2008-12-22 (PreU) One more loon for the monkey bin

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One more loon for the monkey bin.


Who: Devi, Mei, Mr Eff, Psycho D-Boy, Sickness
When: December 22nd, 2008
Where: Devi's apartment


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Devi's apartment

Welcome to Devi's Living room. We'll start with the walls. They appear to be a dark teal-ish color, but what color they are anyone's guess due to the lack of cleaning. A few pictures and posters hang, although they are all very odd. With a couch on the wall to your right, there sits a nice wooden coffee table, with only a few papers to decorate it. She has a comfortable looking chair in the far right hand corner, and the TV is on the left wall. A small table is next to the chair with nothing on it. The carpet is gray and there is transparent Alien head on a stand, with a floating brain in it, next to the kitchen which lacks a door. Against the northern most wall is a door.

Devi rocks back and forth in front of a easel, her hair disheveled. Her eyes are fading from the bright Red of the mazuko powers back to the deep disturbed green they were before, and back again. She randomly shakes her head, listening to the wars going on in her mind. Two of her, it seems, the human and the monster, and in the corner, Sickness rages and laughs. "SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!" Her hands clasp the side of her head, covered in black and red paint, getting it into her dyed purple hair. "This isn't real, I'm not here, where's Nny, he'd help me, he'd understand. DON'T TAKE THIS AWAY FROM ME! I DESERVE IT! NO! I DESERVE TO DIE! KILL ME! NO!" Devi sobs off and on as she sways. Having been inside her apartment for a few months, she's slowly losing what is left of her.

Phoebe slowly, oh so slowly climbs through the canvas, glimmering faintly, still in disguise "Oh dear me. tsk." she whispered, rolling her fingers in grace, taking a moment to take out a small cigarette, lighting it with an ancient lighter, moving to circle Devi, in honestly the slowest and most deliberate steps she can take. “You’ve sure wallowed in yourself, haven't you?" she asked, casually, tapping her foot hard enough to make her costume jewelry jingle and ring noisily. "Tsk. Tsk Tsk." the white haired woman simply chortles. "TO think that you try to strike fear and chaos into the hearts of people.. Re ally now." The lithe, but oh so petite woman moves to examine a few things, lifting up paint brush to touch the bristles cautiously. "Ah well, whatever shall I do to you today."

Devi doesn't notice Phoebe, her eyes fixed on the floor. Something inside her screams for her to wake up, pay attention to what's happened, but it's cry is lost in the tempest that is her current fight. The glass jars around her melt and reform, back into their orignal shape, then again into a fluid form. It would seem that any control that Devi had over her powers has gone away, leaving her bare soul, if there is sucha thing, to fight for it's very survival. Moving from whispering to screaming, she rants. "Sickness, help me, make this stop, send it away, get Nny. Help me, help me, HELP ME FIX THIS!" One of the paintbrushes in her hand snaps, more forcefully then should be possible in the'real' world. She used to be what Phoebe said, but she's a woman before anything, and she's been broken wit no superglue in sight....

Phoebe mms a bit "And why should I help you?" with that the creature shifted, moving slowly to tap Devi on the forehead. "Darling I'm afraid while I used to care about people's well being, that no good deed goes unpunished." she offered "If I helped you, I'd be helping your dear master and endangering myself." she pauses "Oh I suppose I should make it easier for you to understand." she concentrates, black seeping up through her skin, fingerless gloves with crimson fur trim decorating dark skin, the somewhat average looking woman taking over the glamorous woman's place. Devi *should* be able to recognize her as Mei. "You see, you ruined your chance of forgiveness when you attempted to murder my treasure, although not to worry, I've since devoured her into my being." she offered, long brown hair swaying behind her, her strange eyes colder than normal "Its been a dreadfully lonely and cold exile, Devi, has the world been warm and fuzzy for you, my former friend?" Mei's fingers pluck up a note book, finger moving to slice herself just lightly at the base of her thumb, taking her brush to begin writing in blood on the note book paper in a very elegant calligraphy script. "I should most likely mention that I do feel pity for you, but, it is very limited."

Sickness crawls out of the shadows in Devi's beloved paint room, her little robotic style spider legs clicking as she moves. Her screw eyes glint evilly as she addresses Mei. "I'm afraid that you can't have her. I own Devi and her mind right now." It grins menacingly towards the broken artist. "Devi and I have to... commune... a little, so if you'd like to leave a message." In case anyone may misunderstand that comment, it wasn't a suggestion.

