2010-11-16 (PreU) Decisions, decisions...

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Decisions, decisions...

Summary: Senior Diablo finally comes for Trinune's response to his request that she join the Council and Cale seems to have a thing or two to say on the subject. Devi comes in bruised from her previous fight and Zoro resurfaces meeting the Dragonmast-um Dragoness herself for the first time.

Who: Carla, Devi, Senior_Diablo, Trinune, Zoro
When: November 16, 2010
Where: The Usual Restaurant

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The Usual Restaurant(#1836R)

You walk into a very large restaurant with high ceilings that leave the rafters exposed. Fluorescent lamps hang from the ceiling, adding light to the place and tables. Windows adorn the sides of the place, looking out onto the chaos that is Twisted. On some of the walls are paintings, photographs, and some holograms of different B-movies, and a number of people who tend to visit the UR as they're singing karaoke. The hardwood bar rests at the back of the place, it's surface polished and shiny and all together spotless (most of the time). Behind the bar are various beverages that are served and a giant mirror. There seems to be an inordinate amount of different drinks. A large stage rests in one of the corners of the restaurant, with an amazing sound system and a few microphones strung about it. Multiple round wood tables are in the room, and a swing door leads into the kitchen. Another door leads to the dance club, and another to the gym. And of course, there's an exit to the outside. A large fireplace rests in one of the walls, with a beautiful stone chimney that flows up and out. A long spiral staircase rests near the entrance to the kitchen, leading to a second floor balcony that overlooks the UR itself. The lights up there are a bit dimmer than those down below.

The Usual Restaurant on Twisted is it's usual self, which is to say, that it's not very normal. Slugs are still playing poker, though Aquariu has moved their table to one of the far off corners after multiple complaints from people slipping or sticking in slime oozy trails. A few ninjas lurk up in the rafters, spying for their masters, and a handful of normal type people lounge at tables, eating or drinking. Then there is also Carla, who is up on the stage of the restaurant where normally karaoke is had or bands are played. A table accompanies here, on which she has four rocks, one red, one blue, one white, one black. The black is at the center, with the red, blue, and white forming a large triangle around it. Each of the rocks has runic designs upon them and glow with a soft inert magical hue. Hovering above the table is a large crystal, that reflects the colors of the rock in its surface, sending it back down to corners of the wooden top where...nothing seems to be happening. Carla herself is standing, studying it with her arms held tightly across her chest, blue furred tail thwipping wildly behind her. - Trinune is standing opposite of Carla, one hand on her hip, the other hanging loosely at her side, blueblue eyes watching Carla, the rocks, the table, and who knows what else in the restaurant. On the ground near Carla is a half empty strawberry italian soda.

Invited or not, the shadows around the chair opposite Carla's seat rise up from the ground, forming the shape of Senior Diablo as he leans forwards towards the duo and smiles. "Forgive me for intruding, but I've been looking for you. You're not always the easist persons to find when you're off hoping from one world to the next." The devil leans back in his chair and nods at Trinune. "Perhaps you've had enough time to ponder my offer?"

Devi walks in the door, still poking at a few fading brusies as though the more they're poked, the sooner they heal. Her eyes scan the room, stopping momentarily on Carla and the Sword, narrowing once they fall upon Diablo. Her lip twitches as she stides to the bar, asking for a poop cola. Sipping on her quick to come drink, she turns on her stool to watch Diablo and the pair he's with.

As Diablo forms up into the chair opposite of Carla (and in front of Trinune) one of the red lights refracting off of the crystal and onto the table suddenly changes direction, twirling from the edge over to the white rock. This then causes a sudden explosion of color to erupt out of the diamond, splattering out across the entirety of the restaurant! Not a harmful explosion, just one of actual color, painting the room and any residents (barring some weird protection) into a hippies dream of the perfect tye dye shirt! Skin included. Carla, not spared from the resulting accident, holds her hands up in front of her face, though it does nothing to shield one from light itself. As the -explosion- ends, she lowers her hands and grumbles over at Diablo, "Ano ne...I was in the middle of something n stuff, you know?" She says. Her entire body and clothing now composed of pink, red, blue, and purple mishmashes. - Trinune, who also got light splattered, is now red, black, and white. Her blueblue eyes look over at Diablo and says, simply, "Yes." Ignoring the color catastrophe.

