Jack Karrde

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Jack Karrde
Full Name: Jack Karrde

Series: Original
Class: Wanderer

Alignment: Neutral Good
Gender: Male
Species: The Phoenix
Age: Ageless
Birthdate: Unknown
Height: 6 ft.
Weight: 130 lbs.

Short Description:

Jack Karrde
Standing right at 6 feet tall you look upon a man that seems to be in his late twenties to early thirties. Of course it's hard to tell, his face has the lines that are often associated with hard living and wandering. But that only adds to the roguish good looks he seems to have. With semi long red hair that goes down to his collarbone and unbound and hanging free, of course it's not easy to control the hair since the bangs always seem to find their way into his face at the worst times. He also has a single stud emerald earring in his left ear..

His body is well built, giving hints to the sleekly powerful physique he has, but yet there is a gracefulness to his movements, giving hints to the training he has undertaken in his life. But the oddest physical feature he has are his eyes, the irises are the color of the sky on a perfect morning. And when you look at them right the seem to glow a bit, but it could just be a trick of the light. But something seems to hide in those eyes, something powerful and untameable, and confidence and wisdom borne of experience.

His clothing also seems to reflect a chaotic personality his legs are clad in a pair of black demin pants held up by a simple black belt. On his feet he's wearing a pair of black boots, with straps on the sides of them to help keep them in place. His upper body is clad in a long sleeve white shirt with a buttoned collar with a black vest over it, but the collar is undone showing off the necklace he wears. On his hands he wears a pair of black leather biker gloves, you know the fingerless kind. And finally to top it all off he's wearing a black leather trench coat, one can tell it's custom made to not hinder his agility and mobility in any way, the cuffs are up turned and buckled in place with silver buckles.

Jack Karrde

Gate of Time

Due to Sailor Pluto having to be called away to deal with the main problems with the Multiverse here at the behest of the Goddess, Emi, Jack was chosen, by Emi, no less to handle the duties of Guardian of Time (no he doesn't have a fuku or anything). As such his glaive was modified by the two and he has control over the time gate, and limited temporal control, now due to how this place works much of it will not work. What does work is limited precogition, the ability to see the past, present, and future (well, possible outcomes but not too far foward). And finally, sealing of breaches. Perhaps in time he will master more abilities.


This can easily be the source of Jack's power. Normally due the Phoenix flame is passive, all it does is augment the ki powers, making them stronger, and supply him with energy even when it seems he's reached his limits. However, when the situation is dire enough, Jack can and has unleashed the full power of the Phoenix. When in this ascended state his powers are magnified to their fullest, but there is a cost as his all to human body begins to burn out due to the energies being unleashed. (Normal time the Phoenix Flame can be unleashed 4 to 5 rounds.)

Phoenix Glaive

A weapon forged for Jack by the DragonMaster Cale Charis, but due to events prior to joining Twisted this weapon has become more than it was meant to be. When summoned the glaive is a formidable weapon, it's strength and power a representation of Jack's inner strength.

Red Dawn

The battle form of the Phoenix glaive. Normally this blade has the Ghost Touch and Holy ability. But, the blade's main strength is the fact it's part of Jack, the warrior's heart and raw power sealed in his soul, making it even stronger. However no one else but him can wield the blade due to the magics involved as this blade is part of Jack Karrde, the sum total of his power and skill unleashed.

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