Mei snerks "I don't want her exactly." she takes a moment to examine her work, setting it down, on the floor, her hands going together as she chuckles "Man may escape from Rope and Gun, but a Basiliks' gaze is quite hard to be wished undone." she whispered, "Shall I attempt this, Basilisk are the cousin to my kind.." with that she begins to cackle, her formerly sweet chuckle rolling out in harsh, stabbing tones, her fingers carefully removing a black eye patch to cover the missing body part. "I'm afraid you cannot take away my venom, as it’s your fault it formed."

Sickness giggles, the nice high pitched girlish giggle that usually makes people grit their teeth. "Feel free to try, if it makes you feel better, but I promise you, once you leave, it will be undone." Devi crys, shooting up to her feel, eyes blazing with fire, (so to speak), and purple energy forming around her hands. She doesn't want Sickness to claim her, and she doesn't want Mei to be around while she's breaking down. Blame it on pride. But regardless, part of her is still working on subduing the mind that outsmarted Sickness in the first place. As Devi's head swivels back and forth between Mei, Sickness and the blankness of a canvas, she speaks, "You can't have me, I win, I win, I WIN. Take me; kill me, FIX ME, LET ME LIVE! I AM HUMAN, I PAINT. I AM MONSTER, I KILL!" Yay for the crazy people, right?

Mei's hand cracks "I could undo this, but at what cost? To have you chase down my child's remains and disturb her rest?" she moves around eyes the creature.. "I refuse to fear you..." she takes a moment, reaching into her hair, to remove a serpent "If I was to inflict my rage, I'd want the effects to stick." she offered, casually. "For another figment, lets see... One more disaster I can add to my generous supply .. sea of dreams swirl swirl.." she shifts her back, taking out a small item.. her fingers forming a trident, her chuckling escaping as she sways the ends of it, "One question haunts and hurts, why betray me? To get back at a man who can barely keep himself together and not once but twice required my intervention?" she asked, sneering, her eyes closing as she focuses her energy "Mm what route to go." she turns her weight on toe, balancing and thinking still.

The shadows bend as a gathering begins. Across time, space, and realities being that have no business in the same room together cross paths once more. Some would argue that it was impossible, a punishment from a prior time coming into paths with itself, but nature (no matter how bizarre) has a way of adjusting to even the strangest mutation. Perhaps this is why, and how, the figures of two Styrofoam doughboys suddenly come into being. One of the two seems to be struggling with a heavy roll of duct tape, while the one unrestrained smiles darkly and bows politely to Devi's mental manager of madness.

Mr. Eff smiiiiiles, "Sickness... Long time no 'be'." With a dark chuckle the thing glances over at Mei. "Well, your answer is simple, child. LET'S FUCK 'EM UP THE ASS WITH A SPEAR!!! Death. Destruction!! Why waste your time deciding upon a course of action when SHEER VIOLENCE DOES THE JOB MUCH BETTER!?!!?!"

The other doughboy tackles it's brethren, knocking Eff to the floor and mercilessly beating on him with nubbed fists. "MMMMMPFH!!! MMMMPFH!!!" Mr. Eff glares angrily; pulling a butcher's knife from behind it's back and stabs his comrade’s arm off, flinging it and him away. "GET OFF ME YOU WASTE OF EFFORT!!" Panting for breath after rising to his feet he turns towards Sickness again. "Sorry... a bit lost in the moment..."

Sickness grins. "Well, hello there. How'd you manage to leave your ward? I've got Devi right where I need her to be, and frankly I don't like the idea of all my efforts going to waste." She turns to Mei. "Why punish her at all? You see what she's going through. Doesn't that make up more than enough for what she's done to you? If I wish it, I can make sure that she stay s this way for a very long time. And trust me. It hurts." Devi wavers; the purple fading from her hands as Sickness represses her mind again, letting her two halves rise to the top again to continue their war. Devi sobs, begging for death and the next second begging to live. Quite a pathetic sight, to be totally honest. "If you kill her, what will happen?" Sickness starts talking the same way she did when first dealing with Ms D. Sweet and softly, trying to get someone to move around to her point of view, or at least get them out of the way for a while. "You kill her and she dies. Big deal. How old are you? Have you not learned that there are things far far worse than death? Or imprisonment in stone? What does that serve? Tsk. No, if I were you, I'd enjoy this Kodak moment, and be on your way. You want her to suffer, and she is. Death will only be mercy and an easy way out for her. Are you willing to let her off that easily? If so, your bloodlust must be small, no more than a idle thought then."

