2004-03-26 - Datenshi's banishment

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Datenshi's banishment


Who: Datenshi, Dragonmaster_Cale, Trinune, Rigwroth, Sun, Samantha
When: 2004-03-26
Where: Metropolis

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Badlands - Sector N7

The expanse of the plains melts smoothly into the encroaching forest that creeps down from the side of the meager mountain that makes up the northern border of the badlands. Here, the gold of the plain's grasses stands in contrast to the darker hues of the evergreens and other assorted flora. The ground becomes rockier, footholds coming with more care taken, the unwary easily finding themselves stumbling or twisting tender ankles.

To the east and west the plains reach out, seeming to go on forever from this rolling perch, to the south it moves on toward the heart of the badlands, the buildings of which gleam in the sun like floating diamonds. There, to the south, the high-rises stand like silent sentinels overlooking the surrounding lands in much the same way that the mountain to the north does.

Datenshi spins around with black feathered wings rustling in abject surprise at the voice behind him, and the momentary disturbance of Trinune's presence within the area, "... So, you found out about Adan's death and now you're here to kill me? I'd expect nothing less and yet somehow I feel like this is all wrong..." Why is the Universe ordered thus that these things are allowed to happen? Letting out a deep sigh and reaching up a midnight-gloved hand to point a clawed finger at Cale, "You want to know why I did it? Adan struck first Cale! My fighting laws do not permit me to strike him first, and Adan struck to kill! When I retaliated I expected him to be /much/ more capable then he was at defending himself- in fact between your praises and his bravado, how could I not expect a worthy opponent in him? What I /found/ was a priest wielding trinkets." Datenshi dosn't seem to be lying and believes that Cale is as much as to blame as him, as he stretches out his wings and takes a step back in case those 'others' are preparing to launch at him.

Dragonmaster Cale frowns suddenly, "Adan..." He looks to the side, closing his eyes. The grip around Trinune tightens, and a black glow ripples up around Trinune, then fades away, "...no, I didn't know you'd killed another of my friends until now." He opens his eyes and looks over towards Datenshi, his entire body shuddering. o O ( Sammy, Sun, come to where I am Datenshi's here, but we're talking. Don't come in blazing...please. ) The wings on his back twitch, and he shifts his footing, "I believe you about Adan, it's possible...he's more of a paladin than I'd ever become..." He shifts his grip on Trinune, growling softly, "...if he was that bad, you didn't have to kill him then, though...dang it, Datenshi! Argh! Now Sun's coming to kill you, and I'm not going to stop her. But, if you do defeat her...we'll fight, I think..." He lets out another deep sigh, closing his eyes.

Rigwroth looks to Datenshi over her shoulder, then actually moves further back as the two of them begin to speak. It's not the most interesting topic, people sad about other people dieing. She sits down upon the ground, criss-crossing her legs and resting her hands in her lap. Eyeing Cale over, and then the sword he's holding. o O ( Hm. ) She thinks to herself, looking back to Datenshi, "Dear Datenshi, he really cares about you inside, I can feel it from over here. It's very sweet." She's sincere, even if there is a light tone to her voice. Her tail swishes behind her, looks like she isn't going to engage in a battle to help Datenshi, or maybe she's waiting for it to start. Hard to tell with dragons.

Datenshi narrows his demon-red eyes and tightens his clawed grip around the nightmare-black and red ribboned handle of his ancient weapon, wondering if he should absolve himself or demonize himself to make this whole situation easier on the Dragonmaster. "I know Cale's sincere, since he'd be hard pressed to lie even now... He's seen me at my worst and at my best, to when it was raining upon the Charis mansion that day I fought the Taint to the time we fought Hyakuhei together side by side... the truth is Cale, I never destroyed the Taint within like I told you it had. It never ended..." And the memories of who the Dark angel was before this are long since destroyed, but that dosn't matter now! Datenshi grips onto Masamune and brings it down to his side- gripping onto the razor-sharp blade with the other hand and placing the gripping hand resting with the palm against the tip- the end pushing into the center of his gloved hand as it rests there. Suddenly pitch-black shadow magically begins to gather from the melancholy air itself around it, spinning around before forming a totally whole shadow-sheathe around the blade. Now Datenshi's holding it ready for outright battle with Sun when she arrives, white sacred energy already crackling down his hand while the abyssal energy charging in Masamune is barely visible from the shadow-sheathe. "... Let's see if this is the end or simply the beginning of something different."

Dragonmaster Cale lets out a slow breath, listening to Datenshi as his blue eyes open up to look upon the dark angel, "I see." He says back towards him, staying quite for a time before looking over towards Rigwroth, then back towards Datenshi. He shifts Trinune to his other hand, but doesn't charge magic or anything, he knows Sun will be here soon, if she can be. "Datenshi...whatever happens, even though...after what you did..." He lets out a breath and sits down on the ground, almost falls actually, "...I'm still your friend. Friends forever." He closes his eyes and digs Trinune into the ground next to him, leaving a hand on it and lowering his head.

Rigwroth looks towards Datenshi, she's actually a bit suprised that he sounds somewhat...well, not hateful towards that guy. Still, it sounds like they've been through a lot. She rests her hands back on the ground behind her, continuing to sit. "My sweet dark angel, perhaps that one night I made you remember wasn't completly a waste..." She says, smiling fangedly towards him as he gathers energy, "Fight well! Don't be suprised if I'm overcome and jump in to help you." She laughs gently, then grows quiet, her wings twitching.

Sun and Samantha appear, behind Cale, in an embrace...but as soon as the two materialise, she pulls away from the girl, turning a hatred-filled glare upon the dark angel; her gems begin to glow brightly, lip curled in a silen snarl. "Bastard..." she hisses, clenching her fists at her side.

Samantha steps back as Sun breaks the embrace, hopping up onto a low pile of rubble, and flicks her sapphire gaze across the gathering, finally alighting on Datenshi and flashing dangerously. The nekogirl gives a dangerous smirk, "We meet again..." she murmurs, reaching back and closing her left hand on the hilt of her ninjato, the right reaching up for the other hilt - that of the shining mithril shortsword - even as the left pulls the first blade free. With two metallic whispers both swords are free, lowered to hang at Sammy's side, tips flickering just above the floor of the Badlands.

Datenshi continues pressing his jet-black gloved hand upon the end of Masamune's handle, noticing Sun and Samantha's arrival and narrowing his burning demon-red eyes even more as if appraising his opponents before they've even started before strangely enough adopting a more relaxed stance. The Dark angel's hand dosn't move from it's position though, white sacred energy still crackling up his arm as he gives Sun a fanged smile, "... So, the Kinomoto family pet's finally come out to play has she? I'm surprised they let you out without a leash, but then a stray cat will always come back begging for more." A glance is given to Samantha at this point to emphasise the double meaning behind this comment, noticing that the nekogirl is double wielding like Adan. No matter, such a pathetic technique didn't save the paladin and it won't save her either. "Let's get this started, or would you like to do what your husband Gohan did last time? Whatever happened to him anyway?"

Dragonmaster Cale raises his head up as Samantha and Sun appear, looking over towards them both. He nods his head slightly towards them, standing up he moves away and to the side, deciding to stand, he looks to Trinune briefly, before looking back to Sun and Samantha, "Good luck." He says to them both, "...mm, I'm done talking, for now." He looks over towards Datenshi, "If you die, I say goodbye now, and thanks...for everything." He then sheathes Trinune behind his back and folds his arms, watching.

