2004-05-13 Attacking Metropolis

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Attacking Metropolis

Summary: Imbued with new powers and abilities, Johnny unleashes Hell upon Metropolis.

Who: Johnny_C, Samantha, Sai_Faoh, Zelan, Jack_Karrde, Tsubasa, Raven Karrde, Lucy_May, Fayt, A-Ko, Akari, Skeeve, Kaen, Samantha_Miller, Alana
When: April 24th, 2004
Where: Metropolis

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"KA-CHOU-SEN!" The clear voice rips through into the center of town as Samantha dashes into view from an alleyway. A short way in she spins around with a wild grin, her heels kicking up dust as she comes to a stop and flings her right hand up, sparks flying up as the kunai whose hilt is wrapped between her fingers deflects away a folded iron fan. "Too slow..." she murmurs and dives forward as an identical clone emerges from the alleyway, pulling her ninjato free. The blade is met with its twin in the first Samantha's hands, another shower of sparks scattering down across the pavement... and the two nekogirls freeze, watching each other over their crossed swords, each grinning an identical breathless grin.

Zelan says, "Pilot. Sounds promising. As long as I'm not workign on crap like that." She points over to the wrtecked ultralight(who tried to go into an alley too narrow for its wings) and the pilot of that, who is presently calling the buildings stupid.

Sai Faoh blinks at Samantha. "...Well, that's interesting."

Jack groans, "..Idiots.."

Tsubasa turns her attention upon the two nekogirls. An eyebrow arches as the Kunoichi watches the two and then goes over to a lamp post where she half leans and half sits at the base. Her arms fold across her chest as she watches with interest, thankfully taking a break from her thoughts. Giving a low whistle she then cheers loudly "Go Sammy #1!"

Jack watches Sam in action, "Tsu..she needs to relax her attacks."

Lucy_May walks in sipping some coffeee. She looks around. "What is going on here?"

Zelan blinks at Lucy. "Cyborg? Okay, I denitely underestimated this place."

Tsubasa shrugs her shoulders as she watches "Oh hell, let her have some fun. Sometimes people need to go full out."

Samantha #1 'eeps' softly and glances right to take in Tsu, lifting the hand containing the kunai to wave happily. Her duplicate takes the chance to draw her blade back... causing #1 to stagger forward. She is met with the tip of her clone's ninjato, and freezes dead, looking up into a mirror of her own eyes with a soft giggle. "Er... hey. Um." Her gaze slides down briefly, indicating something.. and the clone follows to check this something out. "Gotcha!" Taking the distraction #1 springs back a pace and swings the blade to knock aside its twin, which spins from the other nekogirl's hands before fading to nothing. It is closely followed by its owner as Samantha brings up her right hand, the kunai firing off into her clone's throat... said clone promptly disappearing in a puff of blueish-white smoke.

Lucy_May looks over at Zelan. "I'm not a local acutally.."

Raven walks along, still whistling that annoying yet cool song from Kill Bill. She's smiling. Someone's in a good mood...

Jack looks over at Raven, "Hey hun.."

Zelan says, "So. Pilot. Call?" She's poking Jack.

Jack nods to Zelan and flips out a cell phone and dials in a number, "LEt me get Tris here."

Raven smiles at Jack, walking over to him and landing a kiss on his cheek. "Hey you... what's going on?"

Jack says, "..Calling Tris up..seems we have someone you can work with hired on." he nods to Zelan.

Tsubasa winces slightly as she seems to have distracted Sammy. However as she tricks her duplicate, it causes the Kunoichi to laugh for the first time. Applauding she calls out again "Bravo Sammy. Nice shot there."

Sai Faoh smirks over at Samantha. "Training?"

Samantha darts after the kunai, bursting through the ki-smoke created by her clone and flickering out of normal visibility. She comes up by the mouth of the alley, her ninjato having entered its scabbard at some point during the dash, and turns to the side, her left hand closing around the throwing dagger's hilt with a firm slap. "Yatta!" She giggles happily and tucks the knife away before turning to Tsu with a grin, "Thanks! So what's up?" She bounces over and stands in front of Tsu, her hands folded together in her lap.

Tsubasa shrugs her shoulders as she blinks at Samantha's quick appearance "Er...uh nothing...just thought to get out of the house...and away from training actually." She sweatdrops a little at the mention of the last.

Raven looks at Zelan, and holds out a hand. "Name's Raven."

Zelan takes Raven's hand. "Zelan Darkflower."

Raven smiles. "Nice to meet ya. Jack hired you on as a tech?"

Samantha giggles softly and tilts her head, "Ne.. y'wanna get -away- from trainin'? Did something happen?" [Translation: there's something in life beside training? What could that possibly be?] Her tail flicks slowly behind her as she awaits an answer.. truth be told, she's a little concerned. Her last memories now may be of happy chibi-Tsu but before that....

Zelan says, "Um, apparently. Fastest job interview I've ever had, if he did."

Raven smirks. "Yeah, he does that. That means you'll be working with me. I'm lead tech for him."

Tsubasa licks her lips and looks away for a moment as she tries to brush aside the subject "Ah...nothing really...Gramps and I had a...slight difference in oppinion so I uh...*cough*ranaway*cough*" She gives a bit of a smile and leans back against the post "Nothing serious though...you seem to be having fun...sorry if I interupted..."

Lucy_May sips her coffee looking around..

Zelan says, "Well, then, we'll see what happens," with a smirk that suggests she expects to be your equal at least.

Raven chuckles a bit. "Got any particular specialty?"

A hole opens up in the ground where Samantha is standing, oops.

Zelan says, "Well, I've worked a lot on spacecraft in my early days. LAtely I've been working on everythign from personal computers to phase transit rifles."

Samantha tilts her head the other way then straightens up and strolls across, slipping past Tsu and leaning on the side of the lamppost to her left. "You ran away?" She asks quietly, leaning back and looking heavenward, "What happened? -Really- nothin'? Coz.. I c'n always talk, y'know... an' I'm hardly busy, just trainin'." She giggles softly and looks down, just in time to see a nice hole pop up beneath her. "N-nani?!" She almost slips in, latching onto the lamppost just in time and pulling herself off to the side in front of Tsubasa, where she peers down into the hole, "Um... hi?"

Raven grins. "Then we're gonna get along just fine. You ever work with Valks?"

Lucy_May walks over and peers down the hole. "Bad roadwork?"

Tsubasa smiles a bit as she looks at the ground "Yeah...training..." She then blinks as well at the hole in the ground and sweatdrops a little "Er...Hi Fayt...."

Zelan says, "Considering I've not heard the term 'Valk' before, I'd guess no."

Raven nods. "You'll learn. I'm still getting the full grasp of 'em myself." she smirks. "Where ya from?"

Fayt's head suddenly pops out of the hole, his back turned to everyone. "Hmm..." after a moment he starts getting the feeling he's being watched and quickly turns around, giving a suprised look "Eh? What? Hello?"

Samantha looks to Tsubasa, then to Fayt, and slowly she grins. "Shoulda expected that, I guess..." she murmurs, rubbing at the back of her neck, then raises her voice - and its tone - saying a little more brightly, "Heya Fayt! How's it goin'?"

Sai Faoh approaches Sam. "Oi, sis!" He shoves his hands into his pockets, grinning. "Training, you say?"

Lucy_May blinks at Fayt. "Can't you just walk like a normal person?"

Raven walks over to the rest of the group. "Hey all..."

Fayt's arms rise out of the hole, giveing a shrug to Lucy. "Have to practice somehow." he then looks up at Sam. "Well enough I'd guess, you?"

Lucy_May shurgs..

Samantha grins at Sai, "Hey, bro!" Then before she can say more, her gaze is diverted to Raven and she grins some more, "Hey, Rave! Um... wow, I go out for a bit o' fun an' I find everyone in one place." She giggles and nods to Fayt, "I'm good.." then back to Sai Faoh, though she's starting to feel dizzy with all this looking back and forth, "An' of course trainin'! It's all I do.. I -do- have some evil god to defeat at some point, y'know." She giggles and tosses her brother a wink.

Raven looks at Sam, then Sai Faoh. "Um... sis? Bro? Did I miss a memo?"

Out of the nearest manhole cover, a strange thing begins to happen. A dark, black sludge explodes out of it and sprays into the air. Like liquid night it begins to gather together until the cover erupts into the air and a loud cackle begins to be heard from deep within the darkness...

"IF there was one raven i didn't get it either." comes a voice form above. Zel crouches down attop part of the local architecture,"When did..." He blinks as the manhole releases something.

Fayt climbs out of his hole, which snaps shut behind him. then looks over at the manhole and blinks, "...Eh?"

Sai Faoh grins. "I wouldn't mind doing some training with ya, sis." he murmurs, then blinks over at Raven, and sweatdrops. "Oh...hi there! Uhm...I'm Samantha's twin brother by blood. Name's Li-Bogard Sai Faoh." he murmurs, rubbing the back of his neck in an almost timid gesture.

Lucy_May blinks looking up at the dark sky. "Something tells me this is not good."

