2007-06-22 (PreU) Uncle Cale?

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Uncle Cale?

Summary: So while Devi has her 'business meeting', Tabitha has sneaked out onto the roof of the building to speak to the Dragonmaster himself about what's been going on. Wait a minute. Cale's a guy again??

Who: Dragonmaster Cale, Tabitha, Trinune
When: June 22nd, 2007
Where: Integra's Arms Roof

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Tabitha pulls herself onto the roof, greatful for the lack of weight given to her by her new age, but disapointed that her arms and legs are so short meaning that it's not that big of a diffrence when it comes to climbing. Standing and dusting herself out, she looks down over the city ruins. The view is so much nicer here than the view from Devi's windows. Taking a deep breath she turns, realising she was wasting time. "CAAAAAAAAALLE!!! CAAAAAAALE!!!!! CAAAAAALE?!!?" Shouting into the sky she taps her foot impatiently, her tail swishing around anxiously behind her. She's got to get this done quickly, her goal is to make it back before Devi does. "HEY!?!? CAAAAAAALE!?!?!?"

A blue portal swirls open on the roof, and Cale comes hopping out. Trinune is sheathed on his back, rather than in human form for once. But, then, when Cale's actually Cale and not Carla, Trinune tends to do that more often. It's not as fun for her to be human you see. Anyway. He glances around and spots the little catgirl, his hand moving up to grip onto Trinune's hilt. Ready. Prepared. Always arriving when people call his name, well, when friends call his name. Well...when someone Trinune or he consider a friend, at least. "Greetings!" He says, glancing around and waving his free hand at the portal, which swirls closed. He doesn't see anything attacking the little girl, but...ya never...wait, why did the little girl get picked up by Trinune? He asks Trinune this of course, and then looks at Tabitha...and starts to laugh!

Tabitha stares at Cale in equal confusion as he comes out of the portal. A smile starts to sneak onto her features as she disbelieves what her eyes are telling her. She blinks twice and is about to speak when... wait? Why is he laughing? Her ears droop and her tail hangs limply behind her. "Oh c'mon. It's not that funny... I kinda like bein' like this... ;_;" With a heavy sigh she shakes her head, her face flushed with embarasement, as she tries to change the subject. "How th' heck did you get your ol' body back?"

Dragonmaster Cale snickers for a little bit longer, shaking his head, he then blinks, "Eh? Oh!" He lowers his hand from Trinune's hilt, and the sword fades away and erupts into blue lightning nearby on the roof, thunder sounds as it always does when she forms or teleports around. She shifts her eyes between the two people as the speak. Cale doesn't even really notice as he scratches his arm, "Eh heh! W-well, see, Datenshi and I tried something where he was gonna take my soul n stuff but, eh, it kind of got away from him so I sorta died...again." He rubs the back of his head, giving a nervous fanged grin, "But, ya know! He managed to become the angel of death n stuff, and then after he got Althena to let me come back to life n stuff, I summoned him from that the way other people did way back when n stuff. So, ya know, now I'm alive n junk and have my body back!" He smiles fangedly, "What happened to you? Ano, oh...do you, eh, need me to take you to the bathroom? Or or, help you cross the street?" He laughs. ^_^

Tabitha eyes go wide at the first half of the story as worry and disbelief struggle to claim her. Then it seems to fade into a raised eyebrow as she continues to try to keep up with the conversation. She can't help but smirk at his enthusiasm until he asks about her. Then her eyes narrow and she frowns. "Oh come off it. Now yer jus' bein' mean." Crossing her arms she waits for him to stop laughing before speaking again. "I ran into a guy named Oblivion an' kinda mentioned to 'em that it bothered me that I didn't have any memorise of bein' a kid since Johnny'd made me, an' this is how he tried ta help." As she speaks she glances at Trinue and nods her head in greeting, but her gaze drops down to the ground before she stops again. "...but that's not why I was tryin' to get ahold of ya. Devi's changed. She got Sun to let 'er bring Samantha's body over to 'er apartment, but I don't think she can be trusted with it anymore. No one seems to know how ta wake 'er up, and Devi doesn't seem in too much a hurry to try, even though she told Sun she could..."

