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Summary: Diablo FINALLY drags Gegoshi to Hell's Library where we finally get to meet some of it's staff. …and then Trinune gets an upgrade…

Who: Gegoshi, Senior_Diablo
When: August 19th, 2010
Where: The End of the Tunnel(#1609R)

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The End of the Tunnel(#1609R) After an eternity of darkness there is indeed an end. Looming out of the shadows as if carved from the very face of the stone cavern itself is the resting place of all of the knowledge of the merged Hells. Where the souls of the damned are forced to chronicle every known event as they occur. The history of worlds upon worlds are stored here. Almost the wealth of existance itself. Upon the front of the library, massive sculptures of each of Hell's Council rest. The entrance rests between the two center statues beneath an old stone arch. Strange that there doesn't seem to be any windows here...

With a hurried step Diablo eventually brings the two of them into the cave the great Library is carved from. The towering structure's statues are being recarved by mournful souls with angry demons standing overtop them. One of the statues already seems to have Caliga's face on it. Senior Diablo's eyes narrow. "The face is right, but the ego is too small."

Gegoshi follows along of course! Her clothing silvering around her body to flow out into black robes with purple lightning that actually crackles along the material as she walks. Her white wings get the same purple lightning patterns crackling around them, "To the depths of hell with us." She says in a raspy voice, though there is a giggle almost escaping at the same time. Along with a smile at the edge of her mouth.

Senior Diablo stops dead in his tracks and sighs, "Are you ever going to stop that? What makes you think that I'm some melodramatic prat who would enjoy the company of some obedient slave girl or some overdramatic hellion? Just... just be yourself and stop giving me reasons to take you up to Dis and drop you off at the punishment court. Besides, some of those punishments our new judge has been dishing out frighten even me... Trust me, you don't want that." As he speaks he reaches the doors to the library and holds them open allowing Gegoshi to enter first. Inside they look as you'd expect from any library, save for the state of the 'staff' who mostly seem to be working against their will. But then, this is Hell after all.

Gegoshi twirls around Diablo and stops in front of him once the doors are open. "But, by doing this, I'm not being obedient at all." She says with a giggle. Turning around, she hops into the library, her clothing silvering over into their normal state. Hmm, lots of books. People dealing with the books. She spins on her heels towards Diablo. Waiting.

This is Hell after all. The Library like all is mostly silent, the sounds of people moaning in agony or shuffling around seep through the massive aisles. One little girl is sitting behind the main desk with her feet dangling off the large chair she occupies. Her blond pigtails bounce back and forth as she flips through a oversized (maybe she's undersized) book, bouncing her head back and forth to a beat in her head. As Diablo swings the door open, she looks up, empty soulless hole eyes 'turning' in their Direction. A deep sadistic voice rolls out of her mouth, the sound seeming larger then should be contained within such a small frame. "Welcome to the Library. Please do not smoke and treat our texts with care." Sweet and simple despite the voice. Quickly tacked on at the end, the tone dark and dramatic, "Or ELSE." She leans forward slightly at the warning and arches an eyebrow at the pair daringly.

Senior Diablo facefalts, "Yes well. That's mostly the point. I never asked you to be 'obedient'. I'm not asking you to ignore what I say, but you don't need to act like a servant either. Just worry about your duties regarding Twisted and..." His voice is quickly drowned out by the small girl tending the desk. Diablo seems confused a second before turning his full attention to her. "Gorgoron, is it? What happened to the Cryptkeeper?" He taps a clawed hand onto the desk rhythmically. "I thought I was to be told of any dramatic changes around here..." It's at this point that Gegoshi may notice that some of the shelves of books seem to flicker when stared at. This is a trick of the eyes as the massive size of the library itself tends to defy logic, much like the paths within the labyrinth.

Gegoshi rolls her eyes, "Ohhhhhh, yes. Duty. Ooooof course." She says, with a massive amount of sarcasm. She holds her hands out and curtseys to Diablo as her clothing floods out into a short skirt, just so she can perform the curtsey properly. She then turns to look at Gorgoron. "Hello, thank you!" She says in response to the greeting. A pair of glasses flow into the front of her eyes, which she adjusts as she peers around at some of the books.

