2009-03-03 (PreU) 'Raising Hell' Shouldn't Mean Literally

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'Raising Hell' Shouldn't Mean Literally

Summary: The Joker sends a prinny army into the Hospital and who should show up? FREAKAZOID! ...and some other people show up too! Fire! Brimstone! Explosions! ...and some temorarily homeless people? You'll have to read the log to understand. WARNING: As ususal with Freakazoid logs, all the OOC is part of the scene. If you don't like it? Sorry. You where warned at the start of the scene. (Marked in bold just incase.) Oh, and there's some "icky words" as the Freak would call it. Y'know, the mature kind? I was going to edit it, but we did warn that the OOC was going to be in the scene. Honestly I kinda feel bad about it. ;_;

Who: Alessa, Devi, Faith, Freakazoid, Hal, Jack_Karrde, Joker, Killiara, Tenna, Valtiel, Prinnies
When: March 3rd, 2009
Where: City Hospital - Driveway

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The information contained within this log is to be considered information gained Out of Character (OOC).
This information may not be used as In Character (IC) knowledge or in roleplay unless it has been learned in-game or permission has been granted by the parties involved.

Questions should be directed to staff.

City Hospital - Driveway

The driveway up to a hospital. While it's a bit damaged, compared to other sections of the city it's nearly pristine. Occasionally, an ambulance pulls up, a random patron of the Twisted world wheeled out on a gurney. Inside is the typical hustle and bustle of a hospital.

The Joker, clown prince of crime stands at the entrance of the Hospital, waving his gun towards a group of Prinnys who are carting out canister after canister of Nitrous Oxide from the confines of the hospital. Loud whimpering and the sounds of sobs come from within the hospital itself, as it seems that every last person who was inside of it, is currently bound and gagged, propped up against the walls. "Becareful with that!" The Joker waves his gun around frantically as one of the prinnys trips, and explodes causing its canister to ignite, and go flying off into the sky like a torpedo. "Good help is just so hard to get these days..."

Freakazoid sips his coffee from a director's chair somewhere off screen. "No, no. Not a good enough intro. I-I'm not coming in until I have a better lead in." He flicks a copy of the script angrily. "Come on, man! Who writes this stuff? Where's my foot massage!?!? I ORDERED CREAM CHEESE!!" Annoyed he looks around at the chaos going on in the scene and sighs. "Alright, fiiiiine. I'll jump in. But y'know, it's not fair. It's not right! I'm TOTALLY NOT GOING TO BE IN THE RIGHT MOOD FOR THIS!" In a flash of blue, the Freak vanishes from sight only to reapear at the entrance to the hospital with the coffee still in his hands. Emotionless he begins to recite, "No... stop... vile, um... person. I am... Freaka-OH HEY!!! MARK HAMILL!" He bolts over to the Joker throwing his coffee over his shoulder and onto some poor unsuspecting Prinny. Grabbing his arm and shaking it, Freakazoid smiles, "Oh man! I LOVED you in Star Wars! Can you, y'know... do that thing from Jay and Silent Bob? Come on! That was CLASSIC!"

The Joker raises an eyebrow at Freakazoid, before starting to laugh insanely. "I LOVE THIS GUY!" He immediatly thrusts his hand into Freakazoid's, shaking his hands heartily! Wait, no joybuzzer? The coffee cup hits the prinny, causing it to explode violently, and take out a small group of them that have huddled together. This however, causes the Joker to scowl, as he reaches into his jacket, and pulls out a helmet. "I'll hope you know, this means war..."

Karrde (OOC) asks, "Hi..mind some party crashers?"

Joker (OOC) says, "No no no, please.. Feel free to join in..."

Joker (OOC) grins.

Karrde (OOC) says, "...Faith..remember...shoot Joker in the balls."

Faith (OOC) smirks.

Freakazoid blinkblinks and looks back and forth in confusion. "He-hey! That's hardly fair. You can't blaim me for your bad wiring!" He darts over to one of the Prinnys and wiggles it's fin. "How much you think these cost anywa-HEY!!! No wonder your mad!" It's then that he's made aware of party crashers introducing themselves out of character. Marching over to that invisible forth wall he shakes his head. "No. I do mind! This is MY show! I'm tired of getting second billing! Do you have ANY idea how long I've been sitting in the background? Huh? Do ya?" He pauses when the Joker responds out of character to think. "Wasn't I doing something... oh, oh yeah!" Turning back towards the Joker he pulls out a white glove and smacks him across the face. "No sir. THAT means war!" Then he slaps the Joker on the wrist and grins. "TAG!! YOUR IT!!!"

Karrde (OOC) says, "Give us a scene set someone so we know who to kill."

"Hey, if the audience wants to participate, I say let them have a whirl!" The Joker marches right up to the wall as well, and starts yelling at it as well. "Well kiddies! Come on down!" This of course, causes the Joker to start laughing insanely once again, that is until he's slapped by the glove. He rubs his face, narrowing his eyes. "That it does..."

Freakazoid is already humming his theme music as he notices the Prinnys standing around and the hospital staff tied to the walls. SEE?!?! HOW'S THAT FOR A SCENE SET UP?!? Whistling he nods, "Wow. So you got the Prinnys to do something more than spill drinks? I'm impressed! You, a... you need to let all these people go though. Can't have that. Since no one else has shown up." Looks towards the wall again, "IN CHARACTER," and back to Joker, "...then I'LL have ta stop ya!!" Somehow he pulls out a mask and cowel. "Call me... BAT-FREAK!"

