2004-03-19 - Bartending

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Summary: Another night at work for Yoiko.

Who: Yoiko, Zelgadis, Xue, Sabin, Officer Ul Copt, Naruto, Ellen, Ryunosuke, Jillas
When: March 19th, 2004
Where: Metropolis

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The Usual Restaurant

You walk into a well lighted room, it's high ceilings lit by dozens of fluorescent lamps hanging from the ceiling. To the south and west are windows, which you would normally expect to see the outside world from, but looking out of them, you see only a misty gray haze. On the walls to the north and the east of the inn are an eclectic collection of paintings, photographs and even holographs of many cheap 1970's to 1980's B-movies. The bar on the east side is made out of hardwood, it's surface polished and shiny. Behind the bar, the various beverages that are served here are kept in relatively neat containers on wooden shelves. There is a large stage in one of the corners of the restaurant with a impressive sound system and a few microphones strung about it. Multiple round wood tables are in this room, near the north wall, is a double swing door that leads to the kitchen. On the east wall is a door leading to the UR's dance club and on the west one leading to the Gym. To the south, is the exit to the outside. A recent addition to the UR is a large fireplace against the west wall, it matches well to the rest of the restaurant and looks like it should have been there all along.

Zel bigsweats at Xue,"Okay, evne in my world we didn't do that to the teachers. At least not leathal ones...."

Yoiko-chan walks in glancing around at everyone with a nervous smile. Holding her coat tightly closed she runs over and ducks behind the bar to put her stuff away.

Xue Qian winks at Zel "In some cases, the teachers kept their jobs based on the traps they set for their STUDENTS" o_- "no fatal traps allowed, although i've seen a few boarderline that in the more 'physically orientated' classes, such as brawling and weapons" ^_^;;;

Naruto says, "Well, yeah. But I -like- Cultural Conformity. o_O It's English that I hate. c.c"

Zel bigsweats again at Xue's comments and just shakes his head,"Naruto, the idea behind C-C is to get you to know what is ACCEPTABLE in this society."

Zel says, "As in you don't set traps for the teachers here."

Sabin shakes his head at the ongoings

Yoiko-chan emerges from behind the bar in uniform and glances around looking for something to do.

Officer Ul Copt says, "My teachers... well they were all much bigger than me when I was learning. HERE the teachers at the academy were very kind. "That's okay Cadet, I think he's subued now", "Really Cadet, your driving was fine now let me just re-attache the steering wheel", "I graduated with hearty reccomendations that I be assigned the prestigous roles of Check-point duty, keeping monsters from the badlands from entering the city, and they also gave me the occassional truancy case. Said I was well suited to the very responsible role of policing our school system.

Naruto says, "Right, and it's because they expect me to act a certain way that I can do things like set REALLY lame traps that they fall for ANYWAYS. My ninja skills could waste away and I'll never attain Hokage!"

Ellen asks, "Hokage?"

Xue Qian snickers "Somehow, if i set traps for MY teachers here... " she gives Zel an amused look, and cale also comes to mind " ... I'd be lucky if i didn't get blown home and back again for it"

Yoiko-chan sighs and walks up to Sabin with her hands crossed behind her back, "Hi! So, what happened with the advertising idea?"

Ryunosuke wanders in, glancing about casually. ^_^

Jillas just stands next to Naruto and watches him.

Naruto sighs. -_-; "Speaking of cultural differences..." He takes a deep breath and gives Ellen the short version, "The Hokage is the most powerful Ninja in the community, and everyone respects the Hokage, and nobody's ever respected me because I'm an orphan." u.u;

Zel sighs and let's his chin fall to hit his chest,"Filia..." He sighs and shakes his head,"Ah Naruto. Oyu just ahve to practice those AFTER school."

Officer Ul Copt says, "And my mentors are also kind too. they never force me to drive any of the strange chariots here. In Fact, most of them insist on driving."

Xue Qian glances at Naruto, eyes flashing an emotion too quickly to catch, before her normal confident persona takes over again "I'm sure your skills will be fine. You did well out in the badlands last time". She then looks to Filia "Oh, that reminds me.. where can i go to get lessons in how to 'drive' a vehicle?"

Ellen blinks, "I see...you do understand however that not all communities are based on Ninja."

Naruto says, "But the last time I practiced setting traps after school, Jillas put a bomb in my lunch bag. Getting blown up and not having lunch in the same day sucks..." He glances at Jillas, "By the way, that was a REALLY good bomb." n.n

Zel looks like he wants to cry after hearing what Filia has said.

