2004-11-14 (PreU) General Weirdness

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General Weirdness

Summary: Did this actually happen?

Who: QueenZeal, Rion, Zarek, Jack_Karrde
When: November 14th, 2004
Where: Another World

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Throne of Zeal(#1249R)
High atop an endless void sits the throne of the universe. The center of the Kingdom of Zeal where the all mighty Queen overlooks all of existence. The throne itself is elaboratly carved in red and gold, and much like the fabled kingdom, the platform on which it rests hovers over that ghastly darkness below it. To give the illusion of walls, large woven tapestries hang from the high ceiling and tie to the rear of the floating platform. Leading away from the throne is what appears to be a long red carpet suspended on nothing, and quite sturdy to the touch. Behind the throne is a small set of floating steps leading down to the only other platform allowed over the void...

Queen Zeal paces before the throne. Seems like everwhere she looks is a magical projection of some kind. Nervously she glances at each one as she paces around. Rubbing her hands she occasionaly mutters something to herself under her breath, ignoring everything going on outside of the projections...

Of course one of those projects will show something..interesting in the form of a void appearing in space and a young red haird man being tossed out. Hitting the ground with a thud he rolls to his feet and stands groggily.

Queen Zeal stops for a moment at the image of the man appearing, glares coldly, and then turns her attention to another one of some man eating a sandwich. "...arrogant ingrates..." Rubbing her hands once more she resumes pacing...

Karrde looks around again, "GOurry? Lina?" he sighs. They were right behind him..just great. Last time he goes on another patented Lina Inverse Treasure hunt. Adjusting the strap of the Dragon Bolt sword he steps out into the main hallway, "Where the hell am I this time?" he mutters as he sends part of his astral self the 'test the waters' now that he knows his Shamanistic powers won't be hindered he decides to look around a bit more.

Queen Zeal gazes at each display in turn, finaly coming back to the newly arrived man in the hallway. She watches him cast out his projection and glares once more. "On whose authority...?" Throwing her arm to the side abrubtly the air is suddenly filled with the chime of her bracelets clinging together. The ring echos out throught the entire structure as it reverberates off the void beneath it. "GUARDS!!! Bring that man to me. AND THROW THE SANDWICH EATER IN PRISON!!! How dare he be so bold..."

Of course to this...Karrde is oblivious..at least until the soldiers come barging in and surround him, "Uh hi..." he chuckles nervously a sweatdrop on his forehead, "Listen..you wouldn't have happen to have seen a short red haired under developed woman and a tall blonde dumb as a brick man around here have ya?" At the silence that surrounds him and the not so gentle push he grumbles, "I guess not and Lina..if this is your fault I am Rah-Tilting you into next month."

Queen Zeal watches with obvious glee as the man is brought forcefully to her throne room. Turning quckly from display to real life, her cape and dress flow dramaticly in the air until she stomps up to greet the newcomer. "YOU!!! ...yooooouuu.... Who authorised you to be casting out a projection in the middle of my hallway this hour??"

Karrde ehs..and shrugs. Honesty is the best policy. And since this is a ruler...he's gotta kiss ass. God he hates that. "My apologies...but I just arrived here. And I needed to know if I was in the place were I live." he sighs, "It seems I am not. Had I known this was your domain and your rules I would have done nothing to anger you." Mentally he's counting the number of guards and the threat levels...decent trouble. The lady on the throne is high powered he doubts even his meager Rah-Tilt would put her down for the count. Damn it for not keeping up with his studies..

>Step Step, tak.... Step step tak< an unusual sound echoes along the stairway leading to the throne itself... Slowly, a blonde man, in a fancy dress suit, and bowler hat comes into view, eyes unseen below the bowler and his hair as he frowns, clutching a fancy walking cane in his right hand "Oh my my.... This is most certainly -not- the flower shop... Miriam will be displeased..."

Queen Zeal's eye twitches. "How dare you....." Leaning close to Karrde she suddenly leans to the side and screams, "GET OUT OF MY FACE!!! You guards have already done your business here!!" As the guards hurridly run off into the distance she steps back and peers at Karrde again. "Arrived here, huh? WHO BROUGHT YOU HERE?? Was it Belthasar? I told him to knock it off with the random teleports..." Blinkblinking she spins around towards the sound coming up the steps behind the throne. "BELTHASAR?? ...is that you?"

Karrde says, "..I have no idea milady. Me and a couple friends of mine where exploring a cave when there was a explosion. One of them, a mage named Inverse cast a teleportation spell and pulled us through. I somehow ended up here."

