2007-07-05 (PreU) Happy X-day!!

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Happy X-day


Who: devi, Lina_Inverse, oblivion, Senior_Diablo, Skutters
When: July 5th, 2007
Where: The Usual Restaurant

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The Usual Restaurant

You walk into a very large restaurant with high ceilings that leave the rafters exposed. Fluroescent lamps hang from the ceiling, adding light to the place and tables. Windows adorn the sides of the place, looking out onto the chaos that is Twisted. On some of the walls are paintings, photographs, and some holograms of different B-movies, and a number of people who tend to visit the UR as they're singing karaoke. The hardwood bar rests at the back of the place, it's surface polished and shiny and all together spotless (most of the time). Behind the bar are various beverages that are servered and a giant mirror. There seems to be an inordant amount of different drinks. A large stage rests in one of the corners of the restaurant, with an amazing sound system and a few microphones strung about it. Multiple round wood tables are in the room, and a swing door leads into the kitchen. Another door leads to the dance club, and another to the gym. And of course, there's and exit outside. A large fireplace rests in one of the walls, with a beautiful stone chimney that flows up and out. A long spiral staircase rests near the entrance to the kitchen, leading to a second floor balcony that overlooks the UR itself. The lights up there are a bit dimmer than those down below.

The Usual Restaurant is a bit more silent than usual tonight. There's no blue freaks with lightning in their hair, no screaming cat girls, no ninjas, no pirates, not even a martial artist. Then again it might be because of the gentleman sitting alone at a table on the second floor balchony. He sits near the edge, his insect-like eyes scanning the tables below subjectively. In one talloned hand he holds a wineglass filled with something red. Who is this person you ask? Well if the cloven hoves and the horns aren't a dead give away, most people would call him a devil. Hope you guess my name...

"I THOUGHT I felt a dusturbance in the force...." comes Oblivions voice. A moment later, he appears sitting in a chair at El Diablo's table, clad in the white garb Mark Hamill wore in 'A New Hope', and with a plastic telescoping FX lightsaber clipped to his 'belt'. However, he still has his helmet on, and is smiling evily

Senior Diablo slowly turns his glance to his visitor and barely gives him a moment of consideration. "Oblivion, isn't it? I have better things to do than lower myself to your idiotic standards. Isn't there a bus full of nuns that require your attention?" Huh. If he's not here to converse, why is he here? Turning his attention back to the room below, his eyes narrow. Seems he's waiting for something...

Oblivion smiles "The most idiotic standards are those everyone else believes you hold true. As for the nuns, thats too conventional for my taste. After all, how often does one get to meet one of YOUR reputation? Hey Devi! Someone i think you should meet! Get your butt over here!". Humming can be heard, if you listen close enough, you migth catch it as 'It's the end of the world' by REM. But considering where she is, no one will get it. Oh well, it's funny enough to her. At any rate, she chooses to walk through the door in a male komino, almost cooing at the comfort level of the pants. At her waist is a katana and a tanto, but for some reason she is wearing earrings that have actual ears on them! She poofs up to Oblivion and leans on his head. "Hai?"

Lina helps to bring the normality back to the UR by showing herself again. Really, this place isn't the only place she lingers! But here she'll linger tonight! Of course... there is already a small group of people working hard at that as she comes in through the front door like any -normal- patron! She more or less trudges, ignoring the balcony, and leeeeeans over the bar at the slightly trepid bartender. Why do they always cringe?! "... Food me." ... And the servers all collectively groan. She just smiles. Sparkle!

Senior Diablo tries not to acknoledge Devi at all until she suddenly clings to Oblivion's head. His eyes stay focused down below, and as Lina appears he smirks at the chaos her arrival causes. Without moving his head he plainly states, "Devi D. Artist. Wastelock. Wretched lifeless servant to Oblivion now, isn't it? Do I have that right? I hope you realise your pact with him violates a few of our policies. A shame really..." He pauses to take a drink from his glass. "...I was looking forwards to having a chat with you before you'd gone mad." His eyes seem to be locked onto the few skutters still functioning down below as they go from table to table. As he sets down his wineglass, one of his nails click it. The moment the chime from the glass hits the air, one of the skutters bursts into flame. Coincidences like that seem to follow him alot...

