2007-07-06 (PreU) Slowly going mad?

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Slowly going mad?

Summary: Well, since no one pasted the prior bits of the scene to me... Tabitha wanders into the UR following her conversation and costume change in the ally with Oblivion. There she finds Joan, Naaya and Purple. Do you need more information than that? Yes? Then read some old logs and get your ass in a scene!! ^^

Who: Aden, Freakazoid, Diggers, Momo, Naaya, Purple, Tabitha, Vane, Skutters
When: July 6th, 2007
Where: The Usual Restaurant


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The Usual Restaurant

You walk into a very large restaurant with high ceilings that leave the rafters exposed. Fluroescent lamps hang from the ceiling, adding light to the place and tables. Windows adorn the sides of the place, looking out onto the chaos that is Twisted. On some of the walls are paintings, photographs, and some holograms of different B-movies, and a number of people who tend to visit the UR as they're singing karaoke. The hardwood bar rests at the back of the place, it's surface polished and shiny and all together spotless (most of the time). Behind the bar are various beverages that are servered and a giant mirror. There seems to be an inordant amount of different drinks. A large stage rests in one of the corners of the restaurant, with an amazing sound system and a few microphones strung about it. Multiple round wood tables are in the room, and a swing door leads into the kitchen. Another door leads to the dance club, and another to the gym. And of course, there's and exit outside. A large fireplace rests in one of the walls, with a beautiful stone chimney that flows up and out. A long spiral staircase rests near the entrance to the kitchen, leading to a second floor balcony that overlooks the UR itself. The lights up there are a bit dimmer than those down below.

Purple will remember that word from now on. She looks over at the bartender as Naaya orders phesants, whatever those are, but at least they'll be alive, she is a little hungry, though not overly so because she left before she ate, but it's not easy for dragons to get full, at least for any length of time that is. She hopes they taste good. And there goes Naaya radiating friendlyness, but Purple already likes her a ton, it just makes her a tad more concious of it, that's all. She looks over to Joan as she speaks, tilting her head to the side, some of her purple hair rippling over her shoulder. She wonders if the human over there is talking to herself, maybe they do that, she knows some of the vampires did. She looks up at Naaya, "Is this near your home?" She wonders, suddenly, remembering Naaya said she'd take her there at some point in the future.

Naaya shakes her head, and the smile abates only so that she can giggle. "...No, but I bet we could find a way to get there from here if we really wanted to." Naaya wonders if it'd be a good idea to take purple there without finding that stupid Advent first. She wants to keep her promise to Purple, but she doesn't want those stupid Oracles trying to take her mind away from her again. She's much happier the way things are now, even if she does miss her crystal. As she's contemplating, three pheasants, the very living birds themselves, coming flying out of the double doors. Only two of them make it, however, as a cleaver is sent flying towards one from the swinging doors, pinning the bird down to the counter. ... Maybe Joan was right.

Naaya blinks a few times and then points at the flying birds, which are of ample size, but now that there's only two, are really only an appetizer for someone like Purple. "See? They're hard to catch!" Well, the birds ARE fluttering crazily about in the rafters as Naaya says this, but hard is a ... relative term.

The door to the Usual Restaurant opens very slowly. From it a pair of large wide eyes gaze into the room. After a moment a small girl walks in wearing a frilly dress which occasionaly brushes the floor as she moves. From the way she's dressed and her height it's very hard to guess what her age is. In her hands she holds a small doll in a kimono which she seems to be clutching for dear life. The girl is shaking slightly as she looks around the room. She doesn't take a seat. She doesn't move towards a table. She simply stands and looks around seemingly confused. Brushing a piece of hair past one of the large cat ears on her head she finally says in a near whisper, "C-can someone help me?"

Joan Diggers's got cleavers and birds and feathers flinging around. Life as usual is unusual in here. Clunking her red wine glass down it threatens to spill and she closes her eyes to calm herself. If she had blood pressure it would be raising quickle "Soo, this is the great and powerful Goddess purple is she now?" slowly turnign around she opens her eyes and frowns disapprovingly at Naaya and her younger looking companion just as a cat girl walks in. Great, one of those in this room with a gothy, bimbo, and well.. what ever purple is. Some fan boy somewhere has his head explode and paint the walls.

Somewhere Freakazoid grins happily as Fanboy's head pops. "YESS!!! That'll keep him from coming to Twisted after me!" He hugs the bloodied corpse. "I'm FREE!! FREEEEEE!!" The door opens behind him and another Fanboy steps out. "Gee, Freakazoid! That's just like that one epsiode of the Outer Limits where...." Freakazoid groans, "Ahhh, Nut Bunnies..."