Zarek tilts his head as he hears the queen excitedly call for someone named 'Belthasar', stopping, and twirling his cane with a flourish as he spins around... Hmmm, doesn't see anyone else... He spins back around, shrugging his shoulders "I don't see a Czar of Beltha, ma'am, but if I do, I'll give him your reguards."

Rion waltzes in with a severed human head, and says in a singsong voice "Dinner... Is.... Served."

Queen Zeal stares at Zarek for a looooong moment before turning back to Karrade. "There is no accidents here stranger.... just like Dalton was never-!" Her gaze turns to the stranger coming up the walkway. "DALTON!!! Your head!! Betrayer!!"

Karrde is just..sweatdropping. Okay...this is just getting too weird for words. oO("Now I see why Lina tosses the fireballs all the time..I'M reaching that point")

Rion clutches the head tightly to his chest "No one but the Queen may posses this treasure!".

Zarek adjusts his hat as he looks across the throne room... How ever did he wind up here "Ahhh could someone point me in the proper direction of Dorino? Miriam gets very worried if I am not back before dark without notice.!" He says, grinning an... unsteady grin as he calmly awaits an answer. Poor queenie, her innermost sanctums raided by no less than three bizarre individuals

Queen Zeal's eye twitches.... pausing in thought to rub her hands nervously she glances back and forth at everyone. Flicking her cape back she walks up to the throne and sits, her eyes shifting to all the strange people. "I suppose, this is all but a test... Lavos is testing me once more. But it is I who shall do the testing." Leaning her head to the side she points at Karrade, then to everyone in turn. "One amoungst you will become my new aid. I don't know what your duties will be yet, but I shall have your cooperation. One of you will become a snack for Lavos. The last, shall be thrown into the darkness below... so. Which will it be? Speak up, I don't have all day."

Karrde says, "..Well...I guess I could cover the aide part. I'm well versed in the magics of my world and a couple others."

Rion pauses contemplating the choices presented to him, then screams "I am not an animal!!!!".

Karrde sweatdrops at Rion, "..Uh..."

Zarek says, "Hmmmm, while this is all nice and well, miss...um... Miss big haired woman, I -really- need to get back to Miriam, is it possible that the darkness below is a way back to Dorino? it is awfully dark there at night.." he says, in a true moment of blondness.

Queen Zeal listens to each of them.... then nods, "I see.... well, might as well enjoy this I suppose, seeing as how my daily rutine is now RUINED!!!!" Sighs, and guestures with a careless wave of the hand, "Well, fight amoungst yourselves or something..."

Karrde groans a bit. HE shoulda seen THIS coming. oO("Lina...I am gonna KILL YOU!!!") he thinks as he looks from one to another and just in case he draws a katana with a blade covered in pure black midnight energy.

Rion glances about nervously as a weapon is drawn and shouts "An assassin! I shall protect my queen!" while drawing his two bone bladed Kama eminating the spectral essence of the dead.

Karrde exclaims, "..Hey...I'm no assassin. I just don't know which of you two's gonna get me first!"

Zarek grins his unstable grin again, unseen eyes looking from this Karrde person to this Rion character back to the Queen herself "Oh they're going to fight! How delightful! Miriam can make stew!" he says, twirling his cane before resting on it "Oh do get on with it, Miriam makes the finest stews." He seems to not realize he's part of this fight.

Queen Zeal watches with a slowly growing grin...

Rion shouts "Silence, TRAITOR! Your excuses are filthy fork tongued.... Something." Then twirls his right hand Kama, dashing in with terrifying speed.

Karrde says, "Here we go..once more onto the breach." and as soon as Rion charges at him he narrows his eyes, "Dash.." he mutters as his own speed increases and he leaps back like a blur keeping this guy at a distance while he chants, "Wind which blows from the east..."

Rion doesn't know what to expect, so leaps diagonally to the right of his line of approach, rolling when he hits the ground... His left hand drops a kama and quickly darts into his tunic as he rolls, presenting three silver throwing daggers. Upon reaching his feet he pivots, hurling the missiles at the blur.

Zarek amusedly watches "Hmmm, they'd both make such excellent stew, but I do so need to obtain some vegetables as well. Then Miriam wouldn't be so angry with me as she will be, she wouldn't..."

"Gather power in thy hand." and now in his hand is a glowing lance of flaming energy, "FLARE ARROW!!!" and as he hurls the lance right at Rion it breaks into 4 arrows. Of course the Arrows will hit the darts and explode canceling them out. But one doesn't and explodes almost right in front of Rion in a blinding flash...hopefully stunning the man.