Gorgoron says, "Gorgoron is covering his shift. It's poker night at the DemonClaw and they've installed the stripper pole." She closes the book, a loud ~*THOMP*~ resounding in the air around her. "Diablo, Gorgoron wants a raise. I keep missing the hopscotch clubs' sacrifices. And I'm Alter Leader this week." She nods, like a 5 year old declaring the sky green because she says so, and leans back in her chair. "How may Gorgoron serve you today, oh Lord and Master?" Her lips quiver as she with holds a smirk. Gorgoron turns her eyeless gaze to the robot to look her over.

Senior Diablo sweatdrops heavily at Gegoshi. This was never part of his plans when it came to usurping Twisted's Council, damnit. He looks ready to say something about it when the ridiculousness of Gorgoron's explanation comes booming out of the small girl. Diablo simply sweatdrops again, his lips tightening to almost nothing. It takes him almost a full minute of staring at her before he's able to speak again. "Yes… well.. We'll have to see about that later, Gorgoron." He shakes his head and gestures towards his sarcastic companion. "This is Gegoshi, the Council's former puppet which has recently been offered into my care. We need a data link for her that gives her unlimited access to the Libraries databases." He turns fully towards Gegoshi at this point and explains, "While we make the dammed record everything by hand, it serves us well to have them stored in any accessible form we may need. I could explain how I tie into all this, but you'll know soon enough."

Gegoshi brings a hand up in greeting towards Gorgoron. "I am able to connect to any kind of mechanical interface you have, so don't look for any adapters." She says. She glances between Gorgoron and Diablo briefly. "Also, please feel free to disregard much information relating to my prior operations, as much misinformation has seeded the weaker minded." She taps the side of her head and gives a nod.

Gorgoron says, "Everything? Even the company memo's?" She draws back, her small ivory hands twisting around each other in worry. She eyes Gegoshi and pulls a long cord out of a drawer. Pushing it into a terminal, she hands the other end (Male - Standard Headphone)to Gegoshi. "We'd normally use the fish, but he's out to lunch." She wags it at Gegoshi until it's removed from her hand before cracking her knuckles. "Are you sure?"

Senior Diablo watches the two converse silently, eager to see what unfolds.

Gegoshi reaches over and takes ahold of the headphone jack. She looks at the end for a moment and then brings it up to the side of her head. The end of the jack disappears into her hair, but it's obvious that more than just the tip has sunk into her head under there. Pulling her hand free and leaving the cord dangling from her hair and over to the terminal, she looks over towards Diablo. "I am ready to access and copy all information inside of this database." She says, folding her arms across herself and leaning against the nearby desk. Her nose wrinkles to get her glasses back into place.

Gorgoron sighs and looks back to her screen. Index finger at the ready she pecks in the main code. "G-O-D." Did she really just... nevermind, the old Dial-Up connection buzzes and beeps loudly to the side before Gorgoron smacks the monitor. ~*BZZZZZZZZZ*~ "She now has full access." Gorgoron turns to see if a reaction is given.

Senior Diablo holds his hands up and smiles, "Then by all means…" The influx of information will be staggering. The entire history of Senior Diablo's home world until the moment it became a part of the Twisted Street and subsequently everything that occurred afterwards on any other connected world. Everything written down, said aloud, or viewed publicly. All the secrets, the hidden information, the sins. Such a thing could be a powerful weapon in the wrong hands and as such the forces of Hell keep it for themselves, to both keep it locked away from prying eyes as well as to use to judge the dammed as sentence is passed onto them. All of it available suddenly at one time simply by directing one's thoughts towards a particular subject. It will be a wonder if Gegoshi can handle it all even with her vast capabilities.

Gegoshi has a lot of information inside of her head. Tons in fact. A lot of it is programming, some of it is memory from when she first came to awareness. Blue minuscule text flickers over her eyes as the access is given and she transfers the information over into herself. Her eyes blink rapidly for the first second, then widen, really huge. The halo above her head, which had been idly twirling, begins to blur from the speed it turns. A loud whirring sound, akin to someone whipping a hollow tube through the air in circles comes from it. Her posture slackens a moment later from where she leans on the desk, her folded arms falling to her sides. Wings slumping down behind her. The glasses on her face turn silver and trickle down her face below her eyes, almost like tears. Her blonde hair loses color next, turning to the same grayish silver that she manifests when changing her body around. The lightning colors in her wings disappear, and then those and her skin color all go silver as well. The blue text that was flowing across her eyes spreads out like fire in the wind, winding all around her body in a swirling mass. Her legs give out next and she hits the floor. Her body makes a splat sound, half of it turning into an unformed puddle on the floor, the rest of her body formed up out of it. She lays there for now, the text scrolling all around her form.