Tsubasa smirks slightly as she watches Sammy and then her gaze slowly travels to the others in the group, her spirits seeming to have lifted a bit. Then hearing the manhole explode, the kunoichi quickly and instinctively reacts. Pushing her back against the lamp post she stands and side steps Fayts hole as she pulls out her guns from her shoulder holsters and aims the barrels at the top of the geiser.

Raven says, "Sam, you wanna explain who I am?I'm kinda too tired to.." she sees the disruption fromt he manhole cover, and does similar to Tsubasa, as her attention turns to the sludge, unholstering her Ares Predator, and leveling it.

Sai Faoh's ear flicks, and suddenly, he spins, facing the geyser of sludge, eyes narrowed. . o O ( So much for training... ) He reaches for his sword...

The darknes begins to form a deffinite shape as it takes the form of a giant black angel. The shape begins to melt away leaving just the figure of a man with a gaint sickle. Like the angel of death, it twirls the sickle around and laughs as it's glowing red eyes opens. Looking around at all those gathered here it begins to speak. "I'VE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS CRAP! This city and every low life bastard in it DESERVES to be taught a lesson! I've yet to see a reason to give mercy on you fools... the time is now. I hope you believe in an afterlife, 'cause your gonna be seeing it soon..."

Samantha nods happily, lifting a hand to wave up towards Zel before looking down to the others. "Hai! He's my -real- bro, though Rock is too.. just not... -real-." She looks heavenward for a moment, mouthing a few silent words.. which is when she sees that geyser looming up and turns her gaze downward, those twin sapphire orbs widening. "Um...?" She makes no further movement, but it's doubtful she needs to, she's still tense from her training.

A-ko comes walking along the street with an ice cream..when this thing pops out of the sewer like Mr.Hanky when he's cranky! "What the...heck??" she blinks, her brown eyes narrowing under her scarlet bangs. "What's that supposed to be anyway?"

Raven narrows her eyes at the figure. "Who the frag are you to tell us when we die, chum?" she says sternly, gun still leveled.

Sai Faoh rolls his eyes, tilting his head to one side. This causes a series of pops to resonate down the length of it. With that, he lifts one hand while his other hand remains on the hilt of his han sword; the lifted hand curls into an eagle-like claw, and he slides back, eyes narrowing dangerously. "Now...explain to me...why are you so pissed off at everyone?"

Zel says, "Johnny....." his eyes narrowing as the word just about drips venom. Yes, Zel is more than a little ticked with the homicidal maniac. One hand reaches out and is suddenly holding his sword.

Lucy_May hms looking at the figure. She just sips her coffeee.

Fayt takes one look at the fingure, and swallows "Why did I have ot show up here?"

Tsubasa seems a bit shaken than usual, and slowly her arms begin to shake. She takes a step back and bits her lower lip as she tries to control herself. The kunoichi frowns as she tries to keep her arms still but she seems to be having a hard time with it as sweat begins to bead across her forhead.

Samantha's eyes widen further and her toes curl downward before suddenly she kicks off the floor, landing in a crouch up beside Zel. She stares at the black figure, then sidelong to the chimera, "Z-Zel...? That's... Johnny?" Yes, she doesn't know.. there's a lot she's missed, though something deep within has already screamed the answer at her and she reaches around for the second blade sheathed across her back.. the mithril shortsword that lies crossed with the ninjato she was using earlier. "What've I missed, Zel?" Her tone now takes on the edge of cold steel.. serious and determined.

Zel stands up, not taking his eyes off of Johnny,"I am not sure how or why but he seems to ahve the power or at least backing of a powerful demon. I stopped him trying to kill a clerk ina video store."

Raven keeps her gaze locked on the figure as she asks Zel: "Who the frack is Johnny?"

Johnny's eyes deepen into small slits as he growls at his audience. "I am the dark angel of death, and the time of purification is at hand... you smug bastards, manipulating each other. Using each other. Using ME... you think it's just fine to to go around and MOCK people just because they look or act funny to you fools. You can just USE people like that.... You all need to learn the value of life. It's too precious to WASTE on such mindless acts..." With the scream of hundreds of damned souls an army of shadow demons force there way out of the darkness in the sewers beneath him and take an attack position around him, protecting him, as he continues. "...at least I'm deluded enough to think I'm doing something worthwhile..."

Lucy_May blinks. "lovely. Reminds me of my last date."

Sai Faoh arches a brow. "...And who are you to pass that judgement on all?" he asks quietly, eyes narrowing slightly. "You are stooping to the level of the people you claim to hate by judging everyone to be as inconsiderate as those whom have wronged you."

A-ko exclaims, "Okay..we've got a serious wacko here! It's obvious talking him to death isn't gonan do much!" before she charges at Johnny and takes a flying leap, to, hopefully make it over his shadow-demon horde and slam him like a pile driver with both feet!

Raven growls a bit at Johnny's speech. "Okay, let's get some facts straight... One, you ain't the only one that's ever been manipulated, and two.." she gets cut off by A-ko launching her assault! "What the frag are you doing???"

Tsubasa's mental state can't take the sight of the demons. Eyes wide with utter terror and mouth a gape the kunoichi takes several steps back and her guns fall from her hands. Unable to control herself she starts to back off as she keeps muttering to herself "It's just a dream, a bad dream...everything...wake up...just...wake up..."

Samantha stands smoothly, in the same movement pulling free her blade. With a soft metallic whisper it comes free, the noise ringing out across the city center. "Rave.." she begins, looking down towards her surrogate parent, her voice and manner calm, emotionless... forced there by a silent mantra the girl is repeating to herself, willing herself to be ready. To be calm and focused. "He... he -was- my friend. Now, I guess.... I guess it's time." She watches A-ko's charge briefly then closes her eyes even as she shifts grip on the shortsword, her fingers curling tightly around the hilt. Blue-white tendrils sweep down the length of metal, crackling like lightning off its edges, and a soft smile flickers on the girl's lips as she concentrates... (Come on then.. this is him, isn't it? He's taken my friend... I know, you don't have to tell me. And now this is when I repay you? Right? Let's do it...)

Sai Faoh blinks, and pulls out a Reifu. "Uindo...SHORAI!" he screams, and a sudden blast of air flies towards A-Ko, attempting to knock her away from 'Nny.

Zel bigsweats over the 'mocking poeple because they look diffrent' statment,"Definatly bad news." He brings his sword up, the blade glowing red witht eh Astral vine spell, effectivly making it supernaturally sharp and leaps high over Johnny. His trajectory bringing him down straight on top of the other.

Sai Faoh narrows his eyes quietly, and sighs. "Everyone is so quick to attack...yet there's a tortured soul in that abyss..." he mutters quietly, standing his ground. "It's sad, really..."

Fayt quickly swings his arm back, knocking on a nearby wall twice, his fist suddenly glows white in responce. he swings his arm back around to his front and point it stright at Johnney. getting into a ready stance. "Oh gods... let this thing work..."

Tsubasa clutches at her head and winces, everything was happening to fast and she was feeling like she couldn't breath. She had to get out of this dream! With that the only thing in her mind, the kunoichi staggers down a street to get out.

Johnny growls, "SHUT UP! YOU KNOW NOTHING!!!!!!!!!! I was CHOSEN for this... It's my DUTY TO SHOW YOU BASTARDS THE ERROR IN YOUR IGNORANT WAYS..." With a grin he adds, "...what's your excuse?" The winged demons take to the air and begin to circle around in the sky surveying the scene as Johnny drops down and places one hand on the ground. Suddenly the darkness surrounding his form spreads out in a bubble absorbing a 10 foot area around him. As Zel vanishes into the darknes he brings up his sickle to block and laughs...

Sai Faoh smirks quietly. "Yet you will to attack those who are nothing like your description...as I said, you are stooping to the level of those whom have wronged you. I lived my entire life being descriminated against because I have American blood coursing through my veins...by family, no less. Yet I do not will death on them...I merely wish to prove them wrong." he mutters, eyes narrowing.

Raven sneers. "I know more than you think, chum..." she watches the bubble envelope the two. "Drek... I don't have a shot!!!" she then raises her hand and tries firing off a bit of electrical energy at the bubble.

Lucy_May blinks at Zel dissapears. "Lovely.. Wish I had my gun.."

A-ko must've missed, as her attack's not noted; so..she's swept off her course by the wind attack and winds up sailing through a nearby tenth-floor window! *crash*

Fayt lets out a major sweatdrop .oO(That last remark sounded like it involved multiple exclmation marks... not good o_o;)

A flash of brilliant white light appears from an alley and a flood of strong Holy Energy as well As Spirit Ki spills forth. From there appears a young Kitsune who's golden eyes look darkly at Johnny and the demons. Silently Chiyo walks with grace, closer to the dark figures.

Samantha opens her eyes, spitting a curse, and promptly kicks off from the low roof she stands upon. She lands nimbly beside Sai, her blade raised and ready in her right hand, the left out in front of her with fingers lightly splayed. "Bro.. yer preachin' on deaf ears. I never told ya but this is no normal fight, it's somethin' I've been waiting for for a while now." She offers a small smile then takes a few paces forward and looks to Raven, "Rave! I think you might be one o' the few here with a chance at this... I'm not sure, but.. keep attacking like that, don't use yer gun okay?" She tosses out a quick, nervous grin and then springs up into the air, blue-white ki bursting off around her as she fires off her energy and soars upwards towards those circling demons, form blurring out of view before she flickers into full visibility above at roof level, whipping her blade through the air -through- one of those demonic forms. "N-nani?!" The nekogirl is dealt a blow from a dark claw and goes sailing back through the air towards the edge of a building.

