2004-11-03 The New Test Subject

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The New Test Subject

Summary: Cale finds him/herself somewhere unexpected

Who: Dragoness_Carla, Zim
When: November 3rd, 2004
Where: Metropolis

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Normal Apartment - Bathroom(#2842R)

Clicking on the light you discover quickly that this isn't the bathroom. The fixtures have been removed and in place of them are several large tubes hooked up to the drain system. If you could read the Irken language you'd be surprised to discover that Zim had turned his bathroom into a bio-testing lab and that each of the large glass tubes set up around the room where for holding and experimenting on various creatures and/or DNA samples. Currently one of them holds a mutant squirrel.

You awaken to find yourself floating in a large glass tube. Wires and cables run from your mouth up to some elaborate machine. Before you stands a small green man reading a computer readout. Suddenly he glares up at you, "Ahhhh... you finaly awake?"

MiniMoose floats by his side looking cute and chibi-moose-like. "Meep!"

Dragoness Carla blinks...then blinkblinks again as she awakens. She looks around and makes a definite 'mmf' noise with her mouth, though since its full of wires and cables nothing comes out. She bangs her fists against the wall, but truly without magic amplification she's only as strong as a seventeen year old girl, and not an overly strong one at that. 'Mmf!' She says, her eyes widening as she see's the little grin thing and the floating moose like creature. o O ( What the heck?! )

Zim presses a button on the control panel beside the readout and with a strange hissing noise the wires and such retract back into the equipment above you. Zim rubs his hands together and cackles, "You've been chosen to aid the great and glorious Irken Empire! FEEL PRIVLAGED!!! You have two choices, Meat-puppet, tell me what I need to know, or I subject you to HORRIBLE HORRIFYING PAIN SO HORRIBLE YOU CAN'T IMAGINE IT'S.... um... HORROR!!!! AH-HAH-HAH-HAH-HAH-HAH!!!!"

Dragoness Carla mmf's and wipes at her mouth, sticking her tongue out and smacking her lips, trying to forget that nasty taste. Then she hears the little green guy speaking again and listens closely, her tail starting to twitch behind her, she still feels a little panicked though, how'd she even get here in the first place? "I..um.." She says, blinking and then pulling back a bit as the laughter begins. She never underestimates her opponents, and from the wires she's decided this is a tech person, which means she could be out of her league...but...if this is just glass. Still, never one to resort to violence right away, unless it's real bad, and since she doesn't have chains on, she'll talk, "...ano...well...what...what exactly do you need to know, and how did you get me in here and who the heck are you? And...where am I?" She glances around.

Zim raises an eyebrow as he listens to the strange woman laugh at him. His chearful mood suddenly changed he stares in confusion. Atop his head his two antenae drop back patheticly. Deciding to ignore the laughter he continues, "The details of your incarceration are unimportant! All you need to know is I used a highly advanced chemical, so advanced your mind could not COMPREHEND IT'S POWER!!! ...using it to put you in a deep sleep I drug you down here to my SECRET BASE where I need you to see what the source of your wings are. BUT YOU'LL KNOW NONE OF THIS!!! YOU COULD NEVER UNDERSTAND THE DEPTHS OF MY PLANNING!!!!!"

Dragoness Carla furrows her brow at the responses given to her. She puts her hands on the side of the glass tube, giving a light push to see how strong her container is. "I see..." She says softly, still glancing around to try and get her bearings, she notices the window and stares out for a few moments. Okay, there's the street, so the secret base can't be that secret, and isn't extra dimensional or anything, that's good. Now, back to her captor, "Eh, w-well...okay..." As she more or less gets her information anyway, "W-well, then...my wings?" She looks back at them and they kind of fold up as much as they can behind her, which is a good amount really, "They er...grew after I got shot with a DNA gun thing by my friend is all..."

Zim blinks, "LIIIIIEEEEEESSSS!!!! It's a tool do destroy me isn't it? ISN'T IT?? Bah, if it where as simple as that the mighty ZIM would have already used such methods on the Dib child. Now! Tell me where the wings came from before I TAKE THEM FROM YOU!!!!"

Dragoness Carla's eyes narrow slightly and she steps back, or rather she tries too, but only succeeds in bumping herself against the back of the tube and making it sway wildly. "Ano...I am -not- a liar. Now...I don't know what your deal is, but listen, I have not had a good half year in this city, and I don't like being in this tube, I'm -trying- to have patience but...I want out, all right? I mean, well..how exactly are you planning on keeping me here?" She wonders, then raises an eyebrow, "Do you even know who I am and that I can use magic n stuff...?"