Devi grins and bows deeply. "Senior Diablo. No cheerleader outfit today? Aw, it does draw attention to your legs." She giggles a little and calms again." My insanity comes and goes. Kind of like my sanity befor I became Oblivion's General. You'll see me sooner or later in your domain, I'm sure. I like to get out these days." Does anyone else really know what she is? A wastelock? Oh well. It goes hand in hand with her life, that is in the form of a stone in a grave. But somehow she doesn't think that anyone will want her to come back from the undead again anyways. "So how's our boy? Is he holding up since beings sealed away?" Devi drags a chair over and turns it around, stradling it and resting her chin on the back, her red eyes darting back and forth between the current partons of the UR. Lina will start finding barbs, like you would find out in the forest, ya know, the ones that refuse to let go? all over her cape and the seat of her pants. Just for fun.

Oblivion snickers, suddenly clad in his normal armor when next someone blinks "I figured you'd know each other. I simply felt i should pay my respects to a fellow great evil. So few of us around, and even fewer who have literally kept an entire world in dread of their presence". He pulls a martinin through the astral from the bartop, drinks it in one gulp, then tosses it over his shoulder.... right towards lina, by coincidence. Incoming Martini glass!

Lina seems to cause alot of things when she goes places. But never willingly admits blame to any of it! Still, the unusual ruckus of one of the servers bursting into flames draws her eye. There was also that toast-sounding ting of crystal being tapped. Hm. Burning is more interesting, anyways... and more interactive! She points and somewhat disinterestedly fires off a small volley of what appear to be ice arrows from one outstretched fingertip. Just enough to cancel out -normal- fire and prevent some poor lout from burning to death. Barbs? Hitchhikers? Burrs? Stickers? ... Blink. "What the hell?" Pick. And she shoots the most -evil- glower at a nearby fellow that happens to be a cactus. =_= This will make supper suck.

Senior Diablo rolls his eyes in annoyance. "I assume by 'boy' you mean your boyfriend, eh? Sad... I romance fated in disaster yet still continuing to stir emotions between you two mortals. It's not only sad but stupid. If only you knew the REAL reasons you kept crossing paths." Finally he sits back and turns his attention to the two at the table with him. "But I disgress. I'm not your keeper. I've better things to do than keep tabs on you...." He glances at Oblivion with no attempt to hide his irratation, "...or your flock. I only know of you because of the stains I see upon your souls." He eyes Oblivion once more, this time with a smirk playing over his lips. "Or lack there of." He chuckles and reaches for a piece of whatever animal has died upon his plate and tosses it into his mouth where he chews on it thoughtfully. "You'd best keep your opinions to yourself, 'Blivi'." He says the name with great distaste. "You and I are of two completly diffrent classes. You're not what I'd consider evil. You're mearly a clown trying to wear a buisness suit and pretend to be formal. I've seen monkies do a better job than you..."

Devi's eyes narrow and she has to ask. "And why is that, O keeper of hell? I daresay whatever answers -you- hold are twisted in some way. It's all how you look at it man." At that thought, she appers in a pair of brown hiphugger bellbottems and a tie-dye tank top. Rollin her eyes she lowers her head again, falling silent.

Oblivion snickers, his grin twisting "Aahh, Diablo, for all your talent, even you fail to see, which is all the more amusing. The trick to manipulation is not entirely to know what OTHERS will do, it's also what THEY expect YOU to do. Once they expect a certain reaction from oneself, then its only a matter of time before they act precisely how you want in a single instance, which signs their own death warrent". His red eyes narrow into small angry slits, and his grin becomes a large evil smile. At that, he vanishes.