Sai Faoh's eyes narrow, and suddenly, he leaps up, attempting to snatch Sam from the air. "Baka...this is something that needs to be approached delicately." he mumbles. "I've never had to fight one of these things...however, it's not as easy as it looks..."

Zel's blade cleaves through the darkness like it's a physical thing and evne goes straight through the syth that was raised to block. WHo knows how many pounds of Chimear pressing the ultra sharp blade towards it's target.

Lucy_May watches Samatha go flying. She hms crossing her arms watching the melle.. She just going to watch, for the moment, enough people involved in this already.

Fayt starts to slowly move his glowing hand form target to target, waiting for one of the demons to make a move towards him or untill it looks like someone needs the support. a frown firmly fixed on his face. "Hmm..."

Akari (Chiyo) glances at the demons, for now not at all interested in the fighting. Her holdy energy flares more and she loudly addresses the shadow figures with a commanding voice "I am the Messanger of the Kami Inari, and a Spirit Detective for Emma Daiyo. You are in my terratory and have no jurisdiction here! I order you to stop this foolish fight and return back to your lord, or you will force me to banish you myself...which would be painful indeed."

A-ko grrs..picking herself up from the rubble of somebody's wrecked apt. She then bolts out the door of the place and run up the flight of stairs towards the rooftop; *BASH!!* she crashes through the locked door as if it's made of paper mache. >_> <_<.."A hah! Just what I need!"

Johnny laughs aloud as his head is split in two. His weapon vanishing into the darkness he grabs ahold of Zel as his sword takes hold at his collar and throws him away, just as Raven's attack pierces his chest. Literaly stepping out of the bubble he calmly looks around as the envelopment waves into the air like some sort of cape attached to his form. As he stands there, the darkness slowly surrounds his head and he seems restored once more. The damage to his chest restores in much the same way. Forming his sickle once more he twirls it in front of him creating what seems to be some sort of wind tunnel as he tries to push Zel away further. "...that the best you got?"

The demon attacked by Samantha screams and charges down at her, trying to grab her and slash at her face at the same time. The other shadow demons simply continue to watch, undisturbed by anything... yet...

Raven blinks at Sam's words... "Are you su..?" and again she's cut off as the nekogirl gets sent flying, and gives an inward sigh of relief as Sai Faoh goes after her. She holsters her gun, and gathers some of her electrical energy in her hands. "Never said that, now did I?" the ball of energy gets brighter and more intense, and she fires off a lightning bolt at Johnny! "NOBODY threatens my friends and family, chum!!"

Samantha grunts softly as she is caught in mid-air by her brother, tossing him a grin as she quickly pushes away and spins back through the air. Angling her side away from the next attack by that grasping claw, she tucks into a ball and spins down to the pavement, unfolding and landing in a tense crouch half a dozen metres from Johnny... her left hand braced to the floor as the right draws back the shortsword, this time more blue-white energy streaming down its length. This wasn't present for her failed attack on the demon.. perhaps that made the difference? Either way she smirks across at the blackened maniac as Raven throws her attack, "That ain't the best we got, Benedict.. not by a long shot."

A-ko jumps to another building, grabbing a few cables from powerlines as she goes; she then rips off a high spiked tower from the top of it, wrapping the wires to it's base several times..."Hope this does the trick.." she mutters. lifting it high over her head and taking aim at Johnny...

Zel get's flung first downt hes treet, which he lands nimbly enough form but before he can get himself se the wind tumbles him through a store front,*That didn't go quite as expected...* He hauls himself back to his feet and hurls another spell,"Elmikia Lance!" This one going towards one ofthe demons though that is trying to take a bite out of the others.

Akari (Chiyo)'s tails flicker and Holy energy crackles about her. As the demons do not respond a blue flame appears in the young Kitsune's hand "You give me no choice..." With a growl she tosses the soft ball size flame at the demons as a warning shot, all the while walking slowly closer to them, seeming unafraid. She doesn't wait for her flame to make contact however as she starts to form another orb of flickering blue light.

Lucy_May hms watching. "This is getting intersting.", she looks up spotting A-ko. "That might hurt..", she takes a few steps back..

Fayt suddenly turns, aiming his arm for the charging demon, we have a target! "Force bolt!" the light on his fist flying off as a white ball of energy towards the demon. It's not the most powerful of spells, but if it can hit it might at least throw it's attacking off.

Ayorith slows to a halt after entering, ears tipping forward as she blinks.

Sai Faoh narrows his eyes towards Johnny, pulling out two reifu as he lands atop a building's flagpole. "Raitei...SHORAI! Kasai...SHORAI!" he shouts, both sheets of paper dissapearing; at this instance, both a gout of flames, and a column of lightning fly down from Sai's location, headed straight towards 'Nny.

The chimera's spear of magic slices through one demon and slams it back into another, the two crashing down towards the floor where they explode in a sharp burst of shadow energy.. an explosion like black fireworks erupting on the street. Chiyo's attack is yet more effective given its size, the demon whose face it strikes going down with an abyssal shriek and likewise exploding.

Johnny cuts off the wind attack as he jerks his head towards the oncoming bolt of energy from Raven. The energy rips accross him and forces him back as the air fills with the distinct smell of burning flesh. Then, as his eyes go wide he tries to shake the energy off like water on a coat. It seems the darkness around him is doing a good job of protecting him. His new 'employer' must be pleased with the events so far... Smiling again he looks towards Samantha, "Benedict is just the fuel for the fire... and I'd appreciate you not calling me that." Suddenly the blast of electicity and flames strikes him he's caught completly off guard and goes flying back. Immediatly 5 of the shadow demons advance on Sai Faoh in retaliation. Each coming from a diffrent angle. Johnny hits a wall and growls as he tries to stagger to his feet, but he seems to loose his balance and vanishes down into his own shadow as he falls. The shadow vanishing moments later...

A-ko asks, "Here goes....HAAAaaYaaAAaaaa!" and hucks the thirty-foot 'spear' she's fashioned from the rooftop antenna, as she kicks the cables off the roof to fall over live electrical wires that stretch across the street! This is aimed at Johnny, of course, and backed by A-ko's super-human strength! Is that the smell of ozone?

Samantha smirks and keeps her gaze fixed on Johnny as he flies back. She replies to his previous comment as she stands, bringing her shortsword around in front of her and setting her glowing palm to its length. "KATANAKATA!" She cries out, opening her mouth again to scream the next as she slides back a pace and focuses, eyes narrowing... then the cry fades on her lips with a strangled gasp, promptly turning into a broad grin as she sees the searing pillar of metal and electricity soaring down from the skies courtesy of A-ko. (Is this enough for ya?)

Zel puts ona burst of speed and charges back into the fray. He might not be a notable swordsman like Kenshin or gourry but he more than holds his own as he attacks the demons with his magicly charged blade and a few smaller fire and spirit based spells being let loose with his free hand. not much he can do about the electrical javalin arcing in on the fight but he attempts to make quite a dent in the demons population.

Meanwhile the demon attacked by Fayt staggers back from the force bolt's impact, and then promptly shakes itself off before swooping down towards the young wizard.. opening its black maw to cackle gleefully.

In response to Zelgadis' wild onslaught, black critters fly back in every direction... but for each that is sent slamming away, some exploding into black fireballs, another comes to take its place, dark claws rending and lashing out at the chimera's hardened skin. All the while sinister cackling and high screams breaking the air all around the square, the aura of evil almost palpable.

Sai Faoh smirks quietly, stepping back so his back is against the building, balancing with ease upon the flagpole. His hand once again lifts into a claw...and suddenly, his entire form is surrounded by a blaze of red ki energy. "Brute force...never a good way to approach any situation." he murmurs quietly. Then, he blurrs upwards, flying high into the sky as he pulls out yet another reifu. "Gogyou...SHORAI!" he shouts, and a gout of water flies towards 'Nny, hopefully hitting before the electrical rod does...

Lucy_May curses and now gets invoved in the fight attacking one of the demons going to Sai Faoh. "Back off.", she says going to punch it in the head. She tires to rounhouse kick another. "No touching the merchasise.."

Lucy's first attack soars straight through the head of her intended victim, and the black thing scuttles back with a couple of flaps of its wings, "Skreeeeee!" The thing rushes in as the cyborg moves to roundhouse kick one of its companions, who likewise flies back before swooping in, a similar cry of rage on its own shadowed lips.

Fayt quickly knocks on the wall behind him again to ready a new force bolt. Swing the arm around to aim... how fast are these things?

Akari (Chiyo) focuses her attacks upon the demons for now, finding them more of a threat than the strange NNY. She throws another one of her blue flames "Kitsune bi!" Then as she gets close she brings a hands up and crosses them across herself. A blue glow begins to apear and her eyes flash "Shura no Hono-bi!" She then throws her arms out and five blue frisbee like flames circle and fly out at different demon tagets close to her.