Fourth wall, consider yourself busted as Jack walks into the area. And he lights a cig, "...So..whatcha think it is? Some maniac didn't like the hospital food Faith and shot the joint up?" he asks as he pulls Hydra and looks it over. "..If so..." and he sees a Prinny fly over head, "..Oh bloody hell." and THEN he sees those involved, "....Oh HOLY BLOODY HELL!!"

Devi (OOC) claps!!

Karrde (OOC) asks, "What was the clap for?"

Devi (OOC) says, "O.O"

Freakazoid sighs at the forth wall again, "We have a fan girl. Don't ruin the scene, Jack."

Devi (OOC) says, "Just enjoying the funny... *points* You see.. it's... just... up.. YOU SEE IT! *hides*"

A blonde elf peeks around the edge of Jack's coat as he walks into the area, not as confident now as she was when they were setting out. Those little penguin things creep her out! "Jack, what is it? What's wrong? More chaos and destruction than normal?" a blue guy, a guy with chalk white skin... Weird...

Faith shrugs, "Could be. I still think it's because they fed the patients baked beans and someone lit a match." She finally noticed the Joker as she's lighting her own cigarette. "... Can I just go fight Godzilla now? That might be less messy."

"Well, it did take a bit of reprogramming.. Though.." Joker turns and narrows his eyes at the wall. "Please, we're trying to be civalized here.. And you're just going and messing it all up... Amateurs..." He rubs his face as he shrugs his shoulders, and looks back towards the people who've crossed over from OOC to IC, and grins. "WELCOME TO THE PARTY! It'll be a real gas! I promise you that!"

Freakazoid says, "Oooooh! A PARTY!! I brought the hats!!" In a mad dash of blue lightning, the Freak puts party hats on every single person and Prinny in the area, but pauses at Joker to stare. "No, no. You don't get one, Mr Poopyhead and his army helmet... Pfff." If you haven't noticed it folks, OOC is a part of this scene. You have been warned. "BUM BUM BUUUUUUUM!!!" With a smile he turns his attention back to Joker and shakes his head. "Y'know, you might be the scary pants Mr Hammil, but uhhh... what's the plan here? What'cha doing with all the Prinnys?" Pondering a second he turns to the group assembling. "Hey, uh... you guys might wanna dash off to your own show. We don't have the insurance for cross overs after spending all our money on Poopy-head. Besides, you should let a REAL hero handle this. Or, y'know. Me, since there's not another one around."

Karrde sighs as he shakes his head, "My life is now complete. Where's Bat-Boy when ya need 'em?" he says as he looks at Freakazoid, "..Uh..not him." he says as he takes a deep breath, "Okay..we got Demon Penguins stealing gas." pauses as he mulls that over, "..Yes, I said that. Faith..all yours. By the by...they explode on impact if you catch my drift. Killi..you help her." and he looks at the Joker, "A real ga..." and he gets a party helmet put on him and he blinks, "On second thought." and he vanishes and returns with three lawnchairs and a keg. Setting them down he sighs, "...Let's watch the insanity and add to it if we can." and he flops down getting himself a glass of beer.

Killiara clasps her hands together. "Explode on impact... ooh, that means flammable! I'm good with flammable!" She starts to take a deep breath, then pauses. "Jack, is insanity a communicable disease?" Honestly, trying to breathe fire... she pulls out a slender flute instead. "Well, I can at least provide the party music." And, because that's the kind of scene this is, from her flute issues the tune of 'Dare to be Stupid' by Weird Al.

Faith grins at Jack, "Wanna see something real fun? That that Caliga dude of all people did for me?" She reaches into her jacket and pulls out a black pistol and ejects the clip from the bottom of it before pulling out a softly glowing red crystal and shoves it into the clip's place. She twirls the gun about her finger before pointing it at the demonic penguins, "Hey, Penguins! BITE MY SHINY METAL ASS!" (Yup, She's been watching Futurama) and pulls the trigger causing a burst of red light to blast out of the front of the pistol towards the penguins.

Karrde (OOC) says, "This time, the massive explosions are not MY doing.

Joker (OOC) starts laughing insanely!

Faith (OOC) grins.

Killiara (OOC) asks, "Can they be my doing? will prinnies explode if I set them on fire?"

Freakazoid shrugs, "I blew them up with coffee."

Karrde (OOC) says, ".....Caffinee'll kill ya."

Freakazoid nods his head as he waits for Joker to pose so he can pose at the appropriate time. "Yep. Makes ya have to poo alot too. I hate poo-gas." He crosses his arms, "Joker? Better not be no poo-gas."

Killiara (OOC) says, "we're that level of wacky today, I take it."

Faith (OOC) says, "We were that wacky yesterday too."

Freakazoid flails and puts his arms around Faith and Killiara, "Shhh-shhh-shhhhhhhh. Don't say the W word. It's impolite to make the dead all mad and cranky."

"Oh.. Well that's not going to be fun." The Joker covers his eyes as the blast from the guns causes the prinnys to explode. Badly. Sending the canisters of Nitrous Oxide flying into the air, all heading straight towards the Integra Arms apartments. This of course, causes the Joker to glare. "...Oh, we're playing with explosives now? I CAN DEAL WITH THAT!" He prances into the entrance of the hospital, coming back out with Harley Quinn's bazooka. "I told you it'd be a gas!" He starts randomly firing explosive shells into the area, destroying more of the prinnys as they all start trying to dive for shelter, exploding on impact anyways. He looks to Freakazoid, and grins, as the bazooka is dropped on the ground, sending another shell flying into the air, which strikes the waiting room of the hospital, causing it to crumble in on itself. This promptly causes the Joker to fall to the ground, laughing hysterically.

