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Emi Goodman
Full Name: Emi Goodman (em-ee gud-muhn)
Alias: Em

Occupation: Aeon Sophia
Series: Original

Threat Level: Civilian
Alignment: Neutral
Gender: Female
Species: Human

Short Description: A short, skinny young woman with no immediately-discernable talents, but beautiful amber eyes.
Formerly Known as: Diaduin Emepherea

Emi Goodman
Age: Early 20s Birthdate: It's complicated.
Height: 5'1" (154cm) Weight: 99lbs (45kg)

This young woman has a curiously ageless quality, giving the impression she's anywhere within a half-decade of twenty. She's tiny, which helps, with a slender and willowy body easily-lost within her clothing. Her features are desperately cute, a heart-shaped face playing host to a dainty button nose and a small but expressive mouth. The most striking feature of all is her eyes; wide and curious, they're coloured a most unusual shade of amber, seeming almost golden against her alabaster skin, and hold an equally-strange sense of weight and wisdom beyond her years. Her hair is thick and healthy, shining black waves habitually pulled into loose twin pigtails that trail down past her waist.

Emi's rarely seen without her favourite coat, white with black trim and styled in gothic fashion, flaring out at the cuffs and below the waist, and rising at the neck into a broad, open hood, revealing her narrow shoulders beneath. These are left bare, the girl wearing a white, off the shoulder peasant blouse beneath. Here and there, the gold, silky lining of her coat is visible, matching not only her eyes but the accents on her favourite headphones - seen around her neck when she's not lost in the music. The wire trails away into pockets so expansive she could probably clamber into them.

Her legs are left bare or covered with white leggings as befits the weather, with skirts and belts of various design generally providing thi's fashion choice. Even if she's not wearing them, she usually keeps on her person a pair of white, fur-lined fingerless gloves. Coz they're cosy.

Emi Goodman
A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

She started as an idea, the blazing spark at the soul of a fire that had roared for aeons. The denizens of a world torn apart by the machinations of warring gods - celestial spouses - cried out for balance, in their idolatry raising up a young girl to the heavens. Whether this warrior on the cusp of adulthood were a sacrifice or a willing martyr, none can be sure, but what's known is that as the collective breath of a world was held and caught... that balance was found. The world continued to turn, and it began to heal. Nobody knows what transpired in the kingdom of the gods, however.

Far above, in the shadow of an eternal night, the tiny, nigh-inconsequential being responsible for this turn of the wheel stole away in search of a better life. A humble life. Leaving in her wake the shadow of delirious power, cloaked about the shoulders of the fallen, the creature soon to be known as 'Emi' wound her way through the stars until she reached a gaping chasm within the cosmos; a place where worlds met in a great cataclysm, defying all the laws of nature. This, the blazing spark decided, would be her home. That very night, she wandered barefoot and playful into a bar...

NeoTokyo, it was called, and the 'human' child was quick to befriend a few of the inhabitants. Drawn despite her desire to wield the power bestowed upon her by right of lineage, she fought the most subtle war against order and chaos both, making unlikely friends (and unwitting wards) in the form of a fallen angel and a very human murderer. Much of what passed is known only to those that witnessed it, and the theme continues throughout her existence. Regardless, this world was soon to fall, and the dimunitive goddess - known on her own plane as the Diaduin Emepherea - did what she could to preserve the lives most precious to her. A maniac, and a perpetually-lost girl. Her chosen.

One world fell, and then another, and Emi's quiet machinations served to create - from the ashes of her own love - a third. She placed as protector the maniac redeemed, acting as his sometime friend and omnipresent guardian even in her seeming absence, guiding this virgin plane through the epochs of its evolution. Her hand would be played time and again, the subtlety of her station beginning to fail her further each time. In her desperation and love she even took as scion one of the magically-imbued mortals of this place - the tragic heroine Schala, Princess of Zeal.

It's Setsuna, the Guardian of Time, who now owns the greatest part of Emepherea's power. Her mistake in taking Schala's body was in part redeemed by her more 'humble' station as one of Hell's Councillors, though in thwarting the destruction of Twisted by the terribly-corrupted Guarlesia she overstepped her mark once more. Abusing her power quite visibly and destructively, she had a direct hand in the end of an era, and once more picked a pawn to sacrifice in her own stead.

...so it was that a goddess' heart was found to be brittle, and too well broken. No longer the most abject vanguard of the ineffable Balance, Emepherea fled into hiding, her location known to precisely none. Not even her celestial daughter, the Guardian of Time Setsuna Meioh, who was - at the least - the first to welcome the goddess back to her realm, and the last to ever interact with her. Tired and old, by exertion of her own profound will to fade away, the Diaduin Emepherea committed one last sin in her own eyes, and gifted the greatest portion of her power - and responsibility - to her child.

But, at the last, she also offered up a mother's love.

She'd have ceased to exist but for this, finding her own forgiveness in a fall of crystal tears. Emepherea is, in truth, no more, but in her place the girl she once created, now full-grown and human in more than just image... Emi Goodman was born, mere months ago, on the roof of the Usual Restaurant. Terrified and alone in her humanity, she fled into the night, leaving her duties behind.

They're no longer hers, after all. In the end, she is no more than she ever wanted to be.

Pre-Unification Background

Once seen only as a quirky child stepped out of her proper space and time, this errant goddess has had a long time to grow up. She has fostered an entire world, seen hope live and die a thousand times, and even been banished into the infinite void herself. Now, she has been called upon by her apparent daughter and the Devil himself to fight on the side of Balance once more.

The armies of Hell gather against the Twisted Council, and the Diaduin Emepherea stands in their midst...


Emi Goodman
Cooking - She sucks at this.

Dancing - She's not really tried this.

Fighting - She has the physical power of a three-ply tissue.

Talking - She's pretty good at this. She is also kind of adorable. Boom! Superpower located.

Oh, you want more? Really? Fine. Don't say I didn't warn you!

Sympathetic Godhood - Neither a skill nor an ability, arguably a 'power' of sorts, and yet it may be the only thing truly worth mentioning about Emi Goodman. As a former Goddess of Balance who's relinquished her nigh-ultimate power and doesn't bear any (accessible) memory of doing so, she remains spiritually-connected to the plane of Twisted and the multiverse beyond. It's the former that is most concerning, for in passing her impossible might to another, the Diaduin Emepherea has placed Setsuna Meioh in great peril should she, herself, be endangered. Now fully mortal, Emi holds in her unwitting hand the potential to cause a cataclysm. Though she can wield no control herself, it's entirely probable that fate - or the Guardian of Time - may intervene to provide her some means to survive at all costs...



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