2004-03-29 Wrong door

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Wrong Door

Summary: Yoiko walks into the wrong apartment only to find Carla and Samantha.

Who: Dragonmaster_Cale, Samantha, Yoiko
When: March 29th, 2004
Where: Metropolis

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Sun's Apartment - Living Room

A quaint little place; a couch is along the wall to the left, which is next to a rather nice looking Laz-Y Boy recliner/rocker; on a table is a modest sized television, complete with a PS2, VCR, and DVD player. A kitchen is set off to the right, large enough to make food, and have a table in the dining area. And then there's a window along the wall to let light in. Tidy, quaint...looks like the tennant rarely 'LIVES' here. A little hallway leads to the bedroom door to the left, and the bathroom across from that.

Samantha stares down at the orb as it impacts, shivering again as the magic sends her floating upward. She stares unblinkingly at Carla for a moment, then 'eeps' cutely and throws a hand out to stop her from reaching the ceiling. This sends her body twisting so that she is lying sidelong across the roof of the room. "Um...?" She twists to blink down at Carla, "I, er.. think I kinda preferred not bein' able to move at all!" ^^;

Dragoness Carla sweatdrops a bit at Samantha on the ceiling, "Y-yeah, g-gomen...b-but, c-can you just stay like that a second?" Like you have a choice, right?" She looks over at Trinune and nods, a white light suddenly ripples around your robe, magic definaetly because the pinpricks are forming. "Eh, this is an anaylization spell, it's one of my favorites. Mm, makes making new spells wayyy easier.

Samantha nods, not speaking whilst the pinpricks work across her body. Her tail curls behind her slowly, moving sluggishly through the sudden lack of gravity. She does shift a bit, just to make herself more comfortable, and actually spreads her arms out, flopping up against the ceiling. "Well.." she grins roguishly, "Could get used to this, I guess... how long ya gonna be, Cale?"

Yoiko-chan steps out of her apartment and into the hall. Taking a very deep breath she closes her door behind her. oO(I can do this.... it's just one door away.... just don't get into any elevators...) Glancing down at her hand she stares at the numbers 404 that she'd written eariler. oO(Should be easy... just look for the numbers...) Turning around she stares at her own door a moment. oO(405? No wait.. that's not right...) Finaly she steps away and moves down the hall to the next door. oO(Ok... 404? Yeah... that's the right numbers, but how do I know this is the right one...? Oh well...) Calmly she begins to knock.

Dragoness Carla mmm's, "Not very long, I just have to get more details out of this spell, you see, then, I just have to re-work the magic that the spell is already using, but shift it some so it creates less of the effect of a same kind, so you end up, y-ya know, floating halfway instead of all the way to the ceiling..mm..th-that make sense t--" She stops and looks over towards the doorway at the knock.

Samantha nods slowly, "Okay.. I gotcha..." she peers towards the door too and slips her arm down from the ceiling, wrinkling her nose uncomfortably at the effort this takes, "Um.. couldja get that? Kinda.. hard for me to get over there right now..."

Dragoness Carla sweatdrops and nods quickly, "Y-yeah! S-sorry!" She hurries over and opens the door, "Greetings! Samantha's apartment!" She says, as if answering the phone or...something.

Yoiko-chan sweatdrops. "Oh no... I KNEW this was the wrong-wait... what did you say?" Blinkblinking at Carla she smiles, "Carla! I've been so worried about you! I didn't know you lived in this building!"

Samantha blinks over at the door, craning her neck to see but.. obscured by the light fitting. "Ne.. Cale... who is it?" She frowns curiously, and with an effort shifts herself down briefly and glimpses.. Carla's wings. >_< "Who is it?"

Dragoness Carla erms, "Y-yoiko! H-hey! Y-yeah! I mean, er, n-no..I don't! Eh heh heh...th-this is Samantha's place..." She steps to the side and...gestures up to the catgirl floating on the ceiling covered in, to Yoiko's eyes, a soft white glow. She er's and hops back, and -behind- the door out of Yoiko's view quickly, "It's Yoiko, Ryoga's brother." She waves her hands frantically, "And it's -Carla-, C-cale's my brother! Remember?" She says, giving this LOOK.

