2009-01-11 (PreU) A meeting in the playground

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A meeting in the playground.


Who: devi, mei
When: January 11th, 2009
Where: Nowhereto Park - Playground


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Nowhereto Park - Playground
Aside from some simple standard playground equipment there isn't much to see here. However, it should be noted that to the North of here the trees die off, the water seems to abruptly stop, and once the grass dies there seems to be nothing but an endless wasteland. Is this a side effect of Twisted, or something more sinister? One might never know without going to see for themselves.

Mei is quiet, swinging on the swing.. Oddly, or not, a body is left rather dead behind her lots of claw marks in it, the man's left eye gouged. Mei's fingers are covered in blood, Her legs are folded, both legs focused on the wasteland at the edge of the play ground. "I know you can't hear me but.. The loose ends are tied darling.. and no one has disturbed your grave at this time." If Devi looked, the body has had several organs removed. "Caliga returned, the bastard. I'm plotting, ever plotting. I blame him for your death. What ever love was left over was nothing more than an emotional weakness, I'll be curing that soon.." she whispered to the wind, talking to someone who isn't there.. or perhaps had never been there.

Devi reclines on a tree branch behind Mei, her eyes glowing, a haughty smirk on her face. Yes, this is the Devi Mei would know. This is the Devi she tried to come kill when Devi was her weakness. Her memory is slowly returning, the knowledge of what transpired while Sickness reigned. Devi supposes that she should thank Sickness for her small work, even if the bitch is deserving soaking in paint thinner. As far as Mei goes, Devi only lays there and smiles, watching her have her moment.

Mei's voice soon rises out in high pitched laughter, the woman using the body as a place to kick off. Swinging to hop off the swing "Now to go get on that prework.." she murmured, tugging her skirt down a bit to adjust it since it is a bit short, and she likes her leggings to be there as backups, not pants.. "ohoho.. I wonder if a guillotine would be easily attainable." she paces back and forth, in her own little insane world.

Devi sits up as Mei moves, pushing her feet together in a butterfly stretch and leaning forward. With her elbows on her knees, she sits, waiting to see how long it will take the Gorgan to notice here. Devi is content to wait, already having Sun's soul in her 'pocket'. Time is nothing to her anymore, and she almost revels in it.

Mei's drawn to the motion ".. You. I never really loved you anyways." she commented, her feet pacing slowly as she turns, to pace back toward Devi "Why don't you go home and drown yourself, I'll be there in a bit to take the credit." she commented, with both of her eyes shimmering, she looks entirely unhinged, as if someone had thrown her face first into a big vat of crazy.

Devi giggles happily and claps her hands, as a child would seeing something spectacular. "Splendid! Absolutely Splendid. So, you -must- tell me, how'd this all come about?" Her tone is akin to a gushing woman, sharing gossip, and her eyes are wide and full of joy, if they could be seen.

Mei mms a bit.. "Oh I don't know, probably in the bath last night.. When I was washing my hair .. but before I cleaned my claws. Pity that .. so full of disgusting little bits." she murmured, making a face at her finger nails. "Oh well. In all seriousness, you should go, you're a worthless piece of garbage and I'm after much bigger things today." she stated, cackling just a bit.

Devi grins still. "Oh, the kitten is trying her luck with the Big game?" Devi cackles, and bounces gleefully. "Indeed indeed, whatever you say." She laughs even harder, and waves her hands at Mei, as though to beg her to stop her comedy act. See, Devi doesn't care much for Mei, and will gladly be the audience for the stage Mei might be slayed on. Or at least injured. Doesn't make much difference to Devi. Still giggling, Devi says,"Garbage or not, my dove, we'll see who stands on top at the end. Then you can measure your worth!"

Mei smiles "It is not my worth that matters." She pauses and stretches out "I don't think it will effect you if you stay the fuck out of my way. Nice to see you appearing normal, for what it is worth.." she taps her foot and giggles.. "Besides, I consider myself more of a trap nest than a kitten. I wait for things to fall into my web.. and never escape.." she whispered.. grinning "I'd feel bad for what is slowly happening to Caliga.. if he wasn't such a bastard. In honesty I never loved him anyways.. I've achieved my biological purpose with failure and its time to continue moving forward. One foot." she steps, moving the next in front of it. "In front of the other." she cackles again. "Since I cannot achieve my biological goal, I'm afraid that I'll have to make sure no one can." she stated.. grinning.. "Perhaps something to cause unending priaprism in the water.. That might be hilarious to watch.."

Somehow, Devi manages to grin even wider. "That sounds like a challenge. Would you test me now, and see how we measure? Nothing serious mind you, just a small spar?" She shakes her head. "As far as you doing anything to Caliga, please, I give you my blessing. Go forth and destroy as you will!" She spins on the limb.