Freakazoid drops Kil and Fai as he rushes back onto his marker to react to.... "Oh no..." As things being to explode around him, Freakazoid panics. "Nononono! We're not supposed to have death and blood and 'splodie things!" He ducks as the dropped bazooka brings a chunk of the roof down. Dusting himself off the now angry Freakazoid stomps his foot. "YOU STOP THAT RIGHT NOW, MISTER! DON'T MAKE ME SEND YOU TO YOUR ROOM!" Dashing fowards he grabs the Joker and THROWS him towards the flying canisters of gas. "This is YOUR dishwater! YOU SOAK IN IT!!" This is going to end bad, isn't it?

Killiara lets out a girlish shriek as one of the prinnies dives towards her, and holds out one hand to ward it off.... instinctively letting out a big fireball that pushes the prinny several yards away before it manages to go off. "CREEPY BIRDS!!!" with that loss of control, several flammable things near her burst into fire. Great. You freaked out the firestarter...

Karrde pauses and just blinks, "....I'm not paying for that." he says as he hmms and smirks. Flicking out a few playing cards, the Joker and Royal Flush, he grins as it begins to glow with his ki, "Gotta love a man that gets into his work." and he hurls the cards at the canister and the Joker. Hey, if Faith and everyone else can blow stuff up, so can he. Besides, it's not a fracas if he does't blow something up. And then Killiara adds to the mix, "....She's a firecracker isn't she folks." he says to the audience.

Faith just smirks as she changes out the pistol crystal for her normal clip. then figures everyone else is doing it, so addresses the at home audience herself, "Hey, you, with the TV dinner and the Buffy jammies. Stop staring at my butt."

Well now, this is a real hoot! The Joker continues to laugh insanely as the canisters explode, causing the shrapnel to tear through his body. He lands on the ground with a wet sounding thud. He slowly gets to his feet, blood dripping everywhere, as he finally notices everything. He frowns sadly as he studies the wounds, his laughter starting to come to a stop. "...Well now.. This isn't that funny..." His voice is rather hallow as he stumbles forward. "Oh, Ave Mariaaaaaaa~" He clutches his heart as he drops down to his knees, suddenly going silent. He then falls forward, face slamming into the ground with a pitiful *THUD!*

Killiara gets distracted from her involuntary pyromania when she hears the thud of a body hitting the ground, and the smell of blood in the air. Now THAT is the battlecall for her! Her eyes close, and she concentrates, drawing power from the flames around her, the energies released by the explosions leaving the air and spiralling into her, helping minimize the property damage around them. She elevates one hand, and a bright green glow shoots out from the palm of her hand, streaking out for the Joker. Won't bring him to full health, but, it'll fix enough so that he won't die. And then, as if to break the seriousness of a cool pose... her stomach grumbles. LOUDLY.

Killiara (OOC) says, "... dammit, that was supposed to wait till AFTER FReakazoid's pose."

Killiara (OOC) grabs the pose, yanks it back into her buffer, and waits for the blue one to go.

Freakazoid SCREAMS!!! "NO!!! NOOOO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!" Charging over to the Joker's remains, he picks him up and stands, sobbing. Behind him a flag with a clown face on it hangs torn off of a bit of pipe left over from the REMAINS OF THE INTEGRA ARMS HOTEL, DESTROYED IN THE PRINNY ATTACKS. Doesn't anyone ever pay attention to exploding canisters and fireballs? Pffft. We do. As the flag flutters free in the breeze, Joker is laid down on the ground and Freakazoid now stands over him with a pair of defliberator paddles in his hands dressed in Thug Gansta Gear TM (R). Rubbing them together he presses L and R triggers and shocks Joker back to life. "I've been playing too much Saints Row 2." Smiling he looks down at what he hopes is a revived Joker and frowns. "Aaaaaaaw, nut-bunnies. Y'know, I could only use those once? Why the heck didn't I save that nice nurse in the Hospital?" He glances over at Killiara and frowns, "Heeeey! I'M after..." He nods as they correct themself out of character. "Yeah. That." Well, we'll look the other way this time, right?

Killiara gets distracted from her involuntary pyromania when she hears the thud of a body hitting the ground, and the smell of blood in the air. Now THAT is the battlecall for her! Her eyes close, and she concentrates, drawing power from the flames around her, the energies released by the explosions leaving the air and spiralling into her, helping minimize the property damage around them. She elevates one hand, and a bright green glow shoots out from the palm of her hand, streaking out for the Joker. Won't bring him to full health, but, it'll fix enough so that he won't die. And then, as if to break the seriousness of a cool pose... her stomach grumbles. LOUDLY. There, everything fixed!

And see? There it goes. Now the log readers have to read it twice.

Devi (OOC) grins.

Karrde looks over at the Joker's body, "....Can we use him as a pinata?" he asks with a smirk as he pulls a gun and gives it a twirl, sipping some more beer of course. Best show ever. And he hmms a bit as he looks around, "Oh..Hospital is still on fire." he says with a shrug.

Faith sits down next to Jack and grabs a beer of her own, "Yup. Easier than fighting demons." as she kicks back and props her feet up on the cooler. "Hrm. I haven't had Mexican for awhile... Wonder what I have to fight to get that..."

The Joker sputters, and starts laughing hysterically as he climbs to his feet, looking towards the now ruined apartment complex, as the hospital behind him suddenly explodes violently, causing him to stumble forward. "Well now! This is the most fun I've had in ages! Innocent people exploding, and heros failing.. It'd only make it better if good ol' Bats shows up!" He lifts his head to the sky, cackling even louder as the flames behind him roar violently. He then looks towards Freakazoid, and blows a raspberry at him, before he starts prancing around.