Yoiko-chan peers in the door and up at the ceiling, "Ok... that's odd... What are you doing up there?"

Samantha blinks slowly at Carla, "Your brother? You.." she blinks a couple of more times then giggles softly, "Right! Gomen nasai.. slipped my mind." She winks then leans down and peers at Yoiko, "Heya! Yeah.. er... magic, I guess." She glances down at her robe, "See! Magic... Cale's been teachin' me an' now he-um. Now -Carla- is tryin' somethin' out! So.. how ya been, Yoiko-chan?"

Yoiko-chan stares blankly for a few moments trying to grasp the situation, "Huh? Oh.... I'm alright... Mind if I come in?" Samantha nods faintly, smiling, "'Course! Always welcome.. well..." she squirms and sweatdrops a bit, looking off along the ceiling, "Most o' the time..."

Dragoness Carla nods her head at Samantha and then hops back into Yoiko's view, her tail swishing. She totally forgot she was a girl until Yoiko said something, this just makes her realize she must of been more out of it than she thought about Datenshi. She looks back to Samantha, "Eh, gomen, here!" She says, waving her hand to cancel the spells...forgetting that this will result in the catgirl falling for the floor.

Samantha erks and throws out her hands as she starts to fall, closing her eyes and screaming, "CALE!!" She twists in mid-air as she comes towards the ground, springing off her hands but.. too disoriented to make the flip. She slams onto her back with a violent expulsion of breath and skids away along the carpet, landing looking up at Carla with her eyes wide, taking a few deep breaths.

Yoiko-chan walks in the door slowly and jumps as Samantha hits the floor. Her confusion causes her to miss the Cale comment. "Uh..... you ok?"

Dragoness Carla sweatdrops BIGtime and isn't fast enough to re-cast the spell! x.x She quickly reaches down and tries to grab Samanatha's hand, which will make a green glow of magical healing energy erupt around the girls form, woah that's a lot of magic, the pressure of the pinpricks almost over whelming, "H-here!"

Samantha winces and sits up, reaching back with her free hand to shift her tail from underneath here. It curls away with an almost agitated, air, and begins to flick rhythmically behind the grounded girl. "Gah.." she groans, blinking, then her eyes widen again, a shiver shooting down her spine and juddering her entire slender form as the magic races across her. She hiccups cutely and looks to Carla, "I.. uh... wow. I wasn't -that- bad!"

Dragoness Carla sweatdrops a bit and the spell fades away, she straightens up, rubbing the back of her head as her tail sways back and forth. Btw, Yoiko, Trinune, as a sword, is floating in the middle of the room. "Eh heh...s-sorry..." Yoiko-chan finaly puts two and two together and starts to giggle, "So um... why did I come over here? OH! Yeah! Did you know that the UR was all torn up?"

Samantha nods, manages a small smile, then faints onto her left side, eyes glazing over a bit as the magical glow fades from her... her ears twitching and her tail curling around twice more before joining the rest of her slender form in falling totally limp.

Dragoness Carla blinks over at Yoiko, "Oh, yeah...er..it should be completly fixed in a day or two...no worries. The bar's still open." She looks back to Samantha and sweatdrops, "A-anoo.." She gets down on her knees and carefully shakeshakes Samantha's shoulder in worry, "N-ne..."

Samantha's eyelids flutter around her glazed sapphire optics. After a few shakes of her shoulder she moans softly and rolls over, tail flicking aside as she shifts to her back, staring up at Carla drunkenly, "Uh... 'm okay... but, er... what? Ugh.." she shakes her head vaguely from side to side, lifting a hand to her temple. "That was.. too much..."

Yoiko-chan sweatdrops, "The bar is still open? I went to that ugly dinner place with that guy for nothing?"

Dragoness Carla mms and sits back on her knee's, nodding her head slightly at Samantha, "G-gomen..eh heh heh...I f-forgot you h-had the robe on f-for a second..."

