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Li-Bogard Sai Faoh
Full Name: Li-Bogard Sai Faoh

Series: Original
Class: Martial Artist
Threat Level: [[:Category:{{{Threat}}}|{{{Threat}}}]]
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Gender: Male
Species: Demi-Human
Age: Mid 20's
Birthdate: 28th of December
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 198 lbs.

Short Description: Brother of the late Li-Bogard Samantha, Sai Faoh has freshly made it to Twisted after a decade of bouncing around dimensions.

Li-Bogard Sai Faoh
Tall. That's the first thing that pops into mind. Sai Faoh stands a hair over six feet tall; his features strongly suggest that he is Asian-American. He carries with him an air of confidence, sureness, and possibly a bit of dangerousness in there as well, while also seeming to possess a gentle soul at the same time...but who knows what is a facade. Isn't that often the case in places like these? A person who appears kind-hearted may turn out to be the most wicked person there is...only interaction may tell. Sai Faoh could go either way, it seems, judging by the look of him.

His blonde, almost white hair is somewhat long, reaching down to his shoulders in touseled waves -- when it is not pulled back into a tight ponytail. Peeking out from either side of the top portion of his head are a pair of light tan feline ears, in place of normal ears; these rotate about often and frequently, apparently always alert to sounds. Often, strands of his blonde hair hang over his reddish-brown eyes, which seem simultaneously far older but far younger than he appears in person. His face is often set in a serious expression, though the rare smiles turn sharp features soft and kind -- when they can be seen.

His form is lean and muscular, with his muscle development apparently focused on lean muscle rather than bulk. His outfits are often simple, sometimes a set of monk's robes, others pants and a tank top; it appears to be entirely up to his whims what he wears on any given day. No matter what his outfit may be, however, there's always space for that long, luxurious tail with soft fur, the same sandy beige as his ears.

Li-Bogard Sai Faoh
Nekojin: As a nekojin, Sai Faoh has enhanced speed capabilities, as well as cat-like enhanced reflexes and senses. He is also stronger than he might look. He has retractable claws, and his tail brings him an enhanced sense of balance.

Combat Prowess: Sai Faoh trained for the first several years of his life as a monk, and knows various fighting techniques ranging from temporarily disabling his opponent, to killing them before they know they are dead (Such as the time he made Johnny's heart explode). He is an agile opponent, and his inherent abilities enable him to fight quick and fierce. He is extremely well versed in the use of his sword, while also being able to easily hold his own in hand to hand combat.

Magic: As the son of a magess, Sai has developed great ability using the magic of his family. Using his blade, he can summon forth elemental forces to do his bidding, whether it be wind, earth, fire, water, or lightening; he has been known to combine these together to form different effects, as well.

Ergokinesis: While he knows little of the control of this ability, Sai has inherited the ability to draw and use chi energy from his father. The rudimentary knowledge he has of this is enough to give him a boost of energy from his surroundings, though he is as of yet incapable of controlling this beyond absorption.





  • Sai Faoh is the brother of Samantha.
  • Sai has killed Johnny before, by way of making his heart explode.[1]
  1. 2004-05-13 Attacking Metropolis
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