2004-04-10 Rematch

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Summary: Samantha's having a good night at the UR gossiping with the crowd until Johnny walks in and decides to clear his thoughts with a "friendly" sparring match. These always end so well for him - especially when the doughboys show up.

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The Usual Restaurant

You walk into a well lighted room, it's high ceilings lit by dozens of fluorescent lamps hanging from the ceiling. To the south and west are windows, which you would normally expect to see the outside world from, but looking out of them, you see only a misty gray haze. On the walls to the north and the east of the inn are an eclectic collection of paintings, photographs and even holographs of many cheap 1970's to 1980's B-movies. The bar on the east side is made out of hardwood, it's surface polished and shiny. Behind the bar, the various beverages that are served here are kept in relatively neat containers on wooden shelves. There is a large stage in one of the corners of the restaurant with a impressive sound system and a few microphones strung about it. Multiple round wood tables are in this room, near the north wall, is a double swing door that leads to the kitchen. On the east wall is a door leading to the UR's dance club and on the west one leading to the Gym. To the south, is the exit to the outside. A recent addition to the UR is a large fireplace against the west wall, it matches well to the rest of the restaurant and looks like it should have been there all along.

Suddenly from outside, echoing in from an alley just beside the Usual, there's a dull thump followed very closely by the heavy clatter and gloppy spatter of trashcans being sent flying and depositing their contents out into the street. A few rather girlish, but none the less venemous, curses carry through and then - about six seconds after the initial thump - the door is punted open and a familiar nekogirl hobbles in with a petulant glower, gaze fixed stubbornly on the floor. (Stupid baka roof tiles...)

Fayt's currenty peeking out of a hole next ot the doorway, he nods to Sam "Hello."

Brie sweatdrops, "Hey Samantha! ^^;;"

Keeping all the mirth off his face Jack looks at Samantha and allows a slight smirk to appear on his face, "..So...Sammy...enjoying showing off?" he says with a smitk.

Samantha blinks and looks up only when Jack's greeting comes.. immediately the irritated expression is hurled aside and her eyes go wide as saucers, glimmering with sweet innocence, a little pout flickering into life on her lips and turned up to 'full'. "I was just doin' what I always do an' then two of the tiles came off an' made me faaaall..." she wanders up close to Jack and gazes up at him imploringly, "Get them for me?"

Brie snorts and stifles a laugh ^.^

Jack says, "..You probably broke them already."

Rann-chan just sips at her coffee, calm expression on her face. u.u

Brie says, "What exactly *do* you always do, Sammy? ;)"

Fayt quietly climbs out of the wall and moves to a seat at the bar, ordering a glass of... wait for it... water! nods slowly, looking off to one side, "Well... yeah.. I made sure I landed on 'em but..." She blinks and looks to Jack, trying so hard to ease the tried and tested expression beyond its usual limits, "You'd get 'em better than I would.. this ain't the first day either so.. I thought mebbe y'd use-" she blinks again and looks to Brie with the faintest of shrugs, "Just workin' out.. I come from my apartment to hear an' see how fast I c'n do it.... the tiles hate me though! Need help? Just type "help".

Samantha nods slowly, looking off to one side, "Well... yeah.. I made sure I landed on 'em but..." She blinks and looks to Jack, trying so hard to ease the tried and tested expression beyond its usual limits, "You'd get 'em better than I would.. this ain't the first day either so.. I thought mebbe y'd use-" she blinks again and looks to Brie with the faintest of shrugs, "Just workin' out.. I come from my apartment to here an' see how fast I c'n do it.... the tiles hate me though!"

Brie grins, "Oh ^_^"

Jack facepalms and *THUD* goes the head onto the table. oO("Oi...") he thinks as he closes his eyes and that migraine kicks in. oO("Em and Mari are almost as bad.")

Samantha blinkblinks looking as Jack does this, "But.. but... they hurt my leg an' everything! An' yesterday they made me lose -three seconds-, I can't-" she tails off with a deep sigh, shoulders slumping, then slips up onto a barstool. "Fine.." she murmurs darkly, "I'll get 'em myself tomorrow.. the rest of 'em can't go anywhere..."

Jack says, "..Shoot me...just shoot me."

Brie can't contain it anymore and starts laughing, laughing hard.

Samantha glances sidelong at Jack and shakes her head once, "Not you.. I... I wanna... shoot the....." she tails off to a murmur, then silence as she stares at Brie. Then after a couple of seconds she throws a hand up, fingers splayed, against her chest, "WHAT?!?"

Fayt blinks at samantha, then Brie, then just shrugs. o_o

Brie collapses into a nearby chair, holding her side...

Jack is just banging his head on the table.

Renamon is up in da rafters

Samantha stares unblinking for several long moments, a frown slowly cutting into her brow, then she turns away with an exasperated sigh and turns back to Jack.. whereupon her eyes widen once more, "Hey!" She scrambles out of her chair and moves over to him, putting her hands on his shoulders and forcing him back gently, "Don't do that! I'll get 'em.. an' I'm not too hurt! My gem's healin' me okay..." A reference to the now faintly glowing purple gem embedded in her collarbone, "I'll go back later an' then it'll never happen again! Really!" (Oh no.. I've really worried him...)

Jack looks at Samantha, "..Kid..why do you WANT me to shoot roof tiles."

Brie just laughs even harder now, banging *her* head on the table now.

Samantha shakes her head hurriedly, concern glimmering in her eyes, "Nono! It's okay.. I'll get 'em if you don't wanna. An' I don't blame you, I mean.. they're pretty tough and it's kinda hard to balance on the edge...." she shrugs, "So I'll do it myself."

Renamon asks, "As my Tamer likely would have said: What in the Hell are you people talking about?"

Fayt looks up to towards the rafters "you probbly don't want to know." O_o;

Brie has tears running down her face, "Stop... stop... I... can't... breathe..."

Jack looks at Samantha and then at Brie, "..Kitten...have we been saying something funny?"

Samantha glances at Brie, and tilts her head to one side, tail doing a couple of quicker than average sweeps behind her, "Um.. no... not really. I mean.." she pauses again, head tipping the other way as she finally shrugs, "Well, no."

Brie is slowly getting her laughter under control... panting once she has stopped laughing...

Violet walks into the Usual restaurant. Not with the flash of white light like she used to enter with.

Samantha slowly blinks and then strides over to Brie, whatever was causing her to hobble apparently just fine now. She slips into a chair nearby and peers at the other catgirl, fixing her with a curious, wide-eyed gaze, "Um.... what's up?"

Brie wipes her eyes and sits up, "I'm sorry, Sammy... just something about your conversation just struck me as hilarious."

Rann-chan finishes her coffee and decides not to press her luck on things not getting any more nutty, standing and slipping out.

Samantha leans away as if taken aback, blinking a couple more times. Then she frowns, "Well.. what bit... I mean, me gettin' hurt was the main thing...." she pauses then opens her mouth with a little gasp to say something else, but stops herself, holding up a finger.. and you can almost see the lightbulb appear above her head. "Wait! Ooh.. sugoi..." she sends her glance heavenward as she digs briefly in her body-warmer, yoinking out her cellphone. "'Scuse me?" She offers Brie a small smile then slips out of her chair and heads over to the empty end of the bar, phone lifted to one catlike ear as she waits for the person on the other end to answer.

Violet says, "Hrm..." she walks on to the bar and takes a seat. Her head promptly, SLOWLY comes down to the bartop. x.x

Fayt blinks at Violet from his spot at the bar, "One of those days?" O_o;

Violet says, "No, that'd be last night."

Brie says, "Hey Vi! What's up?" O.o

Violet says, "Nothing tonight."

Brie asks, "You tired?"

Violet says, "Not really. My head hurts."

Renamon says, "You people are confusing sometimes"

Samantha returns after a while, sighing as she flumps back into her chair nearby Brie. (Have to ask him later I guess...) She blinks hearing a familiar voice and looks up and across to Vi, promptly blushing and turning away as she stammers out a quick, "Hi..."

Fayt looks up again "Only sometimes?"

Renamon smirks

Violet asks, "hey, Sam. How're you doing tonight?"

Samantha blinks, blushing a little more brightly, "I-I'm fine.. how.. um.. how're you?"

Violet says, "Head kinda hurts still, but I'll be fine. Don't worry, really..."

Samantha hugs herself for a moment, then stands up and wanders over to join Violet at the bar. "Yeah, but.. I... didn't mean'ta do that. I kinda thought you'd throw another ki attack or somethin' an' then... well... I'm sorry anyway. An' I can't help worryin'! Um..." she goes quiet for a moment as she slips up onto a barstool, "If it's any comfort.. the roof tiles got me back for ya...."

Brie starts snickering again. "Yeah... those tiles are really dangerous. ^^"

Violet says, "Why would that comfort me,I know what you were TRYING to do last night."

Fayt can't help himself "It must be tough trying to avoid them, I hear they have the roof covered." He shakes his head and resumes sipping his water. -_-;

Samantha blinks, and looks down at the bartop, "Um.. true... well. I'm sorry anyway! 'K? So.." she pauses for a moment to look at Fayt, blinking twice before she nods, eyes wide and serious, "Yeah! All over it, but it's the ones right at the edge where I jump off! One came off yesterday but all it did was slow me down an' then today -two- ganged up to get me! But.. I had an idea, see, I'm gonna get Cale-sensei to re-do the roof with new tiles an' then mebbe it won't happen again - not to mention the old ones'll get crushed up an' recycled, so I figured that'd show them!" She grins, a somewhat fierce glint in her wild gaze, and a ripple of pale blue ki runs down her right arm to flicker about her slender fingers. "That'll show 'em.." Shaking her head after a few moments avid staring she turns back to Vi, "So wanna drink?"

Violet says, "....Are you okay?" O.o

Brie comes up on Vi's other side, grinning, "This is why I was laughing my head off when you came in, Vi." ;)

Fayt takes another sip of his water, puts hte glass down, pauses, the nsuddenly drops his head to the bar like a slegehammer *wham!* .oO(She's serious?!) x_x

Samantha nodnods, "Yeah, I am now! Or.. I will be soon as I c'n get hold o' Cale-sensei. He won't mind if it's me that asks, so.. yeah! Or if he does I'll have'ta get 'em tomorrow... just this new way'll mean I don't get arrested or somethin'." She shrugs and looks to the bartender, "Ne.. strawberry Italian soda? Thanks!"

