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The Hell Priest, Xipe Totec
Full Name: The Hell Priest, Xipe Totec

Series: Hellraiser
Class: Cenobite
Threat Level: Galactic Titan
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Gender: Male
Species: In his current form, originally human
Age: Eternal
Birthdate: Sometime in 1888, currently

Short Description: Don't expect to see Pinhead roaming around randomly. He only comes when he's called or on a mission. If you call on him make it for a good reason or you might find yourself dragged to Hell for an experience far from enjoyable.

The Hell Priest, Xipe Totec
Xipe Totec: The Hell Priest, The Lead Cenobite, The Black Pope of Hell, The Angel of Suffering, The Dark Prince of Pain, Leviathan's Lord of the Damned or simply 'Pinhead'.

Pinhead is not a force to be taken lightly, there is little about his appearance that isn't intimidating. His pale face has had the hair removed, revealing a grid cut into his very flesh. Each square of the grid which wraps his face is exactly the same dimensions as the one beside it, and at each corner a long identical nail protrudes, having clearly pierced into the very bone of his skull. His clothing is made of some form of black, skin-tight leather which falls down around his feet like robes. Hooks protrude randomly at various places, for example along where one would wear a belt, and from them tools to make his duties easier hang. Knives, saws, embalming tools, all of them are constantly displayed on his body. Upon the few strips of flesh which are visible on his body below his neck blood flows freely. As his attitude shows, he is oblivious to this. It's not that he can't feel it, he simply doesn't care. If he has arrived, it is because he has been summoned or he has a task at hand.

Do not incur his wrath. With a nod of his head anything can be turned into a weapon of torture in the room around him or if he so chooses weapons will emerge from the shadows for him instead. In fact, barbed chains falling from the ceilings to hungrily rip and tear at random flesh is one of the sure fire signs he is near. He is one of the few forces of Hell that even the Hell Council fears. You would do wise to treat him with the same respect...


The latest incarnation of the Cenobite spirit Xipe Totec, Pinhead was born Eliot Spencer. In World War I, Eliot acquired and opened the Lament Configuration - an ancient artifact that served as a portal to Hell. He was taken into the darkest pits of Hell itself and transformed into the Hell Priest: leader of the Cenobites and servant to Leviathan.

As Twisted's Hell is a multiverse as well, it would only be a matter of time before Leviathan's Labyrinth became connected and with it, his most trusted guardian. As such Pinhead roams the lower levels of Hell, avoiding Señor Diablo's politics, and maintaining the 'proper' order of things. Will he ever make a play for control? Let's hope not.


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