2004-03-21 - Random Visits

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Random Visits

Summary: Yoiko spontainiously drops in on Samantha.

Who: Yoiko, Samantha
When: March 21st, 2004
Where: Metropolis

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Sun's Apartment - Living Room

A quaint little place; a couch is along the wall to the left, which is next to a rather nice looking Laz-Y Boy recliner/rocker; on a table is a modest sized television, complete with a PS2, VCR, and DVD player. A kitchen is set off to the right, large enough to make food, and have a table in the dining area. And then there's a window along the wall to let light in. Tidy, quaint...looks like the tennant rarely 'LIVES' here. A little hallway leads to the bedroom door to the left, and the bathroom across from that.

Yoiko-chan knocks on the door and waits patiently...

Samantha glances over at the door, noting it has half-closed and hidden her from view. She sighs softly and sits up, pulling herself together a bit before she calls out, in a rather cracked voice, "Yeah.. 's open!"

Yoiko-chan opens the door, letting Checkers in first. Walking in and looking around she spots Sammy and goes wide eyed. "What happend to you!?"

Samantha grins the multiverse's weakest grin, touching a hand to her bandaged side. "Oh, h-hey Yoiko-chan. I.. had a little trouble..." she stands up, wincing as she does so, and staggers toward the kitchen, "Y'want a drink or somethin'?"

Yoiko-chan watches Sammy limp away, "No, I'm alright... really... you look like you shouldn't be getting up. You want me to get that for you?"

Samantha shakes her head, "'M fine.. mainly jus'... oh, it doesn't matter." She turns as she reaches the worktop and tries to give a reassuring smile. It might work if not for the cold, desperate sadness in her eyes. She shrugs at some inner thought and looks away quickly, starting to fill the kettle anyway, and preparing a cup of hot chocolate for herself.

Yoiko-chan watches Samantha with mournful eyes, "You need any help? Is there anything I can do?"

Samantha shakes her head, then smiles a bit, "Honestly.. no, not unless y'can fight better than I can." She looks up and sighs, setting down the milk she was about to add to her hot chocolate. "It's... it's Sun-chan.... an old enemy of hers turned up an' took.." she shivers and closes her eyes, taking a deep breath, "They took her away." She opens her eyes and shrugs, "I'm beat up coz I did all I could to stop 'em. But I'll win next time..."

Yoiko-chan stares unbeliving, "Oh my god... that's horrible... What are you gonna do?"

Samantha pours the milk, unsteadily slopping some of it onto the worktop, and then stirs the liquid around, staring into it as it swirls. "I'm gonna sleep.." she murmurs quietly, then looks up with a determined smirk, "An' then I'm gonna go after her."

Yoiko-chan nods, "Sounds like a good idea. You want me to leave you alone? I just came over to see if you wanted to go to the UR and hang out or something..."

Samantha smiles softly, "I.. don't mind if y'wanna talk or anythin'." She looks down at the worktop with a shrug, "But I doubt how much fun I'll be, sorta taken up with this...."

Yoiko-chan nods, "Yeah.. I kinda expected that... I wish I knew where my brother was... I bet he could help you..."

Samantha smiles, "Any help'd be nice, but.. this guy is strong. -Real- strong..." she shakes her head, looking down at herself and wincing, "I, er.. well, I'm only this beat up coz I pulled out everythin' I had. There's a clearing in the park that won't see much greenery for a while.." she rubs the back of her neck, grinning weakly.

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