Brie sweatdrops

Violet sweatdrops as well. "...You know they're inanimate objects, right?"

Samantha frowns a little at that, "'Course they are.. right up until they fall off an' try to kill me..." she pouts at Violet, then at Brie, and turns to the bar to snag up her soda, leaning back with a quiet 'hmph' and taking a sip. (Well, at least Jack believed me...)

Violet says, "I'm sorry."

Fayt hops off of his stool "i netter get going, later."

Renamon remins up in the rafters. The weirdness level is a bit much even for her tonight

Nuku-Nuku walks into the Usual, stuffing her face with Taiyaki..."MmmffFnnNnngg..." she says something with her mouth full, cool be konbanwa. ^_^

Renamon smirks down at Nuku Nuku as she hears the catgirl enter.

Brie grins and sighs, "I need to be getting home now... Nice to see you two!" She grins at Samantha and Vi and waves, walking out.

Violet says, "Goodbye, brie."

Samantha flips a rather grumpy wave, sipping her soda again... -_-

Nuku-Nuku hops up on a barstool and spins around several times at high speed..>_> >_> <_< <_< <_< >_>..."Nyahahaha!"

Renamon says, "Hello Nuku Nuku. You seem in high spirits this day."

Taba-chan enters the UR. She looks around. "Busy in here tonight. >.>"

Nuku-Nuku says, "Nuku Nuku's always in high spirits! Waai! Hi Taba-chan!:"

Xue Qian steps in the doors, eyes distant, humming parts of a song to herself idly, not taking much note of who's present as she walks towards the bar. She's thinking hard enough that Nuku's antics barely knock her out of this state. "Ugh... the walking sugar-rush... perky as ever, i see" c_c;

Taba-chan smiles and waves to Nuku-Nuku. "Hi Nuku-Nuku."

Renamon smirks from up in the rafters. Then phases from sight only to reappear on the ground, ears flicking a bit. "So did you ever find out anything new about that stranger at Waynetech?"

Brie grins as she passes Nuku Nuku, "Nice to see you again, Atsuko-san..."

Violet says, "...I'm sorry, Sammy."

Samantha glances sidelong at the spinning Nuku and just continues to pout petulantly for a few seconds before she turns back to the face the bar. "Stupid baka roof tiles an' stupid baka people not believin' me..." she mutters under her breath, sipping her soda again before she gives a faint nod at Violet's apology, "'S fine...." though it's a little more than obvious that it's not. She doesn't seem to notice Xue enter just yet, though her ears twitch once as if trying to tell her something.

Nuku-Nuku says, "No...Nuku Nuku's looking for Dash-chan to see if she knows anything about it; but I haven't seen her all day...Nuku Nuku left a note for her though..."

Taba-chan walks over to Nuku-Nuku. "Dash-chan? A freind of yours Nuku-Nuku?"

Nuku-Nuku looks to Taba, "She's my Koneko-chan, Taba-chan, Nuku Nuku told you about them right?"

Taba-chan nods. "Oh yes."

Speak of the devil, right on the heels of Nuku-Nuku's comment, Dash walks into the UR, the green-haired, golden eyed girl looking around the place slowly hands resting in front of her. "Okasan?" She calls out, straightening out her long yellow dress as she tries to spot her mother within the crowd.

Renamon says, "Dash? Ah yes. Her. I've yet to meet either of your girls yet. should be interesting,"

Renamon blinks and turns to the voice, and then, in a rare moment of candor for the vulpine, doubletakes. "Amazing....."

Narau clutzily bumps into Dash from behind "Ra!"

Nuku-Nuku says, "Ohh...Atsuko-chan~" she waves to the green haired girl with a smile, "Nyaa....hi Narau-chan!" *giggles*

Taba-chan ildy wonder if the city can take 3 Nuku-Nuku's..

Dash stumbles forwards a couple of steps as she's bumped into from behind. "Ah!" She catches herself and quickly spins around, quickly bowing politely. "Gomen nasai, I shouldn't have been standing in the door like that, are you ok?" She blinks, "Narau-chan? What are you doing here?"

Nuku-Nuku quickley stuffs more Taiyaki in her afce while the otehr two catgirls are talking..*muncmunchscarfscarf*

Xue Qian sweatdrops (ugh... no comment), returning to her internal conflict or distraction from earlier, climbing onto a barstool of her own down the bar, away from everyone else. Aside from ordering a soda from the bartender on duty, she says and does little else

Renamon smirks. "I heard about it, but I never would have believed it until now. They DO look like you."

Narau blinks at Dash "Narau was wondering why Oneesan was here, Narau comes here to find Moma."

Taba-chan just nods.. "They do.."

Nuku-Nuku currently has three Taiyaki fish-tails sticking out of her mouth..."Mrrgffmmbggl...."

Dash blinks at her sister, "Ara? Okasan left you a note, too?"

Taba-chan exclaims, "Don't talk with your mouth Full Nuku-Nuku!"

Nuku-Nuku says, "MmmfFfgnnr...."

Renamon chuckles a bit. "Indeed. It makes you incomprehensible, Nuku Nuku."

Nuku-Nuku asks, "MggRrnnrggllbhr?"

Renamon simply smirks. "Swallow first, then talk."

Miriya walks in quietly and seeks out a secluded table.

Narau says, "Moma comes here allot after work ...." she points at Nuku-Nuku "RA! Moma's stuffing her face with Taiyaki!"

Samantha takes another sip of her soda, then reaches up to scritch irritably behind her left ear, her glance wavering to the kitchen doors as she does so. (Where is he? I need to get this done or I won't even be able to sleep...) With a sigh she glances over to the other end of the bar, blinking as she spots Xue. (She'll understand!) The nekogirl slips quietly down from her stool, heading across and placing her soda on the bar nearby the half elf. "Mind if I join ya..?" She murmurs sullenly.

A prinny snickers at Renamon, her words giving it a dirty mental image ^\/^

Violet sighs. . o O ( Well, I suppose I stuck my foot in my mouth once again... ) -.-

Nuku-Nuku swallows the fish-shaped treats and giggles, "Yuum...." she smiles, "Nuku Nuku needs some milk now~" she announces brightly..thjen blanches as she's caught by Narau making a pig of herself!

Renamon blinks at the Prinny, then bats it across the room.

The prinny flies across the room like Fooby "Doooooood!". It collides with the opposite wall, and explodes in a small burst of flame x\/x

Renamon says, "Those things lost their originality the third time one of them tried to use my tail as a blanket."

Dash turns her golden eyes over at Nuku-Nuku as Narau points out that little fact, she shifts a little uncomfortably kind of self-concious with her mother having so little table-manners outside of home. *>_>* *<_<* She takes in a deep breath, then walks over to Nuku-Nuku. "Ano, Okasan? You left me a note?"

Xue Qian blinks, jerking her head to look at Sam, snapping back to reality. After a moment, she realizes who it is, and nods "Uh, sure. Not doing anything really to join, though...". She does give Nuku, Renamon, and the rest of the assorted group a look of some sort, before turning back to look across at the mirror behind the bar

Narau blink...blinks... was she not supposed to point that out?

Nuku-Nuku says, "hai...." she gulps down some milk befoer continuing. *gulp gulp gulp* "Ahh...." happy puff-cloud and milk musatche. "Nuku Nuku wanted to tell you last night..but you were asleep when I got home!" she says, licking the milk off her upper lip, then her eyes go a little moer serious. "Nuku Nuku ran into an another androbot..but it was a boy...."

Renamon says, "You make it sound as if such a thing is unusual."

Narau blinks at Nuku-Nuku, she doesnt know why it's odd "Um, why is that odd?"

Dash blinks at Nuku-Nuku, "N-Nani?" She stares at her mother for a long time, "Demo...all the Androbots were girls, even the little flower girl that they made." She lowers her eyes a bit, "I don't think Mishima ever made any boys, if they did, I don't think they were successful." After all, the only other one like her she ran into was a prototype built off her design and aside from that Narau was the only other true Androbot around.

Samantha nods, managing a small smile, "Thanks.. it's just... no-one else understands, see..." she hops up onto the adjacent barstool with a sigh, scritching behind her right ear this time before she reaches for her soda and pulls it close enough to snag the straw between her lips and take a long sip. Leaning back, she crosses her legs and glances sidelong at Xue, "But, um.. well, yeah.. that's it really."

Taba-chan blinks at that. "Only girls? That odd."

Miriya notices Violet on her way to her table and instead heads in the direction of the fellow NTSDF'er.

Nuku-Nuku nodnods to Dash, "It was a boy androbot...hai...and he was trying to break into Mama-san's office building. I tried to stop him with Jon-kun and Renamon..but he got away....he even had a cloaking device so he could be invisible!"

Renamon says, "If I'd had the chance to lock onto his scent, I might have been able to track him. But it happened too fast for me to do so."

Xue Qian raises an eyebrow, eyes still forwards "understands what, specificly..."

Violet frowns and orders an orange soda from the bar, not having noticed Miriya apparently.

Dash blinks again, lowering her eyes just slightly. "Sou..." She says softly, her eyes wavering just a bit. "I wonder what he was looking for, or who made him?"

Miriya perches casually on the stool next to Violet. "good evening commander" she says, then to the barkeep "green tea please and thank you." she smiles pleasantly.

Samantha gives a faint shrug, "About.. the roof tiles. Brie just laughed at me, an' Vi thought I was kidding... Jack understood but then he ran off. You're.. well..." she tails off, swallowing and taking another sip of her soda before she looks at Xue again, "You're kinda serious about stuff, so I thought ya might understand, an' not laugh at me..."

Violet asks, "Hah? I'm sorry, do I know you?"

Renamon says, "We were wondering much the same. Frankly I was surprised that he would be after anything there as he seems to be more than well equipped for combat."

Nuku-Nuku says, "I was wondering if you knew..Nuku Nuku doesn't know so much about androbots..." to Dash, "I'd never heard of a boy one before...but...but......"

Narau says, "NarauNarau...doesnt understand."

Nuku-Nuku says, "HE WAS REALLY CUTE! *_*"

Renamon smirks. "How did I know that was coming."