Freakazoid growls angrily at the apparently complete and total failing of stopping the Joker around here. "OOOOOOH!! I AM SOOOO MAD AT YOU!!!" He tenses up becoming Hulk-sized as he marches behind the Clown Prince of Crime and violently... taps him on the shoulder. "You made a lot of people not alive anymore, and you BROKE two buildings and that hotdog van. I can excuse a LOT of things, but you DON'T SMASH UP THE WENNIE MOBILE!!" If one where to look where he's pointing a group of prinnies are standing on the remains of an overturned Oscar Myer truck which is on fire. The Prinnies are doing what they do best, roasting wennies. "I show up because I want to HELP and THIS is what I get??? I'm supposed to win! I'm supposed to be the good guy!! THIS ISN'T FAIR!!" Begining to sob he turns away and waves behind him for everyone to not follow him. "I-I see how it is. Couldn't let ME win the day just once, could'ya? It has to be BAAAAAATMAAAAAAn, doesn't it? Stupid Batman. Stupid poopyheads showing up and ruining my moment. I'M GOING TO MY TRAILER!!"

Joker suddenly looks sad. "The Weenie Mobile was an accident.. I'm sorry..." It seems he's pretty sincere on this one.

Karrde drinks a bit more beer. This is better than the stuff that show on TV by a longshot. "Are they gonna kiss and makeup?" he asks with a lifted eyebrow.

Freakazoid sniffles, "It-it's too late. It's GONE! IT'S ALL GOOONE!!!" He sobs on Joker's shoulder. "I didn't even get one wennie... I'd have shared..."

Killiara tilts her head curiously. "Who's bats?" She looks at the explosions and the burning a bit, and then shakes her head. "Well... we can't leave a place of healing like this..." She tilts her head up to the clouds, and brings her flute to her lips. She begins to play, a soft, coaxing melody, asking the sky above them and the water gathered in the air to release their bounty down on the people below, quenching the roaring flames. She's never tried to work with clouds this BIG before, though, so who knows what she'll be able to accomplish? Could be nothing, could be rain, could be tornado. Could be comedic bolt of lightning.

Killiara (OOC) exclaims, "Votes! Votes on just how badly I'm gonna screw this up!"

Faith shrugs and drinks her beer, "Maybe. See how the Freak's lip is quivering. He's trying to entice the one in makeup I think." sagenod, "Wonder if he'll respond..."

"Hey, none of that." A single gunshot comes from a gun that the Joker's produced, the barrel still smoking. "No one ruins my fun..." He points the gun directly at Killiara. "Listen kiddo... You may not understand, but no one, not even The Batman, ruins my fun and gets away with it." He pulls the trigger, as a flag suddenly pops out of the barrel, reading 'BANG!' upon it. He starts laughing hysterically, as he pulls the trigger once again, sending the flag flying out like a harpoon, aimed directly at a poor innocent person whose stumbled upon the scene to see just what in the hell went on. "Whoops!"

One by one the tennants of the Integra Arms and the few remaning people alive in the hospital drag themselves out to survey the destruction. Tenna, one of Devi's friends, sobs over a charred Spooky. A nurse holds the remains of her already revealing, but now shredded uniform together. Devi steps out herself, finally and screams as she rushes to Tenna's side, "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS CRAP?"

Freakazoid is ignoring everyone. He's too upset as he pushes away from Joker and looks towards everyone as they file into the street. "It's all my fault!! I'm sorry!!! I RUINED CHRISTMAS!!!" Dun dun duuun.

Oh..and that harpoon, is shot out of the air as Jack large silvery gun. And he takes a drag on his cig, his eyes deadly, "...Wanna see fun Joker?" and he stands up slowly, his coat unfurling like black wings. As he pulls a black counterpart to the silvery one in his hand. "...Well, let me say this. I ain't no good guy." he says. "And threaten the elf..and I'll be using your balls as ping pong balls. Of course I'm sure they're a little small, if what Harley says is true." yes, he's gonna get the Quinn in trouble. But who cares. And he brings both guns up, his eyes dead and just a little wild, "..So...what's it gonna be bub?"

Killiara (OOC) says, "okay now, really... Joker just distracted a mage mid-spell, while workign the weather... votes on just what is about to go wrong? I'm thinking windstorm, tornado, or lightning."

Devi (OOC) says, "I like lightning."

Devi (OOC) says, "Is perrty :3"

Killiara (OOC) asks, "maybe... a tornado that shoots lightning in random directions?"

Faith (OOC) says, "A tornado with lightning."

Faith just smirks and watches. She's apparently gotten a tub of popcorn from someplace.

Devi stares blanky at the rubble that used to be her home.. "Damn."

The gunshot... distracts Killiara, midcast. Her fingers slip, she hits a wrong note. "Uh-oh..." She misses Jack going utterly cool at a threat to her wellbeing, her eyes wide as she watches the clouds start to take on a funnel shape, the wind picking up sharply... and worse... the funnel isn't made of cloud, it's made of lightning, discharging in random directions. It'd be rather pretty if it wasn't in a populated area. "Ooooooh crud... this is why distracting mages is a bad idea..."

"Come on.. Make my day punk." The Joker starts laughing hysterically as he starts walking towards Jack, the laughing becoming more sadistic and deranged as he comes to a stop a foot away from the man. "I feel better then ever, and I've got no problems giving a young whipersnapper like you whatfor!" He lifts his fists up, dancing around as he throws a couple of test jabs out.