Mei mms faintly "Perhaps watching you wallow in delirium is meant to be my reward." she whispered, dark eyes gleaming "Direct violence is entirely over rated." she takes a moment though, adding” OH but you see, Death is a doorway to the next punishment. If I killed her it wouldn't be without a good deal of shenanigans to hunt her presence down in the next life, then again, I hold grudges through death." she examining her finger nails for a split seconds before lifting the trident to hurl at the two doughboy creatures, her trident, if it catches one or both, intenteding to pin them, if not, it disperses into water, reappearing in Mei's hands after a second "I'm quite impressed with how well my 'harmless' act paid off, not that I wasn't I suppose.".

Pycho D-Boy finally peals the tape away with an awful scream of rage.... as the thrown trident impales him to the wall. Mr. Eff cackles gleefully and rolls on the ground at the event. Find a brake between chuckles, he pushes himself to his feet and strolls over to Sickness, putting an arm over the doll like spider monster. "I think we've made an impression already! D-Boy got the point at least." More chuckling until a vengeful glare falls over the creature's face. "Nny's off the scope. We can't find him. This leaves me and the loyal lackey over there running out of power. We figured you had a small collection over here we might leech off of you, but it looks like your handling things well." Mr. Eff turns his attention completely to Mei. "Ahhh... but this one. This one looks fun. Unimaginable power? Thirst for revenge? A liking of pastries? Let us help you! I can tell you volumes about revenge. I can lead you down the quest to 'protect' one's self. I can help.... 'Enhance' your abilities to a level you could never imagine. Care to take a chance? Care for a taste of ours powers?" The doughboy points angrily at Devi drooling on herself in the corner (so to speak). "And you should know... kill Devi and Sickness dies too. That's the fun of beings that are linked. I can tell you all sorts of secrets like that..." He smiles again, a smile that doesn't fit on it's Styrofoam face. "Interested?"

Sickness smirks at Eff. "Lost him? Funny, you two were supposed to be so powerful. Looks like MY project is coming along nicely. Plus, I've got the power that Oblivion gave Devi. It'll take more then I think Mei here has, to kill her. I taught my dog new tricks!"

Mei smiles cheerfully "Now now I've learned about playing with power not my own, besides, I'm quite adept at my own revenge." she stands on her toes, lifting the trident cautiously towards the other one. "I can however lend you a bit of my power if it will extend this tormenting of her..." she spins the trident, letting it change into an elegant reflecting dish, a few lotus blooms on the surface.. "I'm not nearly as weak now as I was, If you want to cross a bridge, my sweet, you've got to pay the toll. I can give you a way over the bridge..." she offered, darkly taking out a small scroll, and a glowing quill. She smiles "Oh I may not be able to take Oblivion, but I do assure I can quite nicely tear the cogs from his working. They weren't kidding when they called me a witch." She chuckles out, standing up, her slim, tiny frame twirling elegantly.

Mr. Eff glares, "All that power and not the slightest idea of how to properly use it. Signing contracts and other childish tricks are not how you do it. Fuck-a-doodly-doo she can play Devil. We've met the Devil. It's nothing but over extended theatrics. You let them live and they'll come back to bite you on the ass again later. Somehow SOME WAY they'll find a way out of a contract (even if it binds them eternally) and they magically come back to spoil your fun. That is the way of these 'fleshies' but in death... in death they're banished! They are removed from the mortal coil and sent to a BEAUTFUL REALM OF TORTURE AND RETALIATION!!! Forced to spend EONS suffering for the sins they caused in life! See? You’re doing yourself a FAVOR by killing them! Plus, you make the world a better place!! Drop your games, your pointless agreements and KILL!!!!!!"

Devi starts muttering, "The rabbit-hole, the rabbit-hole the rabbit hole. Where's Alice? And the cat?" Sickness smiles. "Yes, the rabbit hole, and you don't know how deep it goes. For once I agree with Eff, in part. Contracts are for children, and frankly, I don't give a fuck about your power. You have already barely scratched the surface of what's possible. I have enough control to keep her like this for Eons. And if Devi is really what you think of her, she'll find someone in hell and get what she wants. Why let her have that chance if I can keep her right here, muttering and crying her poor little eyes out. I'll let her resurface a few times then dash her back down into the depths of depression and insanity."

