2009-03-13 (PreU) Not so Silent in the Library.

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Not so Silent in the Library.


Who: Devi, Mei, Xue
When: March 13th, 2009
Where: The Grand Library of Twisted


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The Grand Library of Twisted - Coffee Shop

Well, it's a little odd to say the least to see a coffee shop on Twisted... but then it is a library, and they often come with these sorts of features. However the whole place smells of the sweet aroma of coffee-beans and old books, not to mention the wise and mighty of the universe gather here to gabble.

Still, there is a wooden terrace that seperates this place from the rest of the library and many booth-like tables and chairs to sit at, not to mention other tables to be served at. It's like a coffee-centric version of the Usual!

What is also interesting is the chirpy looking faces on the serving staff, roller-skating back and forth on hover-boots to take orders with a beaming disposition. And yet, they seem to do so seamlessly day after day- do they even /leave/ here? And they are prepared to take /any/ order, no matter how ridiculous.

A few books lie here on tables both red and green, where people are past world delving and friends are waiting for them to return- perhaps that's the original reason for the coffee-house? This way Librarians don't snatch them back and put them on the shelves and friends can read what is going on and quickly interfere if they get into trouble.

Devi is sitting at a booth, the table stacked with a few books, and her sketch pads. A pencil stuck behind her ear, and a warm cup of coffe in front of her.

"Pretty heavy reading. Suprising, considering how few come here" comes a voice to the side. Xue is standing there, sit 2 smaller stacks of books floating in the air behind her as she eyes Devi with that piercing gaze of hers. There is no hostility, however, merely hints of fatigue.

Devi looks up. "Um, yeah. Well, I can't really find any kind of peace anywhere else, and they've got coffee." Keeping in mind that Devi has never met Xue, she's a bit wary, as Evil Devi seems to get her in to quite a bit of trouble.

Xue raises an eyebrow "You'll find better stuff in the Usual, just so you know. The stuff here isn't all that good". She glances at the books Devi house out from where she stands, curious. Her own can be deciphered by the spines, those that are in english: most are about maps and mapmaking, triangulating position, and other such topics. The rest are titled in strange runes and markings that likely make little sense to Devi, unless she can read draconic. "Although I do agree, its usually MUCH quieter around here. No prinnies, no fighting, no madness... usually."

Devi shrugs. "I like the coffee here, it's 100 times better because I don't have to worry about the Prinnies." Her books are about art, the art of art, the art of pencils, the art of studying art.. Actually most of them are old books. Dante's Inferno, A book of poems, so on and what not. The pictures she's sketching out reflect some of the darker parts of the books she's checked out.

Xue nods, smirking slightly "Their harmless enough, most of the time. Better to just ignore them, unless their jumping towards you". She sits at one of the tables nearby, at which point one of the books floats off a stack and opens before her, flipping its pages to one 3/4ths through the book, and flipping its pages by itself as she reads it, hands resting on the tabletop

Devi says, "Maybe." Watching Xue, Devi resists the urge to roll her eyes. "Why do you read like that? Why not, ya know. Turn the pages yourself? Isn't that a waste or flaunt of power?" Xue's hands look fine, and Devi thinks maybe it's a little silly to use crazy mind powers to do something as mundane as turning the pages of a book.

Xue shrugs "When drawing, eventually using meticulous shading and detail is second nature. So too is the use of magic. Some things are just so simple and well practiced you just dont think about doing it anymore."

Devi lifts her eyesbrows. "Perhaps. To each their own. Who are you anyway, if you don't mind my asking?" She sips her coffee, then changes out the open book in front of her with another, flipping through til she finds the passage of what she was looking for.

Xue continues to read, the book flipping from one chapter to another, looking for something... "Xue Qian. Yourself?"

Devi asks, "Devi D. The good incarnation, if you've met the other." How many people have Evil twins running around the same world?

Xue stops, and looks at Devi, staaaring at her a moment, her piercing gaze meeting hers. She nods "I do recall encountering someone looking like you... Mei called her Devi D, as well. Although from the way she was throwing power around, along with purple water balloons, i can guess that must be the other..."

Devi nods. "Musta been her. Almost everyone I've talked to, aside froma few of the New people to Twisted, always confuse me with her. I'm waiting to be arrested for something, I'm sure it'll happen. Sorry if she caused you any trouble."