Gorgoron leans over the desk, a soft tsk rolling from her teeth. "Gorgoron knows how it is to have a blowup doll melt on you Diablo. Gorgoron swears to not tell anyone though." She sits back at the computer, looking expectantly at Diablo.

Plans within plans…

Senior Diablo glares at Gorgoron a moment before leaning down to assist Gegoshi, if such a thing where possible. Assuming she can hear him he speaks, "As you can see pieces of it are missing, locked. Some deities don't like us prying into their affairs, but as you can see my own record is mostly flawless." The ones he allows in the record that is. "I take my duties very seriously. The balance must be maintained. Do you understand what I'm saying?" He gives her a moment to try and respond, "It's not black or white, good or evil. But things must be kept balanced or they'll fall into chaos no matter which side the coin lands on…"

The blue text continues scrolling around Gegoshi's body, even as Diablo speaks to her. Swirl, swirl, swirl. The halo above her head sinks down (or sideways as she's on her side in this case) torrenting much closer to the top of her head than normal. A piece of red text appears, very briefly, over her left hip, before disappearing just as quickly. Another two minutes pass before her visible eye colors itself in to a deep hued red, then shifting over to green. Her fingers twitch and she lifts up the hand they are attached too. Pieces of the fingers dripping down into silver droplets that plop into the half pool of her body. Then, all of the blue text stops and her hand falls to splatter into her body. Ripples like water flood around her body, the blue text disappearing inside of it. The jack attached to her head pops out, though if Gorgorons terminal can know such things, she did get all of the information before disconnecting. The ripples on her body increase in size, until she turns into a roiling mass of swirling silvery liquid. This then brings itself into the shape of a large cube. Pieces of the cube then indent downwards, until a large labyrinth like maze is on the outside. The blue text reappears, moving through the various passageways along the cube and intersecting with other blue text.

Gorgoron arches an eyebrow and unplugs the jack at her end, pulling it up and putting it away. She leans on the desk edge as though she were a fat cop. The feeling of the image is almost projected. "Gorgoron thinks you broke it." She looks over the cube.

Senior Diablo's eyes are aglow as he watches the shape shifting. Without even realizing it he mutters a soundless, "Fascinating…." The words of the current Chief Librarian shake him out of it briefly and the demon stands up straight once again. "I certainly hope not. Let's give her a moment to come back to herself. This might simply be her way of adjusting…" His eyes never move away from the spectacle before him.

The blue text continues moving through the maze, at times red text will pop up where some of the blue text meets, and that piece of the labyrinth will sink down into the depths of the cube. As minutes pass by, pieces of the labyrinth are replaced with flat textures, until finally the entire square is one solid cube again. The edges of the cube spread outwards, stretching into the air as if groping at nothing. Small lines spread themselves out on the corners, forming into fingers and toes, then hands and feet. The process, at first slow, suddenly speeds up as Gegoshi's head comes out of the top of the cube. In a matter of seconds after that, Gegoshi's body has formed itself into a cross-legged meditative pose, hands on knees. Her wings are spread out in a wide arc behind her. Her coloring then brings itself back in. Her eyes blink once and she gives a very deep exhale, rolling her head back to look at Diablo and Gorgoron, "I will be able to perform my primary function so much more efficiently with all of this." She backwards summersaults up to her feet, landing in a sitting position on the edge of the desk with her legs crossed. She folds an arm across herself and the other bends to rest her index finger on her cheek and thumb on her chin. "What did you want next?" She asks Diablo, in a almost...dismissive tone.

Gorgoron purses her lips and sits back in her chair, propping her feet up and pulling the book back open, dusting fluttering up as she flips through the pages. "Gorgoron congratulates you that your moment of passion is not ruined." She crosses her ankles primly.

Senior Diablo glares at Gorgon once again before returning his full attention towards Gegoshi. The change in her tone forces him to grin. "It's simple really. Two things and you may resume your duties in anyway you deem fit. First… would you like to join the soon-to-be-rebuilt Council as a fully acting member? And second… since my attempts at finding the former Council's string-puller failed, perhaps you can answer me this. Who created the Twisted Street?"

