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Skeeve Plowse... or Sarah Plowse
Full Name: Skeeve Plowse... or Sarah Plowse

Series: Original
Class: Wizard
Threat Level: City Smasher
Alignment: At a Jaunty Angle
Gender: Depends... is it raining?
Species: Klahdish
Age: Mid 20's, maybe?
Birthdate: December 23rd
Height: 6'4" or 5'11"
Weight: Around 180 lbs

Short Description: Sometimes a tall, slender man, sometimes a tall, curvaceous woman. Always dresses in a lot of purple and black.

Skeeve Plowse... or Sarah Plowse
The man before you is tall enough that he has almost a full head of height on most average people, perhaps 6'3 or 6'4. His windswept brown hair looks a little mussed, a few wisps of it hanging down over his bright, forest green eyes.

His clothing, however, is what makes him really stand out. Sitting atop his head is a large brimmed purple hat, tilted at a slight angle. Tucked into a band wrapped around the hat is a black feather. Draped about his shoulders is a flowing cape, the same deep purple color as the hat. A half inch or so around the edge is gilded with a gold fabric. The cape itself is fastened around his neck with a pin, fashioned of purest siver with a beautiful emerald set square in the center. He's wearing a nearly form-fitting, pitch black breastplate, that all light just seems to fall into. Around his forearms, he's wearing a pair of black bracers. Underneath that, he's wearing a black, somewhat billowy tunic. The sleeves are rolled up to mid-forearm, and gilded with that same gold material. It's cinched about his waist with a broad belt, and his black pants are hidden at the shins by a set of black shinguards. All of his armor is edged by a mithral silver gilding.

Slung over his shoulder and tucked under his cape is a black travel bag, tightly buckled closed. At his waist he has a large two handed bastard sword, with a curious looking crossguard. The sword looks hefty, but he moves as if it's not even there. On his opposite hip is a pouch, filled with strange objects. When he moves, he does so gracefully, with confidence.

Sarah looks surprisingly similar to Skeeve, almost like his twin sister. She's shorter, maybe six feet at the most, and her hair is much longer, falling in a cascade down to the small of her back. Even though she's four inches shorter, she's about the same weight, and it shows in her build, much more curvaceous and rounded than his male form.

Skeeve Plowse... or Sarah Plowse
Skeeve is, first and foremost, a consummate wizard. He's spent decades studying magical knowledge, from dozens of different dimensions and traditions, and makes a point of accumulating knowledge. He thinks of magic as something of a science, and it shows in his approach; he's capable of dimensional warping, elemental magic, divinations, transmutations, enchanting items, and even summonings. Admittedly, healing magic is not his forte.

Skeeve is also capable of projecting his consciousness into the astral plane; either momentarily, in order to see auras and magical power, or at length, in order to project his astral self out of his body. As someone who routinely channels magic, Skeeve enjoys the benefits of mana's anti-agathic properties; a vastly extended lifespan, and good health. Although it doesn't translate into a mutant healing factor or anything like that, as long as he survives a wound he will eventually heal it.

Skeeve is also an accomplished adventurer; he's a great fencer and fighter, although well within physical norms for a human. He's in good physical shape, and enjoys picking up mundane skills and knowledge when and where he can; he reads, is a competent cook, and has never met a pop-culture reference he didn't like.

Not really a skill, per se, Skeeve has also fallen victim to the cursed waters of Juusenkyou, specifically a bathing in waters from the spring of Nyannīchuan. The curse turns him into a female version of himself whenever he's doused with cold water, and will change him back when doused with hot water. Changing back and forth too often tends to make him a little queasy.

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First rising to any notability as the court magician of the Kladish kingdom of Possiltum, Skeeve then segued from there to becoming the President of MYTH Inc., a corporation of magical troubleshooters. After a wildly successful run as president, Skeeve left in order to get back to basics, and increase his magical knowledge.

Skeeve spent a long ten years travelling dimensions, learning magic whenever and wherever he came, until he found himself in the dimensional dumping-point that is NeoTokyo, and later MU. After many misadventures there, Skeeve's continued adventures showed him a way to the Twisted Street, not just once, but twice. Maybe there he can find what he's looking for...


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