2020-01-03 - Throwing Bricks

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Throwing Bricks

Summary: After successfully completing her mission by finding Emi, Hekit goes back to stealing to entertain herself. ...in front of the worst two people to do so.

Who: Hekit, Jack Hawksmoor, Rayne
When: January 3rd, 2020
Where: Truce Fountain

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Truce Fountain Courtyard(#5203R)

In the midst of typical streets, and flanked by relatively 'modern' buildings, is a small courtyard built around an impressive fountain. Intricate runes dot the base of the cement monolith, though few can guess at what purpose these might serve. At the apex, three layers of cascading water beg for one's attention, the sparkling diffraction of light through their downfall akin to the twinkle of stars in a clear night sky. The fountain's age is indeterminate, but it certainly appears clean, bright, and cared-for.

To the northeast, the slight high rise of the Integra's Arms Apartments is apparent, and eastward there's a larger, mysterious structure that may pique one's interest.

To the northwest is a vast, cubic building proudly emblazoned, 'POLICE'. Between this and the sidewalk is a sprawling, gated parking lot, where a variety of vehicles are parked at all hours. A guard's station and boom barrier prevent - or, at least, discourage - unauthorized access to the precinct.

While the entire purpose of Hekit being on Twisted is to not be directly involved with everyone, her recent meeting with Emi has her feeling cocky. This nice big city full of people. Full of rules to break. Full of pockets to pick. Full of things to drop bricks on. (It's a thing with her, don't dwell on it.) Despite stepping towards the fountain in the middle of town in broad daylight, the girl isn't noticeable aside from those with a well trained eye. The demonic magic she uses is expressly created for that purpose alone after all. Pushing a strand of bright red hair out of her eyes, the girl spots an easy target - a man reading a newspaper on the side of the fountain. Her form vanishes briefly as she uses a shadow to leap across the courtyard, reappearing behind the man on the opposite side of the water display. Slowly she creeps around the perimeter and as soon as she gets close enough she snatches his briefcase off the ground and backs away. She doesn't even bother to get more than a few feet away before popping it open and frowning at the man's lunch. "Dangit..." She takes the sandwich though. Who says no to a free sandwich?

Big city? It doesn't feel it to Rayne. Granted, she's been around megacities and well populated space stations much of her life, so maybe her perspective is skewed. Well, she's glad it's not. She doubts she could handle a police department needed for what she would consider a big city... Even the old Neo-Edo from before would have likely had her overwhelmed. But here she is, just outside the MCPD station where she spots some strange looking woman(eh, is she really that strange for here?) somehow looking disappointed at her lunch. Rayne raises an eyebrow slightly, but shrugs it off. Apparently whoever packed her lunch didn't offer put the right sandwich in?

Not that Mabase is a *small* city. It's big enough. Wandering out of the police station, Jack grins at Rayne and then glances around. It's the fountain. There's GOING to be something weird here. There always is...

Hekit tosses the man's briefcase into the fountain, her form vanishing into the fountain's shadow before the resulting splash hits him and alerts him of what's transpired. He jumps to his feet and starts hollering quite loudly at the direction of the Police Station, as one would do. "DON'T WE PAY SOME KIND OF TAXES FOR YOU TO SIT AROUND DOING NOTHING!?! WHO THE HELL IS PROTECTING OUR PEOPLE!?! THE OLD TASK WOULD HAVE FOUND THESE HOOLIGANS AND HAD THEM EXECUTED!!" ...and so on, ad nauseam. The girl with the bright red hair is leaning against the entrance of the Arena snickering to herself as she eats the man's lunch. You have to keep yourself entertained somehow!

Rayne closes her eyes, takes a deep breath, then opens them again before walking towards the man. These kinds of situations have gotten quite grating to her. This is why she never has been in a public relations kind of position... until Twisted. "Sir, what seems to be the problem?" she says. No, not loudly. Calmly. If his screaming at the police station make it so she can't be heard, that's his problem. Inwardly, she thinks the old TASK director would have addressed the man with a far more intimidating tone for the disrespect.

