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Summary: Not too long ago, in a city very, very close.


ATTACK OF THE CHIBIS It is a peaceful day in the ruined City of Twisted. Jedi Exile, Jason Talben has taken a rest from his Harrassment of Darth Vader's Troops and has set off in search of some rest and relaxation.

As he does, Mei travels with her various potions and vials. She along with Usagi who is upset over being sent a package of Hentai pictures of Her and Beryl performing in the Pictures are unaware of the Chaos about to be unleashed

All three unaware of the Chaos that is about to be

unleashed. A form of Chaos called The CHIBI HORDE...

Who: chibi_horde, Jason_Talben, mei, usagi
When: January 15th, 2009
Where: City Ruins

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City Ruins
Well, "ruins" aren't exactly a fitting description, but when half a city suddenly finds itself uprooted and attached to Twisted, it's kinda hard to know what to call it. The streets which connect here are broken and cracked and some of the buildings seem to be in similar states of disrepair. However, the buildings are occupied, even if this was only a recent event. The citizens of the Twisted Street will take residence where they can find it, and from the looks of things this is a more stable area than some of the others. Occasionally you'll find shops here and there too although finding one that will let you in is a bit more of a challenge. Rumor has it there's a pet store hiding in the city somewhere...

Xue stands outside one of the many abandoned buildings, studying the architecture. Nothing uncommon, but seeing as her specialty is something else entirely, it IS something new to her, and always best to start small. She slowly slides her hand along the wall, studying one of the many cracks crisscrossing it. Suprising that despite this, it is still standing presently. She absently places a small gem of some kind into the crack as she brushes her hand over it, and moves on down the street.

Jason Talben the Jedi Exile has finally left the crash site of a Sith Lord and has extracted himself for a while both to recoup and let the Dark Lord stew over the Pranks and jokes Jason has been pulling on his troopers. He's got a pleased smile on his face and he is walking this area trying to at least help mask his presence should the Sith lord organize a hunting party. Looking around the notices Xue but other then offering a small not of greetings for the moment Jason does little as he walks around in his black Jedi Master Robes.

Mei quietly slips from somewhere nearby, carrying a large basket full of herbs, her fingers toying with a large flask, crooked grin on her shadowed lips. Her hair is covered with a red cowl, a black body suit covering her faint curves. She spots Xue quickly, her hands pulling her scarf like cowl a bit closer to keep her face covered, anyone who has spent over a minute or two around her though would be able to spot her quite easily.

Twisted, a apt name. Home to many thing, all in a unstable nexus point. Chaotic in the extreme, and just when you thought the chaos couldn't get ANY worse, it has. It begins with the sound of a series of loud engines and crashing sounds as buildings are shattered by the force of whatever it is coming. HEadlights appear in the distance, followed by Black Sabbath's 'Crazy Train'. Good classic music, but it might cause a chill to go up the spine of the NPCs that hear it. With the sounds of loud manical laughter the appear, the Chibi Horde has returned. Then the music changes to REM's 'It's the end of the World'. How apt that is as the Chibi's see a group and set a course for them like a wave of chaos. To quote Peter Venkman, 'Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together... mass hysteria!'. Yep, it's begun.

Xue stops and stares, a panicked look on the archmages face appearing. THEM! They made it to Twisted?!? Murpheys law once again kicks in, as does her flight spell. A word of power later, and shes up in the air, and hopefully out of their reach, as she looks down for a better look, as she readies another spell to defend herself, if need be. She hopes everyone else gets clear....

The Exile will sense something dreadly amiss as he turns to notice the Horde as it comes from the distance and he'll hold his lightsaber but not activate it as he looks over to Xue as the mage flies up into the air and Jason assumes a defensive stance. He catches note of Mei and knowing she said she wasn't a fighter he heads over to her to help protect here, "Mei Do you know what's going on?" he asks holding that dragon carved Rod firmly in his hand.