Karrde smirks a bit and yawns as he holsters the guns, "...Every listen to Jerry Lee Lewis. Gotta love his work." and he hmms, "...My favorite is.. Goodness Gracious Great BALLS OF FIRE!!!" and true to his words a volley of fireballs rip out to hit the ground in front of the Joker, and if successful. Houston, we have lift off.

Karrde (OOC) asks, "You guys wanna know how long I've been wanting to say that?"

Freakazoid freezes in his tracks and spins around, shaking his head. "HEY!! NO!!! We stop this now! We don't want more people getting all blown up!" Fireballs start flying? What the heck? "AAAHHH!!! NO, NO, NO, NO, NOOO! Stop it! You guys have done enough! Your gonna burn down all of Twisted and you caaaaan't!" He grins at the audience. "...until I make a good joke about it! It's in my contract!"

Devi (OOC) says, "Well, I'm happy you could."

Faith gets up out of her chair, looking at the lightning tornado... "Ummm... Run?"

The fireballs part ways around the Joker, causing a violent explosion right behind him. He stands there with his arms spread, as if he were Moses parting the seas. "Whats the matter? Can'tcha do it?" The look in his eyes says it all. He's just that crazy to stand there infront of a Dragon, poking it with a sharp stick. "You going to try and do something? Because standing here is getting rather boring. Places to go, people to kill. All that."

Killiara looks from the lightning tornado, to Jack and the Joker. Then back at the lightning. "Um... eek?" Jack looks like he's having so much fun... She glances at Devi and Faith, "I get the feeling this'll soon be an area of collateral damage, come on..." She goes to stand by Devi, and starts playing her flute again, a shield rising around them to protect them both from the lightning and the fight. She figures Faith can make her own way over, she knows Faith, she dosen't know if Devi can take it though. Almost as if it were for dramatic effect, lightning strikes near Freakazoid, and all around the area Jack and Joker are facing off

Devi is watching the flight, tugging on Killiara and pointing wordlessly to the pile of rubble... "Our.. Homes..."

Freakazoid stands silloheted by the flash of lighting as it goes off behind him. For one, brief, moment he looks completly and totally bad-assed. Then the moment is over and he stands there with his tounge hanging out of his mouth. "Now... LIGHTING! I can do lightning! Tornadoes? I can do tornadoes!" He begins to run around in counter-clockwise circles around the area trying to cancel out the tornado. Which, y'know, would look much more impressive if he wasn't going "WHOOOOOOOSH!!! KERRRRRRSSSSHHHHHHH!! ZZZZZZZZZZOOOOM!!!" at the same time. Round and round he goes, building up speed until he becomes nothing but a blue blur, a solid line, and now a living areana for Jack and the Joker...

Faith does indeed make her way over to Devi and Killiara, pausing only to kick a rather large chunk of concrete towards the Joker's back.

Karrde grins a bit as he looks at the Joker, "Heh....nice trick. Random acts of chaos." he says as he lights a cig, "..And you've mastered it somehow." and he looks over at the lighting tornado. "Nice trick." and he looks at the Joker again, "...Funny..I used to be called chaos incarnate." he says as he grins a bit wildly. Joker..you made a mistake. A couple of players watching in the audience knows what's coming. And he gestures to the fireballs, he summoned and the Joker parted, sending them back the Joker's way. But not to kill, no..to surround and get hotter. And yeah...to explode. He's a Phoenix..he's good with fire.

The Joker waves his hands at his face, grinning. "Is it getting hot in here, or is it just me?" He starts laughing insanely as he ignores the heat, the fire, and moves to grab ahold of Jack's shirt. "Boy, you have no idea just who you're dealing with..." The grin, starts to widen, as he lowers his gaze to the ground, a soft rumble in his stomach slowly starting to build into a low chuckle. More flames suddenly shoot out of the ground around them, ones that don't seem to be under Jack's control, as if Hell itself were welcoming this fight to truly begin. "You want to really do this with me?"


Killiara (OOC) says, "... it'd be absolutely hilarious if Jack shrugged, said not really, and walked away. hilarious, but, not Jack."

Devi (OOC) says, "Oh.. I hope he kills Joker.. that'll be so much fun.."

Faith grins and watches the fight. "Excuse me while I whip this out..." pauses for dramatic effect then pulls out a banner that says 'GO JACK!'.

Killiara nods at Devi, opening the shield long enough for faith to take cover in there with them, then plays the final notes to finish the protective barrier. NOW she sits down. "Yeah... that building's toast. Are you going to be okay? Do you need any healing?" She offers, a kind look in her eyes. "Though the circumstances are a bit rough... pleased to meet you. I'm Killiara."

The lightning funnel, on the other hand, gets dissipated by Freakazoid's running. The clouds are still raining down bolt after bolt of lightning like no one's busness, however.

Devi extends a hand out to Killiara, a black ring on her finger. As Devi goes to grasp it, her hand moves through Killiaras. She stares at it, dumbfounded.. RElization dawns on her face and she cusses. "Fuck.. Oh, and nice to meet you too, I'm Devi." She smiles warmly at Killi and starts fighting to get the ring off, failing badly.

Tenna waves over Devi's shoulder at Killiara and smiles, "Hey! I'm Tenna!" She holds up her charred little squeak toy. "And this is..." Her eyes begin to water, "Spoooky...." Sobs!