Lina can't really explain the nettles or whatever they are right away, but... she lets her attention wanders to the balcony conversation that only supplies her with a drone of words from this distance. But when she takes stock of... Well, at least one of the three she suddenly gets an idea about the stickers. And the poor burning employee. Oh, what's she going to do? March up there and demand civility? Well, she's not above demanding peace and quiet but... For the moment things are calm and now her food's being delivered. The crap-obsessed monster man and his weird entourage can wait, then. Chow time!

Senior Diablo turns his gaze back to Lina as Oblivion gives his speach. The second he vanishes, this demon turns back towards Devi. "Yes. For you see he's such an expert at manipulating people that he fails to notice himself being taken advantage of. I never thought he'd leave to tell you the truth, and likely he'll be back in a moment just to attempt in vain to prove me wrong for my statement. So predictable." Another drink from his wineglass and he shakes his head at Devi. "My secrets are my own, my lady. Know only that although I enjoy wathing people think they've figured out the great mysteries of life, I can not discuss such matters beyond my own domain. I'm not here on buisness. This is a celebration. There's a world quite familar to you that's about to fizzle out into non-existance at 7am. Where you aware that it's the 5th of July on your homeworld?" He returns his attention to Lina ignoring Devi once again. Just what is he up to?

Devi shrugs. " No one is going to figure it all out, and I'm not one of the sheep that is going bust my ass to do so." Grabbing a huge bag of giant M&M's Devi kicks back, propping her feet on the railing and starts randomly attacking people with the candy. *DINK* Oh, 10 points for hitting the scutters eye. "And Nny isn't my 'boyfriend' by the way. I highly doubt he even thinks much of me aside from when he tried to kill me." *dink* oh! another 10 points, it landed in Lina's dish. ;P

Lina is not the person to be tossing M&M's at when someone's giving her a serious case of the creeps by staring at her back. Oh, she knows. And then... plop. Right into some soup-dish she's currenly dealing with... and she stops as the little candy bobs up. She scoops it out, peers at it, eats it. Then she sends a middle finger and a sneer at... aha! The one with her feet propped up on the railing! Really, she's done worse things with food. So, rather than toss a fireball she keeps on eating, more or less unfazed. Of course, she's not near her normal ammount of gusto since that leering... She finally stops, sets down her spoon and crosses her arms. Tap tap. What should she do? Go see what the creep wants? Either that or she'll have to deal with more burning people, probably. u_u;

Senior Diablo tsks again, "He was before, Devi D., and even in his confused state that he's in right now he yearns to be. A shame your no longer in a situation to share such emotions. Where you ever aware that he only cared about two women in his misrable life? You where first, my dear." He chuckles once more. "You see, this is why we needed a chat, but you ruined your chance with that joke of a man. You and your clown can go and have your fun, but until your reunited with that shell you've burried you are now beyond my jurisdiction. A shame, really, but as things sit you'll go much further down than where I call my abode." Picking up a napkin from the table, he wipes his lips and places the napkin in the center of his plate. "I believe this is where we need to end our conversation. Your about to get into a fight..."

Devi shows no change of emotion on her face, a trick she's mastered over many many years of training, and flings another M&M out onto the first floor. "Ah well, I'm sure there are interesting things where I am going anyways, aside from crazy people, who's personal hell is bagels. Bagels for fucks' sake. How pathetic." WEEEEEee, another M&M goes flying towards the partons of the UR and the waitstaff is glaring up at her, talking about who's going to go up and tell her to stop or leave.

Lina takes a moment or two. She's torn between relaxing and winding down with a nice meal... or blowing off the massive head of steam she's built up in the past few minutes. Of course, when she stands she does so calmly, even taking care to dab with a napkin carefully before leaving her table to move up to the balcony stairs. She looks mostly placid, at least, though the tick of her brow is more than a give-away that she's only just barely composed at the moment. Incoming...!

