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NPC: Skutters

Blatently stolen from the sci-fi series Red Dwarf, the skutters are small, blue, mobile robots with a claw-like head and wheels on their base. They cannot speak and communicate mainly through gestures. They also have a huge obsession with old westerns and most are active members in the John Wayne fanclub.

Skutters have recently taken up residence in The Usual Restaurant's kitchen and have been acting as waitstaff.

It should be noted that one of the TV stations has started running John Wayne marathons on Thursdays and the skutters will usually do ANYTHING to watch it, even if it means hogtying people up in the UR kitchen.


Small blue robotic creatures with a hand-like head with three fingers. It's body is largly just a box with wheels, their heads are attached to a single adjustable arm which extends from the top of the body. They can do almost anything except speak, and are happy to serve. Recently they've taken residence here at the UR. Feel free to tell them your order. It may seem unlikely but they're pretty capable of bringing trays back and forth. Each one has a strange simple name like Bob, Pinky, or Stab'em. They'll write it out for you if you don't make up a name on the spot...

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