Officer Ul Copt says, "Oh, There all all sorts of driving schools citizen. The initial test is very easy and lets you drive undersupervision."

Sabin blinks "Ahh, advertisin'?" He asks looking a bit perplexed

Yoiko-chan frowns at Sabin, "Me an' Kibi where wanting to make some advertisments for the UR. You said you where gonna talk to Cale about it..."

Zel pulls himself up onto a stoola t the bar and waves to Sabin,"Ne, i don't think so. Sake please. Leave the bottle."

Ryunosuke sits down at a table and orders a hamburger.

Sabin facepalms "Ahhhh really?" He asks, as she casually slides a bottle of sake, and small sake cup to Zel "Sorry, I've been really busy with m'other job, I clean fergot about it."

Zel pours himself a glass and downs it in one shot before letting out a little sigh.

Yoiko-chan sighs and glances around the room for a second. "Alright... I guess the place got busier on it's own anyways..."

Xue Qian makes her way over to Zel, noting the sigh, and curious "Don't tell me... you've hit 'rock bottom', no pun intended" c.c

Officer Ul Copt sits down next to zel and asks for tea.

Zel pours another cup,"You could say that Xue."

Naruto kips up to his feet. "Okay, uh.. I've got detention in the morning, so I better be getting off to bed... G'nite Zel an' Filia." He waves at Xue, "And so long to you too, Xue! We should go scavenging again sometime." ^^

Sabin nods to Yoiko "'course... I'll speak ta cale next time I see him, though. Thanks fer th'reminder."

Xue Qian waves to Naruto "I'll look forward to it" ^_^

Zel says, "So Filia, when did you get here and when did you join the police force?"

Officer Ul Copt says, "both questions, 4 years ago."

Yoiko-chan shrugs her shoulders and smiles at Sabin. "Alright, " she chirps as she walks off to fix herslef a drink and wait for any orders...

Officer Ul Copt sips her tea. "Did I tell you how nice it is to hear a voice from 'home'?"

Naruto zips off, Ninja-ishly.

Naruto claps his hands together. "Kage Bunshin No Jutsu!" *POOF* When the smoke clears, a dozen Naruto-Clones swarm away in all directions.

Zel nods,"About three seconds after you hugged me. I take it you haven't seen any of the others."

Officer Ul Copt says, "not here. Though I ran into Mr. Gourry, Miss Lina, Miss Amelia and a Strange lady who Amelia claimed was her sister."

Officer Ul Copt says, "While I was AWOL."

Officer Ul Copt says, "that's an odd word Ay-Wall."

Sabin nods, looking over the usual

Xue Qian drinks her soda, eavesdropping on the conversation between zel and filia, curious about the world they come from. However, she keeps whatever questions she has to herself as she listens

Zel says, "AWOL is an acronym for Away With Out Leave."

Ellen nods, "Exactly."

Zel says, "And I believe That sister was Naga..."

Zel tosses back his drink,"Funny, that would be about the right people....Was that in a city called NeoTokyo?"

Officer Ul Copt says, "ah... But after I talked with all the Elders of the Japanese Government I was given my back pay in full. they were very curious about the place I've been to.. YES! that was it. very strange. I was guarding my nest and these soldiers kidnapped my au pair... I went into town and it wasn't Metropolis anymore."

Officer Ul Copt says, "But I'm home now and everything is okay." Zel says, "Ah. My home off and no for the last zeven years, and now here apparently. Well it seems like a nice enough city."

Officer Ul Copt sips very lady like at her teat and examines one of her pristine white gloves spreading her fingers and turning the hand both ways...

Officer Ul Copt sips very lady like at her TEA and examines one of her pristine white gloves spreading her fingers and turning the hand both ways...

Yoiko-chan leans on the bar from behind it as she sips her drink, waiting patently for something to do...

Officer Ul Copt says, "Well I'm sorry but I have to return to duty." She puts her tea cup down leaves some yen on the bar and get's up, dusting the back of her skirt off.

Zel waves as Filia heads out and sighs,"Was I the only one that made detective in the police force?"

Xue Qian sweatdrops "Can't imagine being a cop... too many rules and too much order... not enough margin of error for my taste" c_c;

Ellen says, "I was a professsional soldier back home...no time to become a police officer."

Zel chuckles,"Maybe it was just because of WHEN I was with them. At the time they still had no anti-magic weapons and such so needed mages to combat supernatural forces."

Zel shakes his head and downs another shot of Sake,"Anyhow, what are you up to tonight."