The young mage's assailant veers away as he comes close and attempts to tackle Fayt from the side, giggling maniacally as it goes to wrap its small arms around the boy's waist and drag him back into the wall.

"Crap.", Lucy says. "well that didn't work too well...", she opens up her palm on her right arm her hair starting to stand up engery starting to gather on her palm...

Samantha grins seeing Johnny is under control for the moment and spins away, keeping the energies raging around her sword as she looks around for anyone in trouble... spotting Fayt almost instantly across the street. She takes off and springs up to strike down a snickering demon moving in to join its busily tackling companion... this time a satisfying slicing noise accompanying her attack and rending the thing straight through its middle. It explodes in a shower of dark sparks shortly afterwards, the girl barely pausing and covering the rest of the distance to Fayt - though by then he will have either made the dodge or been grabbed by the little demon attacking him.

Johnny screams from out of nowhere as the spear impacts just as he vanishes from sight. As the resulting explosion rocks the side of the building just as the blast of water hits and douses most of the flames. The missing maniac lets out another blood curdling scream as the two attacks merge and stike him before he can use his new found abilities to appear from the nearest shadow. However the explosion of light makes that a bit more difficult as he seems to be torn apart in the shadow realm he escaped into. A few more moments go by as sparks hit the soaked street. Suddenly as the show dies down a moment the street goes completly black and the form of the homacidal maniac slowly comes up out of the street looking human again. His body seems to be torn to shreads and blood floows freely from the massive amount of damage. As a grin crosses what remains of his face, the boy turns black again and once more the darkness begins to boil off of him like a dark cloud. Lifting up into the air over the blackend street he throws his arms to the side and begins to laugh...

Fayt lets out a suprised yell as he's grabbed. He quickly tries to bring his arm around for a clear shot.

Sai Faoh touches against the side of a building, arms crossing as he digs his claws into a crevice, holding on as he searches the street...then, as 'Nny appears, he smirks, his form blurring at amazing speeds as he pushes off of the building, towards Johnny...

A-ko mutters "Great Scoot..this guy's pretty tough!" She leaps off teh rooftops at him as he rises into the air with black oozy shadows alla bout him. "A-ko cannon-ball attack!!" she yells out..hurtling at the rising figure like..well...a cannon ball!

Zel is nearly burried under a swarm of gibbering demons. The Chimera vanishes fomr sight entirely when his voice sounds,"Mega Brand!" The area around where he was lights up and with a loud crack demons are sent flying high into the air leaving Zelgadis with a chance to take stock of the situation.

Samantha gets near as Fayt brings his hand around and brings her own around just as the thing opens its maw to bite at the mage's side. "SHOUKEN!" A small spear of pale blue ki erupts and tears the thing into a thousand dark strips, the nekogirl flashing Fayt a grin as her hand returns to her side, fingers starting to glow with energy again barely a second later. "Heh.. wanna team.... up....." the last tails off as she looks back over her shoulder, towards the re-emerged Johnny as he breaks out laughing. Her eyes narrow.

Lucy_May curses as one of the demons gets in too close and slashes at her chest, tearing thought her clothing and skin. "You'll have to do better than that..", looks like she got some amour under there.. She shoves her right hand onto the demons head and fires off her shot, blowing away the demons head, and her engery attack (about the size of a basketball) goes flying for a distance skattering a few of the demons. A few more come towards her. "There's no end to these things.."

Raven focuses her energy for a moment, and gathers another ball of lightning in her hands, reinforcing it with a bit of prayer to both of her mothers, and fires off another shot, which she arcs to turn around Johnny and slam into his back, whilst the others are attacking his front.

Fayt gives a quick nod to Sam, then turns to see what she's looking at. "Hmm... with numbers like this I need to get the larger stuff out..." he suddenly drawns in a deep breath and holds it for a moment...

Akari (Chiyo) is not at all hurried in her attacks as she watches the demons explode by her attacks. To her this was simply a tiring clean up job. The Kitsune Kami sighs inwardly as she looks around for more of the demons, her holy energy still creating the white glow about the young girl, letting her be the light in the shadows in a way. Carefully the Kami makes her way towards NNY with graceful ethereal strides.

Johnny blinkblinks as his dark form is knocked down by the onslaught of airborn attacks. Hitting the ground hard he lets out a loud 'ack' of surprise and screams again as the blast into his back sends him flying head over heals into his newfound attackers. Taking advantage of the situation he grabs the shoulders of the two as he flies towards them, hoping to send the energy coursing through him into them...

Sai Faoh narrows his eyes as he is indeed grabbed; despite this, he uses the advantage of the contact with Johnny to aim a series of five strikes towards certain pressure points on the man's chest...should they hit properly, Johnny would most definately feel something...wrong...

Samantha heaves a deep breath of her own and smoothly turns. (Where are you? I need your help... these people could die, or worse....) She watches the action calmly though, channelling blue-white energy into both her hand and her sword. A few demons stray near her, but keep their distance suddenly as.. something begins to change... any who can detect auras would notice a slow but distinct shift in the slender nekogirl's.

A-ko exclaims, "Yaaahgh!!!" as she's cooked by the energy going through her! She wishes for the billionth time she'd gotta a few more handy powers from her folks..like invulnerability!! But NoOOoooo...-_- She let's fly with a kick as Johnny grabs her; maybe it'll get him off her or put him into orbit or somthing!

Zel says, "This is not going well, to many even if they don't do much damage." He smiles coldly,"Time to even the odds..." He holds his arms out wide to either side as he closes his eyes and concentrates on the spell, a wind blowing up as the powers swirl in to his bidding,"Vu.....Vraimer!" Energy courses off of hima nd intot he serounding rubble and buildings. A demon trying to sneak up on Zel is suddenly crushed as part fot he rubble shifts and pushes itself up in a roughly human form. Other similar forms are rising formed from the rubble. Zel just points tothe demons and says one word,"kill." and the golems shuffle forward to do battle.

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Lucy_May bashes a demom charging towards her, she graps another and tosses it away. One slashes her in the back, she winces a bit "I could use some help here!!", she spots the golems. "That will do.."

Fayt holds both his hands up to his face and exhales, white mist pours out of his mouth and gathers around his hands. "Ready..." he quickly looks around for an approacing group of demons, giving a quick glance to Sam. " might want to stand back for this one, don't want you getting hit too."

Well, the little demons rise to -that- challenge, and yet more thunder from the black mass circling the skies... others actually splitting away from their targets to attack the golems instead. "Skreeee-hehehehehe!" Black cries and evil giggles continue tearing through the air, almost deafening as hundreds of the winged fiends float down to take on Zel's conjured army.

Raven waits for Johnny to land before charging her hands with her holy electrical energy and just assaulting him with those wonderful bar brawling skills of hers...

Akari (Chiyo) pauses in her steps and turns her golden gaze upon the neko girl. They narrow slightly as they focus on her aura, but she becomes distracted at the sight of the golems. It was becoming too chaotic for the Kitsune, and judgment would be harder. However seeing multipul attacks upon the NNY creature seems to reasure her and she goes back to cleaning. As she sees the fiends flying down to attack the golems made by Zel, she once again brings her arms across her chest to cry out "Shura no Hono-bi!" Yet this time, she sends out fifteen of the blue flaming discs at the flying attackers.

The golems wade in smashing and tossing demons as they come to them. One even twirls a demon over it's head before sending it flying for the horizion. being nothing but rock and magical energy they are pretty much impervious to being scratched though a couple do get pulled down. As fast as each side get's put down though more reinforcments seem to arrive. Zelgaids is doinga good job putting those that go down back on thier feet.

Johnny grins as Sai's attack hits him just before getting kicked completly off guard by A-ko. Spinning away through the air he hits the ground hard once more and spits out a mouth full of blood. Rising to his feet he decides to go for the big guns himself and draws out his two dread daggers. The daggers immediatly begin drawing in the thick presence of evil in the air and as they do so, Johnny seems to gain more power. His eyes glow brighter and once more bright white toothed smile crosses his face. Slowly steping towards the two electrified onlookers he chuckles and then suddenly stops. Dropping down to a croutch he crosses his hands over his chest and closes his eyes painfully. With an explosion of blood from his chest he falls over, seemingly dead, and lays motionless a few moments. All the demons stops suddenly before continuing their attack once more. Suddenly his body is assaulted by Raven and as he's hit repeatedly he staggers up to his feet, his chest riped open and exposed as he is forced back-unable to regenerate yet... Somehow he's still alive... but how?

Skeeve steps out of the front doors of One Metro place, half a cannoli being stuffed into his open mouth... and he stops. And blinks. "...since when did they liscense Urban Brawl *here*?"

Sai Faoh narrows his eyes, leaping back a few feet. Then, he glances around...and leaps upwards, dissapearing over the rooftops...