Dragonmaster Cale grins fangedly at Tabitha, then blinks, tilting his head to the side slowly. "Ohhh? Huh..." He comments, tapping his foot and folding his arms across his chest, "Well, I mean, I scanned her over with magic n stuff and I couldn't really figure out how to bring her around either n stuff. But, eh, I'm sure she'll either come around, or, we'll figure a way to wake her up." He lets out a slow breath, looking up at the sky, "Though, I'm not really sure how. Eh, if Devi says she has an idea then it's probably all right, she seems trustworthy from what I've seen of her so far." --- Trinune shifts her blueblue eyes onto Tabitha, and then turns around and looks out over the streets of Twisted, scanning it over. Well, she's almost always doing that anyway, but the two of them have been trying to somewhat map it out.

Tabitha reaches behind her, with the intent of drawing one of Johnny's daggers from the side of the bag she'd made from her old clothes when she hesitates. She wants to tell Cale everything that's happened with Devi trying to take the daggers, but she remembers that she still owes Oblivion and still needs to hold up her end of the bargin. With a heavy sigh she leaves the dagger where it is, crosses her arms and shifts her weight onto one foot. "She's changed, Cale. Almost everyone has... Now that I've got part of Nny in my head I c'n see it. Nothin's really been th' same. Almost like Crux dies an' th' whole world gets turned upside down." She lets her words hang in the air as she walks to the edge of the roof, looking out to see whatever Trinune might be looking at. "I wonder if I'm gonna stop carein' once I get used ta this body..." The last was ment more for herself than anyone else, but she hardly said it quietly.

Dragonmaster Cale scratches his left arm idly as he listens to Tabitha, he then frowns as he hears the news about Crux. He stares at her for a few moments, then lets out a slow breath, "Crux is dead?" He says, then glances up at the sky, "I see." He says softly, then his left hand clenches into a fist. Trinune turns around and looks at him, "Gomen. It sounds like a lot of stuff is going wrong right now, I've been kind of spending too much time with Ayika in Metropolis I guess." He looks back towards Tabitha, his face serious, "Ne, who killed him? Eh, actually, just tell me how it happened, just in case..."

Tabitha turns in shock at his question. Biting her lip, she lowers her head. "Johnny an' this guy he met named Caliga barged into th' TASK buildin'. If I'm seein' it right, they ran into this guy with all these flames who bragged about killin' him. He was strong enough that Johnny nearly kicked th' bucket trying ta fight him. I don't really know more than that. The stuff I c'n see I thought was dreams 'till I met Caliga an' he showed me it really happened... I think it was a week or so ago. Maybe longer. I think some o' what I've seen is outta order..." She doesn't raise her head back up. She assumed everyone who knew Crux must have known what had happened, and now she's filled with guilt both because she's told him, and because she's not even sure of the details. If only she hadn't slept that one night...

Dragonmaster Cale stares at Tabitha a few moments longer, then nods his head, he folds his arms and closes his eyes, letting out a slow breath again, "I see. Well, I hope he's resting in peace, wherever he is." He'll have to talk to Johnny and Caliga about it to try and get more details, whoever Caliga is. Not many details means he can't really just go barging in to kill whoever killed Crux, cause ya know, things happen. He's turned evil before, what if Crux was evil at the time? Bah! He shakes his head, then looks back to Tabitha and walks over and pats her head, grinning fangedly as his mood shifts, "Anyway! Sorry about that, I mean, the stuff about Crux. Eh, so, you called me, did you want me to go talk to Devi or something?" He smiles, snickering, "It's good to come to adults when you need help." His snickering turns into laughter. - Trinune turns back to look out across Twisted again.

By now the snickering is contagious and Tabitha's scowl at the age comment ends up as nothing but a slightly repressed smirk. At least the subject's been changed. "My mind hasn't been changed at all, y'know." Or so she thinks. With a grin she responds, "At least I'm not gonna pretend like I'm a diffrent person jus' cause my body changed like SOME people I know." The girl flashes a smile, showing off her fangs. "...but if your gonna keep treatin' me like I'm just a kid, I'm gonna have to start takin' advantage of it Unnnnnnnnncle Cale."