Speaking of a fan boy who's head explodes around scantily clad women. In walks poor innocent Vane. He quickly looks out the door after entering. "I think I lost 'em." He looks back and forth a few more times before turning to see the scene in the restraunt, at which point, he simply deadpans. o.o

Purple nods her head at Naaya, then looks over as the phesant's come flying in, and only two escape the cleaver! She claps and giggles, "They fly!" She cheers, she's never got to hunt things that can fly, not that there weren't things, but the flying things were usually vampires, so it's not like she was going to hunt them. As they settle up in the rafters she looks up and licks her lips, smiling, then looks over at the stairs leading to the second floor. She's about to start walking over there when she hears someone ask for help, and looks over her shoulder to see Tabitha. She looks the catgirl up and down, "Ohh, a different species." She says, in slight wonder if it, she's only seen a few different species in her lifetime, and this is a new one. She stares for a few more moments, looks over at Vane, and then looks over at Naaya, then up to the rafters, then back to her best friend ever, "Do humans help people before or after they hunt?"

Another small laugh from Naaya, and she responds to Purple. "It's ok, Purple. You go ahead and hunt, I'll help her out!" Naaya gives Purple another quick hug, and then, giving Joan a finger-wag for whatever reason, she walks over towards the cat girl and crouches down on all fours in a distinctly feline manner, her two arms in front while her knees are angled slightly out to the side. She glances between Vane and the girl, but decides that someone asking for help comes first, and speaks to Tabitha. "How can we help you, dear?" She gives that friendly and warm smile that causes her appearance to become even more beautiful, and suddenly she's the most friendly and trustworthy person in the room. Or at least, that's how it would appear to almost anyone. It's not a conscious decision, her image manipulation, but it does seem to have its advantages in this situation.

Tabitha stares at Naaya wide-eyed as she's addressed. "I-I'm lost... I'm hungry..." Her eyes seem to be on the verge of watering. "...and my dolly's scared." The doll doesn't seem very scared. It's long bangs are completly covering it's eyes and the smile on it's face for some reason seems more a snarl than anything. Never the less she clings to the creepy thing and sniffles. "I saw tha light in here, so I came in... please help me. I wanna go home!" A single tear slides down her cheek. If she didn't seem so scared, that'd almost seem forced....

Joan Diggers's quickly becomming Naaya's polar opposite as she grinds her fingernails into the wooden bar in frustraition over being ignored "And here, "she begins through her gritting teeth, "that you wanted to be friends irl" speaking of Naaya's intresting worship of purple. But, she desides to play along. SMILING at Purple, the swave young goth begins to walk towards her with purpose, even if her back is turned and she is distracted "Human's dont hunt. Humans tend to be pampered and lost their animalistic tendencies early in evolution. No no. Only ones like myself enjoy the chase, the hunt, and the kill. The feel of life sliding away under your power... So exciting. Maybe if you ARE Purple, we should try it sometime?"

Speaking of vampires... Aden is here. In the body Datenshi crammed him into after their encounter. Well, look at him. Looks like a waiter. And also, speaking of /dragons/... Nah. He somehow walks all the way towards the bar without making a single noise, his face utterly blank, not noticing a thing going on around him. Until he sits down. Then somehow, one of the skutters come about and sets down a glass of red liquid without him asking for it. And a small symbol fades on the skutter, but it's not easily seen, and the little robotic hand-thing slams into a chair like it just snapped out of a trance. Never mind that the vampire's hand lit on fire shortly afterwards, no. He looks up, as he puts out his hand quickly, his face twisted into a grimace. Stops. Dragon... Or rather, Purple. Staring vampires don't blink, so he's not blinking.

Vane looks over at Tabitha's doll, shuddering slightly at the creepy look it has. His eyes suddenly flash pupil's becoming slitted only for a moment, with a mutter of "So he's here..." And then it's gone as quickly as it came, and seemingly Vane completely unaware of it happening. With another shudder for the doll he walks over to the bar and takes a seat! "Food... Me...!!!" -.-

Purple nods her head at Naaya and spares another look over towards Tabitha, then over at Aden and Vane, then she starts walking over to the stairs, eyeing the phesants hanging out in the rafters. She then looks over as Joan starts talking at her, not pausing in her walking steps, because she's going for her food. Though she does answer her back, "Purple is going to eat right now, human. You can hunt with her later." She says, she doesn't like humans, not really, except for Naaya, and Joan looks like a human as far as general appearance goes, and she mostly judges on appearance. She starts climbing the stairs, looking over her shoulder at Naaya, wondering why the girl with big ears is crying. Weird. She must have some human in her, like Aquariu and Arshiva, or maybe her species just cries like that...

