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The Pits, The Underworld, The Netherrealm, or simply Hell is a place on Twisted where the dead and dammed tend to congregate.

The City of Dis

Depending on how and where one enters Hell, it might seem easy to confuse with just another overlapping world on Twisted. This is far from the case however. It is made up of several layers which descend deeper and deeper into places no mortal man should ever dream to see.

Warning Warning: THIS INFORMATION IS NOT CONSIDERED PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE. Only those with legitimate lifetime knowledge of the arcane should know even half of the material covered in this page. Even those damned souls who reside in Hell probably couldn't explain each layer or what it contains knowing only about the layer they are currently residing upon. If a character should be found to know more than they should there will be IC consequences.

Knowledge is power, even in Hell.

Players who wish to enter the regions of Hell for any reason would do well to read over Death & The Afterlife: Hell's Rules and Policies before proceeding.

The Hell Council

Twisted's Hell became one of the first examples of worlds merging together on Twisted. It was formed when various alternate versions of Hell began to overlap. The demons and the dead were in chaos and no one was sure what to do or how to react. That is of course until Señor Diablo took control. Diablo set up the Hell Council to oversee and govern the newly combined Hells. The Council was granted seven seats representing different areas or aspects of this new Hell. Now unified and following a unified goal, the Hell Council began to encourage worlds to connect and merge deliberately with the idea that these worlds would merge eventually on their own and speeding up the processes would simply allow them to control how the end result came out. This outlook was a constant source of conflict between Twisted's Council and the Hell Council as the two never saw eye to eye over the matter, neither did the idea that there were innocent souls in Hell who had arrived due to merging worlds and did not belong. This eventually led to the war between the two Councils that nearly destroyed Twisted.

A Tourist's Guide to Hell

If using the Waiting Room as your point of entry, characters will first find themselves having to pay the Oarsman to cross the River Styx. The river cannot be crossed by any other means. From there they'll find themselves in the endless Wasteplanes, the third layer of Hell. Purgatory rests above them with the Astral plane above that. These are of course more overlapping than literal, but demons like bureaucracy. From here down things get very literal.

The Endless Planes

Here, save for red skies, there's very little to warn someone of their dammed location. The terrain will go on forever and scattered all around are abandoned cities. The cities are in good repair and the shops are even fully stocked, but you'll not find a single soul to be found in them. As Señor Diablo would explain, the dammed are constantly building and abandoning these structures trying to stay in view of the sun-like orb that travels across the skies. The orb is actually a giant eye and the self absorbed feel attracted to it trying to always keep the center of attention. It's best not to pay these types much mind.

Beneath the cities are various tunnels and sewers which all fall into a dark, black abyss. There the most basic of scaffolding exists from the poor souls who've tried to climb up or down through this layer of the Hells. It is extremely dangerous and falling will plunge one into the infinite nothingness for all time. But if you insist on continuing...

Eventually all paths lead to a church. A single, ordinary building straight out of one's darkest nightmares about the Black Mass. It is filled full of bodies, all of them butchered, mangled, and very fresh. They hang on hooks, are draped across tables and pews, and everywhere are candles which eternally burn making it impossible to look away. This is a literal metaphor for leaving one's past behind and the final resting place of those who've tried to escape Hell and failed. Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

The Endless Wastes

Outside the Church is the "True Hell", the Populated Planes. Here are the Demon Cities such as Dis and home to Demons, Liches, Succubi, and the like. Every day the lesser dammed are brought to the Courtyard of Dis and put on trial by the Lord of Retributions who decides what eternal, infernal punishment they should receive. Here is also where soul coins are minted, one for each damned soul who should enter Hell. Each one represents ownership of the soul in question and these coins are used as currency regardless of the current fate of the person they stand for. Many are ignored and left to their own private tortures for all eternity, but some souls with especially noteworthy value are used to enslave those souls to the holder to do that person's bidding. Sometimes these souls are even forced into fighting in Hell's Colosseum, Malebolge, for the amusement of the demons who reside here. The Spire which houses Hell's Council's chambers can be found in this layer of Hell as well.