Mei grins a bit "You try to hard. If you convince a man he's got a curse but tell him nothing of it.. he'll go mad trying to figure out what you've done. You see.. I would much rather he do the work destroying himself. I stand a nigh chance against a self proclaimed god myself.. but he himself can tear himself apart and I'll be there waiting, to catch his head and put it on a great shield in my hall, or perhaps over my bed.." she commented, grinning "A spar? Why would I fight you toe to toe, you are much bigger than I and I'm as we both know physically weak.. hm." she digs into her hair, pulling out small hair pins that have a rather sharp razor tip with a grin.. "So, Miss Devi.. do you like the bitter almond taste of good poison? As if I fought you I'd have to use my venom, of which cures are scarce..." she commented, calmly.

Devi stares at her for a moment, and falls off the tree limb laughing, her body floating above the ground. Extending her legs to stand, she holds out her hand. "Oh how little you know, indeed. Here, let me give a a gift. A gift of knowledge." Devi puts her hand out and focuses. A small portal appears, and Devi sticks her pinkie through it. Locking her eyes with Mei, the grin still large on her face, she closes the portal, her finger getting cut off in the process. No blood falls, and Devi's face revels no sign of pain, though there is pain to spare. If Mei where to look closely, she'd see nothingness in Devi's finger, a void. No meat, no nerves, nothing. Devi regards her hand and flexes it. "Now, do you still think your poisons can harm me? I think not." She smiles softly, her lips thinning out in the process, and watches the reaction, if there will be any.

Mei has no real reaction, but she does smile " You didn't notice something, did you.. That I left you a gift in your apartment.. " she murmured, moving slowly "By my own admission though, I am a liar." she murmured "I left you a delightful little gift though. I'm not sure what it does, I pulled it out of Caliga's stomach when I was still basking in his good favor." she turns on her heel.. "It gave me a migraine if I tried to analyze it outside of the physical realm." she murmured.. "While I could fight you.. Devi, would it really be wise to risk damaging ourselves magically before we both can finish our objectives.. you of descending the world into the sea of chaos.. Me of well making the world stop breeding out of my own bitterness.. Perhaps if ever possible, to get more than polite grunts out of concordance.. I would achieve nirvana if I got her to scream. I do so bet it is a lovely sound too. Full of terror, with shakiness on the upper end... It would take quite a feat to accomplish.."

Tilting her head, Devi continues to flex her hand, allowing the pain to filter through her mind, and clear it. "Nope, I noticed no gift. I'll have to look closer when I get home. And while I'm thinking about it, I usually disregard the comments of the insane, as they hold whole truths or nothing but lies, what exactly did you mean by, 'appearing normal'?" Devi doesn't know that there is a double of her running around.

Mei mms a bit "Wait wait.. there's two of you fuckers?" she asked, blinking "Oh bother then I'm slowly soul poisoning the wrong one.. I shall have to send an antedote.. or not." she laughs madly again, her body rolling a bit, perplexed.. "I was quite positive I had the right one." she murmured. "Perhaps I should apologize.. nah. I was so happy for you.." she murmured, frowning, taking a few steps, again pacing.. "Bother. Why the bloody hell are there two of you?" she asked, moving closer to grab at a collar out of confusion and annoyance "RUINING MY PLANS YOU ARE!"

Devi's eye widen and narrow in the briefest of instants. As Mei grabs her collar, Devi grabs for her wrist, and if she catches it, she will try and twist it, pulling Mei closer, so Devi can get a good look into her eyes. Devi stares into Mei's eyes and sees that the Gorgan is telling the truth. Devi pushes her away. Not hard enough to land her on her ass, just hard enough to put her out of arms reach. Devi paces in a circle, her hand flexing faster now. "What do you know about her? The other." Devi glares at Mei, out of anger at the situation, not out of anything Mei has done.

Mei paces the opposite way Devi is, so she's circling as well.. "I know that I thought she was you.. Now why the bloody fuck should I help you, Devi D who is partially responsible for the death of my innocent, beautiful little girl...?" she asked, following the glare, Oddly, Mei has both eyes. In annoyance, the scars on her face show, heal, vanish, show and repeat the process, probably because she's not entirely concentrating on the charm that hides them.. "This is bloody bothersome.. More so than a god damn hero coming into your labyrinth and wrecking up the place..."

An odd picture this must be, two rivals pacing with eachother, basically just Brainstorming. "Well, regardless of what you thought, she is not me." Devi glowers at the thought of a double running around. No good can come of it. Devi is comfortable in her position, and doesn't want to leave it. The double might change that. Devi says, "Aside from the issues that it gives you, and with or without your help, I need that information. I don't know how many people have seen her, nor how she's dealt with them. God knows, I don't want to be credited for saving cats from some fucking tree." She tsks in distaste.