Narau Ra?s O_o at Nuku-Nuku

Dash sweatdrops at Nuku-Nuku. "He...was?"

Renamon looks over at Dash and Narau. "I suppose I should introduce myself. I'm called Renamon."

Xue Qian blinks... a few times "Roof... tiles... ? What about the roof tiles...?" O_o?

Dash looks over at Renamon and bows politely. "Hajimemashite."

Miriya says, "I believe we've seen each other in passing. Besides the NTSDF is not as large a community as it used to be."

Violet says, "....I am not a part of that..."

Nuku-Nuku nodnodnods to Dash and gulps down more milk! "VERY," she replies, nodding sagely. "I don't know where he came from or anything..but..I caught hsi signal when he showed up..that's how I knew he was there..." *gulps down more milk*

Renamon says, "Likewise." and bows back. She doesn't do such things normally, as she rarely interacts with humans, or those who seem human, but figures this is an exception. "I still find it amazing. Except for the eyes and hair, you could be Nuku Nuku's twin in terms of appearance."

A slight frown creases Samantha's brow, "Well, they're mean.. an' nasty.. an' they keep tryin'ta hurt me. Today they did, see... which is why I'm kinda annoyed no-one cares. But!" There's a glint in her eye again as she lifts a finger, glancing heavenward with a small grin then back to Xue, "I'm gonna get 'em by havin' Cale-sensei retile the roof."

Narau waves a bit to Renamon "Hello."

Renamon smiles a bit and waves back to Narau. "Greetings, young one."

Dash looks back over at her mother, then to Renamon. "Hai, Narau-chan and I are built off Okasan's design, so that's why we look like her." Well, except for the fact that Dash is a little older looking with a slightly bigger chest, though that's hard to notice at the moment with the dress she's wearing.

Narau.oO(Mou, moma gets all the really cute guys.)

Xue Qian sweatdrops "As long as they are no longer a threat, either way..." she gets her soda, and takes a sip

Renamon says, "So I take it you attend High school as well with Nuku Nuku? You look about the right ages for it."

Miriya blinks.

Nuku-Nuku exclaims, "I was thinking...we should go and see if we can find this Neko-boy....then we can find out who he is and who made him and stuff!"

Samantha nods, "Sure, but.. yay!" She giggles and smiles the brightest smile she's managed since coming to the restaurant tonight, "Thanks so much! I knew y'd understand... so what's up with you?"

Taba-chan blinks at Nuku-Nuku. "Whhat?"

Renamon quirks an ear. "That sounds like quite an adventure."

Nuku-Nuku looks to Taba-chan.."Um...what..."What?" Taba-chan?" >_> <_< "Or is that which-what...?"

Dash lowers her head slightly, "Hai, if we find him I'm sure we can find out who he is, where he comes from and what he was doing at Okasan's lab." She looks a little sad for a second, looking over at Narau for some reason. "I'm sure he's lonely."

Renamon says, "Mind if I tag along? My curiosity is certainly piqued"

Violet says, "I'm sorry if I used to know you. But I don't remember you."

Nuku-Nuku exclaims, "Nuku Nuku thinks so too...maybe some evil person is using him and making him do bad things!"

Narau looks at Dash, she allways pushes the time she spent alone into the deepest corner of her mind, but at Dash's statment, her expression turns down as she remembers what it was like "hai... very lonely..."

Taba-chan just listens..

Xue Qian heh's, not entirely understanding, but playing along. She just shrugs in response to the question, blovking out the backround discussions "Just thinking... the words to a song i heard recently hit a little, as they say here, 'close to home'" c_c

Zel pokes in his head to look around. things have been getting lively around ehre of late, best not to walk in unexpected. Seeing as nothing is exploding he walks in and up to the bar with a nod to those he knows.

Samantha is sitting next to Xue at the lonely end of the bar, sipping her soda as she listens to the half elf. When she's done the nekogirl leans forward, with a little frown, "Oh.. um.. did ya wanna talk about it or...?" She swallows, looking a bit uncertain, knowing Xue isn't the most open or emotional of individuals. Her ears twitch again as Zel enters, but other than that his prescence doesn't quite register just yet...

Miriya asks, "you are Commander Karrde are you not? Captain of the Nobara?"

Nuku-Nuku looks to Renamon, "I don't know if you should..Nuku Nuku thinks he's already wary...not that I know where to even look or why he was trying to break into Wayne Tech in the first place...." She orders more milk, but gests oem for her girls as well this time.

Violet says, ".....Uh, well, I generally go by Hurris, but my father's name is Karrde... I really don't reember anything about the Nobara, I'm sorry."

Renamon says, "Hmmm, I suppose you may have a point."

Miriya blinks "are you ill?"

Zel's ears twitch in the direction of nuku but he makes his way over to Samantha and Xue,"Good evening girls."

Nuku-Nuku says, "Maybe it has to do with that mission Mama-san wants to go on...."

Dash asks, "Mama-san wants to go on a mission? Where?"

Narau drinks down the milk likeit was her emotional crutch.

Renamon pikus

Xue Qian sideglances "Evening, Zel. Work at the Guild been keeping you busy, i take it?", attempting to change the subject c_c

Nuku-Nuku says, "She's planning on going into that badlands, Atsuko-chan, but Papa-san doesn't want her to since she's going to have another baby. I'm planning on going with her though...umm..tehy're trying to get some kind of Mech out of there that their sattilite picked up..."

Violet says, "Well, my head kinda hurts, but that's unrelated."

Zel says, "You could say that. I've been trying to find something to go after out there. Make our hunts more specific." He shrugs,"Things change so fast it's hard to keep any one point in mind."

Dash blinkblinks, "Mama-san's going to have another baby?!" The green-haired girl exclaims, eyes wide as saucers. After a moment she giggles, "Wai! Ryunosuke-san will have a little brother or sister to play with."

Samantha blinks at Xue, giving a faint nod as she glances to Zel as he approaches, her concerned expression not shifting gears all that much. "Okay.." she gives a little smile when he's finished, "So how are you doin'? Any better?" She tilts her head slightly to one side, peering up at the chimera.

Nuku-Nuku puts a hand over her own mouth.."Mou..you didn't know?? Gmone nosai..i thought everybody knew!"

Taba-chan says, "I did."

Dash shakeshakes her head, "Gomen...I don't know how I missed it."

Xue Qian nods "I just got a huge bounty from the sale of some magical armor found on Violets badlands trip, so let me know if you need to borrow any of it to get the unit new equipment..."

Nuku-Nuku says, "I know how you missed it..working so hard and not having any fun and being in teh kitchen all the time..." Nuku-Nuku gets to her feet to point a long finger at the green ahired girl. "You..need to..have..more..fun!"

Renamon chuckles.

Xue Qian shudders involuntarily at the mention of someone being pregnant and/or giving birth to children, even though she's blocking out the outside conversations

Zel says, "We actually should get a good price for some power armour we found so i think we're all good for a while but thak you Xue." He blinks at Samatha,"More or less i suppose."

Dash blinks, then she blushes faintly and looks down. "H-Hai, I guess I have been working too hard." She pikus and crosses her eyes as she gets that finger jabbed right up to her nose. "H-Hai! I need to have more fun, too." o O (Mou, where's Ryunosuke-san? I miss his abuse. j/k)

Nuku-Nuku exclaims, "So..tonight...all three of us are going to go look for the handsome mysterious invisible cat-boy!"

Taba-chan asks, "How are you going to look for him if he's invisible?"

Samantha glances at Xue and nods slowly, "Oh.. the trip I missed...?" Turning back to Zel she smiles, "That's good.. kinda gettin' sick of seein' people unhappy. All I've been doin' is training fer the last few days. My magic's comin' on though! I c'n control fire as well as water an' I even know a spell!" Narau Ra?s "We are? what about dancing??" she likes to go dancing....so much that yeah, she thinks it's more important then a cat-boy.

Renamon smirks. "Do be sure to let me know what happens, eh, Nuku Nuku?"

Dash nods to her mother, "Hai! We'll find him."

Nuku-Nuku glances to Taba-chan....*piku* "Umm...." then looks to Narau, "Were we going dancing tonight?" She blinkblinks, then looks to Dash, 'Ne...what do you think Atsuko-chan?

Xue Qian sweatdrops at mention of fire, asking "What spell? We could also probably help train you if you want..."

Dash blinks, "Um...I'm not dressed for dancing."

Zel takes a seat and nods,"True."

Narau exclaims, "we can go home and you can put on the dress I bought you Oneesan!"

Samantha giggles softly and slips from her stool, setting down her soda, "I'll show ya! It's pretty neat..." she strolls over to the middle of the room, setting one foot on a chair and throwing one arm out behind her as she aims the other palm-up towards the rafters. "Um.." she glances at Renamon, "This won't hurt or anythin' but.. might wanna close yer eyes..." sighting back along her outstretched fingers she concentrates and the pale flesh of her hand begins to glow a soft blue.

Nuku-Nuku looks left and right at her two girls...then imagines a moonlight rooftop encounter with the mysterious Android cat-boy. She gets kind of a..well..idiotic look on her face and she giggles at the SD images going on in her head.

Xue Qian turns to look over her shoulder at Sam, curious, mind examining the flow of Essence (mana) around and through the street fighter as she casts c_c

Zel watches as well. Heck, he wants to see what mixing a background in martial arts with magic will do.

Narau sweatbeads "...Moma..."

Dash sweatdrops at Nuku-Nuku, "Mou...she's daydreaming again, Narau-chan." o_o;

Renamon asks, "Does she do that often?"

Samantha lets her eyes slip shut for a handful of heartbeats... as they open her lips part too and she confidently intones two words, voice ringing clear and loud through the restaurant, "BET ORT!" The glow around her hand fades and suddenly up in the rafters blossoms a.. firework display, lighting up the room. The illusionary pyrotechnics are coloured bright crimson, sparkling cold and the girl's own white-blue, and come accompanied by the typical electric crackle shortly after each bright burst, but as the sparks scatter down towards the floor around the gathered patrons there is no feeling of heat or even any sensation at all... the illusions are just that, illusions.

Dash nods, "Hai, almost as much as Ryunosuke-san used to."

Renamon says, "I see."

Taba-chan pokes Nuku-Nuku. "hello? Earth to Nuku-Nuku.."

Zel smiles faintly in amusment,"Ah, simple enough spell. A cantrip."

