2004-08-23 (PreU) New Beginings

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New Beginings

Summary: This log marks what was meant to be the end of NNY but became the beginning of ChronoMUCK.

Who: Johnny_C, Emi, Sickness
When: August 23rd, 2004
Where: Domain of the Lost

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Domain of the Lost: Basement - 1st floor(#251RJN)

You decend the stairs down into the darkness below the house. You turn on the light ro reveal a make shift work room. Bloody tools cover the walls and bits of rotten meat lay strewn about the floor. In the center of the room is a large wooden table - like a butcher's block. Covered with blood and clearly used to cut meat, several blades are stuck into the top of the table. The gore on the floor seems to lead to a ladder leading further down. This area seems to be diffrent from the rest of the house, almost like someone had built the house atop some long forgotten industrial complex. Wires and tubes come out of the walls and follow the path down, assumingly giving water and power to this lower area. A large sign is mounted just above this entryway that reads: DOWN. TORTURE ROOM VACANCY --15--.

Johnny holds the young girl's hand as they decend the stairs into the darkness that exists below his house. Feeling the pressence of some forgotten evil pulling and tugging at his soul, the maniac begins to panic. So much influence in so little time, and now this. This house, this girl... none of this should be here. None of this should be real. But here he is now. Here he is, physicly living the nightmare once again. With a shaking hand he reaches for the switch at the bottom of the stairs. In the center of the room a dim light comes to life, seemingly blinding after the darkness of the stairs. Below the light is a single table stained with blood. Hooks and chains, leather straps, and crudely made tools lie scattred accross it's bloody surface. Crawling with maggots, a trail leads from the table down to a small hatch in the floor some 5 feet away in the darkest portion of the room. Stopping for a moment to take it all in, the maniac looks down at the girl beside him and takes a deep breath. "Well Emi... I said it wouldn't be pretty. We can stop now if you like..." Knowing the answer already, Johnny draws one of his daggers with his free hand and glances towards the maggots. Suddenly, unexpectantly, a rush of energy courses through him. His body begins to burn in blackness. Johnny lets go of Emi's hand and steps back trying to control the onslaught of energy. "W-what the hell?? What's going on???" Somewhere deep within the bowls of the house a shrill laughter brakes free...

Emi looks around as she follows along beside Johnny, holding onto his hand as if comforting him and not the other way around... though she won't let on. She doesn't even know herself, outwardly wide-eyed and innocent and just as much inwardly. More or less. "Hai, I'm okay." She replies in that chiming voice, tilting her head to one side and peering into each corner in turn.. intelligent rubies glimmering with quiet curiosity. Her gentle lull is broken though as Johnny releases her hand, and she disappears from view, re-appearing beside him again and looking up with concern. "Mister NNY, it's okay. It's just bad things trying to frighten you!" She seems not to notice the energy, or at least is doing a good job of ignoring it. All that matters is her friend. She reaches up with a slender hand, attempting to take his hand again, insistently.

Johnny's mind is suddenly locked away in the darkness trying to absorb him. Images of all the things he'd ever done and all the people that ever wronged him come flooding back into his head, and as they do he can feel his own memories being stolen away... fed to that grey beast that once lived inside him. Then comes a calming sensation as his hand is touched. The things reawakening in his head try to convice him to draw away, but he doesn't, He lets his hand lay limp as more and more floods into him. Then, out of the barrier in his mind he notices something strange. The door to the basement is open. Making clincking sounds as it decends, some creature, about a foot and a half tall begins to come into view, walking down the steps and crawing into view. Glancing at NNY the creature smiles, showing off a mouthfull of razor sharp jagged teeth. Looking like a horribly mutated rag doll the thing laughs, "We where wondering how long it'd take you to come home. I baked a cake..." Johnny stares down at the creature and tries to regain control enough to talk, but as yet it's too overpowering.

Emi's hand shifts away from Johnny's of her own accord this time, as she points a finger at the newly arrived creature. A frown slices into her brow, deepening her expression to petulant anger, "Go away!" She states, her ruby eyes dark and full of instant dislike. Shifting a little closer to the thing, she turns to face it fully and lowers her hand, drawing herself up as if she means to fight and defend Johnny from whatever threat this thing poses. "I won't let you have him."

Sickness laughs at the girl, "And hello to you too... I see little miss-betsy-wetsy has found her way back as well... WONDERFUL. But although you and I have some unfinished buisness, I'm here for a specific task. And that little shit behind you... well... might as well right him off as a lost cause. As you can see, we already HAVE HIM!!!!" Laughing histericly the creature points a talon at the Darkness that now makes up the maniac's body. From within, Johnny can see and hear, but everything else seems to be gone. His body is no longer his, and with his mind fading he no longer cares. Moving on it's own his free hand goes for his other dagger and clutches it tightly. The light in the room seems to intensify, but infact the shadows are being drawn into the maniac's body. With his eyes locked on Sickness the creature begins to speak again, "Ah, yes.. took a bit of a beating myself recently, but thanks to that stupid bitch restoring our fabulous home here, she inadvertantly brought us all back together. Life's a bitch, huh?"