A few of the ninjas, no longer clothed in just black, but neon oranges and greys, jump from the rafters and move to a table, ordering drinks and disguising themselves as -rowdy teenagers- and nothing to be noticed. Professional! - There's a general loud grumbling, yelling, and freaking out from the general populace, a few customers getting up and demanding their money back from the bartender, who just laughs at them frinedly like.

Senior Diablo frowns as he looks down at himself. Luckily he hadn't fully formed, but now he just looks silly sitting there as a brightly painted shadow. Lifting a talloned hand up from his lap, he holds it over the table and watches as the colors slowly drip off somehow like wet paint. "Well... now I see why I probably shouldn't use that entrance quiet so much." His eyes glance over at the angry patrons and he sighs with a shake of his head. Returning his attention to the matter at hand he galances back at Trininue, his head slowly tilting to the side. "Very well, so what - may I ask - is your decision?"

Dragoness Carla shakes her head and glances around at all of the angry people. She sweatdrops as some come heading for the stage. Uhhhh...! She quickly hops behind Diablo and starts pointing from behind his back down at the devil! Yep, he's to blame! Well, it only makes sense! He's the devil afterall! The group of three angry people, two guys and one girl, come storming up onto the strage, each a different mirasim of rainbow. "Hey bucko, you better fix whatever this is!" Says the bigger of the two guys. The second shorter one chimes in, "Yah! Or old boss man here is gonna mess you up something bad!" - Carla gets a bigger sweatdrop. - Trinune shifts her blueblue eyes at all of those gathered, though is paying attention to the entire restaurant rather than just the select few around her. Still, wherever her eyes are looking, they settle at one point on Diablo. The answer is also simple, as she says, "No." Her left arm stops resting itself on her hip and goes to hang loosely at her side once she has finished these words.

At the sign of the trio coming to cause problems, Diablo simply shakes his head again. The paint now bubbling off his shadowed form as their demands begin. Placing both hands on the table, the Devil pushes himself up and gives a polite wave to Carla as his form shifts back to his traditional visage. Despite the fact that he has rarely used it, the devil stands to his full height - all seven and a half feet of it, as he looks down at the multicolored gang. "What occured was an accident. I appoligize for the inconveince, but I think it may be about time you left before something..." What's that word again? "Worse... happens to you."

It's at around this time that a green-haired man walks into the bar. This in and of itself is hardly uncommon in Twisted. The green waistband around his stomach, though, as well as the three full-length katana at his waist, do certainly stand out. He has /dark/ green cloth wrapped around his right arm, and he looks to be in excellent shape. Roronoa Zoro has entered the Usual Restaurant. Please, hold the applause.

He looks around at the multi-colored people on stage, and tilts his head to one side as the door closes behind him. "...Colorful." How very terse of him. After a moment, he shrugs, and heads to the bar to order an ale.

The three of them all suddenly back way down as the devil shows his true colors. They might be street tough, but when faced with soul expiring danger and hell, well... "Yeah...well...accident. No problem." The smaller guy says quickly. The three then take a step back in unison, and then turn, fleeing the restaurant! One of them possible bumping into Zoro on accident if the man doesn't do some fancy dodging of some sort. - Carla exhales a sigh of relief and steps from behind Diablo to look back at the table. She frowns a bit, then rubs the side of her head. No idea what went wrong, but she barely knew what she was doing in the first place. "Ehhh, does anyone in here know how to get rid of light paint? Actually, maybe it's just magic light colored paint..." She shakes her head and looks back at Diablo, being careful not to catch sight of any of the mirrors in the UR for the moment, lest she see herself. "A-anyway, you heard her, so...no deals with the devil for us n stuff, eh heh..." She nods her head. - Trinune doesn't say anything further, but she does keep her attention on the goings ons, even if nothing verbal is said to address any of it.

All of the slugs lay down their hands. Each of them holding a flush of the same color. Slime is sputtered, and soon the slugs are slugging it out over the table and the cards, with a lot of squelching sounds going on inbetween.