Mei's eyes widen sharply, she doesn't know whats going on, but she does throw the flask, basket over her shoulders, claws extending from her hands as she scales up sheer brick, her body soon facing downward, perched like a gargoyle, a burnet loop showing as she sort of squeaks, grabbing at a few small test tubes that drop... "Fuck. don't break don't break..." she mumbled.. Woo! Only one of them break, summoning up a giant marshmallow.. like one foot by one foot. She shrugs "I have no idea but it smells like pure chaos. Climb up!" she called out.. "And don't step on the red vial!" she pauses "Miss Mage! What is the group coming?" she yelled out, dark eyes glimmering.. The left one seems to be rolling up just faintly.

And the Horde comes into view. Yep, seems the stole a 18 wheeler, pulled behind the semi is a flatbed with a large...slingshot? The hell. And coming up with the semi is a bunch of mini motorcycles. Seems they've been busy. "Targets in range captain!" he yells out in the Semi cab, which looks like the bridge from the Enterprise. The one in the command chair nods, "..Disperse our forces to attack. Let's ROCK!!!" he screams out. And on the back of the flatbed one is loaded into the slingshot and laughs, "Fire me boys!!" note: He's dressed like JAck Sparrow. With a pull of the lever he goes flying, right at Xue. "CANNONBALL!!" and he begins rolling in mid air for added impact damage. The ones on the bike head to Jason and Mei, and if you think climbing a building will help you, think again as a couple of the bikes go to ride up the side of the building. Yep, the Chibi's got a copy of Ghost Rider and loved what they saw. As for Jason, the rest pull on Darth Vader helmets and ingite lightsabers. Leaping off the bikes the Horde goes to attack. Imagine dealing with a bunch of Yodas. Oh..and don't worry, the sabers won't kill you, they REALLY tickle on impact.

Xue is struck full on by the Chibi... or so it would seem. The Mislead spell she cast after flight works perfectly, and the chibi strikes the illusion of herself dead center.... and flies right through it. It vanishes, and she doesn't reappear anywhere, her escape clean.

The Exile will watch the Mage escape as he watches the Horde Descend upon him and he will activate his own double bladed lightsbaer. The Silver White blades will burst out the moment he sees those other lightsabers, The fact they now look like Darth Vader makes him laugh. "Let me guess Vader sent you here for my punishment." and he will watch as they start leaping and jumping. Thankfully at least for the first attack they won't land. Jason was ready as he leaps up and them a blast wave erupts from him to hopefully blow the horde back away from him to give him room to move and fight. Just because they are cute doesn't mean they are not dangerous. As for this Yoda, Jason doesn't know no Yoda, he does how ever know of Vandar, a member of Yoda's speices, and he recalls how Fighting that little imp is a bitch, fighting a swarm of them is not what he will consider a far fight as he will drop into Juyo, a very aggressive fighting form and the best form the Exile has for fighting many enemies, and fighting those with lightsabers.

Mei's fast, pretty delicate but fast. she darts to a light post to stand on it, taking a larger flask from her cowl to throw at the motorcycling psychos, her balance relatively good, despite her pointy heeled boots. The flask if it hits when thrown, should open up to cause a large wave of water to flood through and hopefully get them to leave her alone. She's cautious about attacking or even doing anything non defensive. "Poor Jason.." she mumbled to herself. She's quick, and nervous now, likely just a bit more athletic than she ever gives off.

Well, seems the Jason is keeping the Horde at bay, for now. But let's not forget these things have got a few tricks of their own, and they begin to hurl energy blasts at Jason, while a few close in to melee. And yes, the lightsabers on impact will still tickle, a lot. As Mei's flood works, it washes the Chibi's riding up the side of the building down, but they are undretered. And the Semi goes to RAM the building, aiming to bring it down as it goes out the other side. Needless to say some Chibi's are standing there with a trampoline for Mei to land on.