Dragonmaster Cale sweatdrops, "Ano ne! I don't change when I'm a girl! A-ano...not that I ever -am- a girl n stuff! I just...it's a curse!" He ahems, and then err's, "Ano, uncle? Eh heh...c-come on, that sounds -really- weird." He can't remember who else use to call him that, was it one of Ayika's nieces? Probably. Either way, it feels a little weird sounding. He scratches his left arm again, glancing over at Trinune, then behind him, as if distracted briefly, before looking back down at Tabitha, "Besides, my sister died when I was just a little kid n stuff, unless you're an in-law...or is it blood...no..in law..ano, what's the thing where you marry someone and then all their relatives are your relatives? Ehhh, nevermind." He grins fangedly and then pats Tabitha on the head again. Hmmm...he wonders.. "So, how much of a cat -are- you anyway?"

Tabitha laughs as he misses her implication completly. "Sure, sure.... Because you never told ANYONE Carla wasn't you, right?" She sticks out her tounge comicly as he pats her on the head. "...wouldn't ya like ta know, Uncle Cale?" In a mock show of irratation she crosses her arms. "Y'know, Devi made almost th' same comment when she saw me..." She sighs at the embarasement of it all, "She yelled 'look it's a kitten' and tried to stick a bow around my neck." Cale might not realise it but she's also using her crossed arms to try to cover the kitten printed on the front of the shirt Devi gave to her. "Why is everyone suddenly pickin' on me about this? Is it just more fun ta pick on kids? Ain't that kinda bad when ya think about it?"

Dragonmaster Cale grins fangedly at Tabitha, "He he he, no, it's funny no matter what age you are. Eh, gomen, I'm just curious about something..." He holds his left hand out and a black mist forms and then fades away, leaving a large play mouse full of catnip in it. He then tosses it from one hand to the other, "...ano, can you smell this n stuff?" Ahhh yes, teasing your friends, he used to do this alllll the time, but got out of habit because Bean was always punishing him back for it. But, really, he hasn't seen Bean in years. And, well, he has a bad memory. The only thing he won't ever forget is he can't use love potions or spells, he made a promise on that one, darn it. Those are so much fun to fling around. - Trinune turns around and watches the catnip appear, and an amused smile comes to her face. Well, she is more on the torturing of others for amusement side of...amusement, though not the painful kind, obviously.

Tabitha scowls as the giant mouse suddenly appears This is a challenge, she thinks. Now what's the proper way to attack? The girl bolts forwards in a blur and latches onto his leg. It seems her speed stayed the same as well, looking up she smiles happily with her eyes as wide and innocent as she can make them. "Unnnnnnnnnncle, Cale? C'n we go to the store and buy lots of stuff? Yer my faaaaaavorite person in th' whole wide world, y'know!" She beams the most heart filled smile she can and moves to tug at his shirt. "C'moooooon, Cale!! You'd do it if ya really liked me!!" Ouch, she's taking this seriously, isn't she?

Dragonmaster Cale gahs as his legs is suddenly grabbed onto, he totally drops the catnip mouse as he was lobbing it to his other hand. He sweatdrops bigtime, "A-a-anooo...eh heh heh...w-well...eh heh..." He rubs the back of his head and glances over at Trinune and then back down at Tabitha, "N-ne, I m-mean, w-well...what store?" He wonders, the wings on his back shifting nervously as a few feathers float to the ground. - Trinune shifts her blueblue eyes from person to person, then turns around and looks out over Twisted again. Her emotions run at about a hundred miles per second, so it's not like anything truly holds her full attention, unless it's really, really powerful. Like, anger, hate, love, the big one's.

Tabitha cackles inwardly as Cale seems to loose his advantage. At least she's nice enough to release him and his shirt before continuing. "You keep callin' me a kid, right? I need clothes an' toys an' candy... I could start callin' ya ojisan if that's better than uncle. Ya wanna be my ojisan, Cale?" Of course, it means the same thing either way. "I c'n follow ya around all the time an' act just like this for ya if ya want, since I'm just a kid afterall..." Stepping back she sticks out her tounge. "Yeah, yer right. Pickin' on people -IS- fun no matter what their age is..."