Devi rises from the stool, goes to the bathroom and returns about 15 minutes later. Yeah. Just long enough to miss all the fun stuff. But she's back at the bar, sipping her drink.

Senior Diablo actually pales a little at the refusual and slumps back down into the chair he previously occupied. "Well... is there any way you'd reconsider? A deal of some kind, perhaps? It's not as if I'm some sort of monster looking to steal people's souls.. he stops mid sentance and looks down at himself, muttering under his breath, "...I hate you, you little lawn gnome." Shaking his head clear of the thoughts the demon sighs and looks back up, taking a glance at Zorro in the process. "Look, despite how I may appear I swear to you, I have the best intrest of the citizens of Twisted at heart. Would I have seriously recruted Devi D, Crux Caedon, or any of the rest of them? Gegoshi, Nancy Dark...? Any of them if my goals where not geniune? I'm not trying to decieve, simply make things better and more balanced. What better way to do so than to bring the creator of this very world onto it's Council for supervison?" Feeling his speach is missing it's point he sighs and gives up, sulking into the chair more."

Senior Diablo actually pales a little at the refusual and slumps back down into the chair he previously occupied. "Well... is there any way you'd reconsider? A deal of some kind, perhaps? It's not as if I'm some sort of monster looking to steal people's souls.." he stops mid sentance and looks down at himself, muttering under his breath, "...I hate you, you little lawn gnome." Shaking his head clear of the thoughts the demon sighs and looks back up, taking a glance at Zorro in the process. "Look, despite how I may appear I swear to you, I have the best intrest of the citizens of Twisted at heart. Would I have seriously recruted Devi D, Crux Caedon, or any of the rest of them? Gegoshi, Nancy Dark...? Any of them if my goals where not geniune? I'm not trying to decieve, simply make things better and more balanced. What better way to do so than to bring the creator of this very world onto it's Council for supervison?" Feeling his speach is missing it's point he sighs and gives up, sulking into the chair more.

It's at about this time Zoro notices that everything else is multi-colored too. He glances around, looking at everyone in turn before noticing the devil. At least /he/ has the decency to not look garish. When the 'tough guys' go charging out the door, Zoro just glares at the one about to bump into him. If the poor kid has any survival sense at all, he'll probably alter his course not to bump into the green-haired man. Otherwise, Zoro will lift a hand, grab the kid's shoulder, and redirect him off course a bit. There will be no bumping, and Zoro's not going to move from his seat to make sure that happens. He has a drink coming up. Other than that, he doesn't really do much. He's the type that minds their own business at least ten percent of the time.

Of course, talk of creating worlds at least piques his attention, so he listens quietly. It's got nothing to do with him. It just sounds interesting.

Trinune listens to Diablo, yes, she takes in all of his words, then begins examining them each in turn, checking to see if he actually means what he's saying, or if the words he's using are defining something else, like a metaphor or something. This is one of the largest troubles she has with conversations, is when people start saying things that mean things they don't say. Or sarcasm, which is tonal, but not always tonal. Anyway, she doesn't answer Diablo with words, having too many things posed to her at once, instead, she shrugs her shoulders and looks over at Carla. Carla, meanwhile, has picked up the white rock and is turning it over. As her hands touch the rock, the runes on it scramble away as if they were living creatures afraid of her flesh. "Ehhh..hmm..." She says, shaking her head and then blinking over at Diablo, tunining in on the last part of the conversation, "O-oh, y-yeah. W-well, we talked to like, Ayika n stuff, and we all agreed that it's really not a good idea n stuff. And she's kind of against the whole creator running the place thing or something too." She shrugs her wings at that, not really sure what Ayikas aversion on that point was all about. "A-also, we don't really believe in balance n stuff. Pretty much want good stuff all the time, ya know? Eh heh..." She nods her head, then looks out across the restaurant. She walks over to a microphone and pulls it off the stand, her voice echoing over the place, "Hey, eh...anyone here know about the cancelation of color changing magic that can alter ones one personal magical color fields n stuff?" It's worth a shot! You never know who might be in here at any given time! She then puts the mic back and looks back at Diablo.