Nuku-Nuku giggles and does the cute anime-girl wiggle, hands clenched into fists near her chin. "Nyahahhahahhahaha...."

Narau waves her hand infront of Nuku-Nuku "Moma!"

Renamon says, "....."

Nuku-Nuku says, "Nuku Nuku is okay!" She smiles brightly, "Just thinking about..um..plans!"

Xue Qian nods "not much more than a distraction, but not a bad start for someone with little training..."

Taba-chan looks at Nuku-Nuku suspously.. "really now?"

Narau says, "Narau bets they were plans for the boy androbot."

Nuku-Nuku says, "H-hai, Taba-chan......"

Samantha turns around, slipping her foot from the chair and lowering her arms. "Yeah! I only got told how to do that a coupla days ago, think I'm doin' pretty well!" She glances towards the other patrons, sweatdropping a bit that they don't seem bothered by full-sized indoor fireworks. Shrugging she heads back over to her friends and hops back onto her previously vacated barstool. "I'm gonna learn more soon too! Elu-sama's teachin' me.. he was a friend of Adan's.." she glances at Zel and lifts a finger, "He's who I was gonna introduce you to the other day!"

Nuku-Nuku Blinks to Narau, then blushes and sticks her tounge out cutely. "Hmm..amybe he'll liek one of my koneko-chan's better...." she goes back into the SD imgaination, Super-Dynamite girl on the rooftops with the Neko-boy..*_*..then Narau appears and the two SD girls begin to fight each other! O_O.."Mou..." she says suddenly, "That wouldn't be good..."

Dash looks over at Narau, "N-Nani?" She pokes two fingers together. "Okasan wouldn't think like that so soon, would she?"

Renamon says, "I'm not sure...that I'd even wish to know. I take it you three have had problems finding boyfriends in the past"

Zel blinks,"the guy who was going m'lady'?"

Narau pokepokes Nuku-Nuku "Narau thinks Moma has a crush!"

Dash looks over at Renamon and nodnods. "Hai! There was one back where we used to live that kept bothering Okasan and me all the time, he kept chasing us around and around and bothering us! Okasan finally told him off and later he turned into a girl and had a baby."

Nuku-Nuku looks to Dash and blinks, then scritches the back of her own head.."Umm..Nuku Nuku already has someone she likes..." she says before looking to Renamon, "Mou...of course not!" she says a bit indignantly, 'Nuku Nuku could have a boyfriend lots of times if she wanted..." she says, "But none have been right for me yet. But There si..one guy....

Taba-chan oohs. "Nuku-Nuku is interseted in someone?"

Renamon quirks a brow.

Nuku-Nuku pokepokes her fingers together.

Taba-chan exclaims, "Tell tell!"

Nuku-Nuku shakes shakes her head...."Mou..it's silly...."

Xue Qian sweatdrops, the mention of boyfriends creeping in from the outside conversations. she shudders involuntarily again (ugh... as bad as high elves), before quirking an eyebrow to Zel, then to Sam "ick... don't tell me it's someone all formal and stuff" -_-;

Zel shrugs,"I am not sure. Sammy seems to be the one that knows him."

Samantha nods to Zel, "Yeah! He was.. Adan's best friend I think, we've talked a lot... he helped Sun-chan a few nights ago, an' we've become pretty good friends." She smiles and pauses to sip her soda, "I, er, tried'ta get him into our group but I don't think he's bothered about money fer some reason... said he might come along every now an' then though." She giggles softly at Xue, "Kinda.. but he's nice, an' he stops if y'ask him too..." she tails off blushing a bit as she realises what she's just implied.

Dash blinkblinks at Nuku-Nuku, "Really? Why didn't you tell us, Okasan?"

Nuku-Nuku says, "Um..because it's silly and everybody would think I'm just being silly...."

Renamon says, "That would depend on the person you're interested in, and whether or not your girls know the person."

Zel rubs the back of his head,"I see."

Xue Qian shakes her head "I hope so... formality always reminds me of High Elves, and High Elves always piss me off, a few rare exceptions aside" -.-;

Nuku-Nuku just sits there awkwardly poking her index fingers together...

Narau peers at Nuku-Nuku

Zel raises a eyebrow at Xue,"That bad are they? There is suppose tob e elves somewhere in my world. you enver see them though."

Dash looks over at Narau, then back to her mother. After a moment she lifts her hand and wavewaves it in front of Nuku-Nuku's face. "O-Okasan? Are you ok?"

Samantha raises an eyebrow, "Ne.. Elu-sama's a really nice person an' he's strong too. You'll like him when ya meet him.." she sips her soda and glances at Zel, "Invisible?"

Nuku-Nuku nodnods, a bright blush across her cheeks. ^_^ she hides her face behind a menu.

Narau mous...

Zel shrugs,"possibly. More likly just hidding.....or extinct."

Xue Qian hmph's "Most High Elves back home are a bunch of stuck up idiots with their asses pulled over their own heads..." -.-; nope. shes not bitter. not at all...

Taba-chan giggles at Nuku-Nuku..

Renamon flicks an ear.

Nuku-Nuku continues to hide behind a menu.

Samantha blinks at Xue, "Wow.. y'really don't like 'em, huh? How come?" She tilts her head, an amused smirk teasing at her lips, "Not just coz they call people 'm'lady'?"

Zel raises a eyebrow againa t Xue's comments,"Had some bad run ins with them I take it?"

Taba-chan says, "You don't have to tell us if you don't want to Nuku-Nuku.."

Narau does something extreamly rare for her, she huffs in exhasperation and turns for the door "If Moma wont share then Narau is going to go look for the boy-androbot."

Nuku-Nuku exclaims, "Nyyaa!" To Narau, "Everybody will just thing I'm being stupid! So...i don't want to tell anybody..don't be mad at me!"

Renamon asks, "Why would people think you're being stupid?"

Taba-chan smiles. "we're not."

Dash nods her head, "I understand, Okasan." She blinks as Narau suddenly huffs and turns to leave. "Narau-chan, wait!"

Nuku-Nuku says, "Beacuse..beacuse...Nuku Nuku is in love with somebody she's never even seen or met, that's why...."

Narau says, "Narau will not think your stupid." she sticks out her tounge "Narau wants to be happy for Moma, but she can only do that if Mom--"

Xue Qian sighs "Sorry for getting snappy... i'm just distracted at the moment... " -_-;;

Narau blinks at Nuku-Nuku ".....oh..." open mouth, insert foot.

Nuku-Nuku says, "See?? It's just..dumb...." she seesm to deflate just a little.

Renamon tilts her head. "Unusual, but not something which people would consider dumb."

Zel asks, "With what?"

Taba-chan hugs Nuku-Nuku. "It's not that odd Nuku-Nuku.."

Dash blinks at Nuku-Nuku, then she shakes her head. "I don't think it's dumb either, Okasan."

Nuku-Nuku hugs Taba-chan back, but her face is a littel troubled. "Nuku Nuku doesn't even know if this person would even like me...but..I've been thinking about it so much all the time....I'm just being dumb..dumb dumb dumb...."

Narau blushes from the emberassment of what she's done...well she thinks it's emberassing to have made her mother say that.

Xue Qian sweatdrops "A song i heard recently drudged up old memories i buried long ago, and High Elves are involved in said memories... bad combination" -.-;

Dash asks, "Demo! Why wouldn't she like you, Okasan? What is there to make this person not like you?"

Nuku-Nuku says, "Nyahh...she?! O_O.."Nono..it's not a SHE....

Zel says, "Ah...I see. I won't intrude then."

Renamon says, "You're not being dumb, Nuku Nuku. Please, don't make yourself think that way. I've seen and heard stranger things than what you've described. If anything, you could look at this in a positive light. You have something to look on with good intent and emotion."

Samantha glances between the two and bites her lip gently, falling silent for a moment before just deciding to sip her soda. (Guess I won't intrude either then..)

Narau looks vaguely likes she's swallowed her own tounge.

Nuku-Nuku says, "I'm not talking about this anymore now...gomen nosai...."

Narau says, "g-gomen nasai moma..N-narau didnt mean to make..."

Taba-chan nods to Nuku-Nuku. "allright.."

Xue Qian gulps down the rest of her soda "Let's just say the only other time it's come up was back when i took on Alli in the tournament before it went kaput and leave it at that..." -.- "Anyway, back to more important issues than my younger days... " c_c

Dash blinks, half-opening her mouth to say something then she just sighs and lowers her eyes. "..."

Nuku-Nuku says, "I'm going to go for a walk and get some air..."

Zel asks, "More improtant issues?"

Taba-chan nods to Nuku-Nuku.

Narau despite being taller then Nuku-Nuku, seems to shrink in on herself as she sniffs.

Taba-chan gives Narau a hug too.

Nuku-Nuku kisses Narau on the cheek on the way out, though she doesn't say anything.

Samantha glances sidelong at Xue, not moving for a moment, then she leans back and looks to Zel with a shrug, "Actually, I had one.. since I'm kinda in need of some money at the moment have we got anythin' planned? I'd been hopin' to go along on that last trip with Xue but..." she tails off with another shrug, "Kinda.. fell through..."

Zel says, "Well, might have soemthing comming up here. Will ahve to be Sunday though."

Xue Qian sideglances at Nuku as she leaves, before looking back across the bar at her reflection in a semi-daze "You missed a fight with a large dragon, that was not affected much by anything short of long range or magical attacks, so you missed little... i can loan you some from what i got paid from that job, though. More than i need to live on, really..."

Narau says, "Narau is so stupid..." she hugs Taba-chan bac, because she's obviously the nearest person to cling too.

Ryunosuke says, "Hey everybody..." ^_^

Renamon turns to the new voice, then nods in brief acknowledgement, before leaping skywards, landing in her normal place in the rafters.

Taba-chan says, "Hi Ryunoskue..", she still keeping Narau hugged.

Samantha shakes her head at Xue's words, unable to suppress a grin, "Sounds like fun.." (Probably like the one Elu-sama told me about!) "But I don't need it to live on, just for.." she blushes, rubbing at the back of her neck before hastily taking a sip of her soda and finishing lamely, "Stuff." Looking to Zel again she nods, "It'd be handy.. plus I've been trainin' pretty hard an' I'd like to put it to some use..."

