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Dragonmaster Cale Charis Alternate: Carla Charis
Full Name: Dragonmaster Cale Charis

Alternate: Carla Charis

Series: Original

Alignment: 17 (Appearance)
Gender: Male
Species: Lunarian
Age: 17 (Appearance)
Birthdate: March 7th

Short Description: Lunarian

Dragonmaster Cale Charis Alternate: Carla Charis
Male: Angelic like white feathered wings bring your attention to the young male that stands before you looking around the age of seventeen with a build of a normal human, but not one out of shape. Atop his head is soft flowing blue hair that moves down like a river behind him, reaching nearly down to his ankles. His hair is thick and fluffy, unlike most hair when it gets that long and starts to thin out. It's also pulled back in a ponytail by a single white scrunchee. His eyes share this some crystal blue color, a kind gentleness buried down inside of them. Resting upon his body is a pair of pitch black sweatpants and a sweatshirt. The fabric of this clothing is almost blacker than black, as if it decides to suck the light in that comes into contact with it; this can get disorienting when the man's standing in the shadows and contrasts against his white wings greatly. The sweatshirt is loose around his upper body, and has a hood upon the back which is usually covered up by his hair.

Female: Her blue hair hangs in a long, silky, and thickly flowing ponytail to below her knees, a few stray bangs branching out to cover over her left eye intermittently. A teenager of seventeen years from appearances, her green eyes look upon the world with curiosity, desiring to take in anything that seems new or different from the norm. Setting her apart from an ordinary girl are two things; a pair of blue dragon wings and a five foot blue furrred cat tail. The wings look strong and flexible, able to coccoon the girl within their depths. A few red lines run through the wings which can be seen when the light catches them just so, which add rather than subtract from their beauty. The tail is wild and constantly flipping and twirling about behind the girl with a mind of its own, often bumping into or knocking over things. Adorning the girl is a pair of seamless black palazzo pants, showing off her curves quite well, at least around the waist. Her ample bosom is clothed in a black top with frayed short sleeves and frayed trim that shows off her midriff; it's obvious the girl takes care of herself. Her feet are completely bare, but don't seem overly filthy despite this.

For those magic sensors out there, there is a lot of magic coming from the girl, a sign of numerous spells either hanging off of her, or working around her. For the blood drinkers, her blood just smells like the finest of delicacies.


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