Momo giggles cutely, but shows no evidence of doing so.....

"Hmmm." Naaya makes a contemplative gesture for a moment, and then turns to give the bartender that friendly smile again. "Could you get my sister here something to eat and drink, pleeeeease~?" As is usually the case with poor men caught in Naaya's smile, the bartender is only too happy to comply, and sends an order to the back. Naaya turns back to Tabitha and smiles. "We'll worry about you getting home later. First, just go ahead and take a seat and my friend will be sure to bring you some food, ok?" She winks at the catgirl once, before turning to dash towards the stairs after Purple.

Tabitha forces a smile as she nods her head at Naaya's words. The second she steps away, however, the girl's eyes narrow. Moving her doll from one hand to another, she climbs into a barstool and spins it around to watch everyone in the room. After a moment she takes an odd satchel off her shoulder and carefully sits both it and the doll onto the bar top and smiles at it. When she turns back around she's all sad and sniffling again. At least until the bartender sits down a glass of soda. It only takes a second or two for her to have it in her hands and have most of it already drank. Her eyes keep watching everyone in the room carefully... Vane's rather blunt order seems to have an effect in this place, as rather quickly about eight plates of food are set down in front of him. He doesn't even bother with ettiqutte or niceties, instead he simply inhales the first two plates of food. "Good schtuff." He even talks with his mouth full, such a gentleman. He only stops to stare at the creepy doll, it's actually more of a glare of loathing and hatred, but details.

Joan Diggers's being almost out and out ignored. Shamp.. erm, purple barely spared her a glancing comment. Inhaling slowly, she counts a few moments then slowly exhales. "It seems that.." she stops mid sentence and sniffs at the air. UGH! Something smells foul to her. Usually undead can read other undead but to her nothing stinks worse then those that hang around or ARE blood suckers. She tries to remain calm and together. With a flick of her wrist she says "I wasnt wanted here anyway." Even if that little play toy Vane was here, it isnt worth staying in the area with possibly a Vampire or one of their pets. Gathering herself up, even thought she wanted to talk to Naaya about Purple and how to kill the Goddess but now... Purple doesnt seem threatening at all to the gothy Joan.

A bucket of ice water drops from the rafters towards Vane. The prinnies must be bored again

Aden slooowly turns his head away from his other target and stares at the little girl...and the doll. He doesn't say anything. No, that's saved for beings that don't scare the hell out of him. He brings the glass of blood up to his mouth, sips out of it, and sets down the glass again. Should anyone actually have really good ears or are paying attention, his hand suddenly CRACKS as his tendons and bones heal back into place after previous combustion. "...naaasty." he says, in a quiet voice. As Joan leaves? Well, he watches. He's seen that one before. He thinks.

Purple climbs to the stairs on the second floor and then up on the banister, not worrying about the whole falling to the floor thing, she's a dragon afterall. She then jumps and grabs onto a rafter, smiling all the while, and pulling herself up, albeit slowly. She then looks down from the rafters at everyone, keeping an eye on Naaya, in case she needs to help her friend. There's a lot of people down there now, humans from the looks of most of them! Can't trust humans. But, well, feeding time. She looks over across the rafters at the pheasants down the way, and stands up, moving over into the shadows of the rafters instead, and beginning to make her way, slowly, where the peasants are perched and thinking that everythings fine and dandy, foolish little phesants.

Naaya stops underneath Purple and just turns her head to look up at the Dragon as she hunts, content to watch from there for now. Down here, she can catch her if she falls. Mhm, that's a good reason for staying down here. She glances back at Tabitha for a moment, notes Vane's progress on the food and Joan's sudden departure, but then turns her head back to keep an eye on her friend. Her best friend. Ever. Definately better keep an eye on her. She doesn't say anything though. She knows what it's like to hunt for food, scaring the birds off isn't a good idea.