Emi chews gently on her lower lip. After a brief pause she silently mouths two words.. 'Mr Eff'.. and her frown deepens further as she glares at Sickness. "You don't understand," she murmurs, and shakes her head, "I WON'T let you have him. Because he shouldn't be yours. It's wrong, and it's always been wrong!" A little maturity seems to creep into her voice, high-pitched and petulant as it is, and if the maniac could still sense enough he might recognise a tremor of something familiar in there. With a sudden 'hmph' Emi throws up a hand and thrusts it out towards the foul creature, not even looking towards her shrouded friend but focusing on the abomination in front of her, palm open. "My friends call me Emi, but you're not my friend so I'd rather you didn't call me anything." She pauses to take a quick breath, and shakes her head once more, "Make Mister NNY better."

Sickness begins to cackle in it's new high pitched voice. "Me? Make him? HAH-HAH-HAH! Stupid bitch, you don't know do you? This wasn't my doing? I didn't make him this way... ALL I DID WAS TAKE BACK MY HOME! Understand, BITCH? That festering little maggot back there... his head. That's where I belong. It's mine. It always has, and it always will be... It's those fucking daggers that made it possible. They opened the doors for us, and from the looks of things, they closed a few for you...." From behind the girl Johnny takes a step forwards and suddenly glares down at the girl before him. In his mind the words 'HOW DARE YOU LET THAT BITCH DECIDE WHAT'S BETTER FOR YOU' echo out loudly. His arms raise up into the air and his hands tilt the daggers downwards ready to implant them into the girl's back. Sickness chuckles once again, "You see... we're trying to make him better. Trying to restore him to his former... GLORY! I'd suggest you get the FUCK OUTTA DODGE CAUSE THIS TIME WE'RE NOT GOING ANYWHERE!!!"

And again the strange little girl shakes her head, black hair shifting.. not just moving, but changing tone. Becoming blacker, deeper, a void of limitless space stop her head. (You don't have to go anywhere..) Her voice, quiet and even reserved, floats into the consciousness of the creature, as Emi herself disappears from view. She appears behind Sickness, and looks across at Johnny with tears glimmering in her eyes. "Don't make me hurt you.. you're my friend."

Johnny's eyes dart up quickly as Emi is suddenly gone. Locking onto Sickness he takes another step closer and lowers his daggers, still keeping them ready to attack. Sickness tilts her head as she listens to Emi and then looks up at Johnny bewildered. Johnny takes another step closer to the beast and then, out of his darkness, a row of teeth appear and form into a smile. Sickness sweatdrops, "What the fuck are you doing, Johnny? KILL THE BITCH!" Johnny begins to laugh... his body, once shrouded in shadow is gone... beneath the darkness is nothing. The shadows bend a moment and the form changes. After several shifts it resumes the form of the maniac once more. From within it NNY's voice calls out. "No one is going to kill anyone... over and over again we repeat this. More and more you take from me... well, FUCK, you forgot something... you forgot that all I held in my memorise where regrets... and you've just taken them away..." Casting a quick glance up at Emi his smile widens, "You don't have to hurt anyone.... it's all gonna be over soon..."

Emi listens carefully, watching Johnny unblinking with a pout upon her lips. There's no hiding the tears now, endlessly seeming to pool without falling. When he finishes she musters a smile and nods her head, clasping her hands together in her lap. (I believe you, Mister NNY. I can help if you like, but please don't go without me...) She only now blinks, the motion shifting a couple of small tears from her eyes. "Goodbye, Mr Eff." She whispers, before lightly hopping up to the next step behind her.

Sickness watches Johnny with a look of horror on her face. Unable to react she continues to stare on until she hears Emi's words. Casting her gaze upwards she panics, "Goodbye, WHAT?" Looking back at Johnny she shakes her head and begins to back away from the nightmare standing before her. "NONONO! IT'S NOT SUPPOSED TO BE THIS WAY! IT-I-WE... i-it shoulda worked... wh-why??? WHY???" Johnny holds his arms out to his sides and laughs, "Because, Fuck, it's my head. It's my world. I learned this recently. It's my world now.... and it's time you got evicted." The daggers no longer in the hands of the darkness, Johnny thrusts his hands together and a wave of shadows flood out of him taking out the light and everything beneath it. All that can be heard are the screams of Sickness as her body is torn apart, rejoining the fragmented mind that created her and restoring it to the form it once had. Laughing, Johnny feels out for Emi's conciousness, and upon finding her in the void he'd created he bends the world around her creating a small portion of the world around her. Dispite the wall of shadows surrounding it, this patch of world is bright and sunny and a cool breeze blows out of somewhere. Johnny steps out of the darkness and sighs, "I'm sorry for what I've done to you. I'm sorry for what I've done to everyone..."