Ryunosuke asks, "Err..what's going on.....?"

Samantha is with Zel and Xue at the far end of the bar...

Xue Qian glances over her shoulder at Ryu, before looking back to Sam, noting the blush "Don't tell me... something to do with naughty stuff..." she shudders inwardly at the thought, but otherwise requests, nor plans to request, further details c_c;

Zel nods,"Well. At least this time it's not a half burried ship. seems a coplex of some sort appeared out there." He blinks at the two girls and shades slightly towards red,"Ah...hrmm, well anyways..."

Ryunosuke says, "Naughty..stuff? Okay...." he just shrugs a little, not bothering to delve into that one. "Narau...are..you okay?"

Samantha's eyes widen on Xue and she snaps a hasty, "NO! No... it's fer wedding stuff..." not that this helps the blush at all, but it needs to be said. Swallowing and giving a vigorous shake of her head she looks back to Zel and grins, "Sounds great! Um.. what kinda complex? More hi-tech stuff?"

Narau keeps sniffling "No..." her ability to deal with emotions has quiet developd the whole way, so she can't grasp some of the complex situations, like getting a loved one upset "Nara said something really stupid, and now Moma's upset..."

Taba-chan ohs.. "I'm sure everything will be fine Narau."

The prinnies reading the backscroll sweatdrop at the mention of 'swallowing and vigorously shaking the head'. Dirty dirty minded prinnies, they be, and naughty themselves for breaking the 4th wall

Zel shrugs,"Not sure. Allw e got is a odd shaped building out int he middle of no where."

Ryunosuke says, "Ah...come on...Nuku Nuku never gets that upset....."

Xue Qian snerks slightly, before thinking seriously "well, it IS the badlands... completely random things in random areas aren't that out of the ordinary"

Taba-chan says, "Unless a freind of family member gets attacked."

Narau says, "she said she wasnt going to talk about it anymore, then she left..."

Ryunosuke says, "Then she gets mad...but not upset. ^_^'"

Ryunosuke asks, "Talk about..what...?"

Taba-chan nods. "good point."

Samantha blinks, "Oh... so y've seen it? How far out is the middle o' nowhere? Beyond the industrial zones?" She sips her soda as she waits an answer, watching Zel with interest. (OOC: *baps the prinnies in advance*)

Narau says, "a-about..." she sniffs and shakes her head, not wanting to even dare the topic again.

Zel nods,"Yes. It's a ways out. Might ahve to pack for a couple nights stay possibly."

Ryunosuke puzzels a little, 'Um...about...what?

Taba-chan says, "boys."

Ryunosuke asks, "Nuku Nuku got upset about a conversation about..boys?"

Xue Qian nods "Sounds like fun... should we bring the makeover kits, Sam?". The half-elf gets a bemused, boardering on twisted smirk Rifter saunters into the UR with his usual cocky... um... saunter. Yeah. Something like that.

Zel blinks and looks confused,"Make over kits?"

Samantha nods slowly at Zel's words, tilting her head then thoughtfully before she catches Xue's comment and just.. blinks. "N-nani? Whaddya mean?"

Xue Qian snickers in amusement, sideglancing over her shoulder at Sam "Your sposed to play along... " she looks forwards again "So much for giving our 'beloved leader' the shakes" ^_^

Narau says, "Moma wouldnt tell Narau who she liked and Narau made a fuss and...and..." she really does look like she's going to break down and cry "N-Narau's g-going home..."

Renamon watches from above, and sighs. .oO{akato, I could use a bit of that fresh faced naivety of yours now. Things here are...insane.}

Taba-chan hugs Narau again. "I think you need some sleep."

Zel shakes his head,"Well, in anycase I shall see you at the exchange Sunday then?"

Samantha thinks for a moment, brow creased in confusion, then her eyes widen and she gives a prolonged gasp, staring at Xue then at Zel... a bright blush colouring her pale cheeks. "You mean...? Oh! Ohhh...." she blinks a few times and quickly just looks to the bar, keeping her gaze carefully averted from either of her friends. (She means like.. Mai-sensei said we should do to Joe... to Zel..?) She desperately suppresses the urge to fight down any mental images, but fails and starts to giggle.

Ryunosuke puts his hand on Narau's back, "Come on, Narau-chan...it's not that bad...I know my sisters and she's probably just got something skittering around in her head is all...sit down, I'll get you some fish and milk..and you can tell me all about it, okay?"

Xue Qian smirks that twisted smirk again, some form of insanity obvious in her eyes "NOW you get it...". Her expression returns to normal once again a split second later, however ^_^

Samantha quickly chokes back the giggling as Zel leaves, lifting a slender hand to wave a little over-enthusiastically, "Seeya!" Turning to Xue she nods, placing the hand to her chest and heaving in a few quick breaths, "Um.. yeah... yeah, I got it.. um." Staring at the half elf for a few moments longer, she then blinks and grabs her soda again... soda cures all.

Xue Qian raises an eyebrow at Sam "You allright?" c_c?

Samantha takes the straw from between her lips but keeps it close, still fighting back the mental image of.. well, let's not go there.. as she nods to Xue, "H-hai, I'm fine.. just.. tryin' not'ta imagine something..."

Xue Qian raises an eyebrow "Tell if you wish, but i won't pry". She gets a refill for her soda in the meantime

Samantha lets a bout of giggles escape before she can stop them, and shakes her head, "Nah, I'll keep it in.. else it'll just pollute everyone's minds or somethin'. Though, er.. put the whole Zel make-over thing in there an' y'can probably see..." she suddenly blushes and sips at her soda, swirling the straw around hastily once she's done, "What I'm gettin' at..."

Xue Qian raises an eyebrow "ill guess its either homesickness or a crush, but those are shots in the dark" she looks back to the mirror, changing the subject, since Sam doesn't seem comfortable with the current one "Wonder what we're gonna find out there..."

Samantha blinks at Xue, "Um.. no... it's... Zel in a-" she stops herself quickly and clears her throat with a cute little 'ahem', "Anyway! Yeah.. I dunno, hopefully somethin' expensive, I need to get a ring made an'.. well... far as I know that's a pretty expensive thing to do. Even if we don't find anything worthwhile I could do with a little practical workout..."

Renamon looks down at Ryunosuke. "So you're Nuku Nuku's brother?"

Johnny walks in twirling a dagger absentmindedly in his left hand. Ignoring everyone, he goes up to the bar and orders a cherry soda. Clearly something is bothering him because his head drops immediatly onto the bartop...

Renamon says, "I see. Pleased to meet you then."

Xue Qian sweatdrops "Ring... ? I know what THAT means.... " c.C; she then looks at Johnny as he plops his head onto the bartop "Guess we're not the ONLY ones with problems..." c.C;;

Ryunosuke says, "Same here..I'm Ryunosuke...."

Renamon says, "Renamon."

Samantha is sitting at the far, lonely end of the bar with Xue. As Johnny comes in she misses him completely, first alerted by a sudden thump running up the bartop and into her arm and then by Xue's comment.. her ears twitch and she tilts her head to peer over towards Johnny, when a bright smile forms, "Oh! Heya, Johnny! What's up?"

Ryunosuke nods polietly, but his attention is mostly on Narau right now. "Want me to walk home with you Narau-chan?"

Johnny continues to sit still, either he's lost in thought or he's just ignoring everything. After a long while, he slowly lifts his head up and glances at Samantha. Very absentmindly he nods, "Oh, hey... how's it going?"

Narau wipes her eyes, and nods, but doesnt say anything.

Samantha blinkblinks and swivels so she's facing Johnny, keeping her head tipped to one side though. As he finally speaks she shrugs, smiling a bit, "Pretty- well." She pauses realising 'good' might be a lie, "Okay.. not bad... I've been learnin' a lot. How about you? Y'don't look too happy..." as she says the last she frowns and reaches up to rub absently at the back of her neck.

Ryunosuke asks, "Don't cry..come on..." he takes her by the hand, "You know Nuku Nuku loves you and you know she wouldn't want you to be all sad, right?"

Johnny's eye twitches, "I've uh... just had alot on my mind..."

Narau squeezes Ryu's hand slightly and nods slightly, she knows it in her head, but sometimes her head loses control of everything else.

Xue Qian snickers a bit at sam's observation about not being happy "No one is tonight, it seems...."

Samantha raises her eyebrows, "No kiddin'... not seen y'around much at all for a few days. Been okay?" She glances at Xue and nods, looking a bit troubled suddenly.. after seeing a lot of Johnny's problems manifest, she's prone to worry.

Narau decides to follow Ryunosuke.

Ryunosuke heads out the door with Narau, "Take care all...Narau'chan and I have to go cheer her up...."

Johnny shakes his head. "No.. not really... I think I'm just... I dunno. I just need to do something to take my mind off things..."

Renamon says, "Farewell young one."

Xue Qian raises an eyebrow "I knew someone at teh academy who ate to take his mind off things... problem was the dietary spells he kept trying to perfect only lasted temporarily.." ^_^;

Johnny stares at Xue confused, "Dietary? Oh! Wait, I thought you said die-ary. Never mind.."

Samantha blinks at Xue, glancing between her and Johnny for a moment before she gives a faint shrug and leans back on her barstool, cradling her soda in her lap. "Um.. so what kinda distraction did ya want?"

Johnny glances at Samantha and shrugs, "I dunno... that's why I keep coming here..." Absentmindedly he pulls out his dagger and begins to twirl it around again. Suddenly his head cocks to the side and he growls. Shaking his head to clear his thoughts, a slight smile forms on his lips. "Hey... not a bad idea after all..." Guesturing towards the gym door he smirks, "Sammy? Wanna have that rematch?"

Xue Qian raises an eyebrow (THIS could be amusing...) c_C

Samantha grins and shrugs, "Sure, y'know you don't even have'ta ask me if y'wanna spar... I'm always gonna say yes." She starts to slip down from her stool and pauses, "'Cept when it's obvious.. um, obviously..."

Johnny jumps to his feet while chuckling to himself, his free hand going for his other dagger, "Aright then... if it's so obvious, why don't you lead..." Xue Qian snickers, also getting down "Mind if i observe? Could even add a few spells into the mix to make it more challenging, if ya want" o_-

Johnny raises an eyebrow at Xue, "Huh? You mean, make this serious?" With a grin he laughs, "...could be fun..."

