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Sethary Ellis Dark
Full Name: Sethary Ellis Dark
Alias: Seth

Occupation: Local Crackpot Inventor
Series: Original

Threat Level: Street Sweeper
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Gender: Male
Species: Human

Short Description: Seth is an inventor with bad luck. He has pyrokentic abilities, an obsession with steam machines, and tends to dress steam punk-ish.

Sethary Ellis Dark
Age: 21 Birthdate: 7/14
Height: 5'10" Weight: 175

Despite living in a shack on a beach and having no income to speak of, the man standing before you is a shockingly well-dressed individual in a creaseless suit and tie, well minus the jacket at least. This and his fiery red and orange hair are likely the two things people first notice about him. To the more careful observer the next thing to note is the array of gadgets strewn about his person - all of them hand made from brass and copper. Abusing a technology commonly accepted as 'steampunk' this inventor tends to always have a new toy on him that he's currently working on from gauntlets that enhance strength to special goggles that enhance his vision. These sound fantastic of course, but they're not if the singe marks on his fingers and the occasional burnt spot on his clothing are any indication. His equipment usually fails spectacularly but you've got to give it to him for not giving up.

Sethary Ellis Dark
Seth was the youngest child of a renowned inventor, though he grew up constantly being told about his mother and sister he doubted they existed since he had known no one but his father his whole life. At a young age he started he started helping his father in the workshop building his gadgets. One day when his father was unveiling a new creation it exploded and took the inventor with it. No remains were ever found. It was presumed the flames burned hot enough to destroy the body.

From that day Seth worked to continue his father's work and try to find the error that caused the explosion, only he changed everything from normal mechanic's to steam power. Having the ability to create small amounts of fire helped in this task, however he did not have his father's luck. Nothing that Seth made ever worked, though he always kept trying he could never quite get there.

Despite his work and failures, he remains mostly positive and cheerful that his next projects will turn success. Though as the record shows, it's not likely.


Sethary Ellis Dark
-Tinkering; despite his luck with his own inventions, he can look at any built machinery and likely fix whatever is wrong with it in a matter of hours. He can often be found in the S-Mart parkinglot tinkering with a busted up Delta.

- Calming; He oddly seems able to calm most people down without trying just by chattering at them while their mad.

- Imagination: Sometimes he seems to beleive things that have never happened, have indeed happened and no one can convince him otherwise. This seems to happen more often the longer he is isolated in the church away from everyone else.

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