Jack Hawksmoor shakes his head a little bit, and kind of falls in behind Rayne, in case she needs the support. The guy's screaming. About hooligans and executions. It's enough to give one a headache, to be honest. "I'm thinking...that he's upset about response times."

The man barks at Rayne, not paying any attention to who she is. "PROBLEM!?! I'll tell you the damn problem!!" He reaches back and pulls his soaking briefcase out of the water, throwing it to the ground at Rayne's feet. "THE PROBLEM IS THE GOOD FOR NOTHING KIDS WHO KEEP RUINING MY EXPENSIVE $300 SUITCASE WHILE THOSE IDIOTS AT THE POLICE STATION DO NOTHING!" He stomps on his own briefcase causing it to snap open. "AND THEY STOLE MY GODDAMNED LUNCH!!" The girl by the fountain is practically rolling on the ground at this point. She's clutching her sides and laughing hard enough that there are tears starting to form in her eyes. Nothing in Hell is this good. The man keeps on, "MAYBE WHAT WE NEED IS SOME VIGILANTE JUSTICE! WHERE'S THAT DEVIL MAY DANTE FELLER!? I bet HE would take care of this NONSENSE! Put a stop to this INSANITY!"

Rayne narrows her eyes as she looks at the suitcase. Yes, now she recognizes it. Her eyes turn to scan across the crowd, trying to spot that red-haired girl with the stereotypical goth look. Well, the laughing has made her easy to spot. She takes out her phone and snaps a picture of her before nodding once to Jack. "Well. Maybe I should get my hands dirty for once, Detective? Get some faster response time?" She pauses and gives a cold look at the man, however. "...A bullet to the head is not an appropriate response to a stolen lunch." With that said, she starts walking towards the red-head. She's looking down at her phone to send the picture in to the department, but definitely trying to keep track of the girl in her peripheral vision.

Jack Hawksmoor narrows his eyes a bit. They glint red. There's no anger on his face, though. It just seems as if he's considering something. Rayne's walking towards the redhead, so Jack quietly approaches the man. Very quietly. No shoes helps.

The powers that be can't promise that picture will take properly, for the record, but there's no solid argument against it beyond 'magick' (With a K, yes). The man seems unphased by Rayne walking away, but then he's not very observant to begin with. His ire turns towards Jack simply because he's coming towards him, "HANG 'EM BY THEIR TOES, I SAY! TEACH 'EM A LESSON!" The demoness doesn't notice Rayne just yet, wiping her eyes and still grinning from ear to ear. She seems human enough at first glance, although that smile of hers might be a little too wide. Assuming anyone pays that much attention these days, "Oh, Diablo. That's rich. I didn't think he was one of THOSE types." She stifles back another round of giggles, "It wouldn't take much of a push to make him break." Now that it's probably too late to run her eyes manage to notice the girl coming at her with a phone, so she stands her ground. The smile on her features only getting wider.

Rayne growls quietly at the poor quality of the photo, but what can you do? As she gets closer, the rainbow haired one looks up to the redhead and asks, "So. Have fun taking that guy's lunch and trashing his suitcase?" Why yes, she did include a description with the photo when she sent it. Oh, she noted the use of 'Diablo.' Definitely a red flag for her, but Rayne is ever a cautious one these days. "Ever get caught before?"

Mildly, "You seem to be from a world where disproportionate punishments are normal." Jack has a New York accent, if anyone there can recognize it. He shifts his stance, basically letting the angry guy keep yelling at him. Why not?

