get a light back at the castle. "Thanks." She says to Datenshi, before she takes off at a very, very fast run for the castle, moving in more or less a blur, not her top speed, but it is nice and fast. Time to speak to..oh, who should she tell. Well, she'll just yell it at Karith, and if Karith cares, then he'll do something about it, if it doesn't, it probably doesn't really matter at all anyway. " Datenshi walks towards the Castle and right past Crux and Cassie, his massive ancient weapon tilting and crackling with white sacred energies like pure lightning running up the silvery razor-sharp blade. Not that the dark angel's going to lash out at the rescued girl because he's not walking that close, but for what reason? "...Come on, stop wasting time with mortal mal-travellers who get themselves caught up at every opportunity." This is tiresome, though it was convinient that Arshiva had already caught someone he ponders while flicking away the ciggarette he was smoking. Funnily enough, he still hasn't blown it out. Advantages to not breathing. Or maybe he's letting it out slowly? Cale will follow if he wishes, and Crux, but he has a sense of wasting entirely too much time.

Cale Charis comes in to stop alongside of Datenshi, at least outwardly she just looks like some young girl, even if that winged thing is going to possible report otherwise. But, maybe she can't figure out such things. Who knows! Nothing for it. She smirks, keeping her arms folded within her sleeves as they walk towards the castle. It'll take a bit of walking to get there, but nothing eventful will happen along the way, and they'll reach one of the many entrances before too long...and Karith hasn't become undisguised and risen up to consume them yet, either.

Crux smiles and waves at Cassie before he turns to follow Datenshi and Cale. "Be sure and say hi to everyone for me! I'll be back later!" Well, that's an optimistic view of their chances, if anything. He catches up to Datenshi and Cale, his polite smile slowly fades as they distance themselves from the portal. He looks around at the place, commenting for the first time since their arrival. "Nice place." Wow, Crux, you'd think you had more useful contributions to make than complimenting the decor.

Cassie smiles her quirky little smile towards the Dark Angel, eye His blade with much interest, her thoughts ring out. *Well, arn't we a little cocky?* She smiles at Crux and bows, honsetly greatful for him getting her away from Arshiva. Her eyes swirl as normal, while she speaks, "Thank You again Crux. I'll get out of your hair and get a drink at the UR." She floats backwards through the portal back to twisted, her hair fluttering nicly about her as she takes a mental note to remember the arrogent winged Man and the strange girl. Her eyes narrow and just for a split second, flash black as she disappers back to Twisted.

Datenshi breathes out the ciggarette smoke slowly over time, keeping walking until the Dark angel comes across something of course since the castle continues for nigh-forever and he has no doubt in his mind that they'll run across every obnoxious denizen on the way to meeting the greatest most loathed one. "... I hate this place." Hate, them's fighting words! Cassie's mind-voice goes ignored, though it's not visible how much telepathic voices ruffle his feathers. Datenshi reaches into his shirt and pulls out his ancient-looking jug with his free hand and opens it, which is no mean feat with one hand, taking deep drinks as they move further. They'll also notice he's still charging that sacred energy in Masamune, probably not to do with Cassie at all.

The castle is reached, well, once of the many entrances to the castle is, anyway. And the three of them are not disturbed in their walk. Actually, it's a quite peaceful land, since there aren't really a lot of native creatures to the world, it's not very inhabited. Well, anyway, they get to the castle. --- Cale Charis looks up and down the castle, rubbing her arm where the rune upon it rests, this entire castle reeks of magic, it's a good thing, but also bad, because she's not attuned to it, so it feels a little strange, but no matter, what really worries her is whatever is resting on top of the castle, because she knows somethings there, but she can't figure out what. It must be some kind of spell though, because it's far too large to be anything else. Ah well. She stays quiet, staying close to Datenshi and waiting for him to choose when they enter and where.

Crux walks behind the other two for a while, but as they begin to near the castle, he sighs inwardly at the stupidity of their positioning. He quickens his pace, placing a hand on Datenshi's shoulder calmly, internally actually hoping that Datenshi knows better than to let his reactions run wild during this trip. If and when he touches Datenshi's shoulder without getting his head lopped off, there's that vibration thing again. Only Dat can hear it this time, so to Cale it'd probably look like just a wordless exchange. Though Cale is more perceptive than the average ... uh... non-perceptive person... *This is not a very good formation. I'll be the meat shield, so unless you've got an objection, let me be in front.* Bold words for someone who's never been here before. Oh well. Crux's never been one for subtlety.

Datenshi keeps walking, and walking, and walking- what else can he do, really? The evil alternate Cale said he wanted to see Damon the Overlord and thinks he can seal him, though he'd rather he held off until he'd stolen Crescent. Well, there was a whole evil plan but they didn't seem to be interested- this is just checking it out. So his natural direction is right to where Damon the Overlord's throne-room is. When Crux touches his shoulder he very nearly spins around to lop off his head, striking out his foot as it goes to skid around until there's the vibration thing and he regains composure. If it's two way, he speaks through it. * We're here just to check out the place, not shake it up. No need for a meat shield. * Datenshi, not resorting to immediate violence? Well, he's got an agenda after all. Tilting Masamune back, sacred white energies crackling, talking to Crux if he has anything else to say.

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