Rigwroth wonders at the arrival of Samantha and Sun, her eyes change to a purple glow as she checks them over for magic ability and potential, but then she looks over towards Cale and Trinune as well, then to Datenshi, her eyes fadeing back to normal. "This will make a good story, someday. I'll tell it to Blemish and Yukina after we had back home." Apparently, confident Datenshi will win, or maybe confident she owns Datenshi's soul and isn't to worried if he does die, she's brought him back before, afterall.

Samantha's eyes narrow a little, her glance scooting sidelong to Sun. (Gohan?) It quickly moves back to Datenshi though and she smiles faintly, nodding as Cale steps aside, "And thank you Cale.." She shifts her grip on her blades and then drops into a stance, leaning back on her right leg, body side-on to Cale, the shortsword up above her head and the ninjato held out in front of her, horizontally across her lower torso. "Ganbare masu, Datenshi-sama..." she chimes sweetly, then her expression turns to steel, entire body tensed and ready to spring.

Sun's eyes narrow to slits. "That was NeoTokyo. You can't hurt me with my past, Datenshi. I don't even remember that life." she murmurs, popping her neck and rolling her back, causing pops to sound down the length of her spine...then, the air begins to crackle as she takes a relaxed stance...then, her aura suddenly explodes around her, purple-blue 'flames' burning around two feet around her. "Ikuzo." she hisses, bowing to Datenshi...then slipping back into her relaxed stance.

Datenshi watches both the nekojin take fighting stance before nodding his head, "Kunrei!" and taking a sideward long-stance with back-foot slightly pushed downwards into the dirt, lightly pushing his heels up and stretching out his large black feathered wings. Dark blue energy crackles down them and snaps slightly at the air surrounding him, as the white sacred energy around his hand suddenly begins to flare up and snap in unison with it's magical shadow-sheath-bound twin. However the Dark angel makes no attempts to move from his current position, narrowing his eyes and keeping a wintery demeanor that seems to chill the air quite literally around him, as if his aura dosn't take such a blatant form but a more subtle yet foreboding type to Sun's brute force.

Dragonmaster Cale lets out a very slow breath and gives a light nod at Samantha's thanks, "..you're...you're welcome..." He says, the wings on his back drooping down some. He watches as the people prepare to fight, looking over at Rigwroth and deciding she's just a spectator like he is for the time being. Normally, he'd go talk to someone with dragon wings and a tail, but, well, circumstances prevent such, maybe later...he gives a light nod of his head back at the hilt of Trinune in her sheath. Yep, just watching for now.

Rigwroth continues to sit and be relaxed, her tail swaying now and again. She takes the time to look around at the local scenery, knowing how Datenshi fights, since she fought with him twice now. They're 1 and 1 as far as that count goes.

Samantha shifts her position smoothly, her roughly bandaged feet kicking up a little rough dirt, and then suddenly she moves in a blur.. form fading to a barely discernable silhouette as she somersaults forward and off to the side away from Sun... flickering back into full visibility whilst still hanging in the air facing Datenshi, both swords drawing back behind her and suddenly streaming with tendrils of blue-white ki-energy, reflected in her flashing eyes. "KATANAKATA!!" She whips her arms round, crossing the dull and shining blades together as she screams, "POWER... WAVE!" At the last the energy thunders down from the twin points and converges to a single straight 'blade' which freefalls like lightning to the rubble-strewn earth then rips towards the dark angel's left flank, tearing a narrow gutter in the dirt.

Sun narrows her eyes...then smirks, three throwing knives flying at amazing speeds towards different spots on Datenshi's body; one towards his head, one towards his heart, and one...towards his groin. As soon as she lets the knives fly, she dissapears, as does her aura...

Datenshi was keeping on the balls of his feet for this exact reason with wings tensed for action, because when you're fighting two nekojin who are noted for thier speed- and Sun, who took down Culovi in Oozaru form- and you rely on a technique that believes in retreating a foot instead of advancing an inch, you've got to be sure you can take the first attack from two opponents. As soon as Samantha and Sun begin to simultaniously move Datenshi applies pressure to his forefoot and leaps upwards and back into the air and with the usage of his already tensed and ready wings moves blindingly fast about twenty five feet upwards and around level with Samantha- not leaving a second for his prepared move. Obviously this means all the ill-omened darts most likely used as a mere distraction for Sun's second attack miss and whistle through the air behind him, but then Datenshi's an assassin- he's been known to throw darts himself all the time. There's also good reason Datenshi seems to curve more then stop moving- Sun dissapeared and if he stops between movements she's going to be able to sneak up on him if the Dark angel dosn't- so there's concentration on Samantha as Datenshi takes the midnight-gloved hand off Masamune's tip and reaches deep within his shirt- and flicks something out at her with the speed matching that of Sun's darts! What is it? Not wasting a second in mid flight as he flaps his black wings to move blindingly towards her, Datenshi draws from the Shadow sheathe with an upwards aerial Iajitsu strike that might not even be visible to the naked eye and suddenly all the shadow wrapped around it flings towards her while severing what was approaching her. Now it is visible and appears to be Samantha's stolen heart! The previous shadow used to create the sheathe flies and attempts to engulf Samantha's entire body while she might very well suffer what's called an instant heart attack in mid flight- the slash was never intended to hit her but to be a prelude to this attack! The shadow seems to stretch out the longer it travels though there's not much distance between them, Samantha's speed could dodge in time of the diameter but with that proximity and what severing her still-utilised heart will do it's leaving very little room!

Rigwroth keeps his arms folded, just watching now as the attacks begin, he glances back at Trinune, seeing if she can keep track of Sun's position, not for any reason other than it's good practice really. Other than that, he just watches, ready to get out of the way if the battle comes towards him, however. o O ( Datenshi... ) He lets out a slow breath again. Really not able to see exactly what happened with Samantha's heart, not even knowing it's a heart at first, of course.

Dragonmaster Cale keeps his arms folded, just watching now as the attacks begin, he glances back at Trinune, seeing if she can keep track of Sun's position, not for any reason other than it's good practice really. Other than that, he just watches, ready to get out of the way if the battle comes towards him, however. o O ( Datenshi... ) He lets out a slow breath again. Really not able to see exactly what happened with Samantha's heart, not even knowing it's a heart at first, of course.

Rigwroth actually stands up as the attacks start to come, because she's in a relatively close distance towards Datenshi, and she knows how close and big the explosions can come when they're sent of course. She glances to Sun's disappearance and actually leaps up into the air herself, flapping her wings to keep herself airborn, and gather more and more heigth, until she has a nice aerial view of the ongoing battle.

Samantha hangs in the air long enough to take in Sun's missed knives, then flips back with a ki-charged burst.. her form blurring again. She aims to come down a good thirty feet back, hitting the ground at twenty and skidding in a crouch with barely any loss of speed, even as Datenshi makes his movements. Her gaze remains fixed upon him all this time, narrowing on whatever it is he throws, and as she hits the (approximately) thirty foot mark her feet dig in hard, throwing up a good wave of rubble, and she prepares to throw herself forward, grip tightened on her blades.... then she staggers and tucks into a roll with a pained scream, her ninjato clattering to the floor a few feet away as she comes round in a crumpled heap, still clutching the mithril sword desperately in one hand, the other at her chest as she gasps into the dirt. (What the hell... what the hell has he done?) Whatever it is, she pushes herself up against the immense pain and gathers herself together.. pale and expression frantic.