Mei mms a bit "Oh contracts are just to assure you can't bite me in the ass without some lovely little quirk like inexistence." she pauses "Without my child to worry about.. I have no care for the state of the world or its cruelty. The devil goes by many epithets’." she commented "I am by no means associated with any Devil or demon, I have ties to the high beast mother." she waves her hand a bit "Living is suffering you see, and knowing you'll live and eventually die to only be tortured more, it’s quite a lovely thought isn't it?" she asked, her hand taking the pool to lower it, reflecting scenes of Devi "Besides, Devi already went for my back with the knife." mostly of the friendship that had been shared. "Why not get a delirium to assist you, they're quite easy to summon, and more than happy to go for it. I do believe she's suffered enough for now. Just curious, but will you trade me one of her eyes? Human eyes are unceasingly amusing to me. "

Mr Eff hmphs. "Useless, arrogant, stubborn, bitch. Sickness? We'd be wise to see her dead. Looks like the whore has her own demons to worry about." Does constantly trying to fight and kill someone imply friendship? If so these must be the best of friends. "How about you give Devi to us for a test run? 'least until we find ourselves a new host..." With it's stubby little legs it shuffles over to the girl in question and pokes at her. "She was next in line to replace little Johnny after all. The POTENTIAL she has... or rather had. This world and it's usless magic mucking things up for everyone..."

Sickness tilts her head. "Friendship? What friendship? Wait, you think that 'Allison' was your friend? You mean this little child?" Devi screams and morphs into the girl that Mei knew, her white dress covered in blood, her face scratched and scared. Sickness contorts her face into that of rage. "YOU DON'T GET TO DECIDE WHAT I DO WITH HER! SHE'S MINE; I FOUND HER AND LEAD HER TO BREAKING POINT. I GET HER BRAIN, AND HER POWER, AND I WILL NOT LET YOU INTERFEAR. YOU ARE NOTHING BUT A HARLOT, EAGER FOR SOMEONE TO TAKE CARE OF YOU IN YOUR HOUR OF DARKENSS." Directing her attention to Eff, "A test run? And risk you running off with her? Do you think I'm dimwitted?"

Mei snorts "This world suits her." she commented, standing up.. "I want not an ounce of that power. The power of a Mazoku is a frivolous and convoluted power. She isn't worth taking in this state. She isn't my friend. She took advantage of my sweetness and loneliness and used such information to play with my mind." she offered. "I am not a Harlot, I am simply an opportunist, you my dear are the whore." she commented "Besides, you can neither prove nor disprove my status as a Harlot, especially since you are talking to a figment of imagination." she offered out, taking an egg from her blouse to stroke her finger along.

Mr Eff begins to laugh at Sickness's statement. "Run off with her? Run where? Your connected to her! We work for the same entity! I just want to see some VIOLENCE!!" Once Mei begins ranting, it slowly tilts it's head in her direction half-listening until something strikes his attention. And there it is.... "FIGMENT??? More like a talking figment OF AN IMAGINATION! What the fuck do you think we are? We're manifestations, WE ARE THE FIGMENTS. To imply otherwise is to imply we work for the same master and CLEARLY that's not the case. I'd rather kill myself than find out that somehow everyone in this room is related."

D-Boy finally manages to stumble to its feet and finally gets to say SOMETHING! *gasp* "N-n-noooo! There's no reason for this! We must remain loyal! We must serve the master! This isn't about personal gain. This is about the Abomination!! Why do the two of you bicker about power when we're supposed to be feeding our lord? Why would you try to strike deals with-!"

Mr Eff pimp-slaps D-Boy, knocking him to the ground. "SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU SUICIDAL CUNT!!!" Panting for breath the creature shakes his head. "Y'know. I'll make a deal. Someone take this MORON away and find a way to SEVER my ties with him and I'll guarantee not to FUCKING GET IN THERE WAY AGAIN!" Is that a deal? Supposedly it is to him.

"I can't be a whore. I am a figment, rather one who's been made into something a little more substantial. Besides, I don't have the proper... 'assmeats' as Tenna might say. You mess with powerful people; you’re bound to get shit on. Now, since we agree that she's where she belongs, you can go. As for you Eff. You lost Johnny, why should I trust you with mine? You lost control of him too, didn't you?" She completely ignores D-boy. She doesn't care about the Master anymore. She makes sure he gets his allotted amount, but she's not as loyal as she might seem.

