2009-12-14 (PreU) The End?

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The End?

Summary: You know those filler episodes? This is kinda like one of them. There are flashbacks, so be warned, though there arn't many in length.

Who: Devi, Jack_Karrde,Sun, Tabitha, Zelgadis
When: December 14th, 2009
Where: House #777

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House #777 You find yourself standing before an odd abandoned looking house. The walls are cracked and the paint is pealing. The windows are boarded up. There isn't even any grass growing here. Only one thing shows a sign that the place is lived in: A sign has been recently made which reads, "KEEP OFF THE LOOSE SOIL! It's impolite to walk on the dead..."

Devi walks up to Johnny's old house, her hands deep within her pockets, nails biting into her skin. She looks at the structure, venturing towards the door only to draw back at the last second. Sighing, she turns back to the street, her eyes blank. "I'm sorry I wasn't good enough, Johnny." The only sound that can be heard on the street is the clunk of her heavy footsteps as she turns away, a plan forming in her head.

Through Cemetary lane, Church Ln, and Park Rd, Devi's feet carry her through to Twisted Street. Looking over the outside of the UR, Devi flashes back to an old memory.

Devi makes the tut tut sound with her tounge and turns to Sammy. She eyes Sun and grins, and walks over to Tabby, casting an arm over the clone's shoulders. Devi looks to Sammy and casually asks, "So, how the fuck are you? Have you had fun so far? Do ya know what's goin on with Johnny perhaps?" Her tone is light, but clearly quite mad. She throws her head back and cackles and points her finger at Tabbys temple. "I hope Sun really apperciates you being here. After all, being alone without her lover for such a long time, tisk tisk. Must have been great that first night, hmm?"

Sun narrows her eyes, which seem to sparkle...and suddenly, she looks different. Black streaks now travel through her hair, and her eyes are now purple. . o O ( Hate to see you back, Tsuki, but...have fun. Just don't go after Crux or Tabby, and you can stay back. I don't care about anyone else. ) :: Oooh, how delightful! I get to remove some HEADS. :: Suddenly, Sun leaps over the bar, her wings flaring. "Let her go, Devi, and let's have a bit of fun ourselves, hmm? Might even be greater than the first night with Tabby there." She smirks...but, she doesn't wait, suddenly leaping into the rafters and landing...then, she leaps, descending right towards Tabby and Devi. Suddenly, the floor loops up, knocking Devi's hand from around Tabby's shoulder, and the catgirl is enveloped in a sphere of protective concrete. Sun lands on this, crouching...strangely, her arms have grown scales...and her hands have become talons. She smirks, a wicked smirk. "Sister says that I have to protect Tabby...I don't like the look of you, so I'll just eat you first." With that, she launches herself towards Devi, claws splayed.

Devi chuckles as her arm is knocked away from the clone. Devi takes a few large steps backwards and bounces into her ready stance. Grinning evilly, she says, "Your sister is a whore and a fool." And with that, Devi sprints and slides under Sun as she dives, one delicate finger letting loose a massive wave of power. Sun should be carried by the blast further away from Devi and Tabby and towards Crux and Nny. The blast, also will, if it connects, oblitherate the concrete and disinagrate Tabby in her entierty. Devi is putting her heart and soul in this power and NOTHING will stand in her way. Sun is not her concern, only the distruction of the clone. The beam of power is very steady and won't faulter until Devi stops and Tabby is destroyed.

She sighs again, seeing the fight that followed in her head, watching as Sun bursts through a roof after Devi. Turning around, she walks into the Integra's Arms Hotel, and hits the button waiting for the elevator to come down. Stepping in, she hits the roof button and "ughs" as it lurches her upwards. Stepping out, the slight wind whipping at her face, she watches as an older version of her sitting against the ledge.

Devi sits against a wall, her left shoulder bared bleeding. Beside her lays a pile of gauze, half of it soaked in blood. Her normal white skin is even paler then usual, in radical contrast to her eyes. "Thank God it's not cold today, at least." She grimaces as she tries to wipe more blood off her shoulder.

And a voice is heard, "No kidding." comes a male voice, and if she turns around she'd find a man wearing a long trench coat standing there. "..Heard things got a little crazy. From the looks of it, you were there?" he asks with a lifted eyebrow. And yes, like many, he's got weapons on him. A large handgun strapped to his hip and a pretty big sword hooked to his back. And he seems focused on her wound, "How bad is it?" he asks simply, indicating her shoulder.

Devi watches as the ghost patches Devi up, and the look that was in her eye for a few minutes. Walking over to the edge, she looks down, watching the miriad of people going through their daily lives, unaware of the crap that is going on behind the scenes. She makes her way back into the elevator, arriveing a few minutes later on the 2nd floor. Stepping into 2A, she smirks a little as Tenna is found laying at a weird angle across the couch. Going to her bedroom, Devi digs under her bed finding an old, large backpack. Tiptoeing back out of her apartment, as much money as she could snag in her wallet, she moves on.

She starts moving again, her mind lost in thought. Staring at her feet as they carry her, Devi goes back over every instance she can of her life on Twisted, and what it might have been worth.

Zelgadis nods slowly, his head leaning a bit forward, leaving it mostly covered by his hood. He speaks after a short pause, "Then...why continue at all? I am every bit the monster you are...but I seek a cure. I seek to return to my humanity. A small, insignificant purpose...but one, none the same. If you feel you can't find...salvation as you call it, what drives you to continue?"

"What does drive me to continue?" She looks up and finds herself in the Food District. She moves around slowly, buying a keg of water and some travel foods. It's not enough to last her forever, but it's something at least. She starts moving again, towards the Wrong way. She stands before the line that leads into the Wastelands of the Topside world, looking at the scene as it shifts and the wind screams at her, the chaos trying in vain to seep into the rest of Twisted and screw with the stability. She puts her back to it, and looks again over Twisted, flashes showing again to her mind, a slight shadow appering under her eyes. Flipping up the hood of her trench, she fastens a heavy face veil over her, and turns again. Venturing into the wild untraveled, she disappers into the screaming sandstorm, her trench fading from view in only a matter of seconds.

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