Senior Diablo blinks and stares at Carla with a clear show of annoyance, "I understand that it is a decision that affects both of you, but I should point out that my request was for Trinune, not for you. It was her decision to make, but if the answer is still no - then there is nothing more I can do." Waving a hand dismissively, the shadows begin to spread out across the restaruant, slowly blanketing it in darkness. The devil seems undisturbed by this. "It's not like you would be in charge. Simply a voice amoungst others to help guide this world towards a brighter future." By now every surface of the UR has turned black. "But if you don't care about those who reside here, I doubt anything I say or do will change your minds." After a cold moment the shadows fade, taking the bright colors away and restoring the bar to it's original state. Not the patrons, of course, only the surroundings. "I hope that your choice to stay out of this world's affairs is not the turning point which will destroy it. We fought hard against the former 'Council' for the betterment of the people after Concordance sent word to me to start a war here to make herself look better in the eyes of the citizens. As if I would do such a thing... I suppose that doesn't intrest you either."

Devi arches an eyebrow as she listens to Diablo talk. She's been wondering who else Diablo has taken in to the new Council, and now she has a few of her answers. She moves closer to the pair however, getting a more comfortable seat and an easier eye on the conversation and Zoro. ~slurp~

For his part, Zoro watches the black spread through the establishment with a raised eyebrow, but seems pleased when the garish colors recede. Maybe the guy dressed up as the devil ate the anti-rainbow fruit. Or maybe he's the real deal. You can never tell around here. Still, the conversation has nothing to do with him. He has a tendency to ignore or avoid authority figures in the first place. He glances at Devi when he feels more eyes on him, but doesn't seem to give her a second thought. Probably one of the least odd looking people in here.

Dragoness Carla blinkblinks then folds her arms tightly across herself, "Ano ne, don't give me that." She says in a more serious tone than she often uses. Generally, it's reserved for people like Liche. "All your doing is pointing them blame on me if something goes wrong in the future. I don't think so. Wether or not Trinune is on the Council has nothing to do if people will be safe or not. People will be safe if other people try to keep them safe. You don't need a Council, king, emporer, or Overlord to tell you how to help people, you just have to do it." Her tail thwips behind her, smacking into the microphone stand and sending it spiraling off the stage and into a table, splattering a giant plate of mozareella cheesticks and cocktail sauze all over the people sitting there, but the different colors are hardly noticeable..though it does make quite the mess. She sweatdrops at the screams from the people who were at the table coming from behind her, but keeps looking at Diablo instead as she continues, "You help, I help, everyone helps. I don't need to be elected to an office to makeit hap---" She's interrupted by one of the people sitting at the table who yells something rather offensive and lewd towards the girl. She turns around and narrows her eyes, "I'm really sorry about that, but my tail did it, not me, okay? Mou!" She stamps her foot at the man, but then adds, "I'll clean it up n stuff, all right?" She says, glancing back at Diablo briefly, before hopping off of the strage and going over to the cleaning storage closet. - Trinune starts taking a step to follow Carla, then stops and remains where she is with Diablo at the table. Her eyes shift onto Devi briefly at her closer approach.

Senior Diablo shakes his head. "I'm not trying to guilt trip you, only make you realize the importance of this decision. This isn't about an elected position. You have to realize that I'm an entitiy of balance. Good, bad, black, white. The balance keeps us alive. The balance keeps us going. The people outside this establishment don't care what your title is, or where you came from. What they care about someone with the power to watch over them and keep them safe so they don't need to spend their lives in fear." The demon crosses his hands above the table and leans upon them. "Please keep in mind that when I say balance, I mean it. Like the Hell Council below, I'm balancing the powers of those which sit on the Council here on the Twisted Street. I am making sure that everyone who sits upon it is equal in every sense of the world." He waves a hand towards the windows, "What happens when another threat befalls this world? Would we have a bunch of weak willed people sitting scared and detached watching the citizens die? Or would it be better to have a group which compliments each other ready to stand up and defend this world themselves? You may be willing to simply shrug off the importance of this matter but you shouldn't be so quick to shrug off the lives which could possibly hang in the ballance."

