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Who: Jason_Talben, Mei
When: April 14th, 2009
Where: Jedi Enclave

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Jedi Enclave Foyer This is the Main Entry Foyer. There are a couple of people here, not many. Young men and women can sometimes be seen wandering around the place. But for now this enclave is fairly barren, most of these people here are just curious about the Jedi way. There are no servants here, no droids manning the hallway. Very little in terms of security, but there is also very little of value out in the open.

The entryway is large and open with three rooms off to the side with well constructed walls. The paint job of one of positive colors blues, greens, and yellows. The ground is set in earth tones to give a open feel to the place. The three rooms have a title to them over their door ways. One is Medical Room, Meditation Chambers, and Library. The Main room has a large number of chairs and couches. Some of which could be used as a meeting place to discuss various topics.

The final aspect in this room is the circular staircase which leads upstairs to the second floor.

The Enclave is somewhat busy. There are perhaps like ten or so people here, each talking with Jason about duties of the Jedi knights. Nothing serious is happening as Jason explains the Jedi's ideas. As Jason describes them he says they are guardians. Keepers of the peace. It's their job to help groups avoid conflict, to offer honest insight, wisdom and good council. He tells how it's a jedi's duty to help aid those who are in need and defend the weak and helpless. For the most part various questions are answered and asked in return as some people here look thoughtful on what jason has described. Most of them do head into the library as Jason looks fairly ragged as if he had been up for many many nights in a row..

Mei is quietly slipping in, wearing milky green and white robes of silk, somewhat over showy and quite a contrast to her normal garment... She is carrying a large brown dish with a hand carved dish. she pauses, holding the over sized dish that is probably heavier than she ought to lift at him a bit "Jason, would you care to take a break and sit and have a meal with me?" she asked, cheerfully.

Jason see Mei arrive and he comes over and takes the Dish from her "Yes, I would Thank you Mei. How has your day been?" he asks and He finds a small seat from the couch and sits down slowly. The way he moves shows he is feeling his age mentally and physically more then normal. The Exile Relaxes as he opens a small fridge beside him and looks at Mei for a moment.

Mei sits down quietly, taking a moment to topen a small white fabric fold, revealing a brown fabric wrapped item to hold out to Jason "Welcome to your new home, may it always be your refuge in the storm that is life." she offered, her tone formal as if it was a very serious custom for her people. It isn't hard to tell Mei could be a beauty queen if she wanted to be. "I brought you my favorite meal, I do hope you like it."

Jason bows his head as he accepts Mei's gift and reply's, "Thank you, And may the Force Guide, Protect, and serve as your light when the path seems hidden." He says and sits down as he carefully lifts up the top to the bowl to see what it is, "Would you care for something to drink?" He starts to rummage through the fridge for something MEi might enjoy to drink.

Mei ahs a bit "Just water would be fine if you have nothing else. Although I have another gift for you." she takes out a neat box to hand him. A simple box of green tea. "I'm not actually picky though. Shall I serve you some of the food?" she asked. "Neeh.. Jason, I've been thinking about your offer, can you tell me more about what training would entail for me?" she asked, seriousness in her tone. " I am somewhat divided on if it is the right path considering my previous path was the path of least resistance until I intentionally threw myself against the rocks to cause ripples in the rapids themselves." she murmured, smiling warmly.

Jason offers a Bottle of ice cold green tea when she show shim the box of simple tea and he says, "Your training. That is the most difficult question you could ask. Training is not like sitting in class learning math, history, reading, and writing. Each student has their own needs and expectations. Both of them self, and of their teacher. No two students are the same in that respect. I can tell you the basics of all training however. Learning how to Feel the Force around you, in others, within your self." Jason listens to his own words and chooses with the utmost care. "The Force to me is both a guiding hand, but also a powerful tool. Learning how to listen to the force, to heed it's call and it's warnings is the part of all training." he explains and allows mei to ask her next questions.

Mei's expression is serious "Well I am asking because I expect I would have to shed the few luxuries I have. I do still own a few nice dresses and a bit of jewelry and on ocassion I like to look like the princess from the fairy tales Lakshmi loves." she takes the tea to open and draw a sip of, taking the food to dish Jason out a helping of it ; Lamb, vegetables, and rice, the lamb is slow cooked and smells of garlic, cumin, and rosemary." she smiles a bit "Here we go, Try a bit, you look fatigued." she settles back. "What would you expect of me? Do you expect me to quit my works I do to support myself and the finances I save for Lakshmi's education? Also would you accept that I cannot necessarily train every day because somedays I work as long as twenty two hours and simply collapse where it is quiet?" she asked, voice shy and soft."