Gegoshi hops off of the desk and onto her feet. Her clothing turns silver and spreads out along her body, forming itself into a replica of Concordance's clothing, "A seat upon the new Council would grant me quite a number of advantages over others. However, as I now have access to a multitude of personality's and scenarios, I'm not sure how beneficial it would be to me. Oh, but then..." She says, and brings a hand to her mouth, giggling, "...it would be fun to watch people arguing about everything again. Did you know that people have repeated the same number of events millions of times? It is hard to create unique scenarios that have never been created in a shape and form that is different enough from an original one." "Would I like to join? Do I have emotions? And a soul?" She smiles really big, "Or am I good at faking them? If you're faking emotions, what's the difference from having real ones? Answer me that first." She says, then continues a moment later, "While the creation of Twisted was a result of a massive destabilization of thousands of universes having their magical makeup removed all at once, this same hollow gap left behind was filled up afterwards to keep everything from collapsing in on itself. The being that began all of this is a sword named Trinune. She looks like this." She says, and her body grows taller and clothing changes over to mirror that of Trinunes. Well, Trinune when she's in her human form. Blue within blue eyes, blue brilliant hair. Everything about her radiates strength, but not the physical kind, though it might be there as well.

Senior Diablo's grin widens as Gegoshi seems somehow more 'herself' than she had since Crux dropped her on his lap earlier. "I would say that there's little difference between faking emotions and having them genuinely assuming of course your intentions." Of course he's probably lucky to have said that much before she begins to rant once again. Then of course that glorious moment where at least SOMETHING goes according to his plan. Diablo erupts into laughter at the sight of Gegoshi's Trinune transformation. "I dare say plugging you into the library seems to be one of the best things I've done in the past week." He turns towards Gorgoron and smiles, "Consider your raise effective immediately. All the food, candy, and whores you can handle… or whatever the hell it is you do with your time." His eyes roll back towards Gegoshi as his voice quiets down. "Personally I'm terrified to know myself. Some things are better left unknown."

Gorgoron smiles brightly. "Really?" Her deep voice gets louder instead of the excited tone. Maybe it just can't do that. "Fantastic. Gorgoron is pleased. When Gorgoron takes over the world, you shall be allowed to live." (Sorry had to.)She hops off her chair and bounds away happily.

Gegoshi nods at Diablo, "I know." She says in response. Whether that refers to knowing what it is Gorgoron does with her time, or that she knows some things are better left unknown is hard to say. She claps her hands together quickly as her body synths down to her normal shape and clothing. She gives the peace sign to the departing Gorgoron, then turns back to Diablo. "I will join your Council, and we shall rule Twisted with an iron fist." She says, eyes widening, before she then giggles and takes a skip towards the exit of the library, twirling on one foot ballerina style to face Diablo again. "Or will I? Am I just a tool to you? Why give a tool a vote?" She titls her head to the side, other foot coming down to the floor, "Are you...in love with me?" She asks, blushing and turning her head to the side. "It's just so sudden..."

Senior Diablo coughs. "I'm just going to chalk that up to adjusting to the new information." Nice way to avoid a subject, eh? "Besides, the wife would skin me alive no matter how I respond to that question. She's a nice woman, but she has her moments of insanity." He raises an eyebrow at Gegoshi a moment speculatively before narrowing his eyes, "…much like you I'm beginning to suspect." Shaking his head he looks upwards at the ceiling of the library, or perhaps past it. "I believe it's time to speak with Ms Trinune… Will you be tagging along dear Councilwoman-slash-Tyrant in training? Or is it time for you to be running along to confuse and astound your other associates? I'm sure Crux would LOVE to hear the full story of EVERYTHING you now know." Oooh, sneaky-revenge. The Devil can be wicked sometimes too.

Gegoshi nods slightly, reaching out to run her finger down the nearby doorframe. "Yes. Adjusting." She says softly, then looks to Diablo. "No, Trinune's scenarios don't interest me. I would not be able to properly adapt to her shifting desires." She holds her palm out, a small pad forming up out of it in the shape of a G. She tosses it towards Diablo. "Catch! I'm bringing my remotes back online with a new synth code. That's the first one! If you need me, tap it and I'll come running...arms open...if you need me too." She says, winking and letting out a deep sigh, "Don't forget me when you start forming the new Council." She says.

Senior Diablo catches the pad and a mischievous smirk plays over his features as she leaves her parting comment. "My dear, I wouldn't dream of it." The smirk stretches out to a full grin as he puts away the device into his robes and a dancing black flame rises up from the ground to engulf him as his body vanishes away dramatically. Lately he hasn't bothered with such theatrics, but perhaps Gegoshi's 'mood' is a bit contagious. Either way someone's about to receive a very interesting house call…

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