Zim pressing a few buttons on the control panel and a beam of light suddenly scans the dragoness. Suddenly laughing manicly he comments, "Magic? My species is far advanced beyond such trivial assumptions such as magic!!" The readout sudenly bleeps, he turns to read, "Hmmm... says your wings are a result of a strange form of DNA injected into your blood stream, I KNEW IT!!" Cackling he points at the flimsy tube, "YOU COULD NOT HIDE YOUR SECRET FROM ZIM, MONKEY WOMAN!"

Dragoness Carla again has a perplexed look on her face as Zim speaks, glacning at the readout because, well, she remembers Washu's lab quite well where she used to visit way back at the beginning of the Neo Tokyo stays...but her memory ain't so good, and she really has never understood technology properly. She shakes her head and lets out a slow breath as he repeats what she said earlier, then her eyes suddenly narrow and her hands clench into fists at her sides, "A-anoo...wh-what...did you just call me?" She says through gritted teeth.

Zim scofs, "You heard me, FILTHY HUMAN WOMAN! Now... I simply need to exchange your brain with this hampster and you can go home to assume this was all just some wonderful, wonderful dream!"

Dragoness Carla grrrr's and her hands clench tighter, a red glow suddenly rippling up around her body and the inside of the tubes temperature rising dramaticaly, "Filthy...ohhhh!" She snarls, her tail smacking hard against the back of the tube, hard enough to break normal everyday glass, though who knows if this is stronger stuff or not, "A hampster?! Are you insane?!" She yellgrowls!!!

Zim sits back and eep's as the enitre row of glass tubes shatters just with the vibration of the tail smacking against the glass of the first. Immediatly four long mechanical spider legs extend from Zim's Pak and he backs away, and partialy up the wall. "HOW DARE YOU CALL ME INSANE?? I AM ZIIIIIIM!!!" Leaping off the wall he reaches out towards the woman as the four legs wrap around trying to grab her. "YOU'LL LIKE BEING A HAMPSTER!"

Dragoness Carla winces as all of the tubes break, but that's good, cause it means she's free. She ignores the glass shards that smack into her skin and make miniscule cuts, angry at the moment. As Zim comes leaping towards her, her eyes open fully just in time to bring one of her hands up, trying to keep him at bay, but she can't get it up in time so she's leg wrapped by Zim. "Arrrgh!!! GRRR!" She growls, really pissed now and her entire body explodes outwards with a massive fiery magic, burn burn burn. "Let me go you freak!!!"

Zim screams helplessly as he flies backwards from the explosion of magic, "AIIIEEEEEE!!! IT BURNS!!! IT BURRRRRRRNSS!!!!!!" Patting himself down he partialy crawls accross the floor towards the woman as his Pak's legs begin to extend and lift him off the ground, "YOU CAN NOT ESCAPE ZIIIIM!!!! MINIMOOSE! PROTECT MEEEEEE!!" On command the small floating moose charges forwards lightly tapping Carla in the head with an audible, "Meep!" Zim grins, "Excelent!! YOU ARE NO MATCH FOR INVADER ZIIIIIM!!!!"

Dragoness Carla snaps her wings out and would leap up, but well, there's a ceiling, so instead her tail whips out towards the moose creature that taps her on the head with enough force to, well, send something through an outside wall if it hits. "Get AWAY from me you freaks!" She growls, so out of sorts she's not able to concentrate hard enough on a teleport spell, she tries to decide what might be best, glancing for the window.

Zim watches in slowly dawning terror as for the second time this week MiniMoose's eyes turn red and a deep growling voice echoes out, "DOOMSDAY DEVICE ACTIVATED!" Pausing rather abruptly on it's path towards the nearest wall it suddenly unfolds outwards into an frightening amount of weaponry all poised to destroy everything in sight, Zim drops to his feet and pleads, "NO MINIMOOSE!!! NOT HERE! NOT INSIDE!!!!!"

Dragoness Carla's eyes widen and the red glow fades from her body, her tail lacking in its sway. She glances towards the yelling Zim then the sudden weaponry display by the little moose creature thing. A black sphere pops into existence around her body, this one designed to keep out all physical objects. "Doomsday device?! What?!" This is -not- good!

Zim points at Carla, ignoring the blach sphere, "This is all your fault!!! If you had just let me erase your memory none of this would be happening!!" Walking slowly towards the ball of distruction that was once MiniMoose he calls out, "Minimoose? I ORDER you to stand down!! You can not use the Doomsday Device here!! Not inside the base! STOP IT!!! ZIM COMMANDS IT!!" The Moose no longer responds and just... hovers, stupidly, before him doing next to nothing.