A-ko tumbles out of the sky, her kick having knocked Johhny for a loop; she lands with a *BOOM** in the center of the street, creating a nice deep hole. *Use Chigao pot-holes for ref!*

Samantha's narrowed gaze is turned back to Fayt and she smiles reassuringly, "It's okay, Fayt. We'll all be fine... it's only right." Well. Whatever that was, it definitely wasn't the voice he knows so well... the accent totally different, and the intonation definitely that of someone wholly unfamiliar to the language. That smile widens somewhat before the nekogirl's soft sapphire gaze slips to the approaching horde and she holds up a glowing hand. "Come to me..." The glowing energies around her fingers explode outward, blue-white taking a definite shift to a powerful white-gold. That energy in turn coalesces into a raging ball that grows to twice the slender girl's size, the winds from its raging spinning hurling her hair wildly around... hair that is now platinum blonde, not its usual ebon black. The ball shoots off and hammers through the demonic horde, tearing them not even into black strands but just destroying them completely, not a trace of their existence left where the raging ball passes. It continues on before slamming into the side of a building, tearing plasterwork from the wall and rocking it to its foundations.

For Skeeve, Long and short of it is that the center of town is nowa battle ground. Shadowy demons are attacking alll while on one side a horde or Rock golems are wading into the fray. the majority of the cahracters are fighting with Johnny who seems...changed, serounded in shadows.

Raven continues her charged attack, though she's got no training in any sort of martial art, she does know how to throw a punch to get drunken idiots off her back, and prays it works here. "Dammit!! Stay... the frack... DOWN!!!" she says through gritted teeth.

Skeeve swaps out the cannoli for his trusty Cosmic Blade. Muttering the sword's command word around a mouthful of pastry, the blade starts to smoke that hazy miasma, and the mage tears into one of the demons, almost cheerfully. Finally swallowing, he proclaims to no one in particular, "Right! Now let's see if we can't get to the bottom of this." He starts striding towards the melee involving Johnny, taking the odd swipe at a demon that gets too close here and there.

Akari (Chiyo) seems to be the only glowing light in the middle of the shadow. Bright and white, her holy energies continue to flare around her. The Kitsune kami's tails flicker and twitch slightly in annoyance as she continues to blast the flying fiends with her blue flaming discs.

Fayt suddenly blinks at Samantha "What the?" Of cource, suprising him while he's holding a spell ready is probably a bad idea... there's an explosion of extreamly cold blue mist around Fayt, when it clears Fayt's standing looking much paler than normal, with Ice clinging to him in sheets. "...cold..." o_o

Zel leads the golems on an attack of the demons and seems to be holding his own pretty well seeing as it seems the majority of them have decided he and the golems are the most dangerous things on the field. Other thana swipe at the ones that come to close and gettinga golem bakc on it's feet he spends more time watching the fighting and annalyzing what is going on. IN fact he's looking for the source of where the demons seem to be comming from.....

Johnny smiles at Raven's words as she continues her asualt. Somehow he spits out, "Why don't you?" The blackened street suddenly comes alive as the sheet of darkness begins to ripple around Johnny like a tornado, seeming to suck up all the shadows in the area with it momentarialy. Vanishing beneath the darkness he thrusts his fists out to knock the girl away as he leaps up into the air - the wave of darkness already at work restoring his wounds...

A-ko rises from her pot-hole; rubble falling off her slender form. She's a bit scorched...that's okay, scratched up...a bit bruised...nothing's broken. Her skirt is ripped as is tradition, right up the center to show off her nice white panties. "Grrrrr....." >_<

Raven gets hit across the face and staggers back...

Skeeve has just enough time to dart forwards, as Raven's slugged into the face. Deftly wrapping that arm around her waist, he reaches out with telekinesis, to keep her from falling over. "Sweet Jesus, Raven, are you okay?"

Samantha grins and spins away from the demons, her eyes blazing with inner fire as she focuses on Johnny and his battle with Raven. "Raven!" The girl calls out, in that voice not her own, not over-loud considering the maelstrom of noise raging all around but.. somehow.. it carries loud and clear. "You can help me, but I need you to reach-..." as the woman falls she stops, and her gaze then slides to Chiyo, the girl pausing for a second to slash her mithril blade - now glowing with that new white-gold holy energy rather than Sammy's blue-white ki - through a couple of demons that dare to approach her. "And you.. you're another. I need your aid." She smiles vaguely and looks to Johnny once more, lifting her left hand and channelling another ball of power. "Demon child! Servant of Benedict!"

A-ko rips up a no-parking sign from the street and pulls it up by it's cement roots. "Eat this, creep!" she yells out, hurling the 100 lb javelin at the esacping shadowy-figure of Johnny. *WhOoooSshhh!*

Raven grasps onto her nose as she gets caught. "Thankth Thkeeve... I think that bathtard broke my nothe..." she takes her hand away and there's blood running down over her lips. "He'th tho going down for thith..." she stands back up and looks to Sam. "What do you mean??"

Fayt knocks on his arm to ready a new force bolt... he's moving *realy* slow after that misfire of his. Hopefully he's close enough to Sam to be left alone?

The demons continue their battling, though there are noticeably fewer now... still some rise to replenish their numbers, but gone is that constant rush, no longer are the black winged things quite so overwhelming in number. Their screams too have died down in number and in intensity, as the things struggle to avoid being crushed by the chimera's golem army and the efforts of the others all around.

Zel addsa little something back intot his combat as well other than keeping the demons busy. Holding out his hand as though cupping something he begins by chanting,"Light which burns beyond crimson flame, let thy power gather in my hand!......" The flickering ball of light that was forming in his palm streaks away towards Johnny, activly swirving and dodging a few demons atempts to intercept it. It's not doing anyhting...yet.

Akari (Chiyo) slowly begins to make her way over towards Samantha and smiles slightly up at the girl "And I was about to say the same..." She pauses in her sentance as she blasts away a few more demons with her flames. Then she turns to look at NNY and arches an eyebrow slightly as he is refered to as the servant of Benedict, certainly not who she had thought he was. However she was to erradicate this evil as was her duty. The young Kitsune flicks her white tails and her ears twitch a bit as she once again starts to move closer to Sammy to see what she had in mind.

The swirling tornado of darkness suddenly stops. The dark NNY floats in the air looking down with his daggers once again put away. Looking down at Smantha as she calls him 'demon child' once more a strange expression crosses his face. "So... Cassandra... at last we" He's suddenly cut off as the no parking sign hits him accross the head knocking him back into a building. With a loud scream of rage he grabs the sign from accross his face and throws it to the side as he pushes off of the building and into the air again. Looking down at A-ko in disgust he screams, "WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM???? ARE YOU TRYING TO STOP ME OR TAKE OUT THE BLOCK???"

Skeeve flicks his sword back into a fighting posture, whipping out sideways to lop off the head of a wayward demon that charged him and Raven. "I don't suppose you'd care to let me know what's going on? And what the battle plan is?"

A-ko says, "What ever it takes!" to Johnny, her brown eyes narrowed under her red bangs, "If you were so worried about collateral damage, I doubt you'd be trying to kill everybody!" >_<

Raven wipes a bit of blood off her face, and points to Johnny. "He apparantly hath thnapped... and we need to take him out... Ath for a plan, ya got me..."

Johnny thinks for a moment and grins at A-ko, "Point!"

The Golems continue to advance steadily up the street. Rather throughly they are making sure every demon they run into is reduced to a greasy smear on the ground or building or just themselves. As the dmeons reduce in number it's starting to look more and more like a mop up operation.

Samantha keeps watching Johnny coldly, a smirk touching her lips as A-ko's attack catches him. "Meet? Yes.. I suppose we do." She shakes her head as she glances to Raven and then to Chiyo, inclining her head to the kitsune. "I've fought this boy's master... you could say.." she smiles slightly, some regret sweeping into her hardened blue gaze, "You could say I'm the cause of all this." She turns back to Johnny as she continues to speak, keeping that ball of energy raging in front of her, now half her height and slowly still growing. Its light fills the area around her, and seems to be keeping those demons away adequately. "His master is the most evil creature of my world, and makes the young demon child here appear a fool beyong the very biggest fool. My power can harm him if not kill him.. and the same goes for this little fiend. With more power... more of the same.. we would stand more of a chance." She glances sidelong at Chiyo and flashes a small grin, her tail flicking dramatically behind her before resuming its slow curling.

Skeeve shakes his head slightly, and is about to make some snappy reply to that, when he hears Samantha's crystal clear words, and blinks. Turning to regard her, he yells out, as loud as he can, "HEY! YOU! WHAT KIND OF POWER DO WE NEED?"

A-ko exclaims, "YaaAAaaaaaa!!!!" her hands suddenly begin moving faster tehn the eyes can follow, grabbing bits of street derbis, she becomes a human machine gun, firing the bits at Johnny!

Fayt just stands still behind Samantha he's more or less out of the running now. Still palr as ever and looknig more than a tad unnerved"Have to... run..." he starts to lumber off in a random direction. (ooc: must sleep... z_z)

Johnny sweatdrops as the street comes flying up towards him in small bits and pieces. Tearing through his body a shower of blood begins to rain down as the boy is torn completly apart. Big chunks of his body fall down to the ground with sickening thuds. Somehow they all manage to gather in one large pile on the street. As blood flowing freely from it begins to get darker and darker it becomes very apparent that something is wrong. When the last of this body falls, all the blood turns black and, much like a certain liquid metal cyborg, the bits flow over his body turning it into one large black mass. A mass that is suddenly lit up with dozens of pairs of red eyes. The mass goes flying through the air, reforming once more into the shape of the maniac as he crashes into A-ko with a tackle. Immediatly as he does so all the eyes, save for his own two, vanish once more...