Hekit simply folds her hands behind her back, smiling indignantly at her accuser. "Ever decide on a color?" Her eyes roll back to the man as he continues to rant is... is he turning red? "DISPROPROPORTIONATE!?! HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE ME SHOVE MY FOOT UP YOUR DISPROPORTIONATE ASS!?!" The girl simply raises a brow for dramatic effect, "Oooh, that doesn't look good." Her eyes roll in their sockets back towards the Chief, "But neither of us is very good, are we?" She releases her hand from her back and turns her nails upwards so the little crosses painted on them are upside down. "Do you want to escalate this or do the right thing...?" Cocky, ain't she?

Rayne shrugs, letting Jack deal with the hysterical man. "I have. Then changed my mind later." It's questionable if Rayne even understands the cross references. Her father, sure, understands a cross better than most people would. But Rayne isn't a former Roman soldier. "Well, if you put it that way, then I suppose all I can say is..." She pulls out a set of handcuffs as she says, "You're under arrest." This, from Rayne, is the answer of 'do the right thing.'

Jack Hawksmoor elects not to say any more. He just stands there. Either the guy's going to eventually wind himself down or he's going to try and punch Jack...which probably won't end well for him.

The demoness chuckles darkly at the idea of being arrested. She should be worried about Diablo's reaction to his servant getting caught, buuuuut she's got other things in mind. Wasn't that group from yesterday in a band? Her hand still raised, the girl begins to snap to a slow beat. The skies begin to darken despite the sunlight pouring down just moments before. Somewhere a slow bass guitar begins to play. With a voice far too smooth to relate to her attire, the girl begins to sing, "Oh, yes, oh dear. Why didn't you listen? A laugh, a tear, and eyes that would glisten - BUT NO, here we go. You've gone and done it now. You've started this show and now here we gooooooooo!"

The invisible band starts to play up out of nowhere, the tempo speeding up until the whole thing goes out of control. Rayne will find the air itself pulling at her limbs trying to force her to dance if she'd only just give in to the beat, "Yes, right now, we're doing this. Yes, it's true. I'm singing this! For you see what with me you can guarantee this magic, it'll burn in your soul! Hell's magic is quite tragiiiiiiic!" It doesn't have to be a GOOD song. The sound vibrates through the air and the angry man freezes in place.

"Look at him! This man, just as fat as he can be. What's this, just a push, and none of us can quite believe!" The man suddenly draws out a knife, his eyes focused angrily on Jack but with the music playing from nowhere moving against the current of the tune is a chore, like wading through mud.

"There he goes, watch them DIE. He's lifting up the blade and to the HEAVENS UP ABOVE HE'S GOING TO CUT THEM WITH HIS-" Everything stops. The man is sitting back on the edge of the fountain again reading his newspaper. The sun is shining and the air is warm. "Aren't you glad we stopped here, run and hide little girl for you see it's just a show. You and me, he and him. It was tragic now it's all o-ver...." The music stops and she holds the man's sandwich in her hands, offering it to Rayne. We won't speak of the amount of energy she just wasted pulling this off, but someone's not doing any clever tricks for at least a week or two...

Jack Hawksmoor shakes his head. "I wasn't in any danger," he says as he wanders over to the little girl. His eyes glint red once more, visibly so this time. "...huh."

Rayne resists the pulls to dance. No, she does not find this in the slightest bit amusing. "Because I don't have the time or patience to play your little games," she says. Still, this whole display has put her on high alert now. Great. More of this high magic superiority complex. It's one of those times she wishes she /was/ still in TASK rather than what she's trying to make into a respectable police force... she'd have already pulled and fired her blaster(set for stun, mind you) if she was... but as the situation escalates, her hand still is moving to the weapon. Oddly enough, in perfect time with the music. She is a former dancer herself. But just like that, everything is over. "Are you trying to threaten me? Intimidate me?" It's not a threatening tone she says this in. No, it's a tired one. She's dealt with the insane embodiment of Power itself. It's hard to intimidate Rayne anymore.

That said, she knows when a situation can go completely out of hand far too quickly. Right now it's better to just diffuse the situation... and put in an APB on this girl to note she's a known severe troublemaker and to be considered armed and dangerous. . o O ( We need an anti-magic unit. I wish we still had Dorian. ) she thinks to herself as she takes the sandwich back. She turns sharply and walks on back to the man to hand it to him.