And as the Joker grabs him, Jack simply grins as that gun appears in his hand, "..Not really." and he sets it against the Joker's groin, "But we're at a impasse now it seems. And as for who you are, don't give a shit. I've fought gods before, I've seen worlds die, dimensions collapse. And I lived to tell the tale." he says with a bit of madness in his eyes. "Now..let's be civilized here. We can walk away..or.." he just grins, "We see who's crazier." he says with his own chuckle. Well, think about it. He's stared into the abyss for how long and keeps going back. He's crazy himself. And hey, let's not mention the planet's he's wrecked over the year's shall we? Just this once.

Devi would pat Tenna's shoulder but.. ya know.. fading. "We'll get you another one, Ten, I swears it." She nods and looks back to the fight.


Devi (OOC) exclaims, "YAY BILL COSBY!"

Karrde asks, "..And by the way..who's cheering?"

Faith (OOC) waves.

There is a soft click as The Joker lifts his free hand, showing a small gold box, upon which what would be described as the top opens up to emit an eerey tune. A hooked chain suddenly flies out, latching onto the Joker's face, before suddenly removing itself, and falling down to the ground with a soft clattering. "It'll be me whose crazier in the end boyo." One by one chains start to fly out of the ground, some ripping through the Joker's jacket as they try to latch onto him, but fail miserbly. He slowly lifts his head, a bit of blood dribbling down his face from where the hook first latched on, only to start laughing once again.

Freakazoid is having too much fun. "WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH!!!" Around and around he goes in circles around the group, not stopping, not pausing, just round and round again. "WEEEEEEEEE!!!" Suddenly the chant changes and he begins to yelp as he hops, upsetting the spinning wall. "Ow, ow. OW. ow... why's it getting so hot out here?" He's got too much momentum to stop now. THis could be bad if he looses control... "o/~Thaaaa riiing of fiiiiiiire!"

Soft music begins to come out of the darkness surrounding the group. The air itself seems to take up a charge. Whatever is behind the box with the chains is gathering energy. This really could be bad...

Devi eye's widen as she hears the tune. "Run. Get out. Go, now." She tries to hurry everyone away from the sight, looking very frightened.

Blinking in confusion, Tenna looks around, tilts her head at Devi, and runs? "Well! Won't have to go to the Gym for awhile..."

A well dressed gentleman with a cane and carrying a ham sandwich walks up to Mr. J, "Pardon me sir... Do you have any Grey Poupon?"

Killiara extends a hand to the doll. "I think... I can work a small restoration spell. I'm not good enough to do it on big things like buildings, but... this I can do, if you let me Tenna." She concentrates, for a very brief instant, murmuring a few words in liquid elven, and the threads repair themselves on the freaky little doll. "I think we really need to get out of here now. I'll keep the shield up to protect us as we run." She nods at the others, and raises herself to her full height, alling out, "JACK, BE CAREFUL! FELL VOICE ON THE WIND AND ALL THAT!" Now, that said, she turns towards the other noncombatants to try and get them out of the way.

SQUEEK!! SPOOKY LIVES!!!! Tenna can be heard squeeking it happily as they run into the distance.

Devi waits for the people to start heading out. Devi screams at Jack. "JACK! LET IT GO, LEAVE HIM! RUN! THIS IS BAD BAD JUJU JACK. TRUST ME AND RUN!!"

As the chain's start. JAck just smirks, "..Well, one thing." and he brings the gun right onto the box, "If you're sending me to hell. MY post is there." and like that he vanishes from the Joker's grasp as he appears near the others. Holstering the drawn gun, he nods to the others, "..Yeah. He's opening a gateway to hell." and he nods to Devi, "..Let's go."

Faith blinks... "Umm, Jack... You do realize it's supposed to be my job to stop shit like that right?"

Devi says, "More running." Devi starts jogging to safety backwards motioning Faith and Jack to Leg it.

Killiara starts jogging with the others, but, hesitates at Faith's words. "Faith, I'm not gonna run and leave you behind to face something like that." She glances from the Devi jogging backwards, her eyes warily on the portal, to the portal itself, and groans. "I feel... really weird..."

Before anyone has chance to even move from where they were, a large green orb errupts from the box, as Parallax himself steps out from the shadows. He narrows his eyes at the Joker, before turning his gaze towards Jack. "You've fucked up Mister Karrde. You have abandoned your post. You return now, and never leave it again, or I will drag you back to hell myself." He slowly rises into the air, as he points a finger directly at Jack. "I'd let killing someone slide, but what you've just done. Make your choice.. NOW." Fear... Pure fear suddenly starts to seep into the air, almost as if everyones worst nightmares were starting to take shape.

Freakazoid skids to a hault and drops to his knees screaming, "OH GOD!!!! THE MUSIC!!! STOP THE MUSIC!!!!" What on earth would have the Freak trembling in fear? That's right. His worse nightmare is coming to life. "...ring, ring, ring, ring, ring... banana phone.... doo-doo-do-do-do-doo..." He sobs as he sings uncontrolably. You monsters!! YOU MONSTERS!!!

Karrde looks at Faith, "Trust me..in this case, might be a bad idea. Something tells me it might shut soon." and he goes to grab up Killiara. But he stops when Hal shows up, "I guard the Gates as you know. But..if you undo what he," and he points at Joker ,"did. I'll do so." setting Killiara down he sighs. Well, so much for his luck, it's run out now.

"Ooooo... If it isn't the good ol' Green Lantern! How're ya doing?!" The Joker doesn't even seem to be phased by the fear in the air, as he starts to laugh loudly once again.

Devi grabs an old Man, trying to help him along as he goes dead weight. She flickers back into solidarity. Dropping the guy, she starts freaking out and feeling for a pulse. When she finds none, she sits down and stares at the man, only thinking quickly enough to tear the ring off her finger, the metal more then able now.