Sun appears behind Datenshi, matching his speed with her hands forward, a ball of wicked energy appearing before them; then, it flies forward, aimed at the spot between Datenshi's wings. Her eyes burn, blaze with hatred. She almost heasitates when she sees Samantha fall to the ground, but keeps her focus on the task at hand.

Datenshi sees Samantha move down towards the ground as the shadow-engulf slash passes by- and immediately locks on to her shadow as it touches the ground and flaps his wings again with the same motion with one massive push towards his own shadow that he created to send /her/ to the shadow plane- right when Sun's throwing the wicked energy ball right towards him. /Knowing/ that Sun can teleport's one thing, predicting when she's going to appear is another thing entirely- as Datenshi suddenly hears it and turns around with the momentum- as the wicked energy blast slams into his black-feathered wing and sends him flying with it's own force right where he was going anyway! Wow, anyone smell charred feathers and flesh? The entire shadow engulfs Datenshi and the wicked energy ball, closing for a brief moment before out of Samantha's shadow Datenshi is thrown upwards with one wing looking completely charred and unrecognisable not to mention half his side and right up his back- while Sun's own energy ball follows him right up into Samantha.

Rigwroth watches all of this from above, her wings giving a constant flap as Datenshi battles. Her head tilts to the side, as if trying to get a better angle on just what's going on below. She places her hands on her hips, licking her tongue along her left fang. And she telepaths, shielded, to Datenshi, o O ( Dear one, it hurts to watch you beaten so, would you like me to help? ) It's not that she has a reason to fight Sun or Samantha, it's just that she dislikes having her only remaining minion smacked around.

Dragonmaster Cale will forgo posing, since he's just watching, to speed things along. o.o

Samantha gasps with the pain one last time before her gaze flickers back to the airborne Datenshi, and she is just bringing her sword around behind to ready for another charge when her ears twitch... she has failed to notice the shadow portal opening underneath her, and as the dark angel flies out her legs give away around him and she smacks full length around his body with a grunt.. forming a rather broken crucific, body lying across his middle. Despite her disorientation, her instincts kick in and she brings her blade around, hilt just past her left hip, to lash out in a slash at his left shoulder and the wing just behind it. (You bastard!)

Sun narrows her eyes, sneering and dissapearing once more she then reappears, to Datenshi's side, swinging a blade of the solar and lunar energies towards the man's arm (in a manner so as not to hit Sam) in attempts to slice it off whether the attack hits it's mark or not, she dissapears once more...

Datenshi has his back into Samantha as she begins to slash at his left shoulder and dosn't even notice- his full attention devoted to the fact that Sun is coming up near his side in mid flight. Grabbing with one blinding movement at Masamune and brings it up to block his arm with one twisting movement, Sun's blade striking at the magically holy-embued blade as Samantha's blade drives right into his side and blood runs down the blade. When Sun dissapears Datenshi reaches back and grabs at Samantha's wrist in one blinding movement before she can remove the blade from his back, since she'll need to recover from the strike, having a heart attack and being spear tackled at least and utilising a strength usually used for smashing cars. Actually, the last time Datenshi attempted this he was Aerial at the time- and it was a paladin. If Datenshi succeeds he flaps his tattered wings- still as effective because of the magic being the flight instigator and not the feathers- the Dark angel plummets down towards the pavement below grabbing onto her and dissapears within his and her own shadow- dissapearing deep within the shadow-plane.

Dragonmaster Cale narrows his eyes, continuing to watch. Making his pose short.

Rigwroth isn't answered back by Datenshi as he shadow dives, so decides that he wants to fight on his own. Very well. She criss-crosses her legs and sits down upon the air itself, her eyes continuing to watch the fight. Datenshi is a good fighter, that's why she chose him as one of her head minions, and didn't re-write his entire memory, and took his soul...and made the blood Pact...and basically owns him now.

Samantha gasps as she feels her wrist grabbed, her eyes widening.. and her fingers leave their grip on the sword, allowing it to fall to the rubble-strewn floor below. Then her eyes snap shut even as she is drawn into the dive... flickers of blue ki blazing around her embraced body before suddenly erupting outwards in an explosion of energy, hot blue flames dancing briefly with a brighter, and more powerful, golden energy as an incoherent cry of rage rips from the girl's throat.

Sun appears, eyes narrowed as she surveys the area...then, she closes her eyes, searching Samantha's mind for an image of where they're falling into...and dissapears...

Datenshi rips through the shadow and suddenly Samantha will feel a feeling of absolute nausea, dislocation from her body as suddenly there is no oxygen to breathe and her furry body becomes weightless- and darkness surrounds her vision absolutely. It's like being in space without the stars as Datenshi seems almost invisible with all the black he's wearing, razor-sharp claws digging deep into her skin as he seems to be mastering his inner pain from the shockwave Samantha just unleashed on him. Fortunately, the Dark angel's got a solution- as he releases her now that shadow isn't needed her. Spinning around and flapping backwards to leave her body in the nothingness- since she might find it hard to propell herself without anything to push off- behind her far in the distance are inverse-shadows like holes in the black fabric, a horrific mimic of where shadows /would/ be if she were in the material plane. Stretching out his black-gloved hand and bidding the shadow to hold her by her outstretched limbs, Datenshi brings the abyssally charged Masamune up and makes one blinding movement to engulf her within an unholy shockwave like she's seen before- to tear her beyond recognition before anyone can reach her. This way she'll be out of the fight for good, even if Sun manages to determine this location like she did when she was teleporting and found his apartment so long ago.

Dragonmaster Cale can't see into the shadow realm, so just waits...quietly...

Rigwroth can see into the shadow relm, but doesn't bother looking. Basically, because she has no need, shadows are her good friends, and though she doesn't use the shadows the same way Datenshi does exactly, she can still use them quite well. She waits, in the air.

The slowly dissipating ki works its way like greased lightning around the nekogirl as the shadows hold her body out... her gaze narrowing on Datenshi with a look of pure venomous hatred for just the very briefest of moments before her face, and her entire form, is consumed with energy once more, waves of blue ki lashing up through the shadow plane and quickly rippling with gold before it is the -golden- energy that dominates, burning around her sillhouette as Datenshi's shockwave joins the fray and threatens to destroy her slender body. The rival energies duel for dominance, the girl's head thrown back, mouth open in a silent scream, her limbs splayed out around her, then the gold-and-blue waves are suddenly thrown off into the darkness and the abyssal energies cut through, slicing into her from every angle, fine sprays of blood lashing out from every deep wound, flesh fanning out around the cuts.. singed at the edges.

Sun appears right in front of Datenshi within the shadow realm, between him and Samantha, eyes narrowed as she sends the blade of her own gigantic sword (another masamune katana!) blurring towards Datenshi's heart, hissing as she feels her lover's pain. "I'll...KILL...you..." she snarls, eyes...changing from their beautiful blue to a deep, wicked red; she bares her fangs, and follows up her attack quickly with an energy blast of swirling solar and lunar energies aimed right at the dark angel's face, a primal, hatred-filled scream ripping from her throat as she does so.