The electricity in the room suddenly fizzles, and the lights start to blink and pulse. One of the faucets behind the bar creaks slightly as it turns a little. A constant drip can be heard from the sink, and the temperature in the entire room begins to drop slowly, but surely, with no clear source. A moment later, water from the sink shoots from out of the drain, right towards Purple, at speeds on par with a fire hose, although its only a short stream, and would only be a second worth of impact if it connected.

Tabitha sets down her empty glass when the lights flicker. She looks up, an eyebrow raised, as she tries to figure it out. Once she shivers and the sink starts dripping she glances at her doll suspiciously. The exploding drain draws her attention away as she looks up and her jaw drops slightly. Well, this was unexpected... Luckily the bartender had sat her food down or it might have been ruined as he tries in vain to stop the sink's explosion before it seems to stop on it's own. Weird. Tabitha tries to ignore it as she picks at her food and watches Purple with curiosity.

Vane points a finger skyward as the bucket comes down toward his head, a short burst of purplish light strikes it a blows it into smitherines. He doesn't even glance at it as he continues to eat, unabated. The lights going wonky, along with the sudden burst of water is only enough to distract him from his food for a few moments in order to shout. "Can't a guy eat in peace?!" And then it's back to the food, one minded, ain't he.

"Oh dear." Aden says, as the water sprays toward the dragon, and even if the dragon's friend is on duty, he stands up as if to catch her if she falls. Must get on someone's good side here, if anyone's. Then suddenly stares blankly into the air. And grabs his glass, downs it's contents, places down his pay, and looks toward the exit. Looks back up toward Purple. Hmm.

Purple is sneaking step by step in the shadows towards the pheasants, a smile forming over her mouth, she looooves hunting, not quite as much as she loves other things. But, it's up there. She's getting closer and closer, and her teeth have all shifted over into fangs now rather than normal teeth with a single pair, she places her hand on a nearby rafter just about to jump, when water sprays into her. She lets out a cry of suprise and goes falling out of the rafters. The water that hit her, rather than gushing past, starts wrapping around her body and weaving in and out of her hair, which takes on the look of water rather than just liquidy hairish silk quality. The water spray breaks off a few feet from her and wraps around her in a complete bubble of water, her in the center, which goes sailing towards the floorboards. All this happens within mere miliseconds, but she is a water dragon, so it kind of makes sense. If she's caught or hit, one way or the other, the bubble will burst out in a giant (non lethal but stinging) explosiong of water!

While Aden may be moving to catch Purple, Naaya doesn't know him, so she does what anyone who completely worships someone else would do when the object of their worship falls. She intercepts Purple's fall before Aden has a chance, leaping into the air with somewhat freakish speed and catching Purple, the painful splash of water causing her ears to ring, but not causing her grip to loosen at all. She falls with Purple in her arms, a little slower than one might expect, until the former-exalt lands on the bar counter-top with Purple in her arms, her blonde hair now completely drenched and clinging to her ears and neck. The bodysuit she's wearing, however, shows absolutely no signs of the water bothering it at all. On the contrary, the water that falls onto it glides off smoothly. Nice clothes.

Tabitha smirks as everything seems to be fine after the small bit of weirdness. She turns back to her food and stares at her doll, Momo, for a long moment. Suddenly she shivers violently and her ears perk up. The girl looks around the room franticly as her senses lie to her, telling her the room is filled with ghoulish laughter. A voice calls out to her from one of the UR's private booths and, Tabitha's skin pales. The laughter seems to grow stronger and stronger until she finally clutches her ears and screams, "STOP IT!!!! MAKE IT STOP!!!!!!!" Too bad no one else would hear any of it...

Purple is caught by her loyal worshipper! Not that she thinks of Naaya as such, not yet anyway, she hasn't quite figured out Naaya is that extreme towards her, but she's never had a human friend so she has no real comparison to make it with. She blinkblinks and looks up at Naaya, rubbing the side of her head. All of the water around her body pools upwards, downwards, and whatever else way it has to go to flow into her hair, where it then pours out onto the floorboards. Her hair then starts slowly shifting back from actual water like liquid to hair that's just reeal close to looking like water. Purple water anyway. "Thanks! Purple didn't know phesants could manipulate water! I'll remember next time though!" She smiles, her teeth all fangs still, because ya know, thinking about the deliciousness of food!

Naaya has a hard time hearing Purple with the ringing and water in her ears, but she nods her head, smiling brightly even though she's rather uncomfortable with that sloshing ringing noise. "You learn something new every day!" Truth be told, Naaya's not been around the Usual or Twisted very much. She glances around suspiciously to see if there are any other exalts or even an Advent around somewhere. Her blue, almost sapphire eyes glow very slightly brighter for a moment, but that's about it, and it's very brief. No exalts, definately no Advents. Hmm. Were there other people that could manipulate elements?

