Lina Inverse

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Lina Inverse
Full Name: Lina Inverse

Series: Slayers
Class: GENIUS Sorceress
Threat Level: City Smasher
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 16
Birthdate: March 30
Height: 4'10
Weight: Scrawny

Short Description: Most beautiful and gracious GENIUS SORCERESS Lina Inverse! 'Bandit Killer' 'Dragon Spooker' 'Enemy of all Who Live' 'Turned away from the gates of Hell itself'

Lina Inverse
A lanky young girl with some of the most fire-red hair possible on a normal human with long bangs falling wildly to either side of her face and against her brow, just short of blocking her eyes, though that could be helped somewhat by the black headband she's wearing. The remainder of her meticulously groomed hair falls behind her shoulders and far down her back, gleaming with almost golden highlights in the right lighting. From beneath those flame-lick bangs of hers, large eyes take in her surroundings with an almost shrewd gleam to them - a look of intelligence behind those ruby irises that may not immediately show in her behavior. Eyebrows to match her enviable head of hair slash lines across her brow, adding to the expressiveness to her round, youthful face. Her cheekbones are finely shaped and delicate, her nose small and her mouth falls in right behind the rest, matching up to her perfectly turned jaw and small tight-lipped mouth. She's cute now but the potential is there for her to be a real looker - if someone were brave enough to hold her down and apply any kind of makeup, something she's somehow managed to avoid today.

Her physique is appropriate considering her age, though perhaps below average in certain 'ways' that she's not quite fond of being reminded of. She's on the short side of average for a girl her age and she's wiry and thin to go along with it. Sadly, this has caused her to be sadly lacking in the cup size department, leaving her pretty much dead last among her peers who may or may not be lurking nearby. Otherwise, she has the build of a girl who lives a very active and well-nourished lifestyle, her body agile as any normal human her age can be and her stamina, though not apparent always, is similarly above average. It all kind of shows in the confident and very upright way she carries herself. Additionally, when she's not carrying a layer of road dust her skin is fine and pristine, her hair shiny and vibrant. A picture of absolutely perfect health!

Her clothes are easily the most unusual thing that's immediately apparent about the girl; the most obvious items being a long cloak made from some satin-like black material with a lining of red velvet that, if one were to look hard enough, seems to contain some pockets. It is clasped together in the front by an opaque red jewel encased in some silvery metal. Included are a set of what appear to be gold-trimmed armored pauldrons with their own decorative red jewels set into them. Beneath it and actually working to keep her decent, she wears a silver-trimmed red tunic that's fastened at the waist with a black belt carrying another jewel like the first and a bright yellow cloth band secured around her bosom. She keeps her theme going by adding a pair of red tights, with a yellow bikini-bottom garment to keep decency, that cling perfectly to her slender legs and disappear into soft silvery leather boots. She wears gloves to match with two more large red gems to go with the others at her belt and collar.

Lina Inverse
In the case of Lina Inverse, though she's absolutely full of herself, she is truly a genius at her art. Much to the chagrin of sorcerers many times her age, she's developed a degree of mastery with most forms of sorcery that puts her on a trajectory that could rival the legendary spellcasters of her world someday. She has more potential and brains than any one person deserves though she tends to rely more on blind luck and intuition to get her through truly trying situations.

Her mastery of black magic, an almost strictly offensive branch of sorcery, is absolute. She can wield every spell she knows in ways that sometimes seem to defy the common academic's understanding of her world's magic. She tends to not rely on this array of big guns so much - only when it's clear she'll require deadly force. Sometimes, though, her temper or her opponent warrants this degree of escalation.

Though her grasp of shamanism isn't nearly as thorough as black magic, she's able to wield it expertly. Though she has a complete knowledge of elemental shamanism, her skill with spirit magic is insufficient to pull off spirit shamanisms most impressive feats.

As far as white magic, she never took it seriously enough to learn more than what she felt were the most useful. She has plenty to round out her magical toolkit, though an accomplished priest or even someone less specialized would certainly be more versatile.

Her truest strength is her ability to innovate, though her fear of the things she's accomplished has hampered her somewhat. She's the first caster known to have tapped into the power of the Lord of Nightmares, the being responsible for the existence of her universe. While one such spell only takes the merest bit of that power, the other conjures and channels the will of the Golden Sea of Chaos itself. Not something to take lightly, as it would have all power at that point to do as it pleased. Akin to casting a die with 'everyone dies' on all but one side. As she has a complete understanding of the risks involved, Lina is only willing to resort to the latter when there is absolutely nothing else to lose.

Despite her age, Lina is very worldly. She's spent the bulk of her teenage years wandering the world, seeing things a person her age has no business seeing and wielding forces even she sometimes marvels at. Her head is full of cosmological knowledge, magical lore and just about every tale, legend and prophecy her world has to offer. She's a noteworthy strategist and a near savant when it comes to unraveling the threads to the various intrigues, scandals and cosmic events she's been involved with. She's all too aware of where she sits in a situation or she'll at least figure it out fast enough to survive. Usually not fast enough to preserve her dignity. Prooooobably why...