Dragoness Carla looks betweens the thing called Moose and Zim as he approaches, though she feels rather safe now within her sphere, unless he pulls out one of those dang anti-magic devices some of the tech users possess around here...or well, back in Neo Tokyo they did...and, okay, well, there was like one, but she worries about tech! "Ano ne, I am -not- letting you erase my memory and put my brain in a hamster! Now, just...back -off- and I'll leave you crazy people in peace...and, hey, wait, how many other people have you done this too?" Her eyes suddenly narrow down, not liking the thought of people around here getting their brains switched with hamsters...she hates this city enough already without that going on.

Zim spins around seemingly ignoring the immenent distruction a moment, "Eh? No... I don't do that sort of thing anymore. Not after Officer Squid-Man got eaten alive by the robot sharks. But..." Shrugs, "Seemed like a good idea." Turning his attention back to the Doomsday Device he leaps ontop of it, stabbing and jabbing at it randomly hoping to accidently hit the off switch, "Come on!! If Gir can do it, I can too!!!"

Dragoness Carla ohs softly, well, that makes her feel somewhat better. She watches as Zim leaps onto the device and shakes her head, wondering if this guy is literally insane or if he's an insane mad scientist...either way it can't be good, and if it is a real doomsday device, then, "Anooo...anything I can do to help? Eh heh...I could use lightning on it to fry its circuits maybe...?"

Zim glares up at Carla, "This is a highly advanced artificial side kick made from the most advanced in side kick technology! I made it myself! I can't have you using it for a lightning rod for your own amusement." Leaping off the thing he crosses his arms and thinks. Suddenly he grins, "Yessssss! I know what we can do! If we can only find a way to use LIGHTNING we could fry it's circuits and force it to shut down! I'm so INGENIUS!!"

Dragoness Carla really isn't sure if this Zim guy actually has a brain or not...but, whatever...fine. She lowers her sphere and holds out her hand, blue light flickering around it for a moment before a torrent of lightning erupts out to stream towards the device, thunder cracking through the small room.

MiniMoose meep's again before retracting back into it's normal, ultra cute self, and lifelessly crashing down to the floor. Zim throws his arms victoriously, "YESSSS!!!! All went according to plan!" Walking over to pick the purple moose up he waves at Carla, "Excelent! When this world falls to my mighty plan, you shall be one of the chossen spared to spread the name of Zim to the few remaining survivers!"

Dragoness Carla folds her arms across herself, eyeing Zim over, the world falls? "...I see...so, you're Zim then...and, you're taking over the world...how exactly?" She glances around, she doesn't think this guy is a true threat, but she wants to make sure, cause if not, well...

Zim nods his head, "Yes, I see my reputation proceds me! I am Zim, sent by the Irken Empire to conqure the filthy ball of rock called Earth. But the Dib.... the DIIIIB!!!! He twarted my plans again and again with that.... HUGE head of his. So, I've come to this world, this parallel Earth to conquer a world without -Dib-. As soon as I conquer it, I shall return to the Earth from my universe to use the same plan to prepare the planet for the Irken INVASION!!!! BWA-HAH-HAH-HAH-HAH!!!"

Dragoness Carla nods her head softly, taking it all in. Okay, so this little creature has plans to conquer the world but something named Dib stopped him. Her tail lightly flicks behind her and she takes a few steps over towards the window, wings ruffling. "Right, and, eh, this plan is exactly...?" She doesn't think this guy is any real threat, unless he gets ahold of some normal person, but well, there aren't that many around Metropolis, are there? She doesn't even know cause she never gets out...

Zim blinks, "Eh? Oh... I haven't thought of it yet. BUT I WILL!!!! I WIIIIILLL!!!!! Already I have this PITIFUL city under my watch... Gir is searching for a location for my new base... and then the world will fall to ZIIIIM!!!!!!!"

Dragoness Carla nods her head slowly and a black mist starts to rise up around her, "All right, well...I need you to promise me you won't go hurting anyone, since I'm sure you're smart enough to conquer the world without harming anyone, cause you're that smart, ne? Eh heh...s-so...no more kidnapping n stuff, all right?" She really doesn't like to bring people to justice, not if they say they're going to change, she kind of believes people till she finds out different you see.

Zim laughs histericly, "Oh... that is rich, I will bring this planet to IT'S KNEES!!!! ALL SHALL FALL BEFORE THE MIGHT OF ZIM!!! They shall all become my zombie slaves much like you have become thanks to my GENIUS!!!"

Dragoness Carla's black mist just sort of hovers around her lower half as she contimplates things. Finally, she decides she actually doesn't care enough about this dimension, and she can deal with stuff if it gets out of hand later. I mean, this dimension really hasn't been good to her, so...if it all goes downhill, maybe everyone will move to a new place, "Ah, I see. Well, farewell then!" She says, waving her hand as the mist rises up to consume her. o O ( What a weirdo... )

Zim shrugs the strange vanishing woman off and begins to climb inside the oven sitting inside his living room...

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