Devi nods slightly towards Trinune in greeting, sitting back to listen to the argument. She'd normally jump in and hand over her piece of mind on the subject, but Diablo wanted to run this his way so she's not gouing to interfere. She is going to snag him and chew his ass for a second or three before he leaves out. He doesn't call or write. What kind of undead Demon guy is he?

Zoro takes everything in with a small sigh, and turns back to the bar just as his ale approaches. Good thing, too. Watching Carla and Diablo talk is like looking a train wreck. Well. That's mostly Carla's fault. Zoro decides it would be better to just stay quiet and enjoy the drink. Maybe he'll get some food, too, if he has enough money. That's another thing he never can tell around here. Money seems to go very quickly, but then, he was never very good at conserving it in the first place, so maybe it's not just the location that's the problem... Still, the devil's words don't sit well with him, and he glances down at Sandai Kitetsu in its sheath. "...Easy." Sometimes the sword gets just a little anxious when talk of death is thrown around. It's got a heck of a bloodthirst.

Dragoness Carla grabs some towels, a mop, a bucket, and a new tablecloth out of the closet and walks back over to the exploded mess her tail created. She starts cleaning things up, glancing at Diablo as he talks to her and Trinune about things. "If I'm in this dimension, I'll help them. And I'm not shrugging off anyones lives. Wether there's a council, wether Trinune's on it, none of it matters." She says, quick mopping the floor. She's rather swift at cleaning, but she does own the restaurant in Metropolis, so she's done it more than a few times. "What matters is, like I said, that people help. It's as simple as that. You just have to care about someone else. But, if there is some trouble that you council people know about, you can totally let me know and I'll totally help. Well, I mean, as long as it's actual trouble and not some balance thing." She says, finishing her cleaning and table renewing. She runs across the restaurant, jumping up on the edge of the bucket to ride it into the closet. She hops off just before hitting the wall and slams the door closed before the rebound can come out. Mayyybeit's dangerous to open that up again. She turns and walks back to the stage, waving at Devi just to be friendly and hops back onto the stage, wings flapping wildly to aid in her leap. "So, yeah n stuff." She says to blanket her statement.

Devi scoffs, shakes her head and stands up. "Well that's bullshit. I don't know where you hide out Cale, but the last 4 or 5 times that Twisteds people have been in danger, you've been no where to be found. You only come when it's convinient for you. And I mean /real/ danger, not balance." Devi's tone is almost spitful as she tosses Cale's words back at her. "You don't just go around creating things then leaving them to be ravaged by the unknown. There must be a stupid genome somewhere that's activated right now." She shakes her head again and leaves, giving Carla no time to respond to her. See, this is what happens when she tries to contain her tounge, she just explodes in offensive opinion.

Senior Diablo raises an eyebrow at Devi as she speaks her mind and leaves. A brief smirk crosses his lips as he realizes how well chosen she is for the seat she occupies. He will have to remember to thank her for that. Taking the opportunity given he jumps in almost before Devi makes her way out the door. "I offered you a seat - a customary one at that, not demanded you sit upon it. By having Ms Trinune agree to state a passage as simple as 'I agree' I can fulfill the neccessary requirements to make this work. It would make the Council balanced, not only in attitude but in actual powers. That is my goal. It is a simple one but not one to be taken lightly!" His voice begins to raise simply from the passion of his words. Clearly he cares not for who might hear him. "My own abilities are granted to me as much an extension of my title as it is a force of creation. Nature, life, death, chaos, void... my purpose of being is to see that these forces are balanced. Failure to do so upheaves my ability to see to it that everything is taken care for!" The demon stands, pointing at Carla as he speaks, "While to YOU it is nothing more than a 'if I have the time' decision, or a 'it's what people should do' moment. For me is it very seriously my reason for being! Why else would I take such great lengths to ensure that everyone who sits upon the Councils has an equal share of information at their dissposal? You give every indication that you simply don't care. I understand that this is not your home," He directs this next part at Trinune directly, "...but it is something you created. We all must atone for our sins, and I hardly think helping better the very place you created, that your friends have begun to call home, should be something worth ignoring! Or maybe the great and powerful 'Dragonmaster' would rather ignore the state of the worlds around him and wallow in his pile of ill gotten gain."

