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Yoiko Hibiki
Full Name: Yoiko Hibiki (yoy'ko he'bee'key)
Alias: Yoiko-chan

Occupation: Owner of the Usual Restaurant - Twisted Branch
Series: Ranma 1/2

Threat Level: Street Sweeper
Alignment: Neutral Good
Gender: Female
Species: Human

Short Description: The youngest of the Hibiki household, Yoiko can always be identified by her red hair and yellow and black-spotted headband.

Yoiko Hibiki
Age: 16 Birthdate:
Height: 4'6" Weight: 70 lbs.

Yoiko the younger sister of Ryoga Hibiki looks enough like girl-Ranma that the two once traded places to annoy her brother. She is rarely seen without the company of her dog Checkers who guides her due to her family's cursed since of direction. Yoiko is in her early teens and due to the way she dresses, it is very hard to assume her real age. She usually wears a blue dress with a duck logo over a yellowish/brown shirt and always wears a small headband with black specks over a yellowish tan design on it mimicking her brother's bandanas. Yoiko is never seen these days without a purple-ish backpack with an Aqua Teen Hunger Force patch and a "Chicago: The Windy City" button.

Recently she also began carrying a Klingon kut'luch (a three bladed dagger) that her brother somehow found for her, and on cold nights is seen wearing her new black coat (it has a chinese-style collar, ties instead of buttons, and white cuffs on the sleeves).

Work Uniform

Of course, everyone has to look at the waitress. What is this some kinda unwritten rule? Anyways, the younger sister of Ryoga Hibiki stands before you dressed in a sailor fuku, and looking very reluctant to be wearing it. The skirt is black with yellow trim, much like the collar, and on the front of the outfit is a yellow bow. On the back of the uniform are the embroidered letters 'UR'. She still wears her long black boots, although probably to cover up as much skin as possible.

Just as a side note, she never leaves the Usual Restaurant without her long black chinese-style coat (to hide the uniform).

Yoiko Hibiki
The younger sister of the eternal lost boy, Ryoga Hibiki. Yoiko lived most of her life at home, keeping it under control while her family continuously found themselves lost around Japan. She spent most of her time ordering videos from subscription sites making her ecstatic when she finally found her way into the multiverse and found she could meet the characters she knew so well. To get around she has her trusty dog Checkers, the only member of the Hibiki clan with a sense of direction, who has to lead her around like a seeing eye dog.

Before coming to Twisted, she was given a ring from the great Dragonmaster Cale which allowed her to transport herself to and from the Usual Restaurant by concentrating. Luckily for her it still worked on Twisted allowing her to become one of the many people to work there since it's original conception.

Yoiko has acquired a few "guardian angels" over the years including Crux Caedon and Diaduin Emepherea who still check on her from time to time.

Because of the nature of Twisted and the unique way time passes there, Yoiko has aged at least a year or two during her time there, not that she remembers a large portion of it due to circumstances beyond her control. This is why she might be the same age as her brother now, despite her being 14 last time she saw him. Currently she's been given ownership of the Twisted branch of the Usual Restaurant from it's previous owner, Aquariu.


Yoiko Hibiki
Aside from being a pro at singing karaoke, Yoiko was trained in basic combat by Samantha Li-Bogard and has the ability to seek out energies and locate them - a talent she uses randomly when Checkers isn't available. She has also been shown to be able to use her brother's Shishi Hokodan attack on rare occasion. The last time it was used, Yoiko channeled such near-endless depression that she helped obliterate Guarlesia during the war that broke out during pre-Unification Twisted. The blast left her in a near-catatonic state and was only able to be revived at the intervention of the Goddess Emepherea.

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