The Exile will get distracted when he sees that Semitruck go through a building and that allows the energy blasts to knock him down and back, perhaps the last this he will expect is to survive a lightsaber going through his chest and it tickles much less doesn't kill him and he laughs out and he'll yelp out and once more try another force push to get them away. Blood drips down his forhead and he has a number of cuts on him as he tries to jump onto his feet and take off after that Truck. Jason figures if they think this is all fun and games, if he breaks their toys he might convince them to A go away, or be direct all their attention on him so he can try to draw them out of the area. The Exile will attempt to leap and Jump up to where he can see the Truck and then throw his lightsaber to cleave through the air aimed at the Tires and wheels of the Truck. He also hopes he can avoid being hit by more energy blasts....

Mei shrieks as she's knocked back and off into the trampoline provided its not a trap. Of course, the whole fall has her a bit nervous, her claws flailing as she tries to escape the chibis. A few dolls and other children's gifts falling.. oh and pocky.. and an eye patch!. "GUh wahgh stop.. what the bloody 'ell?!?!?!" she yelled out, kinda rolling and trying to regain her bearings, definantly dizzy.

And into this chaotic mess, walks a figure looking rather irritated from the events of last night... how dare they.. HOW DARE SOMEONE DRAW HENTAI OF HER, MUCH LESS THEN SHOW HER????? Usagi's really fuming over this. "Stupid hentai artists... like I'd even do that with beryl..." she mutters under her breath, barely noticing the... wait... lots of little clones? Energy attacks? "What the?"

With a shriek the Horde's semi is hit by the saber. Mainly the flatbed part, the chibi's on it retreat to the semi part. "We lost the flatbed!!" the driver screams. Sitting back in the command chair (the cab part is done up like the classic Enterprise bridge nods, "Prepare ALL weapons. Battle mode!!" Okay, this could end bad. And the Semi transforms as guns and a few missle launchers appear on it. "FIRE!!!!" and the Semi opens up. For Jason, he'll get bombarded by Whip Cream grenades and Tabasco streams, long with the ki blasts, toned down to sting, and aimed at his rear no less. And don't worry Mei, the trampoline is not trapped. But once you land expect a lotta Chibi's taking pictures of you and then trying to dog pile you. As for poor old Usagi. Well, at the start of the scene one dressed like JAck Sparrow got shot out of a large slingshot and missed his target. Guess who's landing on you, lightly no less, "'ello there luv." and he goes to glomp and cop a feel.

Usagi blinks. blinkblinks. Looks down at a child-sized figure copping a feel... and lets out an unholy high pitched SHRIEK of outrage! She pulls back and does her best to try and punch the little creature off of her! "That's it... first last night now this... I want Haruka! THAT WAS ONLY SUPPOSED TO BE TOUCHED BY MAMO-CHAN!!!!!!!!!"

Mei aug!s Her body suit sort of pops a snap, causing a bit of cleavage to spill. "Augh hey quit ack hey lactating augh hey hey stop lookout!" she's pretty much flailing and squirming "Stop it!" she smacks ineffectively at the chibis attacking her. "Augh hey stop.." she really isn't busty but she's still girly and not very strong. She screams and squirms ;.;

Cute. Annoying. Deranged... Jason goes "Ohshit!" when he sees the conversion, and the weapons pop out and the Exile recalls his saber just as those blasts hit his ass and feels like he got a spanking. when those missiles and grenades launch he lashes out as he tries to knock away the grenades only to get them to explode in mid air and he is promptly covered in Whip cream! He stands there for a moment and blinks shaking his head. This makes no sense and so he takes stock of his comrads and when he senses at least for now they are not in any danger he once he assesses that lunches at the Truck again and the Idea of setting these on Vader's Ship and forces appeals to him as he starts to try talking to some of the Chibis, "Hey I know of a place where everyone is so dul and boring! How would you all like to fill those people with all your wonderful fun and games and teach them to smile and laugh!"