All is as normal. Not a sound to be heard. Tabitha's doll, on the bar, seems almost to be... smiling. Which is, of course, silly. It's just a doll, after all, and it's expression couldn't have changed. Could it? On closer inspection, one will find it has indeed not, and t'was merely a trick of the flickering lights a moment ago.

Tabitha doesn't notice Purple or Naaya as her hallucinations intensify. Now she's seeing children coming out of the woodwork! All around her these things keep stepping out of the shadows, covered in dry blood, eyes missing, and hair matted to their skulls. Worse still, they seem to be crying blood despite the laughing and giggling. Tabitha reaches behind her for her daggers and locks up realising they wheren't there anymore. They're inside the satchel on the bar. Her eyes continue to widen as these things get closer and closer, while the noise becomes deafening. She reaches behind her trying to grab ahold of the bag, but her hand grabs the doll instead. Without thinking she clutches it tightly and yanks it off the bar, brandishing it before her like a weapon. ...for a moment, at least. Suddenly the nightmares start to vanish one by one. She blinks in surprise as she looks around expecting something more to leap out at her, but nothing comes. It's only as her heart's pace begins to slow again does she realise that not only is she standing on her barstool, but she's clutching the doll tightly against her chest. Embarasement quickly washes over her and she climbs down, her hands shaking. Sitting down again, Tabitha pushes a few strands of hair out of her face and then stares at her suddenly damp hand. She's been.... crying? oO(W-what th' heck's goin' on??)

Purple nods her head at Naaya, then looks up in the rafters, the pheasants have flown away, apparently they didn't enjoy getting splashed by water like that. Go figure. Stupid flying things. Her teeth form down back to normal and then wonders if Naaya is going to put her down or if she's going to get carried for awhile. Well, she doesn't -mind- being carried, though it's a bit odd. She looks over at Tabitha as she jumps up and starts freaking out, then sits back down, she pushes some hair from her eyes which ripples back into place behind her, "What species is she?" She asks Naaya, looking up at the blonde. Whatever species it is, it's a weird one for acting like that, to be sure.

"I think she's Human." Naaya peers towards Tabitha at the question, and shrugs after a moment. "Humans usually don't have feline ears, though." She gently sets Purple down on the counter. She doesn't mind carrying Purple, but usually people like being able to move under their own power, rather than being restricted by someone else's decisions, and she wants Purple to be happy, so that's why she sets her down. That done, she tilts her head to the side, and speaks to the catgirl. "Are you alright? Did the water scare you?"

Tabitha has a tail too, not that you can see it under her dress. She jerks her head at Naaya when she realises someone is speaking to her. Her eyes widen instantly and her heart starts to pound again. Once her brain realises who it is she lets out a deep breath and shakes her head. "I... Uh... Y-yeah. I'm fine... I think..." oO(Maybe I'm gettin' this from th' daggers or somethin'. Damnit, Johnny.) She wipes her eyes, shaking her head. "T-the water didn't bother me. It's... it's nothin'." Well, this just ruined her plans. Hurridly she yanks her satchel off the bar and throws it over her shoulder again, still clutching Momo in one arm. "I think I, uh... hear someone calling me. I'm gonna go see. Th-thanks for everything..." Tabitha pushes herself off the barstool, sending the sound of her boots hitting the floor into the air. An odd thing to wear under such a dress.

Purple gets set down on the counter and then slides off of it and onto her bare feet (she doesn't wear shoes!) She glances at Naaya and then over at Tabitha, "You think she's cursed?" She wonders as the girl hops off the barstool, "Purple doesn't remember humans having ears like that, except for Sh.." She puts a hand over her mouth, "Can't say that name." She says, catching herself, oops! Well, it's not her fault, she wasn't even around when all that happened, okay, well, not around around, she was around, but...well, anyway...she looks over at the exit as Tabitha talks about leaving because someone called her. Well, that's possible, maybe she has telepathy like vampires, who knows? She looks over at Naaya, contimplative.

Naaya crosses her arms and smiles at Tabitha. And when Naaya smiles, there's really no believeing she's insincere unless you have resistance to that kind of thing. "Alright, take care then! What's your name~?" She calls out after the catgirl, hoping not to have to remember to ask the next time. Glancing at Purple, she gives a light shrug. "I don't know... I'm not very good with magic..." And so she isn't. "Maybe she's un-stuck." ... Un-stuck? Probably a term that could use a little explanation, though the idea of asking NAAYA of all people to explain something is... something most people probably wouldn't consider.