Emi doesn't move throughout this, not even as the world shapes itself around her. The water is beginning to dry up from her eyes but the sadness still burns in them, a deep and all-consuming sadness. Absolute compassion, as selfless as sadness can be though outwardly she appears as the confused child she is . Or seems to be. Looking on Johnny as he steps into her little pocket dimension, she lifts a hand to brush back a stray bang of void-black hair from her eyes, and shakes her head quickly. "You don't have to be sorry. I've had such a lovely time and met you, and Daisuke-san, and everybody else.." she gives a small, polite smile and wanders forward to look straight up into the maniac's face, "It was much better than staying with my mummy!" (And you have nothing to worry about..) It's.. not her voice. But it's similar, possibly like one might imagine the girl's mother would sound if not for listening to Emi's comments about her. (For all your sins in the eyes of each world, you've redeemed yourself in the eyes of another...)

Johnny nods his head as he listens to both sets of words from the girl, and then looks up at the brightness in the sky. "Thank you... you know... I think it's about time I took some time off from all this crap. Maybe sit back and watch something... I always wanted to watch something grow... you know? Just, never had enough time to do it." As he talks the pocket world spreads out and soon as the darkness is removed, the two are standing in the center of a large clearing in the middle of a dense forest much like the one that Seraph and Benedict had taken him to in order to teach him. His body seemingly emerging from his own darkness, Johnny runs a hand through his hair. "Maybe if I sit back and watch things enough I can do something and make a diffrence... something good... what'cha think?" With a grin on his face he glances around and watches the breeze blow through the trees.

Emi watches Johnny silently, but for the sound of her breathing as her small chest rises and falls. Her smile stays in place and when Johnny's done she bows her head, reaching for his hand with both of her own. "I think it sounds lovely..." she says quietly, sniffling a little as her voice dies. Her hair has slowly shifted back to its natural tone, and.. something else has changed about her.... like she's younger now than she's ever been. And the area is wrapped with a soothing warmth that the maniac himself didn't invest in it. A blanket, not cloying and thick but gentle - the blanket a mother might use to cover her babe. Emi looks upward with her smile widening and warming, giving a little shrug. "I wish I could do it too."

Johnny shrugs his shoulders, "Why not? I mean, you can take off if you'd rather... that place we where is still there I think, just without my mind corrupting it. I don't quite know where here is, but it looks nice... looks almost innocent... I think it'd be a nice place to sit around and watch what ends up, what about you?" Nodding his head as a response to his own words he starts to laugh, "Look at me! All that crap I did and went through and now all I wanna do is sit and watch fucking plants grow... what the hell is wrong with me?" Almost giggling he looks down at the girl again, "So? You wanna stick around with me, for some fun, excitement, and all that crud, or are you gonna head back to wacky-world and be a barmaid the rest of your life?"

Emi blinks slowly, and looks down again. A sigh brushes through her lips, a long expulsion of breath. "But.." she begins, before shaking her head and taking a step back. "But I'll be late, and then I'll get in trouble with Mister-" whatever person she was going to mention isn't revealed, the odd girl holding up a finger with eyes widening in realisation. She smiles at Johnny, and it's almost a mischievous smile, a depature from her usual innocence. "I've got an idea... but it might take me a few minutes." She bites down on her lip, suddenly appearing guilty as her hair shifts in an invisible wind of its own and begins to darken again.

Johnny watches with an eyebrow raised. His own smile not fading but widening as he looks at the expression on her face. Deciding not to disturb whatever she's up to he puts his hands in his pockets and resists the urdge to hum. 'Why the hell do I feel like humming?' runs through his mind, but with a shrug of his shoulders he stays quiet deciding the question wasn't worth answering...

Emi nods and takes another step backward, then.. she winks, giving a soft giggle. It's not a mood she gets into often, but something clearly has her excited! What it is remains to be seen though, as she disappears in her usual no-frills fashion, vanishing from view. It's a good five or six minutes before she appears again, in exactly the same place. But her hair is dishevelled, the white feather crooked from its normal angle. "There!" The girl chirps, reaching up to adjust the feather carefully as the black mess sorts itself out, strands shifting snakelike into their original position.

Johnny blinks at the girl as she returns and hmmm's. "So....?" Continuing to stare at the girl he tries to guess, but coming up a blank he finds himself asking, "What'ja do?"

Emi wanders back over to Johnny, clasping her hands back in the lap of her skirt. "Umm.. don't tell anyone." She swallows and glances nervously back over each shoulder before standing on her tiptoes and leaning as close to Johnny's ear as she can, dropping her voice to what amounts to a theatrical whisper. "I made everybody else stop, so when I go back I won't be late and everyone will be okay without me!"

Johnny blinks. "You...." Standing up straight again he lets out a brief chuckle of laugher, "You made..." Shaking his head he lets loose a full fit of laughter. After stumbling a bit he grins at the girl and nods, "I won't tell... I promise. You can trust me..." Laughing once more at the image in his head of an entire world frozen he sits down on the ground beside the girl and lays back to look up at the sky. "I think they'd be ok either way, honestly... but your way's much funnier..."

Emi beams brightly as Johnny laughs, casting another glance back behind her before nodding her head. "Thank you, mister NNY! I'd be in ever so much trouble if they found out.." she reaches down to primly straighten her fuku, brushes a little lint from her skirt then plops down to the floor herself and leans back, turning wide ruby eyes heavenward. "I wonder how trees really grow...?" Looks like they'll have plenty of time to find out together...

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