Well, let's start the round with Usagi, it's a sure bet even Uranus would be in over her head with this bunch. And the Chibi Sparrow is nailed head on, as he goes flying you can hear him say, "I love it when they play hard to get." and he crashes THROUGH a building, "....ow." Don't ask..cartoon logic. As for Mei, well, the Chibi's let her go..once they have all the pictures they want, go to add them to 'Hot or Not'. Yep..soon pictures of Mei will be all over what passes for the internet. And as for Jason. Well, a couple Chibi's listen. Oh..and you might wanna look behind you. All those ones with the ticklesabers..are right behind you, "..Give us a address and we'll think about it." "Does it have b33r?" Great one of them speaks l33t. "..Dude. This so pwnz." needless to say that one is dogpiled. Talk fast Jason, or you're gonna be tickle tortured to death.

Mei leans over and grabs one of the chibis ".. What are you doing?" she grabs one, sniffling Well is she hot or not? >:/ she squirms, buttoning her top to go try to help Usagi.. "Usagi-channnnnnnnnnn" she called out, she even wraps around the other yelling flat chested cute girl with a weird hair cut.. "You alright?" she asked, waughing nervously

Just as Jason was about to tell the Chibi horde the Location of Vader's crash sight he suddenly gets a flash of insight which would lead him to conclude it is an extremely bad idea, At least for the moment. A vision of these Chibi's unleashing hell on TWISTED using it to it's full power. And he Chooses not to. Still He's not willing to allow these things to cause much more harm as he turns to the horde behind him and leaps Backwards attempting to get onto the roof of the truck they stole and there he attempts to use the Lightsaber to cut his way into the cabin or bridge if possible to land on the truck.

Usagi runs over towards Mei and helps steady her. "Mei, what's going on, what is this?" At Mei's question, she shakes her head in either direction, pigtails flying in the air. "Uh-uh... that thing touched meeeee!" she wails this, apparently a bit freaked out. "I want Haruka and the others to come down here and kick their butts!" Yeah, she has alot of confidence in Haruka when it comes to defending her honor... too bad Haruka's one of the few senshi NOT in twisted.

As Jason starts to cut his way into the bridge..cab..whatever. One appears with a glaive, "HI there." and he brings the Glaive up, "Chibi Glaive APPLY!!" and he brings the glaive down, releasing a blast wave that should send Jason flying into the horde of the ones with the ticklesabers, if it impacts. Even if it doesn't the ones with the ticklesabers are in hot pursuit. As for Mei, the one that grabbed her looks between Usagi and Mei and puts on a pair of sunglasses, of course these glasses have 'X-Ray Specs' written on them, and then he wolf whistles.

Mei ers a bit "You want Tenoh san?" she asked, her hands going around Usagi to hug and glare at the little chibis "Apologize to Usagi-chan.. I'm used to the random shenanigans when it comes to being touched like that but she isn't!" she stomps her foot, and wobbles still a little dizzy "tenoh san vanished Usagi, you're going to have to learn to defend yourself or at the very least not freak out if twisted little beasts burrow their faces in your breasts." she pokes Usagi right in the boob lightly. "At least they aren't naked molerats. The one using X-ray specs, if they actually work.. would probally be in for a small treat."

The Exile will note the glaive Wielding Chibi, and he will bring his saber staff up and when the two connect Jason gets sent flying backwards into the horde allowing them plenty of time to start stabbing him with Tickle sabers. And there the Exile does nothing but Squirm and laugh as he struggles to clear his mind and focus. Finally he does the only thing he can he screams. But this is not a normal scream it's one that will be force empowered and should send out a soul chilling, shriek. that he hopes will both frighten and knock the Chibi's back.

Usagi hears the word 'glaive' in the distance, and can only assume Saturn's here somewhere. "Wait, X-ray?" She looks around, sees the one with the glasses... and sees RED. She reaches down, picks up a frisbee from the ground (Hey, if we're using cartoon logic after all...) "Divine retribution!" Sending as much of her moon powers into the frisbee as she can channel without transforming, she throws it at the x-ray wielding chibi, aimed for right between the eyes! "I have faith that the others will show up."

Mei pauses, looking at Usagi.. "What is X-ray Specs?" she asked, her hands take out a flask and a pebble, tossing it up before nailing the flask with a pebble.. It begins to rain.. Marshmallows. A lot of marshmallows. It doesn't hurt, but its annoying! Mei's hands work on resnapping her bust snaps.. " Kyuuuuuuuuu." she made lowly, annoyedly, ears flattening before she rubs her ears a little bit.