Samantha clears her throat, placing a hand to her breast as she does so. "Yeah... no kiddin'...." she shakes her head again, closing her eyes, then shifts the hand back to her temple, massaging gently. "Wow.. so... that's what it's like. Huh...." she takes a deep breath, glancing sidelong at Carla, wincing, "Kinda hope that was worth it..."

Dragoness Carla nods her head, still a little bit worried, "Y-yeah, gomen..." She looks over at Yoiko and gives a nervous smile, "S-so, how have you been?" She thinks quick, "O-oh, th-thanks for wishing m-me happy birthday! C-cale told me you did..."

Yoiko-chan smiles at Carla, "Oh! I'm glad to hear that! Where've you been, anyways?"

Samantha blinks and glances at Yoiko. She offers a friendly smile.. though it's tinged with a slightly smirky amusement, and then starts to push herself up. She gets halfway before falling flat back on her bottom, tail flicking behind her and then draping over her shoulder as she blinks confusedly, staring into space.

Dragoness Carla sweatdrops at Samantha and erms at Yoiko as she stands and offers the catgirl a hand up, "I, er..s-same, u-um..w-well...w-working on my magic, y-yeah..." She says with a nod.

Samantha takes the hand and pulls herself up.. she's pretty light actually, so it won't take much effort. She dusts her robe down a bit, expelling a breath slowly and puffing out her cheeks.

Yoiko-chan nods, "Yeah.... I noticed... I still wish I could learn magic... you guys have all the fun..."

Dragoness Carla smiles nervously at Samantha and moves over to Trinune, nodding once, then turning to Yoiko, "Eh, y-yeah...it's pretty fun, eh heh. Mmm...s-sorry you can't try it out..."

Yoiko-chan shrugs patheticly, "Yeah.... I know... So, um... 'ave I missed anything lately. I hate getting sick... Spent all last week in bed..."

Samantha manages a smile back at Carla, "S'alright.. just.. shocked me a bit." She murmurs quietly, winking before she folds her hands loosely across her chest and looks to Yoiko, "Quite a bit at my end o' things... been a busy week..." her expression goes a little distant, then with a shake of her head she just offers a small smile. "So ya been sick? What was up?"

Dragoness Carla blinks at what Yoiko says and grows kind of quiet, folding her arms tightly across her chest and glancing over towards a window, then back to the two girls, not saying anything for the moment.

Yoiko-chan shrugs, "I dunno... just wasn't feeling good. Just can't believe the UR got smashed while I was gone. I really need to get a phone or something so someone can tell me these things..."

Samantha smiles softly, her voice quiet, "I'd'a told ya but... kinda busy recovering." Unconsciously a hand squeezes over her left breast, and she frowns, joining in Carla in looking away to one side.. swallowing a sudden lump in her throat. (In just a week, I've been through so much... I never thought of it but.. all this in seven days....)

Dragoness Carla ehhs at Yoiko, "Y-yeah, b-but, er...it always got blown up in Neo Tokyo, i-it's just, the magic spell I have for restoration of it doesn't work as fast, and neither do the nanites. But, ehhh...the bars still open n stuff, so people can still come in drinks." She tilts her head to the side, "How'd you know it got blown up if you were sick at home, though?" She wonders in confusion. Nah, she doesn't read the newspaper really.

Yoiko-chan looks at Carla matter-of-factly, "'Cause I went there last night. I was gonna work but I found the place wrecked. Luckly that guy I met told me what happened..."

Samantha keeps her face turned to one side, but glances sidelong at the pair... staying silent for the moment. (I don't know.. should I tell her what happened? I.. don't know how she'd take it.)

Dragoness Carla tilts her head to the side, "Oh yeah? What happened to it, anyway? I woke up and er, it was gone basically, eh heh..." She rubs the back of her head. No, no one ever told her it was Datenshi or that was how Johnny got killed.

Yoiko-chan chimes in, "Yeah! That Zelda... Zelga... um... that Zel guy I met last night, he just said that some criminal blew it up or something..."