Datenshi might not have the upper hand on Sun's teleportation techniques on the material realm, but the Dark angel can almost 'feel' the shadows around him as if it's an extension of his body as soon as Sun appears right in front of him. If there's anyone who knows swordsplay as well, it's Datenshi. So as she brings back the gigantic imitation masamune sword Datenshi pushes the shadows to his side to propel him in one blinding movement to the side- so when she throws the solar and Lunar energies he's not even there but at her side and with Masamune already down from Samantha's slash and the sacred white energy from his arm transferred into the ancient blade- moves forward so fast that his image distorts within the extremely small space he needs to cover and moves Masamune in a diagonal upward slash right as she's finishing concentrating all those solar and lunar energies with that primal and hate filled scream! Unleashing the sacred energies in an Hakidasu shockwave just as powerful as used on Samantha as well as the slash, the plan is not to let the same confict of energies happen since Sun will be already occupied.

Dragonmaster Cale forgoes posing, he's no in the shadow realm.

Rigwroth does the same, this time.

Samantha's shattered form slowly slips to the floor as the energies fade around her, blood seeping down in shuddering torrents and being consumed by the shadows all around. Her bloodshot eyes lid over somewhat, her face bleeding from a dozen slashes and soaking her features in thick crimson fluid. With a shuddering movement she stands, her clothing hanging from her, numerous sharp objects clattering from torn-open pockets of her body-warmer... and looks across to the scene of the action, drunkenly raising her right arm, which is sliced to the bone all along the lower arm, and flattening the hand palm-out... two of the fingers refusing to move and remaining curled limply about the palm. And she just.. stands... seeing but not seeing as the action unfolds. The same blue and gold energies begin to dance at the expanse of pale flesh left unbroken in the girl's palm, focusing into a brightly burning disc.

Sun's eyes narrow, and she rolls, away, though the slash leaves a deep gash upon her back, severing her spine and cutting into organs; the damage is almost immediately reversed though, the wound closing as she snarls, taking to the air; she roughly grabs Samantha from behind, though not roughly enough to harm the girl. ( Stay out of this from now on...I can't concentrate on the fight when I have to keep you alive! ) She snarls at Datenshi, red eyes narrowed, before she dissapears with Samantha, reappearing with the girl facing away from Cale and Rigwroth. "TAKE CARE OF HER." she snarls at Cale, and closes her eyes, the gash quickly closing; it elicits a scream from her as the severed spinal cord repairs itself, but after the initial outburst, she's silent; she then teleports a bit away from the group, eyes narrowed as she awaits Datenshi's pursuit.

As she is grabbed, Samantha's right arm jerks and the build-up of ki flies forth, shimmering brightly in the shadowy air before it is flung to the floor and.. disappears, a resounding thump marking its departure but.. nothing more... the girl falls limp, fainting as she is grabbed and whisked away.

Datenshi floats in the shadow-plane as he closes his eyes and leans back into the nothingness for a moment, white sacred energy gathering and crackling around his black-gloved hand and weaving between his claws as grabbing Masamune again he takes the time to suck in the abundant shadow for another shadow-sheathe, and starts charging it with abyssal energy. Seeing as there is ample time to float around- Datenshi floats backwards while taking the time to wrap his wounds with some cloth- most notibly his shoulder, and taking out his ancient flask- taking a few long swigs before putting it away. Now the Dark angel's about 100 meters from his position, Datenshi flaps his wings and leaps upwards through a shadow cast from inside a half-demolished building- this'll take a few moments. Picking up the table he materialised out from, Datenshi kicks away an old chair and looks around- looks like it was a nice living room. After this he finds the window and kicks open the boards covering it up, before leaping out and floating down to the street below- landing in a crouching position and dusting himself off. Now wasn't that an adventure?

Dragonmaster Cale's eyes widen as Samantha is basically tossed to him, he catches, of course, reacting quickly and holding the poor...mauled, is the best word, catgirl. "Trinune!" His voice growls out, an immediaetly there's a massive rush of magic, green light exploding around his body and actually obscuring him from sight, the girls natural healing process' getting sped up. "Dang it..." He says softly, really hoping the girls not going to be dieing in his arms. Rigwroth glances over as Sun and the mangled cat-girl, and Cale. o O ( My my, dear Datenshi... ) She thinks to herself, her tail swaying back and forth in amusement at all of these, especially when the healing magic kicks in. Well, that's a different type...she looks over as Datenshi comes out of a ruined building, "Impressive of you, Datenshi!" She calls down from the sky.

As Sun senses Dat entering this plane again, she dissapears...and suddenly, from thin air behind Datenshi, again aimed at the spot between his shoulder blades, comes not one single blast, but a volley of blasts. "Die..." her voice echoes around the area...she's not herself, obviously. "DIE!" comes the voice echoing all around the area... Samantha shivers a little, her gem glowing and also quickening the healing process... but the wounds are deep, and in no time there is a soaking pool of bright crimson upon the floor. Amazing for such a slender form to bleed so much, but bleed she does... "S-Sun-chan..." the last comes out in a quaking sigh before she slips back into unconsciousness, falling totally limp in Cale's arms.

Datenshi didn't expect to be able to leap out of the shadow realm without being assaulted by Sun- in fact, that's exactly what he expected to happen and why he spent time healing up- but didn't expect the telepathic attack as he feels the migrane and concentrates on one fluid movement as the Dark angel hears the words die, because if Sun is going to teleport anywhere it's going to be behind him because after all- she's done it before and won't hesitate to use the same effective technique again. Datenshi crouches down in one blinding movement and flaps his magnificent black-feathered wings, shooting up into the air about twenty feet as the debris around him is kicked up and thrown before being obliterated by the barrage of insane Sun that barely misses him despite his quick reaction and above-superhuman speed- and not waiting to be countered on Datenshi lands on ther rooftop of a nearby building and assumes the long-stance again with Masamune ready to draw, listening to everything around him and concentrating on his Astral vision, since Sun has a nasty habit of teleporting around the place.

Dragonmaster Cale's magical green healing flows down to concetrate on Samantha now, after the inital burst. Normally, he'd be all nervous and freaky with a girl in his arms that's not Ayika, but, well, things change in battle and life and death situations, he glances up at Sun screaming die, but doesn't lose focus on continuing the healing spell, Samantha may or may not regain conciousness. It can stop you from dieing, but it can't really bring back vitality to good. Or rather, not at all.

Rigwroth lands herself down next to Cale, eyeing over the cat-girl now in his arms and then looking towards Cale himself, "We meet again." She says towards Cale, then looks to where Datenshi is fighting, "Strange, Datenshi always seems to be the focus of our meetings."

Samantha remains unconscious... the blood flow lessening, but whether this is due to the healing or simply that the girl is running out of blood to bleed... remains to be seen. And a wail of heavy guitar music suddenly blares out through the Badlands, echoing from a great distance, the sound of an ace soloist reaching the climax of his piece.. drums building to a crescendo in the background. And then! It's cut out... and for the merest flicker of a moment blackness masks the entire area, as if everything has ceased to exist.. time even seems to stop.. and then both sound and vision burst back in to reality. Everything is normal. Or is it? Standing at the edge of the scene, some way off, is a small, willowy girl clad in a black and scarlet UR uniform. Her head tilts to one side, blinking cutely at the action unfolding some way from her, and like a hot knife her keen mind soars out and pierces the mind of the one she has come in search of. (Daisuke-san?)