Guess what Usagi, once the Chibi sees Mei his jaw drops and he begins to drool, leaving him WIDE open for the frisbee and he's sent flying. "I SAW THE PROMISED LAND!!!!" he screams as he goes airborn. As for Jason, well, he scatters the Chibi's causing them to retreat. However, the one Usagi sent flying will go through the shriek and fly right for your face. Impact in 5..4...3..2.. And once Mei causes the Marshmello rain a few set up a campfire to make Smores. On the bridge of the CHIBIMUS PRIME, the commander grumbles, "..Sound a withdrawal. We have work to do." Needless to say once the retreat is sounded some of them pull, the ones in the background pull back, carrying cash, jewels, women's underwear, booze, women's underwear, more booze.

Usagi shivers. "X-ray specs are glasses that let you see through clothing." She snags one marshmellow out of the air, and munches. Mmmm. okay, sugar helps. "Little pervert!" She dusts some marshmellows out of her hair, and turns back towards Mei as they seem to be pulling back.

Mei ers a bit ... " Uh.. oh .." she turns red and just falls over, sputtering faintly.. ".. waugh.." her hands cover her face, ears flat to her head as she rolls back and forth " curses!" she seems to be eye spinning quite a bit.. She doesn't tell Usagi why embarassment is killing her, its probably for the best she keeps her mouth shut... "U.. usagi chan.. we're going clothes shopping.. ehehe..." she mumbled.

Jason will Cough out as he struggles to collect himself and there he'll get hit in the Face by the Chibi, they might be interested in causing Chaos and have fun he is having trouble collecting himself so the Chibi's are safe from retribution from the Exile. Jason has other things on his mind, while the tickle torture was fun, and to a point enjoyable The Force Scream he unleashed with it's dark side nature has force him to call on his darker emotions. And so as a result the two conflicting powers sources channeled through Jason at the same time has injured him as he coughs up some blood which stains his mouth lips and chin red. He's never done that before used both the light and dark side at the same time, and now he understands why he's never heard of it either. The Exile stands up as the Horde retreats and there he starts to slowly heal himself of the damage he's caused himself...

Oh, you think it's over. Far from it. As the Horde pulls back several of them look at the heroes and waves, "See ya kiddies later!!!" and as one they mount up on motorcycles are climb into the Semi like it's a clown car. As they begin to pull out, a parting gift is fired.. A Industrial Sized canister of itching powder. Oh..they love to get the last one in. And like that they drive off.

Usagi turns to look at Mei, and nods. "Yes... I think we could both do with some retail therapy... the past 24 hours have been too much, especially that creepy guy with the high heels that had an eye on them..." Her memory's fuzzy about the rest of it, but, she remembers those shoes... "It looks like... GAH!" She pulls out her disguise pen, and concentrates, expanding it into an umbrella to protect herself and hopefully Mei from the shower of dust coming their way.

The Exile Notes the large Can fired and there he will use all his strength to knock it back at the Chibi's and there if possible will make it stop in mid air and then fly sailing back at the Chibi's. "The Last laugh is ours Chibi's....." he says as he uses all his strength and will to push it back through the force before dropping to his knees hoping he was able to knock it back.

Mei's face is pretty damn red.. "i.. uh...need to pick up some things.." she mumbled, taking Usagi's hand and heading for the Exile to offer him her hand, she's pretty nice afterall.. She's feeling a bit dark and ragey though... Probably from the chibi horde... They aren't as bad as prinnies.

Well, just when you think they Chibi's were gonna make a clean getaway, they don't. And the itching power bomb hits the Semi and explodes. The tactical officer screams out, "..We're hit!! Itching power in the vents." the commander screams, "WE'LL GET YOU YET JEDI!!!!" and they all begin to scratch as the powder takes effect. Begun, this Chibi War, has.

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