Senior Diablo frowns with distaste. "Another soul lost to the random annoyances that make up your former world." He stands, and shakes his head. "I leave you with this, Devi. You come from a world entertained by monkies that foam at the mouth, where colas are named after fecal matter, and where 'space piggies' are inserted into drawings of zombies. You hated those people, and DESPISED them. Your emotions where so pure and untainted, why else where you able to see that 'sickness' before it took control of you? Thanks to Oblivion you've become that thing you hate. You've become the head of Nerve, that obesse psychic woman, that ugly green man with the wig. You're just as bad as those things you strove to build up your walls against, and why? For a few useless powers and false position of authority. Are people who need to be respected traded amoungst people like players on a baseball team? Even I don't deal with such trivial matters... Have a good evening, miss Devi. I'm sure we'll meet again sooner or later." Smoke seems to bellow up around him and in seconds he's gone in one of the bigest cliche exits ever. His voice drifts accross the table one last time, however. "Tenna says hello by the way..."

Devi's eyebrow twitches as Diablo meantions Tenna. What the hell? Turning her head, she glowers at the spot where he once stood, then sees Lina. Devi poofs back into her original outfit and stands up, casually flicking an M&M towards her forehead. "Hi there." Devi is blank all over, but that's not a good sign.

Lina calmly stalks up behind this Diablo sort. Yes. She's gonna do it. She stops short, starts to wind up for a good knock on the head with her fist... And then he's gone, leaving her to fan the smoke away from her face. "Yeah." She kind of snaps out of her annoyed glare-at-empty-seat trance when another M&M pops her forehead. Blink. Oh. Groan. She runs a hand through her hair, "Er, I'm going to give you a chance to explain that" o_-

Devi says, "Ok. I like flinging things. You look like I could bounce a stone off of. I want to throw M&M's at you. So." Devi flings another M&M at her forehead. She feels a need for a fight, and she's going to pick one with this 12 year old. At least, she looks 12. Devi doesn't care. She wants to let off some steam. And damnit, she's gonna.

Lina looks on, astonished that someone would be so... well, odd in such a harmless but annoying way. Though it is annoying and will eventually lead to anger, nothing will quite start a fight with her like saying what Devi is thinking out loud. Regardless! Feeling kind of disappointed, she droops visably and waves her hand, muttering, "Explosion Array..." The floor beneath Devi abruptly and violently explodes. The spell typically flings it's victims into the air, though the blast itself is prettymuch nonlethal. Low end violence magic! How insulting! Devi flys into the air, sounds like, "Ieeeeeeeeee!" comeing from Devi in, quite frankly, a bored manner. Landing in front of Lina, Devi grins and flings an M&M at close range to her forehead. Amazingly enough, she's not damaged at all! Looks like Lina is just as weak as Devi thought.

Lina starts to turn away... but pauses at the tone. Hmm? The lady comes back down in front of her which she finds... surprising. Though not shocking. This wouldn't be the first time a spell meant to dispose of an annoyance failed to end her misery like she'd wanted. Still, she catches the next M&M, frowns at it. Almost like Naga. That thought there is enough to light her temper up again. The brow starts ticking again. But! She tosses the M&M up with the intent to catch it in her mouth. Snort. ... It's particularly annoying, at this range, that she has to look up so far at the woman. Grr.

Devi quickly throws another M&M, hitting the first and both are moved off to the side. Smirking, and feeling a little better, quickly follows it up with yet another M&M. She says nothing, chooseing only to be one of the biggest pest she can.

Lina has to admit to herself that this person, whatever she's about, is a pretty skilled nuisance. Another M&M poinks her head and... she's had enough! She lets loose a fierce battle cry and throws a fierce uppercut! She's got such a great angle to tag someone taller on the jaw, too! Now watch the amazing and comical results!

Devi does a fake gasp and vanishes after Lina's hit connects with her jaw. But as a parting gift!!! Devi shower Lina for the next few minutes in M&M's. Childish giggling can be heard before silence falls, the wait staff starting, their argument about who's going to deal with Devi forgotten.

Lina feels that satisfying contact and instantly feels better! However... the M&M's are enough to really bug her. But since she can't retaliate at this point, really, she decides to let this person-thing get bored on their own. Once the sugar-coated 'Shock and Awe' ends, she goes back to her meal, taking out her remaining frustrations on a large piece of meat!

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