Samantha smiles sweetly at Johnny and heads off towards the gym, halfway there turning to glance back over her shoulder at Xue with a soft giggle, "Sure! It was pretty fun last time ya did that!"

Xue Qian snickers "I have a few new tricks in mind this time... and NO ATTACKING ME! i'm the neutral element, not on either side" o_o;

Samantha grins at Xue as she shoves the gym door open, "But it's kinda fun to send the odd blast your way... an' you know it!" She winks then heads on into the next room...


Samantha goes straight across to a corner bench and starts to unstrap some of her gear, propping the shortsword up against the back wall and pulling off her body-warmer and spiked shoulder plate. Before letting the former rest, she reaches in and pulls out a small pouch, which she quickly clips to the waistband of her leggings before turning to face NNY, pulling her tanto from its backsheath and spinning it twice around her fingers.

Johnny kicks the door open as it closes behind Samantha. Marching towards the bench she unloads her equipment onto he watches as her twirling her tanto and laughs. "Same rules as last time?"

Xue Qian steps off to the side, Johnny on one side, Sam on the other, glowing blue with mystical energy, sword drawn as well. The temperature in the room drops close to a dozen dagrees immediatedly, and she smirks "What rules were those, might i ask?"

Samantha shivers as the temperature suddenly drops. (Never get used to that...) The gem in her collarbone begins to glow faintly, and she seems to relax somewhat, as she strides a few paces from NNY and turns again, falling back into her customary stance, left hand palm-out and right holding the tanto pick-wise just beside her head. "The rules are.." she grins over at Johnny, "There are no rules.. just let's not kill each other huh?"

Xue Qian says, "my spells might hurt, but none of it will be fatal. most damage cause will be blunt rather than lethal". Seems shes read a few DnD books in her spare time

Johnny begins to laugh again as he leans back and dips a bit closer to the ground in his own stance. "No killing? Where's the fun in that??" Out of nowhere errupts a very soft, quiet growl...

"Plenty... the trick's in usin' lethal training -not- to be lethal..." Samantha murmurs softly as her left hand begins to glow with a pale blue light. She shifts grip just slightly on her tanto, stance solidifying as she leans back a little more on her right leg. "Whenever yer ready..." her voice is not just a soft murmur, it sounds distant, as though the girl is concentrating on something.

Xue Qian says, "keep in mind none of my magics cover healing, so even if you DID do serious damage to eac other, theres no one to heal the injuries, so best NOT to do it... and shes right... harder NOT to kill than TO kill". She hears the growling, but says nothing yet c_c;

Johnny stares blankly at Samantha for a long moment. Suddenly his eyes glaze over a bit and his expression changes from indiffrence to anger. Charging without warning he goes into a tackle/stab with both his dagger before him, aimed at Sammy. "SHUT UP!!!!!!"

The nekogirl's mouth flies open the instant Johnny moves, "BET ORT!" It rips out loud and clear from her throat and once he reaches her location it's going to be exactly like walking into the middle of a firework display, bright bursts of crimson, gold and pale blur erupting around him followed shortly after by that familiar electric crackle. Samantha flips up and backwards the instant the words have left her mouth, body curling gracefully through the air... and she lands up above in a tense crouch on the edge of a thick wooden rafter, tanto now held in a mundane grip to her right side.

Johnny holds his left hand over his face to shield him from the sudden blindness. "DAMNIT!" Swatting at the air around him with his right hand he tries to keep any unexpected attacks from connecting while he waits for his sight to return...

Xue Qian closes her eyes, weaving the Essence around her like an artisan with a loom, threads of magic obeying her icy command. The temperature drops another ten or so dagrees, as she chills the air of the room

A voice suddenly drifts in and out, clearly this was the source of the growl eairler. "...cking bitch! ...just KILL HER!"

From her lofty perch, Samantha reaches into the pouch at her side and then draws her left hand back over her shoulder, a pair of shuriken now held between the middle three fingers. As the temperature drops her gem begins to glow more brightly, and at the voice her ears twitch, head tipping to one side as she becomes yet more alert. (That demon again... that thing inside him...)

Johnny growls as his sight begins to return to him. Seeing Samantha's blury form he throws his daggers at her and pulls out his hooksickle, charging again and begining to swing at her - whether his daggers connect or not...

Xue Qian is about to add another spell to the mix, when she sees NNY rushing her in his blindness. She leaps sideways, the blade connecting with the side of her torso in the process. Luckily, the body armor shes wearing protects well against blades as well as small and medium-calibur gunfire, and aside from a good sore spot, she's not hurt badly "Owowow... dont make me bring out the REAL stuff..." >.o;

Seeing Johnny's misguided attack, Samantha blinks and drops down from her rafter, landing in a crouch with her left hand out-stretched towards him and glowing once more.. though this time the glow is more familiar and a flickering ball of energy forms in the shape described by her lightly curled fingers. The right arm is flung out straight to one side, the tanto held straight also, as she stares down the maniac's back, her attack charging.

Johnny blinkblinks realising he'd attacked the wrong person. His head cocks to the side again, as if hearing someone talking to him. Suddenly he spins around to face Samantha and glares. As he watches the energy ball charge up, his eyes turn black and he twirls his hooksickle as he waits to see her next move.

Xue Qian focuses from her crouched position, weaving another spell. THIS time, shes throwing in a likely unexpected twist: a little necromancy. Skeletal arms burst from the ground at intervals, grabbing at whatever they can. If they grab something living, they hold it for a second or two before releasing Samantha watches Johnny calmly as the ball in her hand grows to fill the space between her fingers, gyrating madly as she constantly shifts her grip as if molding a thing of clay. "C'mon.. don't be shy..." she croons with a mischievous grin, then promptly 'eeps' and shifts to the side as a hand rears up between her legs. "N-nani?!" The ball is launched as a reflex action and flies across the room towards Johnny.. as it is, it's going to shoot past his left shoulder by inches and hit the wall behind, but if he moves the wrong way it might hurt.

As with everytime, Johnny's reaction time has increased along with the darkening of his eyes. Seeing the misplaced ball come towards him he ducks down close to the ground as it travels over him. Now he notices the skeletal hands. A sly grin washes over him and he jumps over them - twirling his hooksickle as he lands to plow through them like some morbid form of crop. As he gets closer to Samantha he swings his hooksickle over his head and pretends to try to aim for her throat. However, should she not move in time, he lets go of the weapon and lets it fall as he tries to simply push her over into the outstreatched hands...

Xue Qian smirks, and weaves another spell. The freezing air forms into dull-sided crescent shaped objects, which fly randomly around the battlefield at a low enough speed to not perminenetly hurt, but high enough to make them felt if they impact.

As Johnny leaps, Samantha moves too, twirling away through the grasping hands and leaping up onto a bench at the back of the room. On landing she drops into a crouch and hammers her fist down onto the floor below, "POWERRR WAVE!" And there it goes, the slicing blade of blue-white energy, slicing through undead limbs and leaving a searing trail on the floor as it soars off towards her crazed opponent.

Xue Qian snerks "bet the last one didnt have hands grasping from the ground, and a temp low enough to likely see your breath" o_-

Johnny turns towards Samantha just in time to see the incoming wave of energy. His eyes return to normal and go as wide as possible. Instead of moving he locks up and gasps. Out of nowhere echos out, "MOVE IT YOU STUPID BASTARD!" Blinkblinking he rolls back towards the path he'd cleared and comes to a stop in a crouch as he's smacked in the side of the head by whatever the hell Xue had cast. Almost falling, he catches himself and screams at Xue in frustration. "WHAT THE HELL IS THE POINT OF THAT????" Taking advantage of the momentary pause in combat he pulls out a pair of butcher knives from his back pack and twirls them in much the same way he does with his daggers. He then goes into a defensive stance as he's been standing still long enough for Sammy to initiate a new attack...

The 'frozen air crescents' are moving at complete random around the room... theres about 8-10 of them total, assuming the room is the size of a standard gym. Xue Qian smirks "Too keep you on your toes, just as in a real battle". Icicles begin to form on the ceiling as she weaves her new varient, the hands disappearing, even those broken, into dust, and vanishing from sight.

Samantha smirks as Johnny rounds on Xue, and in a flash she reaches into the waistband of her tights and unhooks something.. sending the object flying off towards the boy just as he goes for his new weapons. "KA CHOU SEN!" The cry tears clear and loud from her lips as the object comes in for Johnny, suddenly splaying out before impact and revealing itself as an iron fan, and the instant upon widening out it blazes with the girl's pale blue ki energies, sharp edges rippling with power. (He's losing it again, gonna have to stop this..) She throws herself aside before she can see the results of her attack, landing hard on her shoulder as she barely avoids one of those spinning crescents, and tucking up from a roll into a skidding crouch that ends up carrying her right towards a pair of grasping hands.

Johnny looks up towards Samantha just in time to be smacked in the face by the iron fan. The force of it knocks him off his feet and the energy traveling with it sends him all the way back into the rear wall. As his head hits the wall he blacks out and drops to the ground under his own dead weight. Dispite his own lack of movement his shadow begins to change as it climbs up onto his skin, turning it black. He stands and staggers as if being controlled like a puppet. His eyes flash open, now completly white and without pupils. Laughing with the disembodied voice from before he quickly pushes himself towards Samantha, thrusting his left hand outwards and sending one of his harpoon-like chains out from under his sleave - the barbed hook aiming for her throat directly...

Xue Qian sweatdrops as his shadow takes over, it seems, and upon him sending the barbed hook at her like that, she directs on of the 'crescents' to try to intercept it and knock it away "Somehow, i think this just went beyond a training match...." c.C

Samantha is just lifting her hand to slash at the hands when they crumble to nothing.. turning to glance towards Xue she raises an eyebrow, and the other quickly joins it as her ears twitch and she spins to face the oncoming threat. Disoriented from the sudden disappearance of one threat, her rhythm gone, she is too late to dodge the attack but quick enough still to bring her still-slashing arm up across her throat... if the chain makes it past Xue's defence it's going to wrap around her leather bracer which is unlikely to stall it for long, though it might trigger another little surprise.