Xue Qian shudders "Maybe it's just the goddess i'm affiliated with, but the idea of such strict conduct and rules doesn't sit well with me....". She raises an eyebrow "I'm up to finding something to do. The question is what are YOU up to to be so down in the dumps?"

Zel sighs,"Let's just say been a long day and nothing around me seems to be going right."

Zel pushes the remainder of the Sake away,"Not that this really works. Sabin, how much do i owe?"

Xue Qian tilts her head "What happened that didn't go right? sounds important"

Sabin says, "1500 yen, Zel."

Zel nods and pulls out the correct amount of bills and coins, leaving a little extra on the bar,"Ravena nd Ari are....having a bit of a fight. Both took it a bit far and now both feel bad about it but....."

Sabin puts the cash into the register, pocketing the tip "Thankee." he says

Zel says, "No Problem Sabin. Nice to see you here in the bar again." Xue Qian aahh's, noding "What, if i may ask, were they fighting ABOUT?" c_c; she slides her glass to Sabin "Needa refill" ^_^

Yoiko-chan yawns, begining to fall asleep for lack of something to do...

Zel says, "I don't think I am at liberty to say."

Sabin slides the glass on over to his sleepy waitress "Wanna cover that one, kid?" he says as he looks to Zel "Glad ta be back, Zel. Wrokin' in those homeless tents is a drain."

Yoiko-chan nods at Sabin and smiles as she picks up the glass and starts to... "Wait. What was this?"

Zel says, "I can imagine Sabin. Most people have settled into actual homes now?"

Xue Qian looks to the waitress "Coka-Cola"

Sabin nods "Finally, we found enough apartments that could take most of 'em."

Yoiko-chan nods at Xue with a grin as she hurridly pours another one and sits it down infront of her. "Here ya go!"

Xue Qian looks to Zel, and nods "Probably 'that' kind of relationship dispute, then, like who sleeps on which bunk and such... say no more" she nods as she takes a swig "Thanks"

Zel says, "Well....close enough Xue...." he then says to Sabin,"Good to hear. I would think with some of the tech that came through as well there will be enough jobs as well."

Sabin says, "Well, it -was- a pretty sudden influx. I'm sure th'job market'll bounce back soon."

Xue Qian gives a quizzical look "What exactly happened back in Neo that made the portals go nuts like that?"

Zel says, "Not sure, but form rumours I have heard abouth ow the ones here were created has me wondering if they aren't related."

Zel says, "The ones in Neo had beent here as long as anone could rember. The ones HERE only started recently and were supposedly a resutl of some sort of secret project."

Xue Qian raises an eyebrow "Leave it to the humans to screw everything up... some things never change, even in other worlds. Almost as bad as the high elves" -.-;

Sabin sighs "near as we can tell, th'gates just plain got unstable over there..."

Zel says, "Maybe the giant woke up."

Xue Qian gives a worried look "If that happened back in Neo, how much you want to bet it'll happen HERE, too, sooner or later... oh, speaing of which..." she takes out a 100 yen coin, and flips it to Zel "You won the bet the other night" ^_^;

Zel catches the coin,'He lived huh?

Yoiko-chan shifts her weight from foot to foot trying to keep her legs from cramping up. Looking up at Sabin she shrugs her shoulders, "Anything you'd like me to do?"

Sabin begins to yawn as Yoiko asks him. As the yawn passes, he looks to Yoiko, shaking his head "Nothin I can think of right now, kid. Thanks though,."

Zel pockets the coin,"I anycase, we'll have to see. If the protals start to destabilize we should see some signs."

Xue Qian nods "By Develia's grace, it would seem...." she then raises an eyebrow "Well, aside from vast numbers of critters, there weren't any signs they made public, to my knowledge, back when we ran for it"

Yoiko-chan nods, "Well... you mind if I head out then? I feel like I'm gonna pass out..."

Zel rubs his head, wincing a little. Only Filia would swing a 300 bls mace around like it was a baton and not look who was there,"Hmm, good point Xue."

Xue Qian yawns, finishing her soda "I'm going to go get some rest.... never know when something nasty is gonna come at those gates from the badlands...". She points her hand, palm open, towards a side direction. A ring of ice, just her size, forms before her, with a swirling vortex of black and purple coloration in it's middle. She turns back to wave "See you later...", and passes out from using too much Essence too quickly, falling into the portal. The coloration vanishes, and the ice ring shatters, sending ice all over the floor

Zel shakes his head but heads out in a similar fashion,"Good Night Sabin.Yoiko" He bows his head and a portal opens at his feet and moves up him wisking him away.

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