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I can't think of a name for this log. -_-;


Who: Bellerophon, Mei
When: May 29th, 2009
Where: Nowhereto Park - Lakeside


The information contained within this log is to be considered information gained Out of Character (OOC).
This information may not be used as In Character (IC) knowledge or in roleplay unless it has been learned in-game or permission has been granted by the parties involved.

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Nowhereto Park - Lakeside Stepping from the mostly isolated Fountain, you'll see a beautiful lake nestled in here. The grass is cool and in good condition, and the water is clean and clear, the shimmer of the daylight pretty upon it's rippling surface. A large weeping willow is the only large plant life here however, it's graceful branchs rustling in the light breeze.


Even though the rest of Twisted is crazy about the weather, it seems to stableize around the lake. So, the sun is shining, clear water rippling in the slight breeze that breathes life into the person camped out on the large rock in the middle of the lake. It's Bellerophon, wearing the shortened skirt brought a few weeks ago, and her standard undershirt. Long pale legs are folded beneth her as she mediates.

Mei is sliding in from somewhere, wearing a tank top and shorts, with an amused giggle she hops on the water, taking graceful ballerina like steps across the surface. Her hands balance her, her weight suddenly rising to fully dance with leaps, bounds, gyration, and overall relaxed poses. She looks more like an ice skater than a ballerina despite the the water being well, water.

Belle cracks an eye open and smiles as she sees Mei. Unfolding her legs, she waves, taking the time to stand up. "Ho! Mei, I didn't know you could walk on water." Seemingly to prove a point, Belle jumps, and slides into the water gracefully. Her red hair floats on the surface behind her as she comes up.

Mei pauses a bit "Oh, I'm simply casting a levitation spell. I barely touch the water when I do this." She bends over "I could join you if you'd like?" she offered, shifting to kneel on the water's surface and grin lopsidedly. Her palms touch the surface, causing ripples. " How have you been?" she asked, voice chipper and sweet. "I feel so guilty, sneaking out to goof around and burn off stress like this without bringing Lakshmi." she admitted, quietly.

Belle ah's and kicks her body back to half lay, as this makes it easier to see who she's talking to. "Please feel free! Oh, and I have been fine. Kind of lonley, I must say, but I've been keeping myself busy." ^_^ She giggles softly, feet and hands idly paddling to keep her in place. "And I wouldn't feel guilty. Mother's need a bit of time to themselves. Speaking of, how have you been? I havn't seen much of you either."

Mei shifts to sit indian style "Oh I've been making time for Skeeve since he has always been very good to me. And reconsidering my life and the strange roads it is taking me through. I feel a deep heart ache over a matter." she taps her chest, smiling a bit. " I..am deeply considering just quietly bowing out of Jason's offer to train me." she murmured, quietly, her face a little red.

Belle swims over to the rock, limberly climbing back on top of it. "Oh yes, your other teacher right? I've yet to meet him." She frowns softly at the thought of Mei's pain but doesn't speak on it since she understands that pain is something that no life can avoid. "So, why are you thinking about leaveing the Enclave?"

Mei mms a bit "Because I feel as if I am kept around only to cook, clean, and bandaged scraped knees. While I love doing all three of those things.. I feel further guilt as if I am holding all of you down and being a burden upon your shoulders. I am aware I am physically fragile but .. this assumption I can do nothing for myself is effecting my confidence." she offered quietly. "I managed to live for two hundred twenty two years before coming here.. through wars, plagues, fire, flood, and even being swallowed by the earth.. I ..... I will continue to live until my thread is cut."

Belle shakes her head. "While Master is dense, if for nothhing more then being a man, I don't think that's what he's doing. Your not a burden on anyone, in fact you help, well, at least me, feel welcome and at home, at ease." She fiddles with the hem of her skirt. "I'll not beg you to stay, but I would suggest that maybe you talk things over with Master Jason before you decide..." She trails off a bit.

Mei mms a bit "I don't know if he'll talk to me." she whispered. Her ears flattened down "He avoids one on one with me." she murmured, shifting to the rock slowly to settle near Belle. "I'm getting too old and I'm dreaming again.." she murmured, quietly, her eyes closed as she takes deep, calm breathes.. "If something happens to me, please find someone to take the thing Jason had me make so my knowledge isn't lost.. Most of the books I wrote are long burned." Belle warps an arm around Mei as she settles down. "What do you mean the thing that Master had you make?" After all, she can't take something she doesn't know about.

Mei takes a moment.. sort of reaching up "... I'm not very good at this. Please forgive me if it is blurry.." she whispered.. Its a holocron. Mei just apparently doesn't know the word for it. She blinks at the embrace, turning to lean close, her eyes closed. "I just feel as if I am a burden again, and I'm not partial to it. Sure, medics aren't the first to throw a punch, nor am I any damn good at it, but.. I want to be useful too.." Mei .. gives off a genuine tone in her voice. As if its what she wants with all her heart.

Belle nods, using the force to try and ease Mei's muscles, make her relax a bit. "I promise that I'll make sure it stays safe. But you're not a burden." Belle kinda rubs her shoulder. "You are useful. And, honestly enough, if Master says it's ok.. I'd like to learn from you. I don't have the heart for so much fighting. I can do it, yes, I know the moves and I can fight, but... I'd rather help people."