It takes a moment, but when Rayne remains unphased and walks away the girl's smile finally drops completely and she slumps to the ground rather dramatically. Actually, a little too dramatically. "Ungh, I can't. I can't do that. I shouldn't have. I'm not in that class yet." Oh yes, she's spent in more ways than one. There's a weird flickering effect on her clothes where they seem to be glitching out as her hair spills over onto the ground. Hekit just lies there, her face against the ground. "I... need a minute..." It doesn't exactly matter if anyone is paying attention to her or if anyone is listening at all. She's saying this for herself more than any other entity...

Jack Hawksmoor glances at Rayne, then turns to the girl. Who's a troublemaker who doesn't belong here, so his voice is a little gruff, "Then maybe you've learned a lesson." It's obviously psychic or magical backlash. He knows all about the former...

Rayne offers the man the sandwich back. "Here, you dropped this," she says cautiously. Did time for this guy get reversed or something? Or was he always some sort of construct made by the singing girl? Either way, she's trying to avoid having any further scene develop here. She glances back at the collapsing girl, eyes narrowing. Perhaps she overestimated the redhead. Is she getting /too/ cautious?

Hekit barely moves from the position she's fallen into, "...I'll learn you a lesson..." Lessons are fun! Let's get into some specifics! The bubble of influence was only around the fountain, meaning Rayne's message had no trouble getting through at all. The man will still snap if no one is careful and as commented, 'Just a push' is all it would take to push him back over the edge. He DID lose his temper. He did kick his own briefcase. He's only been rewound a bit so he doesn't remember. The sandwich, while real, isn't the sandwich she ate - because she ate it. Don't think on that too hard. "...he was a creep. You can smell it on him... I did you all a favor, stupid livies..." She tries to move her hair out of her eyes by blowing it away, "Judge Cazares would have him on the wall if I hadn't stopped him." Let's talk about the man some more. He looks up from his newspaper and snatches the sandwich back, "Dropped! I did no such thing! Certainly you took it from me!" He reaches down and throws it into his briefcase. "Someone should DO something about you hooligans..."

Rayne deadpans to the man, "I'll get the chief of police on it right away. 'Hey, self, do something about the hooligans like yourself'. 'Okay, I'll get right on it.'" She rolls her eyes and walks back towards Hekit. Yeah, the guy's an asshole, but if that were illegal, Mabase would need over a hundred times the jail space it has. "So what should we do with her, Detective? I have a feeling our cells won't do a very good job of holding her for long," she says dourly.

Jack Hawksmoor purses his lips. "Definitely not. She doesn't belong here." Which is a bad omen for being able to hold her...he knows that much.

"Brimstone." Hekit says from the ground, "Ya gotta get a cell with brimstone bars or some kind of enchantments." She at least manages to lift her head off the ground, "Why do you think Hell smells like brimstone?" With a wince she manages to pull an arm up and prop her head against it. "I have credentials, y'know. Check with the Waiting Room in Nowhereto Park." Technically these things are all true. Don't ask her why she's being honest unless you really want to know the answer. "Isn't leaving me in this humiliating position punishment enough? Do you know how long it would take me to crawl home?"

Rayne considers the situation, then glances at Jack. "She didn't actually steal the sandwich. Honestly, that's a slap on the wrist offense, anyway." She glances at the girl again and makes a mental note of that... wondering why she'd actually volunteer the information. She'll have to ask that demon hunter guy about it. John Conastin, was it? Maybe ask Dante, if she can track him down and stand his presence. Always good to have second and third opinions on the subject. "I don't deal too much with the 'waiting room,'" she says carefully.

Jack Hawksmoor nods. "It is." Jack abruptly moves to offer the demon a hand. "If you agree not to...play any more games, I can help you get to somewhere you can rest." He doesn't say home. He knows where home is from the brimstone comments. No wonder she doesn't belong here.