The hooked chain wraps itself around Samantha's wrist as her arm's momentum causes it to twirl from the point of impact. The hook missing any targets, falls uselessly downwards, being suspended by the tightily wound bit of chain. Another case of bad timing insues as Xue's crescent smacks into the chain and yanks both opponents towards each other and dislodging the launching device from beneath NNY's sleave and sending bits of of metal and leather down his arm and onto the floor. Xue Qian opens one palm, and waves her hand in a horazontal motion, and instantly, all 'effects' she has 'in play' vanish, and the room and temperature return to normal "Enough... this is getting too far. Last warning before i step in" -.-

At the sudden tightening around her lower arm, Samantha cries out softly and slams her eyes shut.. as a hundred sharp needles fly forth along the back of her fingers and hammer upwards into the rafters, spraying out like a blast from a shotgun, ringing off the magically hardened beams and roof above. Lowering her arm once these are released, the girl opens her eyes again and quickly digs her feet in, stopping dead in front of Johnny and hammering her palm forward with a martial cry, "GAROU MEICHUUDAN!" If the attack hits, the effect is rather akin to being impaled, the fingers curled and energies channelled to prevent the opponent simply flying backwards.

Xue Qian eyes the pair carefully, eyes glowing pale blue now, as she weaves a REAL spell, as oppose to a 'training effect'

Johnny stumbles forwards as his chain is ripped from his arm. Seeing the needles flash past him he ducks a bit and reaches for the concealed tazor he wears beneath his shirt. Rising upwards with the weapon being slung forwards his eyes look up just in time to get hit with the force of Samantha's attack. His finger already on the trigger, should the tazor connect before being 'frozen' he'd have no way to release the trigger - not that whatever is controlling him would want to...

Samantha's free hand comes around under her out-stretched arm, two fingers splayed to throw aside the tazer before it can impact. Then there is a gasp from the girl as she follows through with the vicious momentum of her last blow, thrusting her tensed palm hard into Johnny's flesh and using this to lever herself up into a slow flip, lithe body bending like a willow branch, rotating to a vertical position and hand moving from his stomach to brush the floor briefly before she quickly rotates to a horizontal - as if changing her mind, and losing a great deal of momentum in the process. To compensate for this she fires off a quick burst of blue-white energy and so comes around with the force of solid oak, both legs out-thrust and aimed in a thunderous kick to his right side. Effectively this should propel him off into the wall and leave him an easy target for whatever Xue has planned.

Xue Qian's eyes glow brighter and brighter blue, and the temperature around her drops dramaticly. Whatever this is, its not gonna be entirely pretty Johnny lets out a groan of pain as the force of the kick sends him into the hardened wall of the UR gym. With a growl he falls to the floor and lands on his hands and knees. Quickly throwing his head up he stares at Xue and smiles manicly as he realises what is potentialy about to happen...

Samantha keeps following through with her momentum and ends up on her side facing Johnny, breathing hard as she keeps herself propped up on her feet and out outstretched hand. "Xue.. that should... give ya a second...." she closes her eyes, relying on her other senses for a moment as she brings herself back to reality. (That move always takes it out of me.. ever since Kyo...)

Xue Qian swings SilverFrost in an arc in the air in front of herself, before plunging the blade into the floor. Under Johnny, the floor would likely begin to get real cold, before the air around him suddenly freezes into a block of solid ice. If it hits, he'll literally be encased in a block of ice from head to toe, alive, but disabled. That's her plan, anyway

Johnny begins to cackle as the air around him turns to ice. However, as an intresting side effect to NNY's wastelock, the ice is not as thick as it should be. Instead, some of it's energy is absorbed into him as the blackness surrounding his flesh fades. His shadow runs from his form like water, almost retreating from him as he's frozen. The liquid-like shadows run out accross the floor and gather in a dark pool several feet away from everyone...

Samantha recovers given a few seconds of quiet breathing and shoves herself to her feet, eyeing the spreading pool of darkness before she promptly turns and springs over to the corner bench, spinning around to face the action again as she snatches up her mithril shortsword. Placing her other hand on the scabbard, she pulls the shining blade with a ringing metallic whisper, letting the sheath fall and falling into a ready stance with the blade... or a variation on one, her left hand placed at the base of the blade itself and raging with the girl's ki, within a few seconds it begins to flicker around the metal as well. "Xue.. heads up... we're not finished yet. There's this.. demon inside him.... I've fought it before."

Xue Qian stands shakily, a bit stunned from casting such an Essence-intense spell, SilverFrost drawn, and flecks of ice forming and melting i the air around the intensly cold blade, as she turns to look at the shadow "Very.. odd". SilverFrost, as well, can't help but comment "Odd, indeed..."

Dragonmaster Cale comes walking in from the Usual, a strawberry italian soda in his left hand, he moves over to the side of the entrance, glancing back at Trinune, "Mm." He says back to the hilt.

Out of the pool of shadows rises three forms, as if being lifted on a platform from beneath the floor. They shadows cloak the trio until they are fully in view, then the shadows become just that... and vanish. The taller of these appears to be a younger version of Johnny with a distant look in his eyes. The other two take on forms familiar to only a select few - the forms of two psychoticly painted display stand doughboys. Mr Eff, the one with [Z?] painted on his chest, begins to laugh at Samantha. "Demon? Bitch, we ain't no demon..." The other one, Psycho D-Boy, marked with the familiar four lettered 'F' word on his chest, nods in agreement, "He's quite right, you know. Although the master might have a thing or two to say on the subject..." The younger NNY glances at his frozen counter part and laughs... Samantha glances at Cale and blinks, but with no time to call out to him she lets the scenario speak for itself as she turns to the trio with a soft giggle, flipping the sword to her left hand, "Let's not get technical.. I say what I see." With a cold smirk she shifts forward a pace and crosses her right arm over her chest. "SATSUKEN!" As her bright clear voice rips through the air, the nekojin slides forward in a blur towards the nearest doughboy, rapidly unfolding her arm in a wide arc towards her polystyrene opponent, the limb leaving a searing trail of pale blue ki in its wake.

Dragonmaster Cale watches all of this closely. He just came in to check and see if Samantha was practicing magic or something in here, but instead he finds Johnny growing evil shadows, or...something like that anyway. He reaches behind him and wraps his hand around Trinune's hilt, though he doesn't pull the blade free or anything, and actually leans back against the wall of the UR...perhaps deciding to watch the others fight for now?

Meanwhile, in case Cale doesnt know, the actual NNY is frozen solid in a block of solid ice nearby

Xue Qian raises an eyebrow, sword out before her, watching Sam attack the trio, holding off for the moment, and collecting ehr bearings and breath before attacking. These things MIGHT not be a threat... yet. She waits to see what effect Sam's attack has for the moment, breathing a bit more heavily than normal Mr Eff blinks in confusion as the attack passes through him without any resistance. Unharmed he looks at Psycho D-Boy with a look of horrific stupidity. "WHAT THE HELL?" D-Boy turns and stares at Mr Eff calmly, "Well... it looks like we wasted too much energy bringing back noodle boy here..." Mr Eff growls, "SHIT! This plan should have worked!!!" The young NNY stares at Eff and sighs. Mr Eff looks up at him in anger and the duplicate Johnny fades into transparency and vanishes... Before the attack has even passed through Eff, Samantha is preparing for her next strike.. taken aback rather by the total lack of resistance, the only signs of her confusion are the need for a sudden adjustment of balance by her sleekly furred tail. She tucks her left shoulder around and switches deftly to a two-handed grip on her blade, half-staggering and half-lunging past the unharmed doughboy to swing the shortsword - still rippling with ki - at the head of his accomplice Psycho D-Boy. "HEEYAH!"

Dragonmaster Cale furrows his brow slightly, looking over at the Ice Cube Johnny. He lets out a slow breath, glancing over to Xue who isn't acting either. Well, really, it can't be good to be locked inside of an ice cube. *shink* Trinune comes out of her sheath, and a red glow begins to flow up and around the blade, though he doesn't do anything, yet.

Having gained a bit of power from removal of Noodle Boy, Psycho D-Boy is rather shocked to find himself suddenly impaled in the head... again. Staring in confusion at Samantha he asks, "Excuse me, was that really neccesary?" Meanwhile his counterpart begins to cackle manicly.

Xue Qian sweatdrops "Ugh... something about this isn't right.... " She calls out "Sam! I don't think our weapons will do much against them, if their spirits of sorts"

Samantha flashes a roguish grin and springs back, releasing the hilt of her weapon and leaving it wedged in the creature's head. "'Course it was.." she chimes with mock sweetness, dropping to a crouch a couple of metres away and smiling slightly as she lifts her right hand in front of her face, lightning flashes of ki blazing out from within the palm and echoing the flickering of the energy soaking the shimmering blade. "FAIA!" Her fist closes tightly and suddenly the blue-white energies on the blade explode outwards in a two-foot radius, a violent, focused burst of her fighting spirit with all the force of a grenade.

Dragonmaster Cale tilts his head to the side, the wings on his back folding up tightly. He looks down towards Trinune and gives a light nod. Leaping into the air, his wings flap furiously, a few feathers falling down towards the floorboards as he moves to hover above Johnny Ice Cube, more or less anyway, not sure if it's safe to just throw a fireball down there..hmm...something more focused for melting people from ice prisons, or maybe a could whack with Trinune would be better...

Xue Qian sideglances to Cale "Don't release him yet. Not until these things are handled, just in case. He won't die anytime soon in there, i assure you.... ", then looks back to the staypuffs on crack, watching the battle, gauging what might and might not work

Frozen or not, Johnny screams in pain as the force of Samantha's attack rips through his mind. The Doughboys begins to laugh - being scattered or not, they know that until they gain more power, they're linked to the former maniac's mind. Even with their forms destroyed for the moment, the voice of Mr Eff cries out, "STUPID BITCH! You can keep destroying us all you want... but as long as that waste lock stays active we're gonna keep coming back until we rip your festering soul apart." The last part of that is barely audible as the strength of his voice fades away into the nothingness it came from...

Samantha flies to her feet and soars forward into her dissipating blast, snatching up her fallen blade and coming out at the other side as the last tendrils of her ki-burst fade, slashing through the air violently and meeting no resistance. Falling back a pace she lets the tip of the shortsword fall to rest upon the floor, her chest rising and falling heavily as she pants, "Dammit... dammit.. tell me more! Every time.. a clue... then nothing else..." she turns her gaze towards the encased Johnny, saying and doing nothing more as she catches her breath.