Tabitha has already taken a step or two towards the door and pauses as she's asked for her name. There's a long moment where she struggles to decide just what to respond with, but with a roll of her eyes she turns towards the two women, nervously replying with, "T-Tabitha." No real point in lying about it, after all. Forcing herself to smile she turns towards the door again and breaks into a run, despirate to get as far away from this place as she can least the visions start up again...

Purple watches the catgirl run opff after giving her name. "Tahtabitha. That's a strange name, I wonder who named her." She looks around the restaurant, which seems to of emptied out again of anyone but NPC's. So she turns to look up towards Naaya, smiling, "Purple will get named someday, I hope it's a good name." She switches between that third person back and forth more often than not, there doesn't seem to be a very good rhyme or reason too it though. She blinks, then smiles, "Who named you?" She wonders suddenly! Mega curious, afterall, Naaya is a fun word to say, "Naaya, Naaya, Naaya." She says, cause...she felt like practicing to see if it really is, and...it turns out to be true. She's easily entertained.

There's a tiny little giggle from Naaya as Purple plays around with her name, and she gives the water dragon what most people would interpret as a loving gaze, though it's really not like most people would take that to mean. "My mother named me, and my father named my sister." She nods her head once, affirming what she said, and then tilts her head to look back towards Purple as Tabitha's name is stored properly in her mind, though she doesn't bother to correct Purple. Stuttering isn't something that's easily explained, after all. "I bet she'd think up a great name for you, but .. ... she's gone now." There should be sadness there, but it's been a long time, and Naaya just smiles. That warm comforting radiant smile.

Purple listens intently to Naaya as she tells her about her mother and father. She knows that humans are way more dependant on their parents then dragons are, because, really, dragons are meant to fend for themselves. Purple doesn't even know which of the dragons are her parents for that matter. It doesn't bother her of course, that's just the way dragons are. Even Purple is a tad more comfortable in her human body, oops. She nods her head, then her eyes widen, "You think so? I hope Purple's name is beautiful someday!" She smiles and steps back, looking up at the rafters, then over at Naaya, staring towards the girls eyes, "I asked Creator to give me a name once, and he told me no. He named all of the other dragons, though." She tilts her head, then smiles at Naaya, "Purple's not worried anymore though because you're here, and Damon The Overlord said I can trust you!" She bounces!

Naaya smiles brightly as Purple rebounds from a potentially sad story, and hopes down from the counter before walking over and giving her a hug. "I think Purple is already a good name, but if you want another one, we'll find you the most beautiful name in all the multiverse!" There's that happy glamour again. This time it's reflecting how she feels though. Rather than changing people's perception of her in any untrue manner, it makes people understand that right now, she is the happiest person in the world, because she's having fun with Purple. She IS easily amused, after all.

Purple tilts her head to the side at Naaya's words, then gets hugged! Naaya loves hugs! Well, she hugs Naaya back, because the girl seems to love them so very much. She has to admit it's not feeling someone else's warmth! She wonders if that's a bad thought to be having, it might not be dragonish of her, but if she's a dragon, how can anything she does not be dragonish? Siiigh! If only Karith had been more clear about all that kind of stuff to her! "Purple wants whatever name Purple is supposed to have, no matter what it is, though." The glamour pours over her and she giggles, she hasn't known anyone as happy as Naaya before, not even Zinc, and he was pretty much happy most of the time, but not so exuberant and all. "Will you teach me a human game?" She asks after a moment of silence. Blinking, Naaya pulls back and looks at Purple for a half a moment before nodding her head with a tiny 'Un!' sound. "Of course I will, Purple! That sounds like a great idea!" She lets Purple go for the moment, and puts a hand on her chin, looking thoughtful. The glamour fades the instant her smile does, and she just looks like a thoughtful, if excitable, young lady again. Really, that must get really confusing if one's around her for any period of time. "...Hmm. We have one called... Charade!" She holds her hands both up in the air and gives a single, excited jump. "Basically, we think of a word, and we make gestures in the air to try and help the other person figure it out, but we can't talk to tell them, unless we give up!" Doesn't that sound like fun? ... Well obviously NAAYA thinks it does. She and her sister were always too good at this, though.

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