Xue smirks "Nothing to worry about. Temporary splash of color was all she hit me with. Mei, on the other hand, seems to have much more of a grudge."

Devi says, "Yeah, apperently, Evil Devi killed her baby. Though she doesn't look anything like a dingo." Devi smirks at her own little joke. She doesn't belive that EDevi would have killed a baby. She wouldn't have gone that far, no matter how power crazy she might have been.

Xue says, "I haven't heard much about that.... i'll have to research it in more detail later". She shakes her head "Well, if she IS you, who would know you better than yourself, afterall... ?". She doesnt seem to notice the joke, however, or just doesnt react to it "All ive managed to find is that Mei was married to someone named Caliga, and every wants him dead for some reason or another."

Devi says, "As far as I've heard, she's on the war path to him. But I've met him once and he doesn't seem that bad. Hell, he gave me a crystal ball. How weird is that..."

Xue blinks, her eyes becoming very serious suddenly "A crystal ball? That does what?". She doesn't sound angry, per se, more concerned. Like a parent that just found out a kid was playing near a meat grinder or something

Devi says, "I havn't played with it that much, but I've got it on me. He never told me what it does. I wasn't sure what to do with it. I meant to ask someone, but I never got around to it." She shrugs.

Xue's book floats down onto the table, open to its page, as she looks at Devi "Would you like for me to try?"

Devi sets down her pencil and pulls a velvet bag out of her, untieing it, and rolling a polished Crystal ball out. She hands it towards Xue. "Your more then welcome to try if you like. Maybe you can tell me what it is."

Xue nods, and motions for her to place it, on top of the bag, on the table. She'll begin making hand gestures, mumbling words in an unknown language. Each makes her body glow briefly with a differing color. After her defenses are up, she begins to analyze the crystal magicly, being careful not to activate or set anything off. Simple seeing what the nature of the magic in it is, if there is any.

Mei's ears twitch as she slips into the library, carrying a stack of tomes, actual tomes. Of various shapes and sizes. Her body flopping the books down, soon ordering herself some ridicuously candy-ish sounding coffee item, legs folding neatly as she blinks, noticing Xue and Devi after a moment before just peering, not invading them yet.

Devi sits back, enjoying the light show. Not to much startles her anymore, except that crap that Oblivion pulled. He eyebrows do raise as she sees Mei walk in. An eye stays on Mei as Devi trys to pay attention to Xue's face, looking for any kind of reaction.

Xue finishes rather quickly, seeing as its not that complicated a deveice. Powerful, indeed somewhat, but not complex. She looks over at mei, recognizing her, before looking back at Devi, her eyes flashing with blue light for a few seconds as she makes eye contact.

Mei eyes back, a bit, and simply quietly opens her book to lounge back and read, waiting for her coffee quietly. Her leg bobbing.. " A device capable of earthquakes? It'll never work.." she mumbled, chortling faintly before changing the page to examine the next, attempting to keep her posture more or less lady-like.

Devi jolts back a small bit as she hears Xue's voice in her head. Frowning, she takes the message to heart though and stares at the ball, her hands shaking very slightly as she retuns the ball to it's pouch. Sliding it in her backpack, she takes another nervous sip of her coffee. "Thank you.", she says to Xue... This could be very useful, and very painful.

Xue nods to Devi, mumbling something. She then looks up, and smirks at Mei "with the arcane, anything is possible"

Xue mumbles, "Also, be careful ... ... use ... on. Someone ... to ... ... of ... workings ... use such ... ..." to Devi.

Mei ers a bit, moving a bit closer, her hands setting the book down "Oh this book? Written by a mad man.. " she offered, holding it out to Xue gently, smiling " His wave generator would never work." she offered, quietly, weight shifting to settle down, the books floating to flop beside her as she just smiles "Hello Miss Devi. Miss Xue."

Devi nods softly to Xue, her eyes full of wonder and curiosity, locked on her backpack. "Yeah, Hi Mei. Havn't seen you in here before." She takes another long drink of Coffee, her mind working quickly with this new information.

Xue looks at Devi again, eyes flashing blue once more, before turning back to Mei, gazing at the title of the book shes holding. Wave Generator?

Mei ers a bit "I come here often, I just normally secret myself away into a dark corner to study my own memoires. I am old you see. " she smiles a bit "Eheh.. Its to make the tidal waves appear in the desert, but without a power source, such as a large oasis, it would never work, you see." she offered, somewhat quietly..

page Devi=you hear her voice in your head again. she says "meet me at the usual sometime in the future. i have a 'buisness offer', but not one i wish to make around others at the moment".