Samantha's gaze finds Skeeve next, the girl regarding him coolly for a moment before she bows her head. Strange how calm she appears despite the battle still raging. "A power I think you, too, can call upon... you, this young lady," she inclines her head next towards Chiyo, never shifting her tense stance beyond movement of her head and shoulders.. and then looks directly at Raven. "And you... you, Raven Karrde, can also give this body the confidence it needs." She stares at Johnny quietly a moment, the ball on her left hand shifting up in size and power once more, before addressing all three of those she has chosen. "I need every last bit of divine power you can muster... channelled into me. Or," she smiles softly, again that slight hint of regret, "Into the body I occupy. Everything you have.. if I strike right I can then make sure we end this tonight. Though I can't promise that -all- will survive." Her voice tails off quietly at the end and her gaze narrows once more on the black demon known as NNY, as he fights with the brave A-ko. (If this is the case.. I apologise, Samantha. But... there was never part of our deal to protect you from this. I'm sorry.)

Zel takes this moment to set off the small ball fo light he ahd following johnny, right as it dives in fornt of his face. the ball suddenly glowing fora few moments like a mini sun.

Johnny screams as the blinding flash goes off before the eyes can close and now blindly goes sailing into A-ko as bits of him begin to burn from the flash...

Skeeve tears through a trio of demons, dashing to sidle up more or less to Samantha's side. (Incidentally, Raven logged out almost 15 min ago). "I've got a few spells I think would help out here... what flavour you like your ice cream?"

A-ko is taken by surprise as Dah Johhnynator suddenly flies at her! "Shi.." her words are cut off as she's knocked backwards by his flying lunge, giving off a bit more fan service (something else A-ko is good at!)

Akari (Chiyo) silently considers Samantha/Cassandra's words carefully and nods "I'm afraid I will only be able to give you half of my powers as I can not be in my true form. However I shall assist you in anyway." The Kitsune girl's tails begin to sway back and forth and she dodges some of the lesser demons, and expelling others with a blast of a red or blue fire ball. The young Kami then sends to Sammy . o O(Yet I do not know how well your human body can channel such power...I fear her harm...) Yet the Kami begins to slowly channel her powers. Her eyes close and she becomes very still as the white light about her becomes brighter and is sent traveling towards Sammy. However, this leaves the Kitsune girl open now for attacks.

Samantha has any attacks to Chiyo covered, that light from her energy ball still keeping the demons at bay - or at least slowing any assaults the bravest of them might make for long enough that Skeeve can likely get to them before they would reach the kitsune. "I thank you.. and.. I know your feelings, I too have lost a great deal of my power. It's why I require this aid." She looks at Skeeve and smiles, giving a slow nod, "The same flavour as my spirit... on my world I am a woman made goddess... my power directly opposes that being wielded by Samantha's young friend. Anything you have that equates to that would be.. more than welcome." (And I fear for the girl too.. she is one of my Blessed though, and I would sooner remain locked in this world forever than allow her to pass on. She may need my aid when this is through, but I am confident she will not perish....)

The energies are effortlessly absorbed by the nekogirl-turned-goddess as they flood towards her.. though she does not pull on their source too hastily, taking only what is offered when it is offered.

Skeeve slides his sword away, and nods solemnly. "Alright then." Stretching arms out to his sides, he immediately begins to chant the words to the most powerful divine spell he knows of - Libervastion. You want the Power of God, you're going to get the Power of God.

Johnny tumbles accross the street with A-ko as the two collide. Coming to a stop beside her he looks up and smiles, "I wish we coulda spared before things got so far along. Your style reminds me of someone.." The moment passed he goes for his daggers again and tries to bring them down into the girl's chest. She can probably feel the weapons absorbing the energy out of the air at this close range as he brings them closer and closer towards her...

A-ko's arms shoot up to try and deflect the daggers with her arm bracers; "I'm not as easy to beat as you might think!" she says, thrusting the bracers at him as he strikes downwards, hoping to repell him....

Akari (Chiyo) relaxes some what and Cassandra gets an image of a pure white fox giving a nod. And with that, the Kitsune girl's energy begins to spiral about her and she sends a more powerful stream up to the other goddess. Now it was a continuous flow instead of the small trickling of power that she sends off.

The unearthly tips of the daggers impact the bracers and hold on for a moment, not going any deeper, as he's pushed away about two or three steps. Chuckling he starts to advance again, but stops as a voice echoes out in his head. Turning slowly around towards the group gathering energy behind him he blinks in confusion. "...just WHAT THE FUCK do you think your doing?"

Skeeve reaches one hand up to touch Samantha's shoulder, in reply to Johnny. "LIBERATING DEVASTATION!" And the offered energy flows into the girl, almost obscuring the link in bright white light..

Zel reaches under his coat and draws one of his widebore pistols, cocking it with his thumb he pulls the trigger sending a large musket ball at johnny,"Later johnny."

Samantha's body tenses, a shiver running down her spine.. as the form she possesses adjusts to this new influx of energy from Chiyo. A gasp escapes her lips and it takes a few seconds for her to relax, every muscle on Samantha's body now tensed, the girl basically a coiled spring bursting with holy energy that only starts to grow. With a smirk she then looks to Skeeve and nods once, "I think.. we should-" she murmurs before stopping dead, another sharp shudder wracking her body. Grimacing she gives Skeeve another nod before turning to look to Johnny again. Three seconds pass, her expression settling, but promptly breaking again as a feral grin breaks out and she shouts two words in a strange tongue, the ball firing off from her still-outstretched hand, tearing a deep rent in the pavement and the black-coated road as it rips off towards the boy..

A-ko sees what's going on over Johhny's shoulder...and decides she'll try and keep him from running, even if she gets zapped too! She makes a grab to hold him where he is!

Skeeve shudders, and staggers, two steps to the left, then one more to the right, then half step to the left. He, truth be told, actually looks drunk.

Johnny's head rocks to the side as the musket ball takes off most of the side of his face. With a gastly grin of exposed tissue and bone he turns forwards again and blinks as he's suddenly held in place from behind. Looking down he strugles and then looks up again with geniuine fear in his eyes for the second time in his life. As the blast from Cass/Sammy hits him he screams as he feels his body being wracked from the blast and nearly torn apart in A-ko's arms... his body no where near strong enough to take much more without a break from the attacks to recharge, he simply looks up with his mangled face and tries painfuly to smile as he realises that this might really be the end. "...nailbunny... I hope your seeing this..."

Zel holsters his pistol and watches seeming with out emotion at what happens. witha flick ofthe wrist hsis word is banished back to it's spot and he simply waits to see the outcome. The Golems are mean while still doing a number on the dmeons and guessing form things earlier on, probably int he act of mopping up the last of them.

Samantha shifts into a tense fighting stance, her arms thrown dramatically up around her. In her right hand the mithril shortsword spins twice before the hilt falls back into her palm with a soft slap. Three more words are intoned, in that oddly wild tongue.. and suddenly the floor beneath her erupts, the pavement shattering as white light rages from within the girl's slender form. (Now.. I give you control... aim well and wisely, I will guide your hand.) That platinum hair, blowing wildly around her like an exaggerated halo, flickers and suddenly is streaked with ebon darkness - her aura shifting just a little and thus signifying the prescence of Samantha once again.. or rather, as well as the goddess who has introduced herself earlier. (My blow would be a killing one, I would destroy everything.. yours must strike only his body, and the soul of the one warping it. Only you can keep your friend alive.) The light dims just slightly, enough to reveal the shape of the girl outlined within, a silhouette of burning white. Her head nods slightly, an uncertainty creeping into her blue eyes which shine out from within the divine inferno... but it quickly disappears, replaced with utter determination. "Then.. this is it..." she murmurs quietly, her words lost to the others within the winds surrounding her.

A-ko grits her teeth.."Ugh...gross..."but holds her grip firm, hoping they take him down for good this time; it's begining to take a toll on her after all...

"HYAAA...." The cry starts to build on Samantha's lips as, still nothing but a bright light in humanoid form, she slides back on her heels.. the shortsword drawn back with the sharp point forward at stomach level. The girl's cry ends with a screamed exclamation and she thunders forward, form blurring and then appearing directly in front of Johnny, holy energies streaming out behind her in the path she took at such incredible speed. Her eyes flash, focusing on the young maniac's own. (I'll kill you but I won't destroy you, Johnny.. somewhere, somehow, we'll meet again... if there's a heaven, then there. Otherwise.. somewhere, I swear. I swear on everything... I never wanted this.) "GAROU MEICHUUDAN!" This cry rends the heavens, and light bursts out -all around- the slender form, lighting the entire town center and even arching up towards the heavens, pure blinding white energy filling the view of all present. All that is visible is the shape of the attacking nekogirl, now silhouetted in black as her blade hammers forward, a vicious stab aimed directly into the boy's ravaged stomach, the blow coupled with every ounce of energy derived from Skeeve and from Chiyo... their efforts combining to create a deathblow, light bursting out on contact and even eliminating her from view, nothing visible within the divine abyss the street has become. This power is focused through a sheer effort of will on part of the girl, onto the dark soul she feels.. onto the newfound powers of her friend and not on those she knew before all this happened... but of course, can she truly decide what is fated to happen here?