People fear her, bandits hate her, dragons are horrified by her and she has a reputation even the shinzoku and mazoku have taken note of. Despite not generally meaning to be a menace, she's developed enough of a bad rap through a combination of her bad temper and overzealous use of magical power that she's perceived as far worse than she actually is!

Finally, she can fight well enough to shame most street level goons, she's in extremely good health and physical condition but she has to put away loooooots more food than it would appear she should. Channeling magic is hard on the body, alas.


Her time in Twisted has been spent relatively unbothered by the powers that be, so she's been free to pillage and explore at her leisure. She's found a bit of a niche for herself in the wastes, coming and going as her intuition and perception of time allow. She's experimented and notated quite a bit on her own, though scraps of information frustratingly only lead to more questions.


For all her talent, intelligence and worldliness, Lina is still a teenager. She's certainly no fool but can be manipulated by someone patient enough or baited into blatantly dangerous scenarios by playing on her temper or greed. Though she's intelligent enough to be methodical and cautious, at times she's impetuous enough that anything she sets out to do can as easily succeed or fall victim to her occasional negligence. Despite her ill reputation and vengeful behavior to those who cross her, she's not without merit. She's compassionate even if she acts gruff, holds her few friends very dear and holds a healthy respect for all things big and small. She may be a bit mercenary but she won't turn a blind eye to suffering or cruelty though the extent of her wrath rarely leaves those in her wake grateful. Oh, she's cripplingly afraid of slugs and even more terrified of her sister. Want something from her? If you can prove her sister might get involved otherwise she'll do just about anything she thinks her sister would approve of.


She doesn't really keep much more than what she can carry but what she carries is certainly not so easy to discern by simply looking. Her cloak serves as more than a fashion statement, as it protects against some minor attacks and the elements themselves but most importantly serves as portable storage space, like those probably-trademarked bags from another completely unrelated setting! Her outfit, though garish, is probably enchanted to at least be more durable than it's material lets on and many of the items on her person are trapped against theft. Her most important possessions at the moment are the Demon's Blood Talismans - a set of four talismans she wears at her wrists, belt and throat that draw upon the powers of the four Dark Lords of her multiverse, granting her increased magical capacity and amplifying the destructive power of whatever magic she casts next.

Magic in Slayers

Magic in Lina's universe depends heavily upon borrowing from an exterior energy source such as the environment, spirits or extra-planar entities. Humans are able to access these external wells of power through their astral bodies. Each person is born with a certain bucket capacity(i.e., their astral body) that acts as a sort of soft limit to the power of spells they are able to cast; some modification is possible through external means though this is either temporary or extremely risky.

An individual spell has a certain required bucket capacity that can be modified slightly by fully incanting the spell or allowing the spell to draw energy from the caster's body as well though the latter often leaves casters vulnerable or grievously injured. Likewise, the caster may also choose to use up more of their bucket capacity to modify or amplify a spell or even to cast it suddenly in a moment of desperation. Though these additional techniques are often costly to the caster they can enable one to wield incredible power so long as their working knowledge of the magic is sufficient. Losing control through distraction, lack of understanding or insufficient will often means the caster suffers the full effect of their misfired spell; there aren't many truly incompetent spellcasters in Slayers. They tend to meet unfortunate ends quickly.

Magic accessible to humans is divided into three disciplines: Black Magic, White Magic and Shamanism.

Black Magic invokes the power of Mazoku or demons, through incantations that are almost like prayers. The results ranging from curses and summoning to devastating offensive effects that can obliterate a lone opponent or leave a smoking crater in place of a city. Needless to say, known practitioners of this art tend to be rather infamous. A few very important mechanical caveats affect this discipline in particular: First, a spell granted by a lesser power than the intended target is unlikely to have any useful effect. Two, a spell granted by a given power cannot be used to attack that same entity and will have a typically fatal result.

White magic, rather than being strictly the opposite to Black Magic, is simply a discipline that tends to be supportive and utilitarian. Its spells range from creating water, producing defensive barriers or providing cures and healing. Known practitioners of White Magic tend to be seen in a positive light, regarded as kindly priests, miracle weaving shrine maidens or shining exemplars of justice.

Shamanism is the broadest of all categories and further subdivided by elementalist spells and spirit magic. These generally tap the very energy contained in the environment; invoking spirits great and small to produce effects that can be subtle or stunning, tranquil or utterly violent. Because of its depth, it takes much effort to master all of shamanism so most practitioners of magic are forced to commit to only a few. Shamans blend in better than most, as it's a discipline that easily compliments other skill sets.


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