Mei mms a bit "I doubt he'd allow it, while I'm a high master Aetherist, I'm sadly below you in his training." she offered, rubbing her head. "I'm sorry I'm so worried, but dreams are bad omens and.. I don't like fighting myself. Seen too much of it. I .. could not live by the sword." she offered.

Belle says, "So, are you saying that I know more then you about healing? That's what I want to learn."

Mei mms a bit "I am saying I am not sure he'd allow it. I know several lifetimes' worth of information in regards to healing.. Although I warn, if you have a weak stomach, it may not be for you. I have seen things.. that would make a grown man's penis crawl inside him and vanish from existence."

Belle smiles. "Well, if he did, would you teach me? I don't have a iron stomach, but I don't get quesy at the sight of blood and infection. I'd still rather heal people then kill them. And while the Jedi Order is supposed to serve the people and protect them, it feels to me like all it leads to is death in most cases." Her face softens, and a sad look is seen in her eyes. She thinks back on her home planet and all the people that died because of her and the Order there.

Mei's hand reaches up, gently patting to sooth her "Well.. can you easily feel others' feelings, or are you deaf to it?" she asked, voice gentle as she shifts to sit beside her friend. "Without the ability to feel yin and yang, it is nearly impossible for me to explain how I've managed my work." she rubs her cheek to Belle's shoulder "Perhaps the term positive and negative would better apply." she yawns "If Jason says yes, I will whole heartedly teach you but there will be many books to read. Perhaps I will let you into my laboratory's shelves..." she murmured.

Belle shakes off the settle cape of depression and tilts her head. "Well, I can tell when someone is in a bad mood, or in pain. When there is something off, I can usually spot it. There have only been a few rare people that I don't feel in this way. I'm not sure if that helps or not. And thank you. I'll be asking him about it when I see him next, and have a chance to talk to him."

Mei takes her hands gently to touch to Belle's shoulders. " I am .. always feeling things. I can't see terribly well, to be honest, less than a human in daylight, at night a bit better. Belle, close your eyes.. and see if you can find the part of me that is not actually mine, if you can figure it out, I will pressure Jason to allow it." she murmured, softly. If Belle used the force to follow Mei's life energy she'd be able to spot that Mei's left eye is not her own and that the chi is flowing there constantly to mantain an illusion. It does similarly on her lower back and left arm as well. But most oddly around her eye, as if her life doesn't feed the eye.

Belle breathes deeply. "I don't really have to channel anything." Her hand streaches out and fingers touch the upper part of her left cheekbone. "This, this doesn't feel like you, this isn't truth."

Mei flinches, noticably at being touched "Very good. It isn't my actual eye. I lost that years ago." she takes a moment, dropping her illusions, letting Belle get a look at her somewhat skinny but toning up body. Mei is actually a lot less soft than she looks it seems. Althoughs he's a healthy weight and all. She also suffers from mama-hips. ( damn child>:O) She is fairly riddled with old healed scars, with the exception of one on her neck that isn't nearly as old. "My eye was gouged out. If you can feel that you should be able to heal, as that is the first step."

Belle's hand is withdrawn as soon as it makes contact, and her face fills with sorrow upon seeing Mei's scars. She doesn't pity Mei, as she deserves better, and she would apologize for the pain that Mei surly has felt but everytime she does, it's thrown back into her face. Silance is the option she chooses, and she nods in understanding at Mei's comment.

Mei leans over, rather warmly hugging Belle and giving off the feeling of pure contentment. Yes she's projecting her feeling. "Do not feel so sad. I am old and I am better for it." she lets the illusion reappear. "Maybe someday I'll manage to be fat and middle aged!" she laughs cheerfully "You see, Elves do not age and I have a hard time gaining weight." she offered, to clarify why the notion was funny to her. She sighs a bit "Is .. it uncommon for people to be kind for the sake of being kind to Arali's species? She was so confused by the notion that I didn't want anything from her."

Belle shrugs, smiling a bit at Mei's words. "I don't know. I'm afraid that she doesn't talk to me, and while I've only seen a few of them, most of my studys take me into the history of the worlds. Not the presant."

Mei sighs a bit "I assure you, I want nothing more than friendship from her." she offered. She rubs lightly, making herself cozy on Belle.

Belle says, "Well, I don't see them that often, so I supposed I don't really have a chance to get to know them."

Mei mms a bit "I'm kind of pushily friendly I guess. We had a talk. I.. Keep trying to get her to open up, it isn't healthy to be alone in a new place." she offered.. "She is.. teaching me her language. Slowly.. I am hoping it will help me get her to open up and feel more at ease. For being friendless on Twisted is like placing a target on yourself and running nude through a firing range."

Belle laughs. "Wow, that's an image. I hope she's doing ok though." Belle shifts a little, her stomach rumbling. "Hmm, I should go and get some lunch."

Mei mms a bit "I need to go home and check on Lakshmi. Thank you for being my friend. I appreciate your kindness. Should I die, ask Jason for the holocron so my years of studying in a deep library are not lost." she offered, bowing her head.

Belle says, "I'm sure you'll be fine. But yes, I will. And you don't have to thank me for being your friend. It's not something I do out of kindness. I just.... am." She smiles softly and hugs Mei again. "I'll see you soon."

Mei waves warmly and starts off.

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