And that draws a response from Zoro, who is simply a bystander drinking his ale. There's a bit of irritation in his voice, but nothing too strong. "Tch. Keep it down, Mr. Devil. You're being loud, and your insincerity is louder. Some of us are trying to have a quiet drink." He has the voice of one who isn't really going to take a lot of guff, but isn't going to give much either, if he's respected.

Dragoness Carla raises an eyebrow at Devi, then sweatdrops as she just storms off. "Eh heh..." She responds, because there's nothing else one can say when there's no one to talk to. Well, she does talk to herself sometimes, but it's usually Trinune she's talking to and not nothing. Usually. ^_^ The girl looks back over at Diablo and shakes her head slowly, wondering what in the world is up with these people. Maybe they're all kind of crazy? "Eh, listen, I understand that you've realized the reason for your existence n stuff, but, eh...I'm completely against balance n stuff, which means that we're already at odds n stuff, and, well, you are the devil also, so..." She shrugs her wings once, then walks over to the table, picking the four rocks up and stacking them on top of each other. "...and as far as creating this place, ehhh..I dunno, I mean, people can say that all they want, it doesn't mean it's true. I mean, Trinune's never made anything original in her entire existence. Eh, well, except that one spell...but, eh, you know...anyway, you can say I'm responsible for everything and everyone here, but it's not true." She says, shaking her head again. "I'll tell you what I'm responsible for." She says, taking the diamond out of the air and setting it on the table next to the rocks; then looking towards Diablo, arms folded. "I am the former keeper of the Blue Star, protector of the goddess Althena, friend of the four dragons who once were, forty first pri..royal of Atlasia, and a protector of those who can't protect themselves." She exhales slowly, "I am not a councellor, I'm not a god or a demon, I'm just a lunarian. I do the best I can whenever I can, but there's only one of me. I've missed disasters in the past because of my absence, but it's not from a lake of caring, it's from a lack of knowledge. I regret missing the times when my help was needed, but I'm not willing to change time to fix those kind of things. Just as I'm not willing to tell Trinune it's all right if she sits on a council. I'm against it, Ayika's against it, and I don't think Trinune wants to do it either." "In the past, I have saved cities, dimensions, friends, and family. I have trapped rampaging gods and undead Liche kings. I have placed myself in the ways of death that was meant for my friends and received death in their stead. I have died and come back to life more than four times, and I am long overdue to expire in the future, since most people shouldn't even get a second chance, yet, here I am. I'll keep doing this kind of things for as long as I am able, and I won't change what I believe because someone has a different take on things. So, stop trying to twist words around and make things appear different from how they actually are. I hate that kind of thing and it's only used by those wishing to manipulate others." She finishes her speech and waves her hands at the stones and diamond, which all disappear in a black mist. She then turns upon the restaurant and gives a fanged smile, rubbing her hands together, "Okay! So, let's try and fix this big color problem!" The air around her begins to tense with magic and a light blue hue begins to form around her hands.

Senior Diablo stands the rest of the way up, showing off his impressive hieght once more. Brefiely he scowls at Zoro, "This is a personal matter, if you don't mind. If I could take this somewhere else I would have, but that luxary is not always an option." He returns his attention once more to Carla and Trinune, "This is also an important matter. One which clearly you don't care about. I haven't needed to 'twist facts', I've simply stated the truth. You don't care what happens here, just like you don't care for the opinions of your once-sword. You treat your companions like playthings coming out only when they seek to amuse you. You turn a blind eye as worlds die and your friends die, and care not for the consequences least your little housewife be left alone once more for a night in which she locks herself up in your castle and fails to even step outside to see the light of day. You command a pressense in your actions, a following. Whether you Cale 'Carla' Charis are willing to acknowledge it or not you are responsible for more deaths than even I am blamed for simply because of your constant back-turning at the first sign of trouble. You let Gods and Demons enjoy your company and use your friends, once on your own roof as I recall offhand, and care not of the concequences. Despite the fact that the people you meet look up to you as a protector and guide, you shun them and ignore them when they need you most. You are an arrogant, self centered bastard who cares more about your own material wealth which you sleep upon than those people whom you call your friends. Perhaps if you'd open your eyes and see the worlds around you and the impact you have upon them, you might notice how important you are to those around you." Diablo clenches his fists and resists the urge to kick over the table he stands before. "Clearly I made a mistake in asking the being that created this world, whom I searched for the better half of the past two years, to help look after the world she created at the expense of so many others as clearly YOU consider her to be nothing but a silent puppet, putting your own prefrences before hers. I hope the two of you enjoy watching the rest of the multiverse burn around you knowing that you could have done something to prevent it." Diablo turns his back to the two of them. "...you're no better than Concordance, Charis. I should be struck down for having come to you."