Killiara shakes her head as those memories of condemnation swirl around her psyche. Not worthless, not a monster... "Jack, no!" There's one thing she can do at least... "I owe a lifedebt to Jack Karrde. I will trade that in, now, to take his place and leave him on this plane." She says calmly, trembling inside as she steps between Jack and the man threatening to take him away.

"Excuse me?" Chains suddenly rise up out of the ground, and start coiling themselves around where Faith is standing. "I'd re-word what you just said Jack Karrde. Or else I will take the souls of every last friend you have, and make them suffer an eternity in /FEAR/." Parallax doesn't even move as a large green bubble suddenly surrounds Killiara. "You stay out of this. Your friend has a duty, and he's abandoned it. You're not even worthy enough to look at the hallowed grounds he's abandoned."

Freakazoid (OOC) sits out of character in a director's chair sipping a new cup of coffee and watching the events on the monitor before him. Replaying the bit where he falls over, the Freak smirks and sips. "See that? I love that bit there." He stands and walks around patting everyone on the back. "This... this is a fun scene. I'm having a REALLY good time. This is a blast! I love you all. Big round of applause for everyone here!! You should really appreciate what you do here more often!"

The Joker however, turns and seems to be trying to ear in on this. That is, until a green panel suddenly appears beneath him, and drags him away from the area, depositing him straight in the more chaotic areas of Twisted.

Joker (OOC) blows raspberrys at everyone from OOCland.

Killiara (OOC) asks, "... holy crud on a stick, is that the silent hill antagonist?"

Hal (OOC) says, "The Hell Council isn't a bunch of Nice people. ;)"

Freakazoid (OOC) exclaims, "I dunno. Diablo's nice. He bought me a snowcone once but it was melted by the time he gave it to.... HEY!"

Barbed wire rises from the pit, rolling topside on the earth, and The Goddess herself shows up. Such a small girl to rest on such a seat, and she sits there her hands folded demurly in her lap. Behind her, the trusty Valtiel stands. "Now Hal, don't just buldge and scream. Tell him -why-." She eyes the Lantern and waits.

Devi (OOC) says, "And yeah, Killi it is."

The constant sound of singing is all anyone will get from Freakazoid until Parallax leaves. The constant sound of the Banana Phone song that is. "...it grows in bunches... I got my hunches..."

Alessa (OOC) exclaims, "My minion!"

Valtiel (OOC) bows, "Hello my goddess..."

Freakazoid (OOC) says, "Blah blah blah."

Valtiel (OOC) glares at the blue Freak.

"Mister Karrde, you presume you can make any demands?" Parallax looks towards Alessa and nods his head. "You've been away from your post for far to long. It is your duty to guard the Gates of Time. What would you have done, if heaven forbid, The JOKER, the man who is pure chaos, more so then you can ever claim to be... What if he discovered this? What if any one who has any sort of bad intent were to gain access to them, without you there to guard them?" He points at Faith. "Instead, you make friends, with someone whose soul is already tainted, and seek to train them? No. I will not restore anything, except /SOME/ of the souls lost today. Everything else, will stay in ruins to serve as a reminder not only to you, but to everyone else.." Hal says, "You should be thankful I'm showing you as much mercy as I am."

Freakazoid (OOC) watches from the sidelines with a box of nachoes in his hand. "This is better than wrestling..."

Alessa says, "You may take a small amount on time away from the Gates, that is the only Mercy you have from it. Elsewise, you are to stay at your post." Hal glares, "Setsuna never gave us these problems."

Karrde looks at Hal. "...So..I've destroyed a world or two. And as for the Gates, I was told to learn to live again by Emi, one of the Council." and he looks at the two hell guardians, "Find someone else." he says as he takes a drag on his cig. "...I'm not Setsuna." he says simply. "...I'm me. And even Setsuna left to help the Senshi, and guess what. I'm filling in for her. So that means ALL the parts of the job. Don't like it..find someone else."

Faith glances back and forth between Jack and the two tools. "Hey now, wait a minute. If I understand this right, this is Senshi shit right? And Jack's taking the old Pluto's job right? So whoever runs the Senshi can order him away from the gates right?" she smirks, "And I know Usagi, she'd never make him stay at the gates."

Alessa (OOC) asks, "Tools?"

Killiara immediately starts trying to punch the green bubble, trying to break through. She dosen't waste time on words, not wanting to miss what's being said, and instead focuses her efforts on trying to get free of the green bubble. She knows she's not worthy... of anything, really... but, that just means she's expendable for matters like this, right?

Faith (OOC) says, "Yeah, as in 'you're such a tool'. Faith ICly doesn't like either side one bit. ;)"

Alessa (OOC) asks, "Tool as in dildo? Or someone else plaything?"

Freakazoid (OOC) says, "Hey!!! Come on now. Don't go talking about all that yucky stuff."

Faith (OOC) says, "Knowing Faith, the former."

Alessa (OOC) says, "YAY I'm a dildo"

Killiara (OOC) always thought that calling someone a tool implied that they weren't their own master, just a tool to be used and thrown away by someone else.

Alessa (OOC) says, "So did I..."

"Oh?" A slight smirk comes from Parallax suddenly lifts his hand, as a form suddenly starts to take shape. "Oh little girl, speak not of things you do not understand... Princess Serenity is /NOT/ the head of the senshi... It's someone else.. Who do you think ordered Pluto to guard the gates for eons?" An image of Neo-Queen Serenity herself suddenly starts to take shape. "It is not by my hand she is once again given flesh.. She was called here by humans..." He suddenly starts to laugh as the image suddenly vanishes, before he narrows his eyes once again. "You have no choice mister Karrde. You agreed to it, and there is no breaking a contract with us. Ever. Three hours a day. That is all you will get. Now.. it seems like I will be doing this the hard way."

