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Yoko Merdick
Full Name: Yoko Merdick

Series: Original

Threat Level: Civilian
Alignment: Neutral Good
Gender: Female
Species: Human

Short Description:

Yoko Merdick
A seemingly plain girl with shoulder length brown hair. Really there isn't much that sets her apart from anyone else. Normaly she wears a tan shirt with a brown dress. The events in her past have taken away any desire to draw attention to herself, but she's still rather eager to befriend new people. So, for the most part, she stays silent and drawn in until someone gets her attention. Just a warning for the misinformed.



Originating from the storyline that put the Marr0w in Marr0w Productions, Yoko was a young girl who was put in the care of a "cyborg zombie" named Marrow. After a malfunctioning teleporter got them lost in the multiverse, Yoko found herself trapped on a modern-era world and eventually found a job working in retail. Following a long period of living a mundane life previously thought lost to her, she was greeted by the demon Lucardus who had come to seek vengence on Marrow. Finding Yoko instead, the demon murdered her as a message to his adversary.

Yoko eventually awoke on Chronos, finding herself living with a family and working out of the various shops in Truce Village. Never knowing how or why she ended up there, the girl assimilated to her new life and was almost happy for a time. At least until Cale Charis came along. Snatching her and her friend Meln up, Cale claimed them both as wives in a binding ritual and then proceeded to force them to learn dark magics in exchange for food and water. Being genuinely human Yoko couldn't learn magic and the ordeal was a grueling nightmare that forced her to go into hiding afterwards.

Despite her efforts to stay hidden, Cale eventually found the girl and she was sacrificed to become the new host of his spirit...


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