Jason listening to Mei he says, "I would not expect you to shed the comforts you have, These are Questions that many ask. I would not expect you to shed your possessions or belongings. Your home is your home. There is a reason why Jedi do not keep such possessions. As a jedi One could be needed to go some where at any time, with no notice. With no time to grab supplies. Learning self reliance is vital. I have always been lax on that myself, I was not opposed to gather large supplies when I had plenty of money. Your training while slow would not need to take you away from your child, Nor denying her the attention and love she needs. You would find some of your training Quite refreshing, Learning to channel the energy around you as it flows through you, you will find your strength and endurance less exhausted." he says.

Mei's mouth is covered "Actually I have very few posessions I would be upset about losing." she takes a bit to settle in. " I .. am glad. I do not think this would be much different than magic, to some degree." she watches Jason, taking a bit of the food to carefully take a few small delicate bites, her smile showing "I'm still thinking about it, you do not hold my hesitance against me, I hope." she offered, softly, blush showing as she takes a few bites."I showed up on Twisted with a pack of herbs, some medical supplies, a frying pan, some garlic and a small chunk of meat, atop what I wore on my back, you know."

Jason nods and says, "I do not hold your Caution against you, in fact I am pleased you are being cautious. This is not a light choice to make. On the other hand, if you were eager to dive in head first, without taking time to contemplate the pros and cons. Then I would be worried." he says and He comments on her use of the word magic. "Magic exist in my world as well. There are those who wield magic. but Is the force Their magic, or is Our Force their magic. Many Scholars have commented that Magic and The Force are both the same thing. Just different ways of accessing and using the same energy. To the Jedi the Force is an Energy Field, Created by all living things, Surrounding us, penetrating us, guiding us. How does your magic work, do you know it's source?" he asks.

Mei takes a moment to tap the top of her head "Crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, Sacral, Base." she taps her forehead, throat, heart, solar plexus, stomach, and then her hips. " All sources of power from within. The points are where it is easiest to draw power out." she offered, quietly. "Each of the points represents a quality you must over come. I have trouble with my solar plexus, I have low self esteem sometimes, and it makes it harder to draw from the point." she offered, honestly. "Magic also comes from the surroundings." she commented "Points of power."

Jason listening to Mei and nods, "Sounds like some Teachings of Teri' Kasai, it's a fighting style an ancient group made which relies not on the Force from the outside, but channeling what one naturally produced." Jason listen as he says, "Self esteem is important. The force is very powerful, When you do something with the force, You do it. There is no trying, but there are limits to which the body can handle safely before exhaustion sets in. Comes down to strength of mind, body, and will."

Mei mms a bit "My specialty is actually Green color." she offered "I have a tendancy to just be too loving and willing to give myself to others, even though it can put me in considerable danger." she taps her chest a bit, blush showing. "The Heart Chakra governs the ability to give unconditionally, its considered the rarest to specialize in. Its actually how I learned to heal. "

Jason nods and listens, "I see, very interesting. I have read of Chakra, Bringing balance and peace with in one's self. The jedi also practice Balance. I think from hearing this your training would involve bringing balance to your seven points. To work on that which you have trouble channeling." He thinks aloud.

Mei smiles a bit "Well.." she pauses "Would you like to try teaching me on a trial basis, if it seems useless and we both agree, we can mutually let the trial go as I would feel eternally bad for wasting your time." she offered, softly. ".. I'll admit, my sadness surrounding Usagi, is because I thought I had found another person with their heart chakra open. That is all." she offers a bow to Jason, her long brown hair sliding over her shoulders, actually when its down and straight and she's in a proper bow, it touches the floor and just slightly pools there.

Jason smiles as he places his hand on Mei's shoulder, and says, "Not everyone can walk the path of the Jedi, Mei. Even if we discover this path is not right for you, it will not be a waste of your time. Seldom when you learn, to you entirely waste your time. You'll gain something from this, what that is I do not know, nor can I see. But I know that much is true." he says "I will teach you Mei. Take the time you need to learn your lessons, and we will go slow as you wish."

Mei leans in, kissing Jason's hand gently before standing up. "I will gladly take your offer then, but, I apologize that I am a bad student at times." she offered, her fingers moving to wrap his shoulders, fingers gently going up to cradle his hand, her fingers gently tucking his head down. "Here, relax, let me soothe your weariness." Mei's hands gently move down, Her eyes closed as she seems to draw water from the tea to focus on his back, pushing, pulling, and kneading the water to amplify against her friend's robes. "What am I to call you now, Mister Talben?" she asked.

Jason smiles as he listens to mei and he will allow her to soothe him. It will give him a idea of her power and how it flows, "Please just Jason, Titles make my skin crawl." he says, "Well as for being a bad student, that is debatable. You have many responsibilities as is and is willing to take on yet another challenge. You will learn in time, and at your own pace." he says.