Alessa eyes Faith and smiles as Valtiel flexes at her. "Fine. We'll drag Setsuna back to the Gates. You shall stay here Karrade. Congradulations." She turns and rolls back into hell, vanishing. Jack will feel the powers that were given to him striped away, leaving him as he was before.

Freakazoid (OOC) O_O;;; "Whoa." Offers popcorn to Killiara and Faith.


Alessa (OOC) heheheh.

Freakazoid (OOC) falls over screaming. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! NONONOONONONOES!"

Karrde snorts a bit. He wasn't given much. And his eyes begin to glow as he taps into the Full Phoenix. If only they knew what they unleashed now. And he turns to look at the others, "LEt's get outta here. I should be able to fix the apartments." and he looks at Killi's bubble and he lays a hand on it. Flexing his will he goes to use his power to dispell it, a bit of the destruction power in him used in a minor way.

Faith smirks and nods, "Yeah, the air is pretty foul here." and turns to leave with Jack.

Hal (OOC) says, "Umm.. No."

Karrde (OOC) asks, "Hmm?"

Hal (OOC) points out that everyones fears, ARE BEING RIPPED INTO THE OPEN.

Hal (OOC) says, "If you have any sort of fear whatsoever, its there, facing you."

Freakazoid (OOC) headtitls?

Hal (OOC) says, "Pure, paralyzing capable of bringing Superman to his knees and sobbing hysterically fear."

Hal (OOC) did pose that not to long ago.

Killiara (OOC) says, "which, for Killi... the bubble's actually a pretty good representation. Her worst fear is that everyone was right about her, that she's absolutely useless and good for nothing..."

Freakazoid (OOC) says, "THAT's gonna leave a lasting scar..."

Killiara (OOC) asks, "what better way to show that then being isolated, being able to watch things but not effect anything?"

Freakazoid (OOC) says, "This is turning into a much cooler scene than it was intended. Maaaan, I love mass destruction."

Rystan (OOC) knuckle cracks. "Who's ready for some haphazard, thoughtless, and completely unhelpful, unproductive addition to the scene, with absolutely no regard for anyone, or any maturity whatsoever?"

Freakazoid (OOC) is still ICly singing 'banana phone'?

"Oh no.. none of that." Parallax's eyes suddenly start to glow a bright yellow as he starts to fill the air with fear. Anything that is feared, is yanked forward in each persons mind, almost as if one were standing right infront of what they fear most. "I am Fear, Jack Karrde. Choose your battles carefully next time." He grins as the bubble surrounding Killiara starts to shrink, then start to sink in the ground. "Now. Things stay as they are.. And to ensure that..." What was left of the apartments ruins, suddenly vanish as a large hellmouth slowly starts to form there, before collapsing in on itself, creating yet another part on Twisted with a taint. "I claim this area as mine." The bubble surrounding everyone vanishes as Parallax then starts to float down, sinking into the ground as the bubble with Killiara in it sinks below ground level, being left intact under the surface.

Alessa (OOC) exclaims, "What a perfect way to sum up Rystan!"

Faith (OOC) says, "unfortunately, I have to leave soon iRL. So staying paralyzed with fear isn't really an option."

Rystan (OOC) says, "You could do what Rystan would do. If he was afraid of anything. Which he isn't."

Rystan (OOC) says, "Run like mad ^_^"

Killiara (OOC) asks, "so, um, how long am I gonna be trapped in a bubble underground?"

Karrde (OOC) says, "Consider JAck getting you out of it."

Alessa (OOC) raises her hands. "I didn't do nothing." *scared look*

Rystan (OOC) blinks. "... Did Parallax leave?"

Freakazoid (OOC) thinks he walked into the bathroom. "Pottybreaks!!!!" Hmmm... "Y'know, I thought the bubble was dissapating anyways..."

Karrde (OOC) says, "In his words..he buried her alive."

Karrde (OOC) says, "And according to Killi, didn't ask permission to either."

Alessa (OOC) says, "I thought you had already dissapated it, Jack..."

Because if there's one thing this tense situation needs, it's another unpredictable and undesirable element, Rystan Aster shows up running. Just when things couldn't get more convoluted and ridiculous. Ignoring everyone else present rather pointedly, which is rather unusual for him since it doesn't involve hitting on anyone, the brown-haired thief skids to a stop and levels an ivory dagger at the sinking Parallax. He's breathing heavily as if he'd just run a great distance, and his eyes are gleaming mischeviously. Many people have said they have no fear, but Rystan is one of the few people that actually meant it. That emotion was torn out of him a long time ago, along with silly little things like morality. But that's neither here nor there. What Rystan's here for is...

"You! Hey you! You're the guy who blew up my front lawn!" ... ... /Huh/?! "Get back here, you coward!!!" ... Uh... huh. Rystan Aster, clearly one of those people you want to ignore until they go away. Assuming there's no better way to make them go away.

Alessa (OOC) YAY!@

Karrde (OOC) says, "I didn't pose it. But he still didn't ask permission."

Things suddenly return to normal, as Killiara will find herself standing right on the ground where she originally was. A soft laugh fills the air surrounding them, as a green flame shoots up from the newly formed pit then dies down. ~"You'll change your mind eventually Mister Karrde. You know how to contact us.."~ A small golden box suddenly lands on the ground next to Killiara, which rolls over to Jack.

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