Zoro doesn't seem like he's telling Diablo to leave, but the devil's response, apparently, leaves something to be desired. "Whatever, just don't shout." He obviously isn't moving to do anything, which is unfortunate. A good person would probably stand up for someone. But Zoro doesn't seem to be all that 'good' in the traditional sense. "...Drunks."

Dragoness Carla turns to look over her shoulder at Diablo, the smile still on her face, "You are completely insane." She says in a cheerful tone, knowing his words to be false. She has no idea where he's drawing all of his conclusions from. But, she's never been a big debator, and she's heard somewhere you can't reason with the devil anyway. "But, eh, think what you want I suppose, ne?" She says, looking back towards the restaurant. "Okay, here we go." She says, and holds her hands out. The blue light around her body rips outwards, blanketing across the restaurant in a giant shockwave. In its wake, the wonky colors all simply change spectrem, so nothing really gets fixed. She sweatdrops and rubs the back of her head, glancing over at Trinune, "Eh, well, it should all wear off in a few hours or more, ne?" She says, shaking her head and leaning against the unflipped table. She glances back at Diablo, not really having anything to say to him, since he's obviously a little bonkers in her opinion. - Trinune, meanwhile, doesn't add or subtract from the conversation, at least not verbally. She does watch and listen though, and does, at the end, feel that something needs to be corrected, and she points at her shirt, and says directly to Diablo, "I am a sword." Since he referred to her as a puppet, which is one thing she knows is false.

Senior Diablo's rage reaches it's boiling point and he erupts in black flames, his form once more turning black. He turns back to scowl at Carla one last time before he vanishes, "I pray that we do not meet again, Dragonmaster. Yet, I'm sure I will not be so lucky." The flames rise higher and both the devil and his angry exit vanish into nothingness. Not even a warm spot on the floor signifies his escape.

Zoro just raises an eyebrow and tilts his head to one side as the devil seems to pretty much boil over and explode. He sighs, at least glad that the horned one stopped shouting. Even if it was a fairly dramatic exit. "...Worlds and councils and whatever. I don't get it." He turns back to the bartender. "...I'll take another three, please."

Dragoness Carla looks to where Diablo disappears from. She shakes her head and rubs the back of her head, "Well, a devil is mad at me n stuff..." She exhales and looks over at Trinune, before giving a slight nod of her head. "...eh, yeah, I know." She blinks, "I dunno, you think so?" She looks down at herself and her clothing, turning this way and that, "...maybe." She says, looking back to Trinune with a sweatdrop, "Well, just kee...yeah." She says with a nod at the sword. She then looks over at Zoro and gives a fanged smile as she hops off of the strage, walking over to where he is at the bar. "Same here, pretty much, eh heh. I don't know exactly what they wanted out of Trinune, other than to join the council thing here, but I don't get where all the other stuff is coming from either. I just met that guy a little while ago." She then gives a fanged smile towards Zoro, "However! I also don't know you." She glances at the katana's, "I am Dragon...ness Carla, at the moment, anyway..." She says, trailing off, about to add something, then looks over as Trinune comes to stand near them, "Eh, and this is my sword, Trinune!" She says, gesturing with her hand! Her tail smacks against a nearby stool, sending it spiraling out of control and rolling across the floor. The girls left eye twitches slightly.

"...A sword?" Zoro doesn't introduce himself right away, but rather moves on to the more interesting topic of discussion. He looks trinune up and down. "...She doesn't look like a sword, but..." He glances at Trinune's shirt, which very proudly declares 'I am a sword', and raises an eyebrow. "...whatever." He reaches for his three swords, but doesn't draw them. "These are Shuusui, Sandai Kitetsu, and Wado Ichimonji. And I'm Roronoa Zoro. Yo." He turns back to the bar as three more ales are sent his way. Apparently drinking is important.

