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Given the multitude of worlds that intersect Twisted Street, it's no surprise that it features one of the largest cemetaries of nearly any world in existance. As the dedication on the gates reads, "To all the lost souls that where never laid to rest, this cemetary was created. May the gods, goddesses, and wizards of each world bring forth the bodies of those left behind. We offer this sancutary to those unburied and forgotten spirits never given a place to sleep. May they finaly find the peace they deserve..." It is truely something that must be seen to believe.

Inside the cemetery is a large cathedral, a statue of the Grim Reaper, and a large cherry tree atop a hill surrounded by nameless graves. Currently most of these areas are inaccessible from the main grid for various reasons.

External Description

Cemetary Lane(#2348R)

More of a description than a name, this road turns towards and into a massive cemetary. It's as if the collective worlds that cross Twisted have converged here to bury their dead. It seems to go on and on. Every so often, the odd pairing of a street lamp and a bench in front of the fence seem to be the only decorations. Even from here, a large cherry tree is visible within the gates of the cemetary. Somehow such a sign of life seems oddly inappropriate.

Internal Description

Cemetary - Inside the Gates(#2370R)

As you step inside the gates, a chill wind blows past your face, although the temperature remains as it was, making you stop and wonder what it is making you shiver thusly. After a moment, your thoughts collected and resolve confirmed, you look forwards once again, having entered further into the graveyard, the gates of which you can see far behind you. Looking ahead once again, you take in the scene with more clarity. In the middle, the cathedral seems to stretch to the clouds in the sky, so tall does it seem when up close. Off to the right, the path bends around to where the withered tree could be seen earlier. To the right, the path leads to the lively cherry tree, its bright red fruit reminding you of freshly-spilt blood on battlefields across the multiverse. Three paths, one choice. You privately hope that you make the correct one.

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