Samantha blinks and turns back around, wringing her hands together at her breast and looking at Carla... "Y'don't know?" She smiles the faintest smile, shaking her head, "Can't believe y'don't... it was.. when Datenshi stole my heart. I.. me an' Alex, we fought him. Shattered almost everythin', an'... with my gem, -somehow-, even when that hurt, I managed to stop him. But as he ran, he brought the Usual down. I.. think it was already weak from what we'd done though." She tilts her head, puzzled, "I'll apologise again, but.. whaddya think I was apologisin' for after it happened?"

Dragoness Carla ohs at Yoiko then looks over at Samantha, listening closely, "...ah? I see..." She says softly, folding her arms tighter and leaning back...against the floating in air Trinune. She looks to the ground, "Eh, I d-dunno, eh heh heh...I k-kinda have a bad memory..."

Yoiko-chan blinkblinks, "Datenshi? That guy that tried to kill Checkers? You dated him?"

Samantha looks at Yoiko long and hard.. then giggles softly, shaking her head. "No, baka... he tried'ta kill me." Her mood falls again and she frowns, "He.." again the hand at the breast, fingers clawing as if gripping onto her heart, her other hand grabbing protectively at her side, "He took my heart.. t-tore it out. Like it was nothing..." her lip begins to quiver and she bites down on it, looking away, "G-gomen nasai...."

Dragoness Carla looks over at Samantha wide-eyed! Dated datenshi?! Oh, wait..Yoiko just messed up what she said, okay. She erms, "N-ne, i-it's okay now, h-he's gone n stuff...a-and your heart came back b-because of the gem, right?" Samantha nods slowly, "Yeah..." she whispers.. her hand trailing over her breast and up to her collar, where her fingers close about the hem of her night-gown and pull it down, revealing the bright purple gem embedded in the gap of her collarbone. "Without this... without Sun-chan... I'd be long dead." She blinks and stares at Carla, tears welling in her eyes, "I'm.. I'm sorry you had to kill your friend."

Dragoness Carla bites her lip and just nods slightly at Samantha, looking over to the side as her tail sways back and forth, "S-so..a-a-anyway...y-you t-two w-want to go d-do something or...?" Trying to switch topics, of course.

Yoiko-chan smiles happily, "Yeah! I'd like to! Any ideas?"

Dragoness Carla ehhs and rubs the back of her head, looking at Samantha for one.

Samantha smiles softly, actually taking a step forward as Carla steps away.. she hesitates at taking a second, her arms stopping their lifting from her chest. She then blinks, glancing between the two wide-eyed, "Um.. sure but... I dunno. I just been watchin' my pop for the last four hours before Caleuhhhh...'s sister arrived." She gestures back at the television and the three DVD cases lying atop the player. "Um. I dunno? Could do with a strawberry Italian, I guess..." she rubs the back of her neck, raising an eyebrow.

Dragoness Carla eh's at Samantha, "Sure, or we could go to the mall or something, eh heh...not that I mind going to the Usual though." She gives a fanged smile.

Yoiko-chan nods, "I'd like to go somewhere new, myself... Since I got here the only places I've been are the UR, home, and that dinner place last night..."

Samantha blinks slowly, "Oh... yeah, I guess.." she glances at Yoiko and smiles, "Well, sure.. go with Cale then ne? I'll.. just get changed!" She turns and hurries over to the television - currently showing a blank blue screen, and turns it off. Then half-jogs over to the bedroom door, opening it quietly and creeping in, glancing towards the bed before she closes the door behind her just as quietly.

Yoiko-chan glances around and finaly notices the floating sword. "Hey cool... Nice sword..."

Dragoness Carla sweatdrops, "Y-yeah, th-that's Trinune, a-actually..." She says, leaning off of her and straightening up. "I was trying out magic n stuff and had her analyzing things, eh heh..."

Yoiko-chan thinks this over, "So it's like a computer or something?"