Silence yet again, then, without any warnings, the same energy blasts suddenly swarm around Datenshi, aiming for every bit of his body they can possibly hit as yet another telepathic attack is released, this one intended to mess up Datenshi's cerebellum and throw him off-balance...still no sign of Sun in the area, however... Datenshi fortunately has the most saving grace of moments when Emi's telepathic mind pierces his mind, interfering like multiple waves of static and reducing Sun's cerebellum attack to the same as before. Realising Datenshi has no chance of dodging this one, the Dark covers his body with his wings- casting one giant shadow inside and in one blinding movement -swallows himself- and dissapears within his own shadow from sight. Things are getting really difficult, and it's doubtful Datenshi's going to move from the shadow-plane just yet while she's seemingly manipulating the dimension without anything to retaliate to.

Dragonmaster Cale steps back and away from Rigwroth as she appears, eyeing the dragon girl over, and then running through his memory. He's met her before? Oh.oh..right! On the beach! He completly forgot! "Mm, yes..." He says, granted Rigwroth hasn't started in the battle yet, but she is more or less on Datenshi's side..and he doesn't want to be rude to a dragon, but...

Rigwroth watches Cale step away from her and laughs softly, her pleasant voice ringing out. She looks over as Emi appears, wondering at the girls appearance, then back towards Datenshi. She nods at Cale and leaps into the air again, flapping her wings to keep herself airborne now. She considers helping Datenshi by shielding his mind from the mental attacks she can feel, or maybe locking out access' to other dimensions to stop that other girls moving around. But, well, then again...Datenshi hasn't asked for help. So, she'll still do nothing but observe for now. An explosion rocks the roof of the building as the blasts collide, and as the smoke dissapates, Sun appears, eyes narrowed...

The newcomer in the distance suddenly pops up next to Rigwroth, staring off towards Datenshi as he disappears.. just peering for a long moment before the girl pouts cutely and then looks up at the dragon-woman next to her. "I should go and find him!" She chirps brightly, wrinkling her nose and lifting a hand to wave as she promptly disappears again... her mind locking onto Datenshi's and the girl appearing with her arms spread directly in front of him, wherever he may appear. "Konnichiwa!"

Samantha remains unconscious, of course...

An explosion rocks the roof of the building as the blasts collide, and as the smoke dissapates, Sun appears, eyes narrowed...then, she closes her eyes, growling something in a strange-sounding language (though it may sound familiar to dragon-types, as it's a form of dragontongue). The building beneath her begins to crumble as her aura increases...then, the building begins to rumble, and falls to the ground, leaving Sun floating over the dusty remains, still chanting in that strange tongue...and waiting.

Datenshi however, is propelling himself through the shadow plane and is already far away from the original building site- somewhere in the vicinity of a block across, before turning back around and watching the scenes unfold through the anti-shadows above that give him 'holes' to watch people. Rigwroth's shadow's unusual indeed, but that's not practical as he keeps an eye on Sun's own cast far from above the ground and too distanced from her body to be useful. Either way Datenshi pulls out the ancient jug and just begins to drink from it, wondering exactly how he's going to kill the Felixian since she regenerates faster then even that double-wielding Priest that had the blonde hair and green eyes did. Either way Emi appearing surprised him a little, though it's not like he can get out and tell her to move out of the place. Float... float...

Dragonmaster Cale having healed Samantha as much as he can, opens a swirling blue portal and pulls out a blanket and pillow. He sets it on the ground, and then lays Samantha upon them both, making sure she at least looks comfortable before the green glow fades away. He glances towards Emi, then Rigwroth, then Sun...then pulls Trinune out and begins to idly trace in the dirt nearby.

Rigwroth raises an eyebrow at Emi, wondering who and what the girl is and doing here. But, she doesn't say anything as the girl disappears to reappear near Datenshi, she of course always knows where Datenshi is. Pausing a moment, she furrows her brow at the girl, or rather, the sense of her as she follows her path after Datenshi. o O ( Hm... ) Is all she thinks to herself... She turns her gaze, instead, onto Sun as she speaks in the dragon tongue, quite able to understand almost all draconic languages.

The odd little girl lowers her arms with a pout, "Mou..." she whimpers a little, bouncing a step closer to the dark angel and peering up at him with her intelligent ruby-red gaze, "I said konnichiwa, Daisuke-san!" She giggles softly and reaches up to adjust the white feather that sits in her hair, "Silly..."

Sun snarls, suddenly, her wings splaying outwards and growing a bit; she then flaps them once, twice, before she dissapears. Moments later, she reappears in the shadow realm, about 20 feet away from Datenshi, her eyes narrowed. "Too scared to fight me? Tonight I will see tee to thy death, dark angel..." A crazed smirk forms over her features, her wings folding behind her. "I was having fun, too..." she whispers, before her eyes narrow, a telepathic onslaught of mental pain and suffering sent at Datenshi. "Should I just dismantle your mind slowly? Or should I rip out your organs slowly but surely? Or should I just rip off your head and place it on a metal spike? Hmmm...maybe I'll do all three." she hisses in a calm tone.

Datenshi is assaulted by the psychic waves and arches his back around, since there's nothing to stop him from telepathic attacks of all things even on the shadow plane! He grips Masamune tightly between his fingers as black tattered wings twitch and shake, claws digging deep within his palms as Datenshi struggles to regain control of his mind while Sun is rambling on about killing him. Well there's not much he can do, though part of him seems divorced from his own pain- too bad it dosn't seem intent on helping him though.

Dragonmaster Cale continues to idly trace in the dirt beneath his feet, it seems...he can't see into the shadow realm anyway, so...

Emi's brow is creased with a deep frown and she tilts her head, scarlet gaze flying upwards to Sun... a pout flickering onto the odd girl's lips, as her mind flies out and enters Sun's mind with a fierce intensity at first, before her girlish voice breaks through. (Why are you hurting Daisuke-san? I hope you're not being mean... I don't like it when people are mean!)

Rigwroth makes a light whining sound, darkness encompassing her. She reappears, behind Datenshi, with her arms laced around his waist, and her head perched down on his right shoulder, even as he twitches and spasm, "That's all I can handle, dear one." Is she saying that to Sun? Well, she's looking towards the felexian. And *wham* mental shielding flows all around Datenshi's mind, moving to block the mental assault. "It's not quite fair on my dear Datenshi, you understand." She says, her voice quite pleasing to the ear, and it's not condescending, she speaks as if she's having an everyday conversation with someone over tea and crackers.

Sun takes this advantage, two throwing knives appearing; one sails towards the spot between Datenshi's wings, while the other aims itself at the base of his skull; still she keeps up the attack, eyes narrowed bitterly as she now turns her attention to trying to ransack his mind (basically making a muddled mess, should it work). "Oh, I am not being mean...your 'Daisuke-san' killed a friend...and has brough my lover to the brink of death more than once." she states quietly to Emi, before her mental barries fly up, pushing Emi from her mind...

Sun takes this advantage, pulling out two throwing knives and sending one flying at Datenshi's throat, and one straight at his forehead, just as Rigwroth appears; another pair of knives are sent flying at Rigwroth's back, appearing from nowhere, one aiming for the heart, the other aiming for the base of her skull. She speaks to Emi, eyes not leaving the two. "Oh, I am not being mean...'Daisuke-san' killed a friend...and has brough my lover to the brink of death more than once." she states quietly to Emi, before her mental barries fly up, pushing Emi from her mind...