It is possible at this level to be trapped attempting to go any further downwards, left lost for all eternity amidst the dead, dammed, and screaming. Some places here, often called the Dreadplane, literally cannot be left again. Making it impossible to go anywhere else. But if somehow you should find your way to the Thorne Plane without falling prey to these horrors...

The Heart of Destruction

Considered the literal heart of Hell is the Heart of Chaos. A large round chamber with roads that snake along the walls all looking up at a giant beating heart, or a skull, or an eye, or whatever else it wants to be at this moment. As it is the Heart of Chaos it is always changing, always shifting. This is considered a highly spiritual area and all damned souls pass through here eventually. Along the roads here are the temples of worship for those who form the Council of Hell each plucked from their own minds and made real in more ways than one. However, there is always another layer below.

Traveling the sewers beneath the Heart of Chaos brings one to the House of Berith - the Grand Library of Hell. A massive library that contains a record of everything ever written down. All sins. All knowledge. It is from here that the Devil gains his power. It is here that the secrets of the universe can be found, with one specific exception.

The Labyrinth

Protected at the absolute bottom of Hell by a never ending Labyrinth rests the true face of chaos, an Elder God who would destroy the known multiverse if ever awakened. The Lord of this Labyrinth is the powerful demon, Leviathan, who presides over the maze of the mind. Leviathan's gaze pierces the very soul of those it falls upon, forcing them to experience every sin they've ever committed in life or death all at once. Serving the will of Leviathan are the horrid abominations known as Cenobites which have been twisted and mangled into a nightmare of leather and flesh and are always searching the Labyrinth for another to add to their rank.

The leader of the Cenobites is of course the one demon in Hell that even the Devil himself fears. The Hell Priest, Xipe Totec, who has authority over all the damned souls of Hell and has been known to even take members of the Hell Council should he find them guilty of needing his unique services. May you never have to meet him.

The Infernal Hierarchy

There are many different types of souls who reside in planes of Hell. While there are many different names for each type the Hierarchy of Hell can be separated into the following types. In some cases multiple names are listed as some will venomously refer to themselves as one name over another thus it is wise not to use any these terms unless you know exactly the preference of those you use it to describe.

Old Ones/Elder Gods - The beings that existed in the time before and corrupted the Angels of Heaven into rebellion
Forsaken/Archons - The Angels cast out of Heaven. Oldest and most powerful of those in Hell
Devils/Archfiends - Those born in Hell of Noble stock (descended from the Archons)
Nephilim/Fiends - The bastard children of Devils and Demons, often mistaken for demons because of inherited traits
Demons - Corrupted Human Souls or those created by the minds of men through misplaced worship, often have off-color skin or other non-human features
Succubi and Incubi - Fiends which take ideal human forms to seduce mortals
Daemons - The driving inner forces which guide humans and exist just beyond the mortal realms. These are released upon death and are often the cause of reported hauntings
Familiars - Imps which have been bound to servitude
Imps/Hellions - Infants and small animals sent to Hell with no moral upbringing or ethical development
Damned Souls - Mortal souls cast to Hell for various reasons
Lost Souls - Souls which have lost all connection and identity to their former mortal life

Due to the egos of the those which reside in Hell, each type of being on the Infernal Hierarchy tends to think themselves the better of the those below them. This class system goes out the window when Cenobites are included into the picture as they serve the Elder God Leviathan directly and by extension outrank almost everything on the list - including some members of the Hell Council.

Post Unification Background

This information was found to be a fabrication created by Señor Diablo himself:

During a war between legions of the undead and the Council of Twisted, a vast track of the main city was forcibly removed and banished to a neighboring reality. As this area was populated those who found themselves removed with it began to build outwards in this harsh environment which began to be known as Hell.

Unified by a Council created by Señor Diablo, the outcast citizens managed to force back the undead and push the boundaries of that settlement into a full city. Since taking control of Twisted's Council, Diablo has been bringing those innocent souls back to Twisted and has actively sought to help them acclimate back into their old lives. The current state of "Hell" is unknown at this time.

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