The Golems continue to pound the last of the shadow demons into goo. Not like they care what is going on.

Akari (Chiyo)'s own light becomes dim and almost non existant as the Kitsune girl collapes and falls forward on to the ground. Drained of her energy she seems barely concious as her breaths are shallow. Her eyes flutter open as she shifts onto her side with a small mewl. The young Kami heaves a sigh as she realizes that there was now no way for her to fix the streets, but she would leave that for someone else to worry about.

Skeeve, likewise, in his 'drunken stupor', stumbles fowards, catching himself on hands and knees, heaving for breath.

Johnny's eyes grow wide from the shock of the awsome power of the oncoming attack. In his mind he can hear the voice of Benedict scream in rage as the wounded boy does nothing. In fact his horrific smile widens at the thought of the demon's outrage. The blast hits and he feels himself completly being ripped apart by the attack. In his mind he hopes that his body absorbs enough of the blow to protect the girl holding onto him. Such a selfless act deserves some sort of reward. As what's left of his mind begins to fade out of existance he thinks of all the things he'd done. All the people he killed. He thinks of those that he actualy cared for, and those that he finaly considered friends. They where almost all here for this. That's the way he'd wanted it. As miserable as if life was, he enjoyed a few bits of it. Especialy near the end. Perhaps he was wrong. Perhaps he shouldn't have taken Benedict up on his offer. But hearing the beast scream as he perishes too makes it all worthwhile. Although no one can hear it he chuckles in the midst of the attack and mutters, "Who's the puppet now?" With that his mind completly vanishes and whatever remains of his body, standing or not, goes limp...

A-ko is knocked back by the burst of energy, her grip wrested away from the disendgrating Johnny. "YaaaAaaaaaaghh..." it's like electritcy shooting through her..she skids back a few yards, making a nice long gouge in the street before resting face up and barely moving....

And like that.. as Johnny's life fades, and as the demon within him screams an unheard scream... the light retreats, but it does so much more than that too. The bright glow sucks inward to the very mid-point of the area, burning with the force of the sun for just a second before it shoots upward.. the accompanying shockwave crashing off in every direction and causing yet more damage to the broken and battered city center. Overhead the light becomes a comet, a shooting star shooting -upwards-, into the night sky with breathtaking force. As it fades from view, the tableau below stands still, girl frozen with her blade embedded deep within the torn form of her friend... her dead friend. And with a strangled sob she releases the weapon's hilt and falls back onto the street, hugging her knees up to her chest, her arms weak but holding on desperately to herself, as her mind desperately holds on for sanity. Her hair flickers back fully to its ebon black, and the aura around her fades... she is Samantha, and that's all.

[!] In the center of the city, a piercingly bright light shines, before the light becomes a comet, a shooting star shooting -upwards-, into the night sky with breathtaking force.

Crouched atop a nearby building, Kaen narrows his eyes. "..." What is there for him to say? He sits motionless, and remains perched in one place, his solid red eyes not showing any hint as to his thoughts.

Zel turns away fromt he wreckage and the death to check on his golems just as the last of the demons are crushed and flattend by stone hands. Having finihsed thier task they turn to their creator for instructions. Loooking around agian he let's outa deep sigh and get's on witht he mundane problems the battle has raised,"Clean up the wrreckage, repair what you can. Bring any injured to that area over there." With that he get's the goelms moving in a new direction.

Skeeve slowly, slowly, eversoslowly, picks himself up, finally staggering about on his own two feet. Rather blearily, he calls out, "...did... ...it work?"

A-ko is still semi-out of it..she took a bit of a wallop from all that.

Akari (Chiyo) stays still where she lies drained, barely alive. The Kitsune's ears twitch slightly and she tries to push herself up, but isn't able to move even an inch. Silently she stays where she is for now, closing her eyes to try and focus what is left of her energy and ki to move as she must be out of site before she shapshifts into her human form once more.

"H-hai..." the voice that comes from Samantha's lips is cracked and broken, pathetically small... but if anyone hears it, there it is. The plan worked, the day is saved. But the weight descending on the slender nekogirl is a heavy one indeed... the man who judged her worthy of life, the friend who she's been through so much with - who she's seen die once before even - has finally perished at her hand. The tears begin to pour freely from her wide sapphire eyes, which remain fixed on the form of Johnny, and the sword's hilt protruding from his ruined stomach.

From an adjacent street, Alana comes rushing in a full speed. Lights streaking across the otherwise peaceful night sky normally attract attention. She skids to a hault about 30 ft. away from anyone, surveying the aftermath of the fight. "Hmm..." .o( Too late? ) Her eyes bounce to each person for any familiar face, and landing on Skeeve finally.

A-ko slowly....paimfully...rises from the rubble of the street. "Ouch..I feel like I've been shish-ka-bobbed....*cough cough*"

Kawatta looks down from the ledge of a building, wearing his midnight black Cyclone armor...has he been watching? Possibly the whole time without lifting a finger.

Zel walks over to Samantha and stops a couple of feet from her,"Sammy-chan?" He asks,with jsuta bit of concern creeping into his voice.

Skeeve staggers towards the sidewalk, blearily. Stumbling roughly in Alana's direction, actually. "Oh... Alana... how pleasant to see you..." And with that, he tips forwards, falling at the irishgirl.

Enter Li Mei, whose restaurant, and home are but a few blocks away. Having heard the noise and seen the destruction in places, she enters the scene in her bedclothes, a mid-thigh length robe of white silk with blue embroidered dragons, tied at the waist with a sash. Taking a long look around the area, she spots Skeeve and walks over. "What has happened here? Can I do anything to help?" She looks vastly better than a mere few days ago when walking home was a struggle in itself.

A-ko gets to her feet..sort of..her clothes are a mess, she bruised, cut and scratched and none to steady on her feet. "I think..I should go home......"

The area is in ruins, the street torn up and buildings damaged. Odd stone creatures though move aobut working throught he rubble and even rebuilding some of the worst of the damage and pilling some of the wrckage to be hauled off.

Samantha Miller flies into the area, drawn by the blast of light.

Cue sirens, and enter the rush of police presence. Waves of squad cars finally make it to the center of the maelstrom, having been busy with stray demons escaping the center of town.

Samantha bites down on her lip, a shiver running up her spine as she hears Zel. "I'm okay.." she murmurs, and slowly looks back over her shoulder. Despite the tears shining on her cheeks she manages a small smile, "I guess... we did it, huh?" Not that she sounds too happy about it. Then as A-ko speaks she looks across to her, and bows her head.. hair that has long since come loose from its ponytail falling down about her pale-skinned face. "Th-thank you.. this was all my fault... an'... thanks for helping...."

Kaen begins to walk forward, slowly walking down what remains of the building he has been perched on. "..." He still says nothing, the fact that he is making his presence known a statement enough.

Samantha Miller notes the Kitsune on the ground, and dives down to land next to her, .oO(Kishigami-san!)

Zel nods and glances backa t the police cars with a sigh,"Well, if you are alright....for now,, maybe we should talk later." he takes a step back and goes to deal with the police. there are some things havinga defnse contract witht he city would help withand working things out here should be one of them.

A-ko smiles just a little, "Anytime....can't see how it's your fault though...." she looks down at her shredded skirt that's showing a bit too much. "Home..hot bath..food...good plan...."

Alana seems to be fighting against a bit of laughter, her lips curling up into a half-smile. "... Skeeve!" Well, that is until falls forward. She hesitate for a brief moment, her eyes growing wide, before managing to take the brunt of his weight quite easily. Definetly not as weak as she looks. ".. little bit too much to drink?"

Kawatta says, "No, I'd say he let out a little too much..."

Skeeve is a lot pansy-lighter than he seems, anyway. He looks DRAINED. Hanging limply in Alana's arms, he manages to mutter out, "...spell... ....big... ...drain... hurts..."

Samantha looks up and nods to A-ko, smiling a little more, then she plants her hands down on the floor to either side... and pushes herself up, joints cracking as they struggle to adjust after dealing with so much power. Her head swims and she pauses for a moment, sucking in a harsh breath, before spinning and looking towards the others present. Her tail flicks behind her, the only thing really keeping her balanced, and her gaze goes from Zel to Skeeve. "Oh...."

Akari (Chiyo) curses as she hears sirens and uses her desperation to power her. She starts to stagger up but as she does, her eyes widden and she lets out a cough, spewing silver blood upon the ground. The young Kami winces and looks at Sam with a small pained smile as she sends . o O(Ah...Samantha...was it not? How have you been? Forgive me for...my appearance.) The Kitsune girl then starts to try and get to her feet once more.

Li_Mei goes ignored for not the first time. Casting her eyes to the ground, she moves off to help those not being taken care of, finding first the exhausted Akari. "You look beat, miss. Is there anything I can do for you?"

A-ko heads off, one foot in front of the other; she won't get up in tiem for school as usual, and she'll be stiff; but she'll be okay.

The cops, upon a representative speaking with Zelgadis, radio in for a bunch of paramedics, and they send the SWAT teams home.

Samantha Miller gasps at the silver blood, .oO(You're injured! Let me help you! What happened here?) She tries to help the kitsune to her feet.