Mei grins "Oh but it is you, or I wouldn't of been able to find her. Locked away with those disgusting little beasts... Sickness and the other." she commented... " Painting." she added. "Felt real damn normal to me, darling. Like a human. Her little sidekicks kept calling me fat and a whore, much like you did. Are you sure you aren't just suffering from multiple personality disorder? I already suspect you are infact severely retarded in your head so mental illness isn't out of the question." she spins her hand around "She looked precisely like you do but a bit older, she was very nice, very shocked by blood, doesn't like me very much, although I did totally antagonize that so its alright, and she was human. Much more I can't say, because I simply don't know. You should keep in mind I'm a liar though."

Devi glares at Mei,"I may be insane, but I do not have any disorder. If you saw someone who looked like me, then it was not me. This is how I've looked since the 3rd month I was bound to this damned place. After 3 months, my eyes turned red and I developed my powers. I am not human. And I have not been for quite a while." Devi shakes her head. "It wasn't me." She mutters to herself. "That sounds more like the person I used to be." She grinds her teeth. "What else happened while Sickness controlled me, I wonder?" This question is also something muttered, a musing, nothing more.

Mei hms "Maybe .. we should call a truce and seal sickness.." she offered, pausing "A temporary cease fire and what not.. Annoying little twerp he is.. but I think it may be appropriate a sealed creature can't cause anymore harm while we both investigate this, and I deactivate the soul poison. No offense to you but I try to avoid doing such horrible things to random innocents." she waves hands, casually, still thinking.

Devi shakes her head. "A Truce for now, I'd agree to, but Sickness... Well, Oblivion dealt with her. He separated her from me, and tossed her into the void. Sickness, but not the doughboys. And I like them as much as you do." Which is not the the least freaking bit. "Sickness's painting is sealed in a jar of paint thinner, which I find rather fitting. But no, Sickness is gone from me, forcibly. But something does need to be done about Double." Devi stops pacing and looks up. "Hmm. I will call a truce with you until this is dealt with, but I have to go talk to Oblivion about the double. Go and deactivate what you will, if that is what you wish. But until I get my orders.. " She shrugs. But something -will- be done.

Mei smiles a bit "If the double is of no harm to you, May I have it.. I require some human organs.. I'm afraid I have a bit of surgery to perform.." she looks at her nails... "You're positive sickness is gone?.. I wonder if sickness is even aware that you had a double.." she commented.. "the doughboys are what exactly. I'm rather capable at dealing with golems and baking things.. to a fine black crisp." she commented, casually "The world does not need two of you." she murmured..

Devi snorts. "No, the double is mine to deal with, as she must have come from me in some way. And I'm positive Sickness is gone from -me-. I do not know if she's manifested anywhere else, or in anyone. She was linked me, not the other way around." Devi sighs. "And to be honest, I'm not sure what they are/were. I've left that part behind, and have no reason to go back to it, nay, not even for information. If you find the Doughboys, and wish to bake them, I'll not stand in your way. I hate those little fuckers." She grimices again and echo's Mei's comment. "The world does not need two of me."

Mei grins "So it would really piss you off if I found your double and say sealed her forever in a box of glass ?" she asked, a nail file manifesting as she cleans her fingertips. "Are the dough boys edible? Can they be baked? Can I mail them to concordance?" she asked.. "Or perhaps kick them through one of the many portals leading away from this place...?" she asked, casually.

Devi counters. "Would you make a truce and then break it?" She waves her hand dismissivly. "I don't care what you do to the Doughboys. Do whatever you want. They deserve it."

Mei ohs a bit "Yes and No. I fully expect you to break our little truce.. even though I've cut all ties with Caliga aside from you know, unending revenge and possibly castration. One or the other. Perhaps eternal castration where it grows back but painfully ies the same day.." she mused, taking a step or two to the side before returning to her original position "You see, you are not to be trusted. I have no trust in your word, you tried to murder an innocent baby. A baby belonging neither to yourself nor Caliga that if you had killed would of only hurt me. I'm very against killing babies on their day of birth, you see.. "

Devi shrugs then. "Take what you will, it was meant to hurt Caliga. It was nothing personal against you. And I didn't actually kill you or your baby. Intent is not enough to convict someone. Either way. We shall see." She prepares for vanishing, and reporting to her Master.

Mei mms a bit "Well do tell your master the child is dead. She died of exposure and I devoured her to keep her with me." she whispered, calmly, enjoying the fact that SHE HAS NO MASTER BWAHAHAH.

Devi nods, and fades, leaving only one last remark in her wake. "If you kill her or harm her Mei, well, you'll be as bad as I am for trying to kill your innocent girl." She chuckles, and then is gone.

Mei slips towards the swing to sit down.. "Who said I'd kill or harm.. you can do such wonderful damage with healing, Devi." she whispered, her eyes closed, legs folding as she sings some variety of dirge, relaxing on her swing to meditate on the day, a grin on her face.. "very good, very good.. all is still well." she mumbled, cryptically.

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