Dragoness Carla's smile slips over into a grin at Zoro's confusion. "He he he, yeah, well, she is, I mean...well, she changes shape n stuff. Well, not all the time. Well, er..I guess she could look like anything..." She says, blinking as she rubs the back of her head on that thought, "...never really thought about it. Eh, a-anyway, ah, I see." She says, nodding as he names off his own swords! Swords with names are always a good thing in Carla's book. "Yo." She says in response; along with a hand wave. As Zoro's drinks arrive, she realizes she left her own drink behind at the stage. She waves her hands towards it, a black mist forming around it and her hand. The mist fades away, leaving the soda where it should be, in the girls grasp. She takes a sip and sits down on one of the barstools, but falls on her butt because her tail knocked it out of the way and she wasn't paying attention. She winces and gets up, glaring over at Trinune who could of easily caught her, before going to fetch the stool and re-take her seat. She managed not to spill all of her soda either! Hooray! "Nice to meet you n stuff! How are things going with you? Eh, as you can see, I am having trouble with demons n stuff, but..mmm...should be okay, I think...not really sure what he wants in the end. Trinune's keeping an eye out for him though n stuff."

With a shrug, Zoro chugs down a full glass pretty quickly, and sets it back down on the bar. "...Nothing at all." He lifts the next and slams it back with equal speed. If nothing else, this man can hold his drink. "Training, pulling my captain out of fires. Training, teaching that stupid cook his place. Training." It sounds like he trains a lot. He doesn't say anything further, just answering the question that was asked.

Dragoness Carla tilts her head to the side, shifting her position on the stool, "Ahhh? Really?" She wonders, glancing at the mans swords again. "Are you a weapon master?" She wonders next. This sounds interesting. The tail behind her starts twitching back and forth happily. "I've never actually faught with katanas before, just Trinune n stuff. Eh, well, other longswords and stuff, and ya know, Althena's blade n stuff, but, er...I kind of..w-well, anyway..." She says, and stops talking so the man can answer her question.

Zoro takes a breath and closes his eyes before responding, not that he really needs to. "...Greatest swordsman in the world - aspiring." Well, that's ... certainly a lofty goal. Though one might wonder if Twisted counts as 'the world', or if perhaps he just means his own world, or what. He pounds back the last drink and then leans back on the stool a bit. "You consider yourself a swordsman?" There's the hint of a threat in that question, like maybe that could be a problem, but it could just be his tone of voice.

Dragoness Carla ehhs and rubs the back of her head, "W-well...kind of. I mean, I'm not like a professional or anything, but I'm not bad or anything like that. I mean, I use magic a lot more these days, but, I used to use my sword all the time. I feel like I've been getting rusty though n stuff, cause like, well, there is this guy named Datenshi, and he was really good at sword fighting. We sparred once or twice, I think..or were we actually fighting..." She thinks about that for a second, but her memory isn't going to pull it up, and Trinune's not telling her either, so she shrugs, "A-anyway! I've been trying to find someone to practice with, ya know, carefully n stuff, not actual sparring, but like, lessons or something...or...I d--eh?" She says and looks over at Trinune, blinking. "Oh, ehhh, all right." She stands up and leaves her glass on the counter, "Gomen! I have to get going, Ayika calls. I'll talk to you later, k?" She says, holding her hand out to her side and a giant blue swirling portal manifesting itself next to her.

Zoro shifts slightly in his seat as a blue portal appears next to Carla, and then shrugs. "Whatever's fine. Ja ne." He doesn't seem too preoccupied with figuring out what she's doing. Just relaxing and having a quiet drink. Magic or whatever, it's nothing he has to worry about.

Dragoness Carla grins fangedly, "Cool!" She says, before then hopping in the portal. Trinune follows in after her, without a word to Zoro the whole time. The portal swirls closed behind her, leaving the multi-colored facility to its own ends. It and its people should all go back to normal within a few hours...more or less. Maybe... ^_^

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