2004-11-23 (PreU) Checking Up

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Checking Up

Summary: Munin returns to Watcher's Cliff.

Who: Munin, Johnny_C
When: November 23rd, 2014
Where: Chronos, Watcher's Cliff

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Watcher's Cliff(#447R)

High above the Guardia Fairgounds, this naturally made cliff overlooks not only the fairgrounds but most of the Kingdom as well. Local legends tell of a spirit or a pair of spirits that are rumored to have been seen standing up here silently watching over life in the area for as long as anyone can remember. Typically regarded as a local ghost story, the tale does have one thing right... the best view of the Kingdom is right here...

Munin sits by a small tent, with a campfire made before her, some small animals cooking nicely. In the meantime, she gazes over the edge of the precipice *sp?*, lost in thought once again

The shadows around the flames flicker as the light dances accross the darkness. Unatualy a few of them seem to change direction, against the flames. Abruptly, the mass of shadows races accross the ground towards the path leading up the cliff where they join the darkness already cast by the edge of the forest. Seconds later, out steps Johnny once more. As he silently walks up towards Munin, a smile crosses his lips. "I figured you'd be in another town by now..."

Munin blinks, then looks sideways, one eye glancing at Johnny, somewhat threateningly, until she recognizes who it is, and relaxes a little bit "This mountain holds more interesting secrets than any town...". (Not like i really have somewhere to go anyway.... )

Johnny chuckles a little as he ducks down into a crouch beside his newest aquaintence. "I see... back for the mountain, not the maniac?" Flashing her a manic smile he looks out over the edge of the cliff at the dim lights of the village in the distance. "Find out anything more about that kingdom you keep asking me about?"

Munin shakes her head "Not a lot. a marking here and there, but of little use or information.... but i've only searched a small area of a big mountain so far. Luckily, im patient....". A memory of some random researcher from the past coems to her mind, the researcher commenting on her stubbornness (Whichever works better, i suppose... )

Johnny nods slowly... "I see. Why you so intrested in that dead kingdom, anyways? What are you looking for?"

Munin says, "it's my nature to question.... much like it's the nature of that crackpot inventor i heard about on the nearby island to tinker."

Johnny blinks, "Crackpot? Oh! Yeah... heh... yeah, she um... get's around a bit, doesn't she?" Faded memorise suddenly play over his eyes as well and sends the strange man chuckling once more. "I guess that's as good a reason as any. I dunno, guess I thought you might be looking for something more specific... I do know a thing or two about things around here, you know. Plus... well... like I said, not like I have anything better to do these days."

Munin nods with a sigh "that makes two of us.... as for specifics, i've heard rumors of strange mutations in wildlife, and even time warps erupting in the past around here. Strange things to be natural occurences"

Johnny winces and slowly turns his head back towards the girl, "Time warps? What, again?"

Munin shrugs "It's a rumor thats been flying around, although none are recent. More like rumors of things that supposedly happened than are currently.... i can't confirm or deny any of it for sure."

Johnny coughs realising how stupid his last question was... Thinking over things, and blaiming his mistake on too many years sitting quietly he shrugs off the missed comment and nods. "Yeah, all that is pretty odd... Is the, um... royal family doing anything about it? Or are the rumors not going up that high?"

Munin smirks slightly "Luckily, not this time. Seems to be mostly tales among the children to amuse each other...", her eyes a little distant

Johnny nods and stands up, his eyes going back to the village below. "I see... so your just here to crash, huh? Alright. I was just seeing if you where looking for anything... I guess I should leave you alone, huh?"

Munin shrugs "You've more place on this mountain than I.... it's not my place to tell you whether you can come or go."

Johnny shrugs, "I'm just here... Not like I do much these days anyways. Besides, as dull as things are I spend more time in that damn cave than anything..." As he says the last of his statement, his eyes glance over at the nearly invisible cave edge, hidden mearly by the jagged edges of the side of the mountain...

Munin glances at the crack, thinking (Wonder what's down there... better i wait a bit longer... just in case... if i seem to eager, it might be to my disadvantage) "Everyone has some purpose... just a matter of finding it..."

Johnny laughs and shakes his head, "Finding it... funny... I served my purpose a looong time ago. If my life ment a damn thing anymore, I think I wouldn't be here. Aside from the odd visitor here and there my whole life has just become nothing more than what you see. I mean, fate doesn't just drop someone off for a few years and come back to them again. My road ended... that's why I'm here."

Munin smirks "Oh, i'm sure it still has purpose... it's just changed direction...."

Johnny's smile fades and with a sigh he looks up at the sky again, "...don't say that. You know how long I spent trying to find a place that made me happy? How much shit I had to go through to find a place I felt like I belonged in?" Looking back at Munin with mournfull eyes he sighs again, "...as bored as I find myself, I'm not ready to go back..."

Munin asks, "did you find it, after all was said and done?"

Johnny takes a deep breath and sits down once more. "I guess so... I mean, all I wanted for the longest time was just to get away from it all. Find some place where the voices in my head would just switch off and I wasn't expected to do anything anymore. You know, kinda to find myself. I guess I did find it... I'm not really happy, but I've been content as long as I've been here. That's why I never tried to leave..."

Munin nods "Then you've at least found some measure of personal peace.... all you need now is to find a new direction to start travelling in. If even the dead serve a purpose, i can imagine you do, as well. You just need to decide what it is..."

Johnny shrugs, "Eh... I don't want to serve a purpose anymore. I had enough of that... All I do is watch things now... it's dull, but it's peacefull..."

Munin says, "thats still a purpose.... just not an involved one"

Johnny sighs and draws out one of his twin daggers, twirling the hilt absentmindedly, "I suppose so..."

Munin's eyes narrow on the daggers being drawn, and lock on them "You mentioned time gates 'again' earlier... does this mean they did occur at one time... ?"

Johnny winces dramaticly. As he does so his grip on the hilt faulters and the weapon drops into the dirt barely missing his leg. "Uh... huh? Yeah, I did? Um.. I heh, I just ment again, you know like the stories of the other ones... the um... legend of the current king and all that..."

Munin smirks slightly "Well... all legends have an element of truth to them, and usually one well hidden. i imagine the stories of the king and such are more than just heresay"

Johnny raises an eyebrow as he picks his dagger up once more. "Hmmm? What part of it?"

Munin shrugs "thats what im not sure of, but if all legends, myths, and stories have an element of truth, then maybe the king DID do something, and maybe there were some time gates...."

Johnny nods, "Yeah, there where time gates... he did go through time... I'm pretty sure for the most part they did complete what they set out to do... I mean, would be kinda stupid to go through all that effort only to give up and tell lies about it..."

Munin's eyes narrow again, thoughts playing across her expression "Interesting...."

Johnny stares back at Munin, "Huh? What is?"

Munin sweatdrops "L-lets jst say i've heard some very strange stories through the grapevine of some of their supposed 'exploits', and some that i had discarded might not be as fictional as i thought, if the gates WERE real..."

Johnny smirks, "I hear they're real... there's one down in the fairgrounds if you focus your eyes long enough... doesn't do anything, but it's there..."

Munin gets a sly grin, climbing to her feet "Really? THIS needs some investigating...".

Johnny blinkblinks at Munin stands, "Um... yeah... it's in the coutyard to the north of the bell..." as Munin....

Munin nods "I'll be back shortly. Thanks for the info". She takes off at a dead run, appearently too curious for her own good

Johnny stands slowly and stares... "I really run into the strangest people living up here...."

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