Dragoness Carla tilts her head to the side, almost taking that as an insult, "A-ano...no...Trinune isn't like a computer, mm..a computer uses technology...Trinune and I use magic n stuff...completly different, eh heh..."

Yoiko-chan blinks, she'd ment that as more of a compliment, "Um... oh... magic... it still looks pretty cool..."

Dragoness Carla sweatdrops some, "Ah? Er, y-yeah, w-well..thanks! Eh heh..." She shifts her footing, "...s-so, o-other than being sick, h-how have you been?"

Yoiko-chan shrugs her shoulders, "Well... Except for all that Neo Tokyo stuff, I've been alright..."

Samantha slinks back out of the bedroom in her casual gear, just buttoning up her shirt to cover her stomach and the most part of the blue sports bra beneath. She slides the door shut, giggling softly to herself, then looks towards the two with a slight embarassed smile, a blush on her cheeks, and murmurs, "'K.. good to go...?"

Dragoness Carla nods, grinning fangedly at Yoiko. She blinks and looks over at samantha, "Ah, er, yeah, sure!" She says, reaching behind her and grabbing Trinune, who then just fades out of sight.

Samantha nods and makes her way to the door, "Great! Actually.. I could do with the air... been a while..." she frowns briefly then replaces it with a grin, "I'm buyin' then, alright?"

Yoiko-chan stares blankly, "Huh? What do you mean?"

Dragoness Carla nods her head at Samantha, "Eh, you sure?" She says, then looks at Yoiko with a fanged grin, "Means she's paying for us."

Samantha smiles and nods as she swings the door open, "Mm hm! Prob'ly make a Badlands run in another coupla days, an'.. well.. I don't pay rent or anythin' so it'll be like last time. More money than I know how'ta spend!" She grins a bit and steps to the side, propping the door open with her foot as she runs her fingers through her hair.

Yoiko-chan shrugs her shoulders, "Um.... whatever... So, where to?"

Dragoness Carla tilts her head, heading for the door, "Mm, you go to the Badlands a lot, eh?" She shakes her head, "I don't like it in there, eh heh...too many things to go wrong with stuff..."

Samantha leans up against the wall outside and shrugs, tipping her head to one side as she finishes brushing out her hair. "Well.. not really somethin' I deal with, steel doesn't get affected much an'... well, even ki seems ta be fine." She giggles, "Though I guess, when I finally learn some spells that'll be screwy. Still it's a good livin', and great to keep me in shape..."

Yoiko-chan steps out into the hall and stares in confusion as Carla decides to head home. Instead of commenting she glances back at Samantha and asks, "Um... still wanna do something?"

Samantha looks at Yoiko and smiles, giving a faint shrug, "Up to you... could always go work out or somethin' after grabbing a soda? I, er.." she rubs the back of her neck with a wry, Terry grin, "Dunno how much I'm up to, but.. still. C'n try..."

Yoiko-chan sighs and gives Samantha a 'why bother' look, "Work out or something? We need to do something diffrent for a change..."

Yoiko-chan tries to think of something but doesn't know the area at all, "Um... I dunno. What is there to do here?"

Samantha raises an eyebrow, "I, er.. pretty much just work out, kill stuff in the Badlands an' spend time with Sun-chan. 'Cept when I'm in the Usual or somethin'..." she shrugs and grins, "Kinda silly askin' me. What do normal people -do- anyway?"

Yoiko-chan gives up and sighs, "Tell ya what. If you wanna train or work out or something... teach me something new!"

Samantha nods, and shrugs again, "Sure thing... like what?" (Zel already asked me teach, I could try an' teach Yoiko-chan something... like training! Great idea.. this could be pretty handy.) Yoiko-chan shrugs, "I dunno... show me something my Brother'd never show me!" ((Alot of possiblity here with his no-weapon, no killing policy...))

Samantha nods slowly, "Mm hm.... an', uh, what'd y'brother never show ya?"