Mei leans on Jason, easing the stress of his muscles. "Breathe evenly. I know you don't like such close contact, but I have to be able to hear and feel your body. She is gentle, the water working his muscles, obviously untensing pains for him. Her smile shows. "Can you take the heavy leather over robe so I can use my actual hands?" she commented calmly. "I've done this to you before, you know." she offered."

Jason listens to his friend as some one off handily comments "Some how I am not surprised he would neglect his own health to help others." a young woman says as she is heading into the library and Jason almost flushes as he does remove his large over robe. Underneath his robes his under clothes are much tighter, they are very tight fitting but they look comfortable just tight to avoid getting caught on things and impairing his movement. There Jason inhales and exhales softly.

Mei's hands go to Jason's back working in, starting at the shoulders, He might feel a very calm, warm feeling coming from her hand, a little blush showing "I could stand behind you, but I like hugging strong people. Mostly because my head is almost always so close their heart sounds like a drum." she admitted, her hands are stronger than they seem to be, and well the robes she's wearing show that she's actually gained weight "I'm supposed to be on bedrest, but I hate neglecting my self imposed obligation to heal people." she offered, smile showing as she presses her ear to his chest. "badah.. badah.. bah dah.. badah.." she whispered, her fingers working into his shoulder blades, "Is this relaxing or is it uncomfortable?" she asked, quietly.

Jason listens to Mei as he says, "then you should be tending to your self, and resting. Not exhausting your strength and energy on those who can help and heal themselves." he says and Jason draws on the force himself to slowly restore and revitalize his strength. Granted thanks to Mei he says, "Thanks it does feel good," and slowly as his strength restores through the force he seems intent on not allowing Mei to over extend herself. Feeling her close gives him a sense of love and affection as she holds him. His heart is strong as it beats, but his energy while strong and powerful, has a slightly heavy weight. Most likely from all the things he has seen and done in his short life.

Mei shakes her head "I was in bed for weeks." she offered, her hands continuing to work "It was to gain weight back on my frame. Someone was worried because my weight got down to ninety pounds." she offered, her eyes closed as she shares her gentleness. She sighs a bit "I hate sitting still, honest I do." she has a suprisingly light heart, as if she's learned to deal with the weight of the horrible things in her life.

Jason nods as he says, "alright, I would get annoyed at that point as well." he Listens to Mei and nods, "Yes, I do my best to take care of myself as well, but I don't always succeed." and he listens to Mei "Sounds like me at times. Always had to be doing something."

Mei clears her throat "Lakshmi's feeding is very painful and literally drains me of life. she's weening now, and doing better, but, its really took a toll on me. I dropped twenty five pounds." she leans in, her hands resting easily on the small of his back "You have suffered a great deal. Sometime, come with me to a hotspring, I promise I will do nothing unladylike ." she offered. "Group bathing is therapeutic."

Jason listening to Mei he says, "Perhaps some other time alright, I still have some things to do here tonight before I can truly relax for the night." Jason says as the idea appeals to him but he does have a lot to handle tonight.

Mei backs away. "I need to go finish a present for Lakshmi, I apologize for this but, I'm holding you to that promise, I assure you, You'll not regret a hotspring trip, I'll massage your back and shoulders until you're limp with relaxation and so liquid you can touch your forehead with your heel." she teased lightly, as if such things are completely normal.

Jason nods and says, "Very well, I will do all I can to make the trip, you have my promise. And Seldom do I give a promise Mei, For I am bound to keep it." and the words strike him and he makes a small joke, "Yer not gonna remove my bones are ya? that would make me limp..."

Mei pauses a bit "Oh I don't have any recipes requiring Jedi bones, normal human bones yes." she added dryly. "Jason, I'm not setting a date in stone, nor do I expect it, but, I think you need to rest and relax, and a hot spring is a good place to do so, your body is at rest but it gives your mind a lot of energy and assures wonderful sleep that night. I find that I'm most magically open in them, but my body is alligned to water." she offered, lazily.

Jason lists and jests, "Well I am A human after all." he says with a smirk. "I understand, Thank you I will contemplate what you have said."

Mei drifts away once she's sure he'll stand without falling "Too special, you'd spoil the dish." she commented, grinning as she backs away. "Be safe and be well." she dips her head. "Get some sleep you look as though you've fought an army." she offered.

Jason laughs out at her comment and nods, "Yeah, That's pretty much what it feels like these days."

Mei blows a kiss, obviously a joking gesture. "Alright, I'm off to tell Lakshmi a happy story about a little girl who's wish causes a forest to bloom in a desert." she murmured, her hands folding infront of her , steps very precise and careful.

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