Mei snerks "Are you calling me a lard ass?" she asked, noticeably amused as she settles in to sprawl on her side, her fingers toying with a bit of something, a small flick of magic at D-boy attempting to mute him for the moment because he annoys her. "Caliga was a mistake, one that will not be repeated." she offered. "But he's weaker than you think in ways." she whispered, grinning a bit.

Mr Eff pfft's at the lard ass comment. "She's slow. We've made that joke more than once already." The doughboy sighs. "This isn't worth my effort anymore. Unless something fun happens soon I'd be better off finding some homeless bum and making him shit himself." Crossing it's arms, it turns it's back to Mei. "Sickness? You may have your ward now, but I'm hardly concerned of the loss of Johnny-poo. He's somewhere or we wouldn't still be here. And it's not neccesarily that we've lost control over him as...." He pauses to think carefully about what's been said. "CALIGA!?!?!?" Spinning around, the former pastry-stand figurine points and screams at Mei. "THAT ARROGANT, IGNORANT, DICK-SUCKING, FESTERING, ASS-WHORE IS THE REASON WE CAN'T FIND JOHNNY!!!" That knife he's used before is suddenly in his nubby little hand again. "That BASTARD damaged Johnny's brain and the two of us with him!!! WHERE IS HE!?!? I WILL SEE HIM DEAD!!!"

Mei smiles " I fully welcome you to harm him in any way shape or form if he ever crawls out from under his fucking rock." she offered. "Actually.." she takes out two black feathers "If you do find him, I would like his skull on a silver fucking platter. And quit calling me a whore, I'm not terribly curvy nor am I heavy anywhere."

Devi may have instrustions to kill Caliga, but Sickness doesn't care about that. The doughboys aren't able to keep handle on their things, and Sickness doesn't want that to seep over into her. They can make a deal with Mei over Caliga's body. Right now, she's going to convern herself with making sure Devi stays broken for a while. Devi's already moved back into her natural shape, as she rocks back and forth, her insanity currently winning the war.

On the shelf off to the side, a tube of deep purple paint, Smokey Water brand, pops its top and sends a stream of its contents at the nearest doughboy.

Mr Eff growls at Mei's words, "I don't give a flying fuck how you feel about being called a slut. I call them as I see them, just because you don't feel that it's JUSTIFIED doesn't mean I can't continue to-!" His words are cut off by a scream. Whatever being might be in charge have aparently decided they don't like Psycho D-Boy almost as much as Mr Eff hates him. Paint, pouring over the already wounded and broken fragment of a pychie, causes it to scream like someone dipped in acid. Of course, this causes such an uproarious fit of laughter in Eff that all concentration is lost leaving him rolling on the floor in histerics. Well, that was pointless.

Mei watches Mr. Eff "You're as flattering as a Hippogriff's stool, really." she stands up "Now I need to see someone about a tomb stone and a book of venom." she offered, standing back up to look at the canvas. "Well then, shall I disappear?" she asked, cheerfully, her hands going together as she cackles loudly.

Mr. Eff is too busy cackling at D-Boy's misfortune to care much about anything else right now. At least until the screams stop and things begin to quiet down again. Wiping a tear from his eyes, Eff sighs happily. "Maybe the day's going better for me than I thought..."

One of the sprinkler outlets starts to drip, slowly and ominously.

The shadows in one of the corners also darken somewhat suddenly....

It was Christmas morning and all round the house, not a creature was stirring... not even... a... mouse...

Devi starts painting, having quieted down some, her eyes glazed over. Black and red merge, creating her own personal mental hell on the canvas.

Mei vanishes away, leaving behind a plum blossom in her wake. Seems she's off to skull hunt.

From the darkened shadow, a man (?) springs out, with a cheesy black cape, plastic fangs, and running make-up. He shouts "I AM THE NIGHTSTALKER! BBLLLAAAAHHHHH!!!!" Is that red food coloring in and around his mouth? Smells like it...

Mr Eff meh's at the sudden intrusion. "This isn't worth the effort of existing at all anymore. Sickness? Do you know of any drunks that camp out near here? Maybe I can get a bite to eat." With a heavy sigh he adds, "Nny was always good for keeping snacks in the basement..."

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