Datenshi's divorced part of his mind that had been amassing since berserk Sun started torturing him; his pain-resistance that has kept him going though many battles worse then this one seems to kick in when it realises Sun's throwing something at him. What are they? Datenshi barely amasses the cumulated effort to lop his head to the side, as the knife aimed for his forehead... stabs him in the eye; that's a great improvement! Fortunately, it dosn't drive beyond that into the skull. The second catches him in the throat and strikes right beside the windpipe- what do you expect with him jerking around- blood flowing down his skin as Rigwroth reasserts his mind but still opens him up for ample pain. Asserting his blurred vision enough to narrow those demon-red eyes- or eye- of his at Sun, but there's not much he can do when berserk Sun's there and Rigwroth's holding him back. However, Datenshi does gather the force and hurl his will on all the shadow around Sun as she's talking to Emi- all the shadow around her taking kinetic force and striking her at every part of her body with force capable of snapping her leg for example sideways and exposing the bone easily, since she is within /his/ domain and he won't condone her tresspassing upon it!

Dragonmaster Cale continues his tracing in the dirt, of course. Since now he and Samantha are the only one's out here.

  • tink tonk* The daggers flung at Rigwroth find their course, but only go in a few cenimeters before stopping. Meeting something hard underneath Rigwroth's skin. The dragon shifts her body, the daggers falling out and she sighs, nibbling at Datenshi's ear as she speaks, "Dear girl, I wasn't here to fight you, but if you go around throwing things at my vital organs, I might start to retaliate." He says, giggling as she pulls away from the ear nibble, turning her head to look backwards towards Sun. Emotions, it's one of the things Rigwroth can control in other people around her, it's also one of her favorite amusements. And Sun will start to feel a deep rise of calmness and apathy emotions beginning to well up within her slowly.

Emi tilts her head in the opposite direction, blinking cutely up at Sun as the Felixian attempts to force the odd girl from her head. With a mental pout she withdraws her link and directs a brief frown to Datenshi and the woman gripping him just in time to see the knives slam home. Her ruby gaze widens alarmingly and she disappears, reappearing a few feet closer, "Mou!" She frowns desperately, "Daisuke-san! If you've been mean then I'm not allowed to help you and I want to, so tell me you haven't been mean!!" She leans forward, peering up into his good eye, tears actually seeming to glisten within her own, two good eyes.

Sun narrows her eyes, her mind expelling the attempted forced emotions; she dissapears as she feels the shadows ripple around her, going missing for the time being...though she does send Emi a memory of what Datenshi just did to Samantha AND to her.

Samantha remains in the land of the unconscious mind, though her wounds are by now (OOC: assuming Cale's/Tri's healing is continuing?) relenting their incessant bleeding. This is not obvious from her form, which is soaked in sticky red, in places streaked with yellow mucus.. but for all this the gem at her collarbone remains intact, glowing brightly and even keeping disruption from the flesh around it.. and... something seems once more to be beating in her chest, the slow, forced rhythm of her breathing broken by a more erratic thumping at her left breast.

Datenshi grits his fanged teeth and bears them, closing his seriously damaged eye as blood runs down his cheek and his ear is nibbled on, there's not much the Dark angel can do as Emi's staring at him with tears in her eyes. "... Once someone made something bad for me, and I struck back, then they struck back- In the end it's come to this. So no, I wasn't mean first." In fact the story is completely true, and Emi will be able to feel the absolute conviction within his mind. Grabbing onto Masamune and staring around, the Dark angel can't feel but somewhat uneased by the fact Sun dissapeared again- not even within the shadowplane floating are things particularly stable at the moment....

Dragonmaster Cale makes a final line in the dirt, and then embeds Trinune down inside of it. He then stands in the center of the dirt traces and grips Trinune tightly by the blade, a light blue glow starting to flow inside of the traced dirt, around Cale, and around Trinune. Magic rising.

Rigwroth spins around with Datenshi, keeping her hands around his waist though, and her head moves back to rest on his shoulder again. "She's a tricky one, hard to follow, isn't she dear Datenshi? I'm not sure which of you is going to win this fight. It is a really, really good tale, though." She says.

Emi leans back, biting down on her full lower lip and shaking her head, continuing to stare at Datenshi with her eyes wide and twinkling. "Daisuke-san.." she mumbles quietly, "I-I'll miss you..." she manages the tiniest of smiles, so soft and sweet.. and then disappears. But something remains behind, a consciousness reaching out for Datenshi's and attempting to draw it into a warm embrace.. loving and tender. Good-hearted, but not good.. the intention just to make things more -right-, for him, here and now.. to ease his passing should it come.

The knife in Datenshi's neck twitches slightly, before the sharp tip of the blade jerks, attempting to sever both the jugular vein, and his windpipe, at the same time. "Die..." comes the hiss again, though not until after the knife begins it's movements.

Back in the mortal plane, on the rubble-strewn floor of the Badlands, a shiver wracks Samantha's body.. a gentle moan parting her cracked lips. This turns into a soft, but pained coughing, blood trickling from either side of her mouth. "Uhh... I... ugh...." her back arches, the action opening some of her barely sealed wounds, causing fresh crimson to rush from within her form... but these quickly fold over, leaving such ravaged, burnt and torn flesh on the outside. (Sun-chan.. I... I'm alive.... I... I think.....)

Datenshi is responding to what Emi said and the whole feeling which people have been trying to contact deep within him, and that feeling once did have a name. Sa... sats.... no, it's beyond him to think about that. Which is good because now he can concentrate on feeling the knife moving around in his neck and sever side of the windpipe. It's times like these when he grips his razor-sharp claws around the knife-handle and blood runs down his neck that- not only is he in a vacuum- that the Dark angel has absolutely no reason to breath. Gripping onto it and casting it through one of the open anti-shadows, Datenshi wordlessly thinks about what to do now with Sun on the loose as Masamune's aura seems to pulse a cold deep wintery blue shade, but it's never done that before. The outside still crackles with the abyssal energy, but that's just self-explanatory now.

Dragonmaster Cale looks over towards Samantha, "Stay safe." Deciding it's probably still stalemating as it was before, he then clenches tightly around Trinune, the magical runes he's been carving for the last few minutes lighting up in the dirt around him. And then, ker-CRACK! Magic erupts out from around his body, covering him in a swirling blue. A second later, the same spell will atempt to latch onto Datenshi, how? Well, Cale and Trinune have a complete and total scan of his magical aura, and so can link it to a spell rather easily. The spell? Well, it's going to be teleporting Datenshi and Cale off into another dimension, one of Cale's sealed dimensions. There's other words written in the dirt, and they say '-Sorry Sun, forgive me. Datenshi is evil, and he will pay. You seem to be stalemating. And...he killed my best friend Adan, yours is still alive. I need a few more words with him, after more reflection anyway. Let your bloodlust be satisfied, and take care of your Sammy. Thanks!' The runes all fizzle away after the spell is cast, of course. Used up.

Rigwroth's eyes widen as Datenshi disappears from her arms, and she looks down at the empty space, immediaetly moving to track where her minion went too. She was busy playing dang it! She shifts back out of the normal plane, narrowing her eyes down and folding her arms. Unable to get a way into the sealed dimension...if Allasandria were here she could start an effort on it, but she's not a seal breaker. A deep and low growl issues up from her throat...that was irritating.