Whats the book title say?

Magic Gadgetry and Inventions by the grand Tesla Sonlarita. ( In old elvish of course.)

Devi nods again at Xue and looks at Mei. "Well, if nothing else, you don't look old." Devi shrugs a bit, not really wanting to compliment her, but in this place when someone says they are old they mean OLD. Devi must seem like a child to most of these people, as she's really only just out of her teens. Wait, didn't she say that to someone else? No matter. Picking up her pencil again, she starts again on her pad. She doesn's know anything about wave genorators or the like, just simple stuff. And now, weapons!

Xue smirks at Mei "I dont feel so bad, then". She doesnt give any more details, nor ask any. She simply returns to where she was sitting. Before that, however, she grabs a book and tosses it to Mei, the book stopping and floating gently onto her table "Try reading about him. Different Tesla, but equally genius". It's titled 'The life and inventions of Nikola Tesla'.

Mei takes the book and settles "I know I don't look old, I will not age until death is breathing against the back of my neck." she offered to Devi "Now then, One of whatever you'd like to snack on and drink on me, my treat. I got lucky in the pachinko hall." she commented, taking a moment to dig out a book on herbs, reaching into her belt to remove a small sample and set it on the table, sipping her coffee before searching the book, definantly trying to figure out what the herb is. Its blackish stemmed with a small purple dried flower. The petals are decidedly heart shaped.

Devi ehs. "No, thank you though. I don't like taking freebies." Yes, she's prideful. Curse of youth, you can blame it on. "Thus the reason I got a job." She smiles slightly, the smile no longer reaching her eyes. In fact, she seems to be rather.. drawn taunt. Has she been sleeping at all? If you look closly enough, there are bags under her eyes, and lines of stress and no rest show around the corner of her eyes and around her face. She takes another sip of her coffee.

Xue look at the petal,raising an eyebrow. Her botany isnt the best, just enough to know what can and cant be eaten in nature. At least, in HER world. She has absolutely no clue what it is. She shrugs "Just some crackers and water for me is fine."

Mei ers a bit "If you are not one to take it, you shouldn't then, but it was without .. what is the expression.. strings you see. I was attempting to be nice." she seems to be studying, her fingers pushing her hair behind her pointed ears. "If its what you want, Xue. Afterall you did me such a favor." she orders, for Xue, settling in to continue searching .. "This.. is supposed to be a Mute Cure component." she offered, quietly.

Devi says, "And I was attempting to politly refuse." She frowns a bit, and sits back, rubbin her face, and stowing away her sketch books. Leaving the books on the table, for one of the workers to come and put away, she lays some money down on and stands up, streaching and slinging her backpack over her shoulder. "Have a nice Day." She walks out, intent on going to play with the crystal ball, and see what she can see.

Xue munches on cracker "No problem", while reading from one of her stack. Pulling out a piece of paper, and a very ornate crystal, she begins to draw, one hand holding the pencil, the other hovering over the now-glowing deep purple and blue crystal, and her eyes glowing with the same light as she focuses.

Mei settles a bit.. " Xue, what makes you happy?" she asked, quietly, her ears flicking as she sighs quietly, her eyes closed as she flips the page in the book at random.

Xue stops suddenly, looking up, and then a moment later snickering to herself. Seems SOMEONE didnt listen to her warning about a certain something being potentially dangerous. She blinks at Mei, then stares off into space, thinking "Good question....."

Mei smiles a little bit "Humans, Always a bit of Pandora in them, eh?" she offered, voice gentle and calm, her cheerfulness showing.. ".. Hm.. Seraphim's kiss.. Negative effects : none.. Note may not work on those of demonic .. damn it." she mumbled, sort of sighing.. "I'm never going to find a cure."

Xue raises an eyebrow "Only partially human.... ". She holds back her hair, revealing slightly pointed ears. "Cure for what?"

Mei ehes.. "I miscast a spell.. and kind of muted someone.. and I can't unmute them.. and while they can speak with in my mind.. sometimes its nice to have a little quiet." she offered.. "And it would be less frightening for newcomers." she offered, voice soft. She rubs her temple.. "I can't use this herb on her, the side effects could be very serious.. and worse than the problem.." she sighed.