Hekit is almost offended, "C'mon! I TOTALLY stole the sandwich. Credit where credit is due!" She manages to pull her other arm up and at least props her head up in both hands, "I'll have you know that manifesting that replacement sandwich is half the reason I can't push myself off this goddamned sidewalk!" She ponders that a moment, taking the wrong thing from her own statement, "Now, resetting him back? Yeah. That's going to cost me a few days. Don't ask about the song and dance." She's just being open about everything at this point. "I'm not agreeing to squat, Jack." Lucky guess. She's actually not caught on to anyone's names yet. "You just wait until I can get the feeling back in my legs! I'll... I'll.... I'll do something! It'll be NASTY too. Probably drop a brick on you. Yeah!"

Rayne tilts her head. "Did you?" Yes, now she's playing with Hekit. She's also a fairly good actress(former bit part professional, but quite a bit of time has passed from /those/ days), so she's fairly convincing. She's good at playing dumb, at least. The 'drop a brick' comment gets a snerk, however. "That sounds incredibly unimaginative. Of course, if you actually assault someone, well, I'd have to actually use force against you." She pauses, then looks to Jack. "Or should we take that as a full on verbal threat and arrest her right now? I don't think it'd be very difficult in her current state."

Jack Hawksmoor snorts a bit. "Bricks won't hurt me," he quips. He's probably right. "Well, I was going to take her home, but as she can't actually learn that sometimes you need to be nice..." Yeah. He's tempted to leave her here. Asshole.

The girl growls angrily and digs her hands into the ground furiously, "Don't you belittle me! I didn't just throw all that away for your amusement! You bastards damn near left me mortal! You take me in and I'll just kill myself! I can be back here within a week and I'll have MORE bricks! What'll you do then? HUH?!" She would be kicking if she could. Unfortunately she also doesn't judge her strength enough and her head drops down with a thud. "....owwwwww. Come ON." She looks up with a large red welt on her forehead. Actually, it's just where she rubbed her makeup off and the skin underneath is showing. "Next time I'll just let the guy murder everyone and be done with it! Then you'll see!"

Rayne pauses. "Then why /did/ you do it?" she asks quietly. Left mortal? Kill herself and be back here? That combined with the mention of 'Diablo' with reverence earlier is starting to stitch together in her mind. No, she doesn't understand much of it, but she at least had learned /of/ 'Hell' by now, and that it's the old Twisted leader's home domain. "More bricks, huh?" she monotones. "You know, I'm pretty sure there's a law on the books about mind tampering. And thanks for the warning. If we bring you in, I'll definitely put you on suicide watch."

"Like I said," Jack says softly. "She doesn't belong here." He's putting a few things together himself. "And he wasn't going to murder anyone." That sounded like a promise.

Hekit points an angry finger at Jack, "YET! Just because I set him off doesn't mean he wasn't! I didn't manifest a knife just to make a bad rhyme, y'know! He had that on him already!!" She's really tired of this whole conversation, but she's not succeeding very well at getting off the ground either. "And SURE. Mind tampering. Whatever the fuck I don't care. I made him forget he lost his temper! Where's my fucking medal!?" Finally she gives up and puts her head down, folding her hands over the back of it. "ARRRRGH!! I won't steal anymore fucking sandwiches, alright?! I put everything back and now I have to listen to this!? For the love of Satan, just end it now!"

Rayne says to Hekit, "You caused a scene, and now you have to reap the consequences of what you've sown." ...She sounds like a mother admonishing a child. She'd tell her to watch her language, but she's pretty sure that would just encourage her to swear more. "Who are you, anyway?" This, of course, will be added to the report on the girl.

Jack Hawksmoor doesn't even flinch at the swearing. Really, he's heard it all. "You did definitely cause a scene." He knows the girl won't give her real name, or suspects so, but some kind of tag to put on her would be useful.