The magic clears away, the blueness drifting off into nothingness. And Datenshi and Cale find themselves...in a sealed dimension. An empty dimension. Though, it's not black, Cale doesn't make black dimensions. But, it's not white like the one to keep out magic. This dimension is a blueish hue...a forever expanding blue, not the kind you can touch, just the color, all around. There also seems to be a floor of some kind, because both Cale and Datenshi are standing on it, and Trinune is embedded into it. Soon, she's pulled out though. Cale, sideways from Datenshi, turns his head to look over, then blinks, o O ( Geez...Sun did...I should of left it, he looks bad... ) He thinks to himself, but, then, he wouldn't of been able to ask..this.. "Why?" His word echo's across the dimension.

Datenshi stands amonst the blueness looking the worse for wear, what with the blood running down from his closed eye and running down his neck from where the wound is- not to mention his gloves have blood smeared down across the inner palms from where his own claws digged into him when Sun was mind-assaulting him. Masamune is half-held with blade blackwards and resting on the 'ground' of the dimension and still looks oddly shaded with a darker blue then the blue around it, abyssal black lightning-like energy flying around it almost as if that aspect isn't controlled by the Dark angel anymore. Black pants torn from the leg up to the knee and tattered where scorch-marks run deep, also up his back and one tattered wing with scant-black feathers while it's twin seems to crackle half-heartedly with that darker still blue energy even more shaded then that from Masamune. Yeah, there have been better days, "... You know why." Datenshi could explain why of course, /that/ incident happened but that's not why Cale's asking- the Dragonmaster's asking why the Dark angel is the way he is. And somewhere there's a Cale who took the same path as him, but for completely different reasons, "... What would you have me do?" That's another unanswerable question.

Dragonmaster Cale stays quiet a moment, letting out a slow breath and turning towards him fully. "Can you heal? I feel bad fighting you injured. Gomen, I would of let Sun finish you off if I knew you were losing..." He trails off and glances around, then back towards the dark angel. "Change, try to change. Ohh, maybe you did." He says, sighing once again, the wings on his back twitching, "And I'm sure Adan attacked you first, if you tell me, because I believe you, Datenshi. Because, you're my friend." He grows silent another moment, before continuing, "It's really sad...remember, back a few months ago? Same thing as before, Datenshi..."

Datenshi flinches visibly and turns his head at Cale saying anything about him loosing, "... I was going to win eventually, all I had to do was remove the Gem from her neck." That's like removing Kawatta from the Ace of Winchester; it's just never going to happen though the Dark angel's succeptable to the fact of doing the impossible like stealing Crescent from Damon the Overlord. And now trying to win against Cale; poor, poor misguided Dark angel Satsuke. "... It's just a flesh wound..." Though looking at Datenshi's side leg you can see it's slightly bent and Masamune seems more drooped then usual, so it probably isn't at all but simply his stubborn pride, "... A few months ago I sent a soul according to my beliefs to the only peace it could find; your beliefs are different to mine, that's why this happened. The laws of the city of Neotokyo expect those who come from dimensions from far and wide to adhere to strict precepts and there is no room for reform except for the select few. I am not capable of such drastic reform; should I then die because I don't belong to the society I was thrust into unwillingly?" Surely that can't be the case, as Datenshi coughs up blood from the throat wound and covers his mouth with a razor-clawed hand. Really, battle moves so fast the real pain dosn't set in until long after everything's cooled down again.

Dragonmaster Cale sighs deeply and actually places Trinune's tip in the floor to lean against the blade, the wings on his back twitchtwitching behind him, a feather falling to the floor, or whatever actually counts as a floor in this place. He stares at nothing for a moment, before he finds his voice again, "Adan...Adan was my friend, I hadn't seen him for years...years. I finally meet him again, and then my other friend kills him." He sighs deeply, "Even if he struck first! You said you were overmatched for him! You could of let him leave alive!" She slumps down into a cross legged position, laying Trinune across his lap. "And the with Samantha, you promised me, you gave me your -word-, that you wouldn't do anything to someone unless they came after you first, Datenshi." He holds a hand up before him, staring into his palm, "Was it just a lie? Did you say it so I wouldn't kill you back then?" He looks up towards the dark angel, his eyes actually somewhat watery and blurred.

Datenshi sighs and closes his undamaged eye as his injured leg almost buckles from the weight of his own body, Masamune's black abyssal lightning-like energy cracking as if to urge him to stand strong, "... The Shinigami technique always strikes to slay the opponent, once I started to battle with Adan I had no choice but to take the risk hoping that he would be able to dodge the worst of my attacks..." That's what Datenshi meant by it being partially Cale's fault for misinforming him, as his torn and tattered black-feathered wing gives a violent shudder while it's almost fully intact twin partially responds in kind and Datenshi reaches deep into his midnight shirt- wrapping his hand around something and pulling the ancient jug out with cord wrapped around his hand, "... Samantha came at me first, having anyone with /that orb/ with linkage to the Kinomoto family didn't instigate my trust immediately even then..." Standing up strongly now and drinking from the black Daginjo sake, Datenshi looks solemly at Cale with his intact eye- "I didn't lie, I never /sought/ violence since that time you pulled me deep within the Area. And yet here we are anyway, deep within a dimension of no escape..."

Dragonmaster Cale nods his head, closing his eyes and wiping at them in order to keep them dry. "Mm." He says in response, slowly getting back up, albeit unsteadily, to his feet, not pulling Trinune free though, her tip dug into the ground, he leans against it for support. "I see." He says, letting out a slow breath, "Do you think it was meant to happen like this?" He says softly, stretching a hand out as if to encompass the entire dimension they're in, "Me and you, fighting? Dang it, Datenshi..." He takes in a sheer breath, closing his eyes, "...I don't have a choice, do I? I can't...I can't let you live, you'll...you'll kill more people, on accident even, because so many people hate you." He almost slumps to his knees, but he tightens his grip on Trinune to keep up, "You don't understand, you're my -friend-...I don't...I don't think you even can see how deep the meaning of that word is to me." He sighs, straightening up, his wings folding in tight. "Can you...?"

Datenshi sits there looking rather unsure how to answer that question since what friends he's had are few and far between; could he even call Rigwroth a friend? "... Tell Daizy i'm sorry." Even if Datenshi dosn't die in this battle, the Dark angel's chances of seeing her again are not even worth thinking of- two daughters, what are /they/ going to be thinking about all this? Nenwavriana, everyone that still exist upon this dimension and all those he's visited- thinking about this Datenshi kneels down abruptly and pulls something out of his shadow, pouring it into the Jug and closing the li- spinning it around before staring at the Dragonmaster with the most hidden expression he can manage to hide any regret, "I'm sorry if I betrayed you, but I tell the truth for what I did to Adan and Samantha. However, if what you need to do fulfils your ideals- I'm ready for both Trinune to be brought forth upon me."

Dragonmaster Cale frowns deeply, lowering his head and closing his eyes, trying to force the stupid tears to stop from coming out. "Dang it, Datenshi..." He says softly. He takes a weary step towards the dark angel, then stops and falls down onto his knees, Trinune clattering onto the floor next to him. His hands move up and he pushes the palms up into his eyes. "...was it meant to happen like this? Tell me...someone...Althena..." He almost reaches for a phone to call Kawatta, but realizes he's not able to be reached here, that's what he did last time. "...you just don't understand. I don't -want- to kill you!" He growls, the wings on his back ruffling, feathers flying as he opens his eyes, wiping at the dumb tears that won't stop falling. "I never thought...I never thought I'd see this...having to decide to kill my friend. What kind of choice is it?!" He gets up to his feet, huffing and shaking his head, Trinune fadeing from the floor into his hand. He takes in one slow and calm breath, "Datenshi." He says, softly. "I can't give you another chance, do you understand? Do you understand why I have to do this? Please, tell me...because, I don't think I do...but I know I have too..."