Xue says, "can you recast the same spell you cast before on something, even inanimate? if you can duplicate the problem, and i can see the essence pattern you used, i might be able to see the reversal for it."

Mei shakes her head "I think it was more the sequence of casting and being in a panic and exhausted.. I nearly died that day.. Twice." she offered, voice soft "I can't recast it the same way I did that day.. I've tried.. I can't get it to unleash the same way .. I've practiced on drunkards and it fades after an hours' time like it is supposed to.." she offered, voice softer yet, worry in her tone.

Xue hhmms "cant you cast from scrolls?"

Mei ers and shakes her head no.. "I've never tried. I honestly work strange.." she offered softly "I have to study a scroll, and try it my own way or it comes out strange.." she offered carefully "I kind of cast from what I feel in my heart.." she moves her hand down to her chest.. "I can't fully explain how I come to know some of what I have come to know."

Xue nods "Next time your in the vicinity of the UR with this individual, stop in and see if im there. I might be able to remove the effect, if its arcane in origin."

Mei Ers a bit "I .. Cannot allow them to travel, but I can very pointedly take them to you, in secret." she offered hesitantly. "I.. I warn its one of those ancient magic deals I've mentioned.. it just welled to the surface and was shaped by will to only a slight degree."

Xue looks around. No one else here. So why not. She casts a quick spell, kicking out anyone that might be scrying, at least temporarily, and looks at Mei "You mentioned being older than you look. Might i ask how old that might be?".

Mei ers a bit, taking a moment to do some quick math in her head.. "241.. 243.. maybe.. I can't really quite tell due to the flux of time here." she offered, slowly. She holds up her hand, summoning something.. A glowing sphere descends, spilling out.. a tiny little girl of the toddler variety who's holding a large stuffed bear and a tea cup. Mei seems nervous, scoopign up the little one quickly and keeping an eye out it seems.

Xue nods "I'm 346... at least when you translate my worlds chronological cycle and apply it to standard 'earth years', as they put it in Neo and Metro. Almost all of it spent in magic. Age usually gives an advantage when working with the arcane, so it might be enough to remove whatever the problem is... " she looks at the young one "Is this the afflicted?"

Mei nods quiet quietly. "Yes. I was going to have Skeeve do it, but he said he had to go find some bunnies.." she murmured.. She commented quietly. She quietly whispered to the small one "Lami.. this is miss Xue.." she pauses "Xue, please hold out your hand.." she asked gently, kissing the child's cheek once, as Lami reaches out with both hands, looking somewhere between bored and annoyed.

Xue raises an eyebrow, and does so.

Lami gently takes the hand, ~Sorry. I can't talk to you otherwise.~ she releases soon enough, her hands going back around the large stuffed bunny plush, little fangs showing as she chews on it. ~Why did you bring me here?~ she asked towards Mei, cheerfully.

Xue nods, and motions to the table edge "Put her down here. I'll see what i can do". She begins casting defensive spells, in case theres a backlash, in the meantime.

Mei sets Lami on the table. Lami soon steals one of Xue's crackers to nibble on, little fangs showing as she kicks her legs back and forth, little black loops showing in her hair, and little eyes changing color near constantly as she watches Xue.

Xue's piercing eyes lock with Lami, and she begins casting smaller spells, probing the effect, as well as Lami. Information such as precise height, weight, anatomy, rough mental and physical capabilities, magical connection and potential, and with all this, what she was looking for: magical effects on her that are presently active, and potentially even finding any inactive. She keeps it light, however, not doing more than identifying the enchantment and its rough strength, if it finds it, without applying 'pressure' to it.

Lami's exactly 27 tall, 40lbs. She appears to be able to hear just fine, see just fine.. oddly though she's horribly powerful, but seems to have a very docile personality, the enchantment is simply a miss cast of a mute, an over powered cast due to Mei's panic. ( This is infact Lakshmi.. Caliga and Mei's offspring.).

Xue gets what she needs, and nods "Looks like a simple enchantment. This SHOULD work..." she casts dispel magic on Lami *the only name she knows the young girl by*.

Lami's eyes widen, taking on a greenish tint and sheltering her face somewhat instinctively.. Once the spell is done.. she makes a somewhat loud squeak of suprise.. Hey wait .. she gets a highpitched squeak.

Xue raises an eyebrow, and tickles the girls tummy, as another test, just in case.