Queen Zeal's gaze focuses on Zarek for a moment... a frown crosses her lips. But soon her grin returns watching the explosion of light, "Excelent... such amusing insects in the banquet of the beast...."

Rion grasps at the discarded kama as he rolls back to the left. Temporarily blinded, he hears breathing from Kardde's last known position, and hurls the Kama at Kardde while charging ever foreward. Seeing the kama coming his way Karrde grumbles a bit and swings his katana up letting the black energy blade swat away the kama and in the same motion goes to slam the blade into the ground letting a wave of wave lighting lash out at Rion.

Rion feels a pulse of negative energy, and leaps into the air, flipping twice before attempting to bring the single remaining kama down on Karrde's collarbone... His vision is clearing up, but still very blurry.

Okay..that was interesting but he manages to twist to the side and a small gash opens up on his arm and now his coat is ruined. Bad Move Sparky..do NOT..and I repeat DO NOT ruin the coat. "FIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEBAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and yep..in classic Slayers fashion one of those infamous Big Boom fireballs is sent right at Rion.

Okay..that was interesting but KArrde manages to twist to the side and a small gash opens up on his arm and now his coat is ruined. Bad Move Sparky..do NOT..and I repeat DO NOT ruin the coat. "FIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEBAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and yep..in classic Slayers fashion one of those infamous Big Boom fireballs is sent right at Rion

Rion upon hearing the shouting of "FIIIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEBAAAAAAALLLLLL!" drops to the ground and rolls on his side right under Karrde's feet, Bushido Blade style, and attempts to neuter him.

Zarek claps his hands together. Somehow none of this is making him freak out, or show fear... "Oh good, he'll save me the trouble of having to cook him for Miriam... Oh my they should hurry..." Delcroix pages, "Is it just me or did he dodge a point blank shot?" to you.

Rion flies through the air, hit by a strange and extreemly painful burning sensation... Addrennallin pumping, he attempts to backflip away from the missile proppelling him backwards and pressing into his solar plexus. Just as he does a heat wave blasts him towards the floor. Not enough time to land on his feet, he lands on his belly, badly scorched... Face bleeding, just a wreck...

Karrde walks over to Rion and points that black energy blade at him, "Submit...I did not come to hurt anyone. And I did not want to fight."

Queen Zeal watches in quiet silence as the combatants beat themselves stupid for her amusment. Occasionaly a short chuckle escapes her... especialy at the sight of blood being spilled... Suddenly her expression changes to anger, "No submitting!! Only one of you is down... what about the other one??"

Rion stabs Zarek in the toe with a Kama, then passes out.

Karrde looks at Zarek..."I think he's more interested in...watching.."

Queen Zeal taps her fingers irratantly against the arm of the chair. "Belthasar?? Explain yourself!"

Zarek looks down as he feels an... unusual sensation in his foot... Oh dear, he's gotten stabbed it would seem "How rude, Miriam would not approve." He says, blood flowing from the wound in his fancy shoes as he attempts to yank the kama from their grip on his toes "While this is all certainly most amusing, I really -must- get back to Miriam. I'll see myself out, thank you... And I'll be sure to let this Czar of Belth know you're looking for him!"

Queen Zeal glares in annoyment, "Get back... get back.... I think we've just found your new home, Belthasar..." Standing, she begins to chant. A strong wind starts to blow, twirling her dress, hair, and cape in the air as an elaborate design begins to glow in the floor of the throne room...

Karrde takes this moment to...uh...cast Dash again and vanish.. Find a nice open window..and a Raywing on outta here. YOINK!!!

Rion lays on the floor, waiting for a heal spell.

Zarek clutches his bowler as his hair is tossed willy-nilly around the room "Ohhh Am I riding the wind home? How terribly decent of you! I'll be sure to send you a flower when I get back!" he says, merrily awaiting the ride to be over

The air grows thick as the torrent of wind blows around the mad Queen. Suddenly she casts her hands, palm outwards, towards Zarek, effectivly pushing him towards the edge of the floating platform that comprises the throne room of the Kingdom of Zeal...... "BEGONE FALSE PROHPHET!!! ...enjoy your voyage..."

Zarek holds his ground against the wind, until he tosses himself into the winds "Oh thank you!" he says, flyting off the edge... and prolyl into oblivion... never said he was the sharpest tack in the box.

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