Datenshi turns his head to the side and down and closes his remaining eyes, as if wondering all along that he could cause such suffering in Cale tears him inside in two- and Masamune crackles with black energy as it tries to repress the larger glowing of that chilling shade of wintery blue, "... Over a thousand dimensions to which I could have travelled, I'm glad I met you Cale. But if you don't want to fight me, but you have to..." The concepts of doing things for a greater good are beyond his grasp though it's something that's tearing the Dragonmaster apart, as the Dark angel shuffles his wings and wonders why things had to turn out this way, "... There's part of me that understands but another that..." Datenshi dosn't like causing Cale needless suffering and yet is unable to prevent it, and this frustrates him more then anything else. "I can't tell you what to do Cale, you're going to have to figure that out for yourself. But I don't want to hurt my friend either."

Dragonmaster Cale moves over and actually just sits down cross-legged across from Datenshi. He rests Trinune across his lap, resting one hand on the hilt, and one hand on the flat of the blade. He stares towards the semi-mangled dark angel in front of him. "I just...I just can't let you go...but, I..I won't live with reget either." He closes his eyes, taking in and out a slow breath, "It's not fair...it's not fair at all." He opens his eyes back up, staring at Datenshi, "We all choose the path we walk..." He sighs and rubs his head, "...arrrgh! I hate having to think! It gives me a headache!" He settles down, gripping Trinune's hilt tightly, he then holds his hand out, a straberry italian soda forming in his hand, he takes a sip, then sets it down next to him. That's...a little better. The grip on Trinune tightens even more, his knuckles turning white, "So, Datenshi..." He says, trying to keep the choking sound out of his voice, and keep the tears from coming back on him, "...shall we fight?" He says, letting out a very, very slow breath, he doesn't want to at all...

Datenshi drinks from his ancient jug with the tattered cord, drinking his Daiginjo sake while Cale drinks the strawberry italian soda, and now the Dark angel dosn't seem to be limping anymore and the wound in his neck seems a bit smaller, though his closed eye is still running with blood, "... That's the path that's been chosen, then so be it. Maybe once this is done Yuki'll be a little happier." Datenshi turns so he's back in the long-stance with back-heels raised and wings tensed, swinging Masamune up onto his front shoulder with black energy arcing upwards to the ready and his other clawed black-gloved hand out the side and rippling with the sacred white energies. This is mostly all a farce to hide his real emotions, but then it makes it easier this way on both of them. Datenshi can't help but take a deep breath before starting with a closing of his eyes, and while there's no wind within this dimension there is something wintery and cold about the air around Datenshi all of a sudden. o O ( So this is it, Cale's going to kill me. Wonder what death's like in a dimension without an astral plane? )

Dragonmaster Cale gets up to his feet and steps back a good number of feet, holding Trinune in his hand. He shifts his foot, taking in and out a slow breath. "Yuki's only happy when Ayika is petting him." He informs the dark angel, he looks down at Trinune, then over to Masamune, then over to Datenshi's face. A white light ripples along Trinune's blade, that's that? Oh, it's just the power of God, that's all. He bites his lip, knowing he needs to do a few things, setup a bright light spell, trap Datenshi in an anti-magic spell, and then turn him to nothing with the power of God flowing in Trinune right now. "Or.." He says, frowning, almost closing his eyes. They go half-lidded and he looks to the side. He then extends Trinune out, not towards Datenshi, but towards his head, magic spilling and flowing off of the blade, twisting and morphing, a black mist flows around the magic gathering, then fades away...revealing...Datenshi, or well, a flesh and blood lifeless simulation, "...here you are." He says softly, looking over at Datenshi and then lobbing the lifeless body's head off with one smooth stroke, then three more slashes leaves the body sliced and bloody. He looks down at the mess, and back to Datenshi, "I'm...I'm going to...to do it again..." He says, letting out a deep sigh, "..because, I -won't- regret my actions for the rest of my life. It's not meant to happen like this, Datenshi. I don't believe in stupid destiny, or fate. If I did, I would of never found Ayika. I'm going to send this mess to Metropolis, dump it in front of the police station. Then...I'm going to let you go, but..." He turns towards you, "...I'm going to seal your magical aura, meaning you, from ever entering the dimension of Metropolis again." He narrows his eyes down, bringing his hand up to try and wrap white magic around you, to do just that. o O ( It's right...I know I'm right, he's my friend, dang it... )

Datenshi is all ready to head towards his final dismise with his intact eye almost ready to wince against his better judgement when Cale dismembers the lifeless simulation of him right before his eyes when the Dark angel can almost feel something more powerful then anything he could possibly imagine coming from Trinune, and it's not just that usual sense of nausea that he feels from her magical emission, "... Never return to Metropolis again?" Datenshi lets Masamune slip down his arm and relaxes his wings, taking a deep relieved breath of air since Cale had come up with something that he would have never thought about, "... Seal my magical aura, and if you ever find Metropolis collapses like Neotokyo did I'll be waiting to meet you outside." This is meant to make the Dragonmaster feel better about the banishment, and the Dark angel feels that sooner or later he would have been displaced to another dimension anyway. As the white magic wraps around him Datenshi wonders where he's going after this, as his aura is sealed from Metropolis.

Dragonmaster Cale closes his hand together, the white magic disappearing. "There..." He says quietly, sheathing Trinune behind his back, he walks over to stand in front of Datenshi. "There's a hole in that dimension you came out of with that dragon, um...Re..Ri..whatever her name is." He lets out a slow breath, "She keeps banging on the outside of this, tell her sorry." He shifts his footing, then snags his soda up and dumps it over himself. She then lunges forward to try and hug tightly around him, tears flowing down her eyes, "Datenshi, my friend...I'm sorry I couldn't stay with you longer and try to help you down another path. Forgive me, please?" She says, before a hole opens up within the blue behind Datenshi, and Carla reluctantly steps back, "I'll see you again, when Metropolis collapses." She shifts her footing and she holds Trinune against herself, hugging the sword for comfort, "Go on then, there's other worlds than these." She says, giving a light fanged smile, trying to hold back her stupid tears unsuccessfully.

Datenshi pauses before finding himself hugging Carla tightly and nods solemnly, "See you at the end!" As if this is an event when they'll meet each other again for sure; a form of hope that means that this won't be the last time they see each other ever. Gripping onto Masamune and swinging it up onto his shoulder, the Dark angel feels nothing more like a dimensional Ronin at the moment- nodding hesitantly to Carla before turning around and walking into the dimensional hole without any regrets- a few scant feathers falling behind and drifting side to side, touching the ground behind them and dissapearing without a trace along with Datenshi himself...

Dragoness Carla watches the hole close, and then looks over, still hugging Trinune. She waves her hand and the -remains- of Datenshi fall through a hole as well, to be dumped in front of the Metropolis police HQ. The girl then sinks down to her knees and closes her eyes, hugging Trinune and deciding to just talk to the blade for awhile in her own little world.

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