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Full Name: Purple

Series: Chronicles Of Thorne

Alignment: Damon
Gender: Female
Species: Dragon
Age: 8
Height: 3'5"

Short Description: A cute little girl around the age of eight (though she's really short) with purple hair, eyes, and clothing.
Miscellaneous: The youngest dragon of Thorne/New World, a tad unexperienced.

A short young girl stands before you. She can't be more than three and a half feet tall, the most notable feature about this girl is her hair. It floods down from her head in what looks almost like a slight wave, although it's straight, and hangs down to the floor, sometimes even dragging on it if she tilts her head too far, not that it ever seems to get dirty despite this. It's purple, and almost looks like water when it shines in the light, reflecting it in the same ways, and beautiful, very beautiful. There's the typical anime bangs branching out from the front. Purple eyes adorn the girls cute face, which is on the paler side of white. Around her body, she wears a loose fitting purple robe with long sleeves that almost, but not quite, flow over her hands. All around, the girl is a little ball of cute purpleness. There's also a pair of fangs in her mouth, which is the only thing other than the slightly over pretty hair, that gives away she isn't human.



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