Lami squeaks and giggles at the tickling, arching about to latch onto Xue's arm, ~ What's with the noise out of mouth?~ she asked, obviously more used to talking like this. Mei pauses.."Thank you Xue, I am indebted to you." she offered, quietly, rubbing her cheek against the child's "Now I'm going to have to teach you how to use that mouth of yours.. for more than puffing air and spitting peas and guests.." she commented, grinning a little.

Xue shrugs, letting go of Lami, and sitting back down "Dont worry about it". She sideglances at the child "Telepathy via touch, potential to develop it further, as well as large untapped power within her. Let me know if you need help of some kind with teaching her to control it. If unchecked, things could get ugly."

Xue shrugs, letting go of Lami, and sitting back down "Dont worry about it". She sideglances at the child "Telepathy via touch, potential to develop it further, as well as large untapped power within her. Let me know if you need help of some kind with teaching her to control it. If unchecked, things could get ugly. *re, in case you cant scroll back up*"

Mei ers a bit "I will need a good deal of help for her. I .. am fearful about just bringing her outside in this horrible place. I .. very much want to find a safe world." she offered, voice soft and gentle as she lifts the little one. The little one however seems very content to investigate Xue. Harsh little eyes zipping over the stranger.

Xue looks like your classic semi-high-tech wasteland warrior. 1 sword in sheath, gun in a holster, armored-mesh clothing, 2 visible scars on her face. You know how it is. "Im well-versed in the use of a sword, but i know someone better. Magic, however, is my specialty. If you need her tutored in such, let me know. You said Skeeve is teach you, which is good, but im not sure he would have the time to teach you both, as accomplished as he is". She looks at the little girl "That is, if SHE wants to learn."

Mei smiles a bit "I'm afraid she's been drawn to a form of magic I cannot teach. She will either have to learn on her own or find a great master of it. I'm afraid due to unpleasant circumstances, she's already shown talent with calling spirits and monsters forth." she offered.. "Which is not an easy road." she offered, hugging the child. Mei looks like your typical hentai game girl.. Thanks skeeve! Lakshmi however looks like a very average toddler. Blue pants, a white and blue striped shirt with a flower on the chest. Mei leans foreward "I'm afraid .. she'll end up a Krill, you see." she offered, voice careful. "I think .. she's begun summoning things forth out of boredom and frustration that other children are afraid of her."

Xue says, "A summoner... ? Hhhmmm..... id need to watch her cast to do more than simply guess at what shes doing, which could be several different things". She kneels down next to the girl, looking her in the eyes with that piercing gaze of hers "Listen well, young one. It is VERY important that you hear me. From a child who was misunderstood by her peers, to a child who may be misunderstood by her peers. Ignore them. If they fear you, let them. If they hate you, shun you, hurt you, let them. Ignore it. Such are the acts of the ignorant, who act out of that ignorance. Be true to your own heart. Sooner or later, youll meet people that see through such ignorance, and have the potential to understand you, or more. Explore your power, and practice what you can, as safely as you can, for power in and of itself is not evil, nor the seeking of it wrong. It all lies in how it is used that matters".

Lakshmi being quite the diplomatic tot takes her hands out to cheerfully grab Xue by the cheeks and tug a bit. ~I am a good girl~ she leans foreward, gently head bonking Xue. She then promptly shrunks back into Mei's arms, snuggling sleepily ~I want a dolly like 'Lisky.~ Mei seems to hesitate "Like who?". Lami perks up a lil ~Like 'Lisky. Biiiig snakey with red eyes that lives under my bed.~ Mei pauses "Er the monster you summoned and I've warned you to keep away from the human children?" she asked, again looking confused.

Xue smirks. classic child response. least shes at a point where she can tell right from wrong, potentially (probably wild magic.... this could get interesting). "Don't worry too much. I was scoffed at by kids growin up, cause they were afraid of me, and look where i am now. Two wars, three alternate dimensions, and whatever else the future holds. You might find adventuring a path of choice as well one day". She nods to Mei "Anyway, i have to go. Ive got a lot of research to do". She snaps, and the books she had earlier float up, and follow her out.

Mei stands as well tossing Lakshmi in the air gently "We can arrange the doll darling, but, don't let the Basillisk out of your room, alright, or he'll stone gaze all of the human children, and its very very hard to unpetrify humans." she murmured, hugging the little one and giving Xue a wave, simply turning into light and vanishing away.

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