2004-11-03 (PreU) Watcher's Cliff part 2

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Watcher's Cliff part 2

Summary: An unfinished scene continuing the previous one.

Who: Johnny_C, Munin
When: November 3rd, 2004
Where: Chronos, Watcher's Cliff

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Watcher's Cliff(#447R)

High above the Guardia Fairgounds, this naturally made cliff overlooks not only the fairgrounds but most of the Kingdom as well. Local legends tell of a spirit or a pair of spirits that are rumored to have been seen standing up here silently watching over life in the area for as long as anyone can remember. Typically regarded as a local ghost story, the tale does have one thing right... the best view of the Kingdom is right here...

Johnny sits beside Munin's sleeping form staring off at the festival going on down below. With his arms crossed he watches amused at the goings on, especialy when a phantom cat leaps through the crowd and vanishes. From behind him the smell of freshly cooked food comes from a boxed pacakage that appears to have been just made. But how he got from the shop at the fair to here before it got cold is a mystery... Munin slowly but surely awakens, the smell of food dulling the dreamshock *OOC: my word for the experience of going from unconscious to conscious*. Her still half-lidded eyes blink away sleep as she gradually sits up, yawning a bit as she looks down at the festival thats in full swing, silent

Johnny's grin widens a bit as he hears the girl yawning from the sleeping bag beside him. "Mornin'! Got you some food over there. Help yourself." His gaze never faulters from the activities below.

Munin hm's inquisitivly, before looking at the box of food, and wearily begins to do justt hat: help herself, and her appitite is quite large, it seems, once one examines the contents and how quickly they begin to disappear

Johnny glances over his shoulder and snickers, then looks back down at the fair. "Every year they hold the same fair. Every year the same events, the same games, the same attractions. I mean aside from the thing a few years back with the girl that disapeared nothing ever changes. They never see the grand picture... it's funny.. that sort of thing used to annoy me, now i sort of enjoy it."

Munin speaks between bites "that brings... to mind an old... saying.... about it being.... better to NOT know.... certain things"

Munin swallows, and adds "Most down there, if they knew the truth about some things, i imagine would not be able to live so happily and so simply..."

Johnny laughs, "I think I must be the poster child for that one!" Casting a glance over his shoulder again as Munin adds to the comment, he sighs and stands up. "True. Too much goes by unseen... part of the reason I ended up here... but anyways, you sleep good?"

Munin nods "Unusually so.... usually i'm woken up by the sounds of animals and monsters slinking around the fire at night, so don't end up sleeping long..."

Johnny grins, "Well, remember me talking about the energy in the mountain? The animals don't normaly take kindly to it. They avoid the place like a vampire to a church." ((OOC Did they have vampires here?)) "...so that's not too unexpected. Part of the reason I like the place so much."

Munin nods (It's so quiet.... ) "Vampires? not familiar with them.... " (OOC: not sure. gonna guess 'no' for now)

Johnny groans and thinks for a moment, shrugs, "Sorry, old stories from where I come from. Undead things that drink blood and hated religious stuff."

Munin aahh's "Some monsters do that... just where ARE you from, if i may ask... ?"

Johnny blinks. "Well... how much can I trust you to keep quiet? Give me some reason I can trust ya..."

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