Yoiko-chan laughs, "So far alot of stuff. You remember, the last time we sparred he showed up and made that big deal about me using knives and all that. I heard from that Zel guy and you've said it yourself. You actualy kill things for a living. I know it's not the kind of thing I was going for, but knowledge is power and all that, right? You gotta have some sneaky tricks up your sleaves. Come on! Show me something!"

Samantha giggles softly, "It's not so much I -kill- for a living.." she murmurs, "Just that my trainin's primed me for it. Though, er.. yeah, when the goin' gets hot I'm not loathe." She fixes her hair a bit, "So what? You don't do ki right? So ya wanna learn weapons or somethin'? Or, um..." she sticks her bottom lip out thoughtfully, tilting her head, "Jutsus mebbe?"

Yoiko-chan blinks, "Jutsus? What's that?" Of course she doesn't know anything about ki either. It's filled away in her mind along with magic...

Samantha casually holds up her hands in front of her face, twining the fingers together intricately. "Jutsus.." she murmurs, winking, "A bit like ki but.. less from within and more from the earth. I, er... well.... do ya meditate or anythin'?"

Yoiko-chan shakes her head and smiles, "Well... no... not on purpose anyways..."

Samantha lowers her hands and then extends one to Yoiko, fingers lightly curled for a grip. "Well... start tonight, an' see how ya do. Just.. stay quiet, don't have'ta do anythin' major, an' concentrate. Gotta be one with yerself, and... with the earth." She giggles, winking again, "Sounds stupid, but just try it. I used to go out into the woods on my own an' sing, look around, then just.. sit. But it's up to you."

Yoiko-chan stares questioningly, "Okay... um... but what will that do?"

Samantha smiles softly, "Just.. promise me, start doin' that an' then we can get started. Everyone who wants ta be serious has'ta do that... I even told Zel to."

Yoiko-chan tilts her head in confusion as she remembers Zel's rank. "Sure... I guess... wasn't quite what I had in mind when I asked you to teach me something new, though..."

Yoiko-chan tilts her head in confusion as she remembers Zel's rank. "Sure... I guess... wasn't quite what I had in mind when I asked you to teach me something new, though..."

Samantha grins, "Mebbe not, but you gotta be ready if I c'n teach that kinda stuff.... took me a year just to get the basic clonin' down."

Yoiko-chan blinks, "Cloning?"

Samantha nods, giving a little secretive smirk, "You'll see..."

Yoiko-chan stares at the floor as she tries to remember times shes seen people meditate, "Well... so anyways..."

Samantha smiles warmly, shifting off from the wall and moving to sit on the floor. She looks up at Yoiko as she crosses her legs into a casual half-lotus. "Sit like this.. easy, ne? An' just close yer eyes an'... think. Contemplate. It's easy..."

Yoiko-chan stares at Sammy and decides that foolish looking or not, what the hell, and sits down beside her trying to copy her. "Um... alright...?"

Samantha shrugs, and closes her eyes, resting her hands in her lap. She looks quite comfortable, a smile on her lips.. she speaks softly. "And just.. think... channel your thoughts, yer energies. I know it sounds pretty lame, but.... try'ta be one with the earth."

Yoiko-chan closes her eyes and does her best to concentrate. After a moment however, oO(I feel like an idiot...)

Samantha giggles and opens her eyes. Quietly she shifts to her feet and goes to lean on the apartment door opposite, watching Yoiko. "Good.." she murmurs, a near-whisper, "Feel anythin'?"

Yoiko-chan doesn't move her body, but does open her eyes to over at Samantha, "Nope... what should I be feeling?" Samantha shrugs faintly, "Peace, fer now... with a few weeks, yourself. A month, two months?" She raises an eyebrow, smirking a little at herself as she says, "The whole earth... it's power.. everythin' about it."

Yoiko-chan sighs and closes her eyes again. Pushing her eyebrows together from concentrating she sits quietly for a few moments and then very calmly asks, "Then what?"

Samantha closes her own eyes, leaning her head back against the doorframe as she quietly continues, "Just.. think about who ya wanna be, whatcha wanna do... everythin'. What makes you who are y'are now, an'.. what's gonna make you who ya hope to be."

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