A whine comes out of the girl as she's asked a question she has to answer, "My name is Hekit. I'm the new assistant to Senor Diablo. He has me on Twisted looking for a missing Councilwoman and he made me stay behind in case the chick that inherited her powers needed more information. Can I 'please' be left to wallow in my misery alone now? I'm sure I have some kinda diplomatic immunity or something."

Rayne looks at Jack as her suspicion about who she was working for is confirmed. She looks back to Hekit again and says, "Fine, I'll leave you alone if you tell me who was missing and who it was that might need more information." Rayne is a former councilwoman herself... That combined with her current job makes her worried she's not heard about this current situation. "And if you had diplomatic immunity, they did a terrible job of letting law enforcement know about it, considering I've not heard of you."

Jack Hawksmoor just nods. Yeah, he suspected too, even if his name isn't Constantine. Who probably knows all about this. He takes a deep breath. "You really think Hell is good at telling people? I figure..."

"Of course you've not heard of me, it was SUPPOSED to be a secret! Do you know how much trouble I'm going to be in when this gets back to my boss? Ho-ho, trust me. There's not a punishment you can dish out that will be worse than what's waiting for me back home." She adds under her breath, "...save for maybe having to listen to you any longer." She grits her teeth a moment before another whine escapes her. If it's not obvious she HAS to answer truthfully when she's asked a question. It's a matter of pride. "DAMMIT. ...the Diaduin Emephera. You know like LAKE Emephera. Bit of a big deal?! She's been missing since whatever the fuck happened to the Twisted Street. I tracked her down as best I could and now her title has been passed onto that Emi Goodman girl. Will you PLEASE stop asking me questions?!"

Rayne points out, "Well, she can't have diplomatic immunity unless someone from here agreed to it. And let the MCPD know about the agreement. Which means letting /me/ know about it. So quite frankly, she doesn't effectively have diplomatic immunity." She looks down at Hekit again and frowns. She's... /heard/ of her. Former councilwoman, before Rayne's time on the council. Emi Goodman, however, she's less familiar with. She looks back up to Jack and nods once. "All right. I told you I'd leave you alone. Just don't cause me more trouble. Like I said... unless someone from the current Council tells me otherwise, you don't have any diplomatic immunity." Because really, they're the only people that could dictate that kind of thing to Rayne.

Jack Hawksmoor nods. "Good point." He makes a note of the name Emi Goodman. Her title has been passed on...not something he's going to ask about, but he has a feeling they may need to get some protection on her.

Hekit finally manages to kick her foot in frustration without wincing! Progress! "There is no Twisted Council! I know that as well as you do! The only Council left with any power is the one in Hell. But ignorance is bliss, right?!" C'mon other leg, MOVE. "Who do you expect me to go find, huh? Senior Diablo's too mad to come up here. Johnny C's too busy judging the dammed. Caliga Satanas has been saddled with guarding the time gates since Lady Setsuna left the Underworld. The rest of them went into hiding after the big fight with Concordance. I could go ask Xipe Totec, but NO one wants to see half the city turned into Cenobites to serve Leviathan. You guys don't know how good you have it up here these days."

Rayne has already turned away, following her agreement to leave Hekit alone. This means Hekit doesn't see the eyewtitch at the mention of no Twisted council. The slight slumping of her shoulders at the mention of Setsuna not being around might be a tell that the name meant something to Rayne, however. She's on her phone, sending a text message... to Jack. 'You have a new assignment, Detective. You can figure it out.'

Jack Hawksmoor just nods to Rayne, then he wanders across the plaza...and sinks into the ground. Showoff.

The demoness watches everyone walk off and slumps. Part of her really didn't expect them to just leave her here. What she said about being in trouble is true of course. She pushes herself onto her back and stares up at the sky. "Well. It could be worse I guess. At least it's not-" ...and of course the skies open up at that moment and it begins to rain. Hekit simply sighs.

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