Dragonmaster Cale looks over towards Xue, "Ah? I see." He says, the glow on Trinune fadeing away, though he keeps the blade out. He glances at Samantha, then at Xue, then back to the Johnny Cube. o O ( Weird... ) He thinks to himself.

Xue Qian is silent as she watches and listens, SilverFrost in a defensive stance, just in case

Samantha closes her eyes, turning her face heavenward for a few seconds... then looks down with a sigh and wanders across to the frozen Johnny, running the fingers of her free hand across the block of ice. After another pause she looks to Xue and softly murmurs, "Last time.. when we stopped the doughboys, he was okay again. It's prob'ly safe to let him go..."

Dragonmaster Cale decides to ascend the few more feet it would take him to go into the rafters, and sits down upon a beam, sheathing Trinune behind him, folding his arms. Watching.

Xue Qian nods "Allright...". She sheathes SilverFrost, and makes several arcane hand gestures. Once complete, the ice around NNY breaks apart and melts rapidly Johnny collapses to the floor as the ice breaks apart, no longer having the strength inside him to keep himself on his hands and knees. Dispite his continued unconciousness his teeth begin to chatter forcing him to bite his own tounge. Thus, his eyes open and he pushes himself up onto his knees. "OW! W-w-what th-the hell is g-going on-n-n?" Trying to warm himself he crosses his arms and holds himself tightly as he blinks his eyes trying to make sence of things...

Samantha kneels beside Johnny, a shiver running up her back in response to the cold radiating from his body. "What's goin' on.." she murmurs with a wry smirk, "Is you went ape an' the doughboys showed... again." She shrugs and lifts a hand to scritch behind one of her ears, "Though it was a bit easier this time."

Johnny suddenly looks at Samantha with his eyes filled with anger, "SHIT! I had them under control! I'm not going to fall under that bullshit again! DAMNIT! I'm not their puppet!!!!"

Dragonmaster Cale leans against a nearby rafter, raising an eyebrow at all of it, but still staying quiet for now. o O ( Huh... )

Samantha shakes her head and offers a small smile.. it's soft and reassuring but at the same time there's an edge to her expression, a determination flickering in her sapphire blue optics. "No.. no, yer not." With a sigh she pushes herself to her feet, letting the shortsword hang from her hand, tip to the floor, once more. "Coz sooner or later we'll get 'em... they can't be invincible right?"

Johnny blinkblinks, "Invincible? Well... uh... so far short of triggering the flusher, the only thing that's stopped them so far was that woman I met in Neo Tokyo. But... uh... I still don't know what happened that night, or what happened to her..."

Dragonmaster Cale hops down from the rafters, landing down next to them all, arms folded tightly, "Mm, looks like you're possessed to me, eh heh heh...you should see a cleric or a priest or something." He says with a light nod.

Xue Qian quirks an eyebrow "Flusher? I dont think i want to know... least, not until i've gotten some sleep..." She waves to the three "Night" -_-;

Johnny nods at Xue as he climbs to his feet.

Samantha glances at Cale and raises an eyebrow, "Oh.. okay..." she blinks and then looks to Xue, lifting a hand to wave with a smile, "Alright.. seeya later, Xue. Thanks for, er.. comin'...." she giggles softly, then turns to Johnny again, offering a hand to help him up before he.. does it himself. Oh well. "So what's this 'flusher'.. somethin' magical or what?"

Johnny lets out a chuckle as he leans against the wall, "Um... no... that would be me dying and reality being flushed... it's not the kinda thing I want to do on purpose again..."

Dragonmaster Cale nods at Xue and waves his hand, "Oyasumi nasai." He says to her, looking back to Johnny with a sweatdrop, "Ah, I see..."

Xue Qian pulls her sword one more time, and plunges it into the ground, just as when she cast teh freeze spell earlier. This time, however, the ice forms around herself, and once entombed, her small form vanishes from within the cold ice. Once gone, the ice cracks apart and melts into a puddle in a matter of moments

Samantha blinkblinks, and lifts a finger, a puzzled frown creasing her brow, "But.. um... you already died. The night Datenshi.. y'know..." she swallows and stops talking, hand straying to her left breast unconsciously.

Johnny shakes his head as he crosses his arms again, "Nah.. that was a bit diffrent. I don't quite know the details, but I know that the waste lock has to be fed until that thing inside breaks free. I think that's what the Doughboys want... then, if I die the universe blinks out and according to Mr Satan it gets re-booted or something. Like one big computer program with a back up. At least, that's what happened last time. That managed to stop them until I came to Neo Tokyo..."

Samantha nods slowly, not really understanding at all but.. getting the general idea. "Okay.. but there's gotta be a way, nothing's impossible..." she sighs and walks over to dress herself again, sheathing her sword and setting that down while she pulls on her body-warmer.

Dragonmaster Cale isn't an expert on the whole mind kind of weird people possessing you area, so he remains silent, arms folded.

Johnny shrugs his shoulders before very quietly mumbling, "I doesn't matter... it's just life. I just wish I could use this shit instead of being used by it..."

Samantha fiercely whips her gaze back to Johnny, halfway through buckling on her shoulder plate, "It's not just life! An' of course it matters.. those things shouldn't be able to.." she throws her hand out to the side, towards where the doughboys and their creation vanished, "To control you! I have'ta try an' do -something-..." She heaves another sigh and turns away again to finish tying off the piece of armour.

Dragonmaster Cale looks between Samantha and Johnny, nodding his head slightly at the cat-girls words, "Yeah, eh heh...there has to be a way to stop them or like, ya know, keep them at bay when you want them to be n stuff..."

Johnny blinks at Cale, "When I want them to be? I don't want them at all. Hell, they're just voices in my head. That damn thing in the wall just keeps making them real... And I can't exactly get rid of something that's been imprisoned inside something that's a part of me. I can't get the waste lock outta me anymore than you could live with a skeleton! I just gotta live with it... that's why I get so mad that it doesn't work both ways... Why CAN'T I use this shit?"

Dragonmaster Cale ahhs and nods his head again, "I see..." The wings on his back ruffling, a feather falling to the floor, "...gomen nasai, eh heh..."

Samantha blinks, "You said..." she looks down, towards her sheathed blade actually though this has no bearing on her words. "You said.. 'use it'... Johnny, back home there was this guy.. Iori Yagami. His ancestor controlled him an' made him do all these horrible things." She looks up and across to the boy, narrowing her eyes slightly, "He eventually used that power -against- them, the power his ancestor.. Orochi.. gave him, he turned it around an' won. Maybe..." she steps a little closer, tail flicking behind her slowly, "Johnny, maybe one day you could do that."

Johnny smirks, "Yeah,.. maybe... Either that or I could go mad and turn psycho again! Hell, at least I enjoyed it until the buzz wore off..." Looking at everyone's reactions he starts to laugh at this statement...

Dragonmaster Cale sweatdrops a little bit, and downs the rest of his soda, yeah, he was holding it in one hand the whole time, "Eh, well, I just came out for a midnight soda, eh heh...I should get back to sleep n junk before Ayika wakes up and finds me gone."

Samantha frowns and turns away again, snatching up her sword and slinging the scabbard about her shoulders. "NNY, I'm serious.. I wanna help y'with this." She glances sidelong at him, and opens her mouth with a little gasp, to speak.. when Cale speaks and she turns her attention to him, momentary anger washing away as she smiles and sends a small wave his way, "G'night, Cale-sensei... sleep well!"

Johnny grins at Cale, "I oughta get going to. See ya Cale..."

Dragonmaster Cale nods his head to them both, waving as a black mist rises up and disappears...along with him inside of it!

Samantha stares at Johnny for a few seconds, then spins away once more to.. well, she's already dressed, but stubbornly she remains turned away anyhow, making a show of adjusting her ponytail and gloves. "You're goin' too? G'night then.. take care..."

Johnny blinks, "Well... I wasn't just gonna get up an run like that... I was just saying..."

Samantha stops, blinking, "Oh.. okay... um. Sorry, I figured you'd probably wanna get off an' sleep an'... stuff..." she tails off lamely, and reaches down - finally finding something to do! - to unstrap the pouch of shuriken from her waistband, slipping them back inside her body-warmer.

Johnny stares wide eyed, "Sleep? Hell no... I hate sleep... I hate that feeling you get when you wake up and nothing feels real... nah, I was just gonna head home and write somemore so I can keep my self on schedule..."

Samantha glances sidelong at Johnny, raising an eyebrow, "Keep.. on schedule? Whatcha doin'.. writin' a book or something?"

Johnny shakes his head, "No, nothing like that... I just always write in my Die-ary at night. Then I sketch for a few hours while I rant to myself about this or that. It helps me think. After that I just kinda wonder around looking for some place I can meditate at and think over things until I finaly get tired or hungrey and wind up at the UR or something..."

Samantha tilts her head to one side with a slight frown, "You.. never sleep? You should y'know.. even if just a couple hours, kinda helps..."

Johnny laughs, "Well... I try not to... theres a few times when I've proven myself wrong. I don't mind it as much as I used to... But i've been known to go months between naps..."

Samantha hiccups cutely at that, placing a hand over her mouth as she murmurs a quick, "Gomen.." shaking her head she stares blankly at Johnny for a few seconds, "Whole.. months? That's... really not good for ya. Then again.." she gives a wry smirk, "I guess neither is being possessed by crazy doughboys. But I am -not- kidding when I say wanna help with that... okay?"

Johnny nods his head and looks towards the door for a long moment, "Yeah.. I apreciate that... I just can't imagine what you could do... um... I really should get going though... I can't stand breaking my routine..."

Samantha nods, "Sure.. go ahead, I'm gonna hang around an' maybe get another drink or somethin' before I go back... seeya later, huh?"

Johnny nods, "Yeah... I'll see ya tonight, probably..."

Samantha lifts a hand to wave, smiling softly, "Sure thing.. I'll be around as ever, though I dunno if I'll hit the Badlands or not." With a shrug she adds, "I'll be around at some point. Sl-uh.. I mean, take care.."

Johnny chuckles and waves as he heads for the door, "You too... see ya!"

Samantha watches Johnny live, her head tipped thoughtfully to one side... and pauses inside for a few long moments before she too makes her way to the door.

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