Kawatta jumps down from the building and lands next to Skeeve and Alana, where apon he ever so light grinds his nuckles into the top of Skeeve's head, because he knows in Skeeve's condition, lightly is all it'll take for him to feel it....or maybe he wont feel it at all "You pumped everything you had into that spell didnt you? when you know how dangerous it is normally."

Zel continues to work with the police, using his gomes to help with some of the heavy work untillt he spell finaly dies and the golems sink bakc into rublbe but that willb e some time form now and in the mean time Zel sinks back intot eh background as he works with the cities emergancy services.

Kaen gives a slight forward flip to land on the ground. He looks towards Sammy with a hint of sadness in his eyes, but does not look away. "..." Still wordless, it seems. Small bits of rubble crackle underneath his feet.

Alana's expressions shift to a more serious tone, taking another quick glance around the area before turning her concerned eyes back down to Skeeve. "Do you need a hospital?" She attempts to raise him back up by lifting an arm up over her shoulder so that he can lean against her, and perhaps lead him towards the direction of a bench. Until Kawatta turns up, she raises a brow at the knuckle grinding, ".. who the hell're you?" Subtle, she's not.

Akari (Chiyo) lets Sam help her up and she winces slightly as she sends back . o O(That...is a long story and I only know what I have seen...however I do not think I may have time to retell it now...) For those who can sense Holy energy or Spirit Ki, one will notice that it is fading drasticly from the Kitsune girl and the light that had surrouned her before was now almost non existant. However as she turns to Li_Mei she manages a smile and shakes her head "Ah...thank you...however I am not as hurt as I look...I shall be fine."

Skeeve winces at the bones to the skull, and attempts to get his feet back underneath him, with varying degrees of success. "...yeah... ...friend..." Struggling to resume supporting his own weight, he replies, "...was... pretty dumb... wasn't it...." He holds a hand to his brow.

Li_Mei smiles kindly to Chiyo and bows, casted arm hanging at her side. "Please, take care." She looks and feels totally out of place here, but still looks around for someone to help.

Samantha is still looking towards Skeeve, and listens to what Kawatta says.. her ears twitching in response. She still hears Chiyo loud and clear though, and looks towards her even as she starts off towards the master mage and his friends. (Um.. h-hai.. Sammy. You helped me, right? I wasn't quite myself, but I remember.. I thank you. I'd never have done it without you guys...)

A fleet of ambulances roll up from different directions, starting to administer first aid to wounded civilians

Kawatta says, "an old friend, and part time guilty concious." he lets up on the knuckle grinding "Yeah your lucky it worked...and your lucky you arnt dead, or worse."

Alana scoops her free arm around his waist, and with a simple ease nearly makes it so that he doesn't have to struggle to support himself and use up the bit of energy he does possess. Simple ahs softly, before questioning Skeeve again, "You sure you don't need a hospital?" Her eyes shift to Kawatta, "What did he do anyway?"

Samantha comes to a stop a short way from Kawatta, Alana and Skeeve.. and folds her hands together in her lap, looking down at the ground for a moment. Her tears have stopped falling, and now she just looks solemn, and serious. Also overwhelmed with no idea how to phrase what she has to say next, "It was my fault.. if anyone should explain... I guess it'd be me but it's pretty complicated." She murmurs to the two asking questions of the mage, then directs her voice to him, "Skeeve, right? I guess.. we barely know each other but..." she looks up, swallowing before offering a warm smile. "You helped me, an' even though I didn't -want- to do that, I had to. I... just wanna say.... thanks." She nods her head, just faintly and just once. "Thank you for being so selfless...."

Samantha Miller looks at Chiyo worriedly .oO(Are you certain you're going to be okay?)

Li_Mei fades into the background as other people swarm the area, paramedics, police, swat teams, etc. One almost might miss her leaving.

Skeeve nods slowly in reply to... well... everyone. "'ll be fine... just need... ... LOTS of sugar..." He manages to focus in on Samantha. "Well... Samantha... you're welcome. Hadda... stop him before... anyone else got hurt." He takes a nother deep breath. "I really.. need sugar. Isn't... Li Mei's shop... around here?"

Samantha Miller continues, .oO(You... feel weak to me...)

Li_Mei does not hear this as she leaves the area, too much bustle and din in the city's center. Although, following Li Mei would be almost sure to get you to Li Mei's Cafe.

Akari (Chiyo) smiles first to Sammy and sends . o O(It was my duty...I am sorry that we could not have met at a more happier time...) Then she turns to the other Samantha and offers her a slight nod . o O(There is nothing that you can do...I must find holy ground to rest...or one of my priests...I thank you for your help however.)

Kaen gives a slight sigh, holding his left hand out, palm open. "...." After a moment, he breaks his silence, speaking to noone in general. "Henge." With that, a massive cloud of dust explodes into existence, fading quickly to reveal a rather large dragon in the man's place. Standing ten times taller than the average human, the 'dragon' goes to work, helping with the cleanup efforts as best it can, which is quite a bit.

Samantha nods to Skeeve, pausing for a moment as she just smiles silently... then she turns away and looks out across the destruction waged here. (I hope you're happy... I did what I had to do, right? I mean... what I destroyed, the thing that died.. wasn't just Johnny, it was him?) A frown passes her brow after a moment, and she takes a break from her silent address of Cassandra to direct a response to Chiyo. (We'll meet again, I hope.. anyone who'd do that for someone they barely know is... someone I'd like as a friend.) She looks across and smiles, then heaves a sigh and looks away, this time to Kaen as he transforms. Her eyes widen alarmingly and she breathes, "N-nani....?"

Alana hides her impressed reaction quite well, masking it with a quiet comtemplation. A few seconds pass before she speaks once more, looking about at the store fronts. "Which one is it? Dun' know her..." She shifts a bit to gain more comfort for the both of them, and in doing so, Skeeve may feel a rather blunt object hidden somewhere against her side, and no to anyone who even thinks -that-.

Skeeve starts attempting to shuffle to the east. Although, this is TOTALLY dependent on whether his human crutch is going to move with him.

Kawatta says, "He...well, maybe I shouldnt say what he called on exaactly, but it was an insanly powerfull spell."

Kawatta says, "and he pumped it into you." he looks at Samantha.

The 'dragon' holds up a particularly unstable building as the repair crews set to work. His giant tail moves to sweep the street clean of random debris, even as flames from his breath help to perform temporary re-weld jobs. This dragon has got the repairing act down pat. Hardly the first time it has ever done such work.

Samantha tears her attention from the dragon as she feels someone's eyes on her... and looks back towards Kawatta. She pauses a moment before nodding, "Hai.. yeah.. he did..." she frowns and looks off to the side.

Skeeve holds a moment, glances back at Kawatta. "...you coming... to watch me stuff... my face?"

Kawatta says, "I might as well, that way I can gut a kick out of it when liquid sugar sprays out your nose."

Samantha Miller follows Chiyo, .oO(Please! Let me help you... I can carry you...)

Alana steps lightly towards the east, Skeeve in tow, stopping only briefly when he speaks back to Kawatta. She offers a half-grin to the both of them, "Sounds like fun already."

Center of Metropolis

All about you glistening skyscrapers rise towering into the sky, including the impressive One Metro Place. The hustle and bustle of cityfolk going about their daily lives fills the streets with noise, at almost all times of day or night.

The streets are remarkably clean for such a large metropolitan center, and architecturally sound.

Kawatta starts to walk afte Skeeve and alana and turns back to look at Samantha "You coming along?"

Akari (Chiyo) shakes her head slightly as she continues her slow walk. . o O(No...it is less conspicuous for me to travel alone and it would be faster...I must rely on myself." She smiles slightly as she continues to send . o O(Fear not...we shall meet again...that I promise...)"

Samantha Miller sighs .oO(Okay... you better keep that promise! ^_^)

Akari (Chiyo) chuckles slightly but then winces . o O(Ay, I shall...that and the promise of giving you my true name, sister.)

The dragon finishes work on a building, with the help of some very talented repair crews, and move a wall back into alignment with its tail. As the repair crews move to steady it, it moves away before being surrounded by yet another massive dust cloud, leaving Kaen standing in a relatively clean street with most everything that he can help with under control. "..." He seems to be wordless once again.

Samantha looks at Kawatta again and blinks, just once, before she flops down heavily... her body finally reminding her she shouldn't be standing, let alone walking around and thanking people. She sends the man a faint shake of her head, "N-no... I... should rest here..." she manages a smile, then lets her eyes slide shut.. controlling her breathing for a moment and trying to gain some control. "But.." she continues quietly, though Kawatta should be able to hear it, "Make sure.. Skeeve knows.... how grateful I am." She smiles and falls silent.

Samantha Miller grins and nods. .oO(Un!)

Akari (Chiyo) slowly and silently walks down the street, carefully blending with the rushing crowd of paramedics, repair crew and police. She pauses for a moment to lean against a some fallen debrie but only for a moment as she continues her way out.

Kawatta says, "I will..." he simply and nods once, starting to move in the direction Skeeve left in again.

Samantha Miller sighs, watching Chiyo go, then blinks, looking around, "I thought I heard Skeeve earlier... where'd he go?"

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