Dragonmaster Cale mmmmm's at Tabitha, "Mou, I don't know how to take care of kids n stuff, I'm only seventeen!" If you don't count the other 241 years he's been alive. He takes a few steps back and lets out a slow breath, walking over to where Trinune stands, "A-anyway, do you want me to go talk to Devi n stuff about what she's going to do with Samantha? And is there really anything wrong? Last time, Devi said there was something wrong with NNY, but there really wasn't n stuff, so I dunno if people are messing with me or not." He looks over his shoulder with a fanged grin, "Either way, I'll do whatever you ask me though!"

Tabitha stands and thinks, taking his statement very seriously. Her obligations have the upper hand this time around. Finally she shakes her head. "I guess not... I was kinda hoping since Devi and you brought Lee here ya might know what the trick is ta wakin' her up. I kinda figured if I could wake 'er up myself I could save everyone alot of hassle an' put a stop to all this fightin' over her body..." She takes a deep breath. "I guess if ya don't know, then I'm sorry I drug ya out here..." Forcing a smile she adds, "I miss ya bein' around, though. Even if what I remember is stuff other people did with ya." Crossing her arms she thinks some more, and then nearly gasps realising something else he doesn't know about. "Oh, that's right! Jus' ta give ya a heads up. Johnny ain't gonna know ya if he sees ya!"

Dragonmaster Cale scratches his left arm, turning around and raising an eyebrow, "Eh?" He wonders, that's a bit of an odd statement, "Why not?" The wings on his back shift again, and one of them smacks Trinune right in the face. The sword doesn't even flinch though, of course, and just ignores it completly. "Eh, sorry." Cale says anyway over at the sword, who then turns to face him and shrugs her shoulders once, not knowing what to say, or possibly having said it to Cale teleimagly or however the two communicate and shrugging for added effect. But really, who knows what goes through Trinune's mind.

"They sealed his mind. He kinda lost control an' they reset 'em. That's why I know what I do about what's goin' on. When they did it I guess I was asleep because I saw all of it from his eyes. He... he doesn't remember anything. Th' way he is now he doesn't even remember Terry... Caliga thinks if anyone reminds him of what he's forgotten he's gonna explode again." Tabitha gives another heavy sigh, this one more mournful than anything. "That makes me the last link to the ol' Nny I guess... like I didn't feel bad enough knowin' I was a copy of Samantha..." Her gaze drops to the ground again. Maybe this is why she asked for such a dramatic change for herself. She wants to be her own person, and everyone keeps trying to force her into their image...

Dragonmaster Cale hmmms softly. He folds his arms across himself, "I see." He says after a few moments of silence. "Eh, well, no worries." He grins fangedly, "If he's better off that way, then I guess it's better, but, eh, not that I'm okay with people messing with my mind or anything, but if he's just going to go insane and kill people, I suppose it's like sealing away someone's magical abilities." Which he has done more than once to many people over the years. He scratches his left arm and shifts his footing a bit, "Ano, well, listen, I need to get going n stuff because I'm doing some forging n junk. So, I'll talk to you later, k?" He holds his hand out, and a blue portal swirls open next to him. "Listen, if you need anything, go ahead and call me, I'll come. Always for my friends, ya know? Ehhhh, if you really want to go shopping I suppose I can take you too."

Tabitha stays silent as he voices his opinion. With a nod she gets ready to say goodbye, but his offer forces a smile onto her face again. Shaking her head she replies, "Heh... All I really need is clothes an' I think I c'n make do. Thanks for th' offer, though... " The girl waves at the two, staring into the portal that appears. "See ya, Trinune. See ya, Cale. If ya get done with your forging ya should drop by or somethin'... Don't stay gone forever."

Dragonmaster Cale nods his head slightly at Tabitha's words, "Eh, sure, no problem." He says and waves a hand. He should come by her more often, it's just...bah. He jumps through the portal. Trinune looks over at Tabitha, staring at her in silence a few moments before she walks through the portal without saying goodbye, which then snaps closed behind the both of them.

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