2019-11-27 - Electric Coinage

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Electric Coinage

Summary: A new entrant to Twisted finds out that Chaos Magic is especially potent here. A defenseless* child nearly gets murdered.

Who: Zenitsu Agatsuma, Rayne, Nathan Xeos, Alden, Jack Hawksmoor, Twitch
When: November 27, 2019.
Where: Truce Fountain Courtyard

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One of the more stable areas in Mabase centers around a large fountain; the courtyard is surrounded by apartments, a police station, and even an arena of some sort. Apparently this was one of the better locations to settle in, and it shows. Nestled in between two of the flanking buildings, there are public restrooms, surprisingly clean and well-cared for like the fountain itself. They have doors on the entrance to lock at night. It's convenient.

Well, it normally is.

Today, the door to the women's restroom quietly and subtly morphs into a "shoji door", the japanese-styled sliding doors. It slides open after a moment longer, and a young blonde man in a bright orange haori walks out. He looks happy with himself, but then blinks as he takes in the scenery. Behind him, the door slides shut, and he pales. "Oh no. Not again." He turns to flee back through the door he came from, and ends up running into the women's restroom. Oh. This will go well.

Rayne, having been sitting at the edge of the fountain looking at a tablet of some sort, looks up at the sound of the man saying 'oh no.' She opens her mouth as if to say something, but then the man runs right into the ladies' bathroom? "....Seriously?" she deadpans, then sighs as she stands and puts the tablet into a satchel. Grumbling to herself, she marches right on over to follow the guy in.

Nathan Xeos is there, sitting on the edge of the fountain with his jade coin and his pendant clipped to his belt. Now, usually, he'd be intensely more subtle about practicing magic, but this isn't his world, and frankly, he needs to know what rules he's dealing with. Both pendant and coin crackle with energy. The green energy swirling about his left hand doesn't seem to do anything, even with his gestures. So, he pulls a regular British coin out of his pocket, flipping it and looking at the results. Nothing unusual, save the coin bouncing off the rim of the fountain every time. "...Alright... What's the catch?" He says, making a different gesture with his hand, this time crackling with electricity. Halfway through whatever he was about to do, a bolt from the blue comes down to smite Nathan and his spell casting, knocking him into the fountain. "There's the catch." He mutters, twitching. He'll be fine, really.

Look! some kid forgot a rather sizable lego sculpture near the fountain! How cute, it's a dinosaur! Said 'toy' seems to be still, facing the fountain, and keeping the ilusion for several moments, until the 'Oh no' comment causes it to suddenly twitch and slowly turn around to the source of the voice, just to see the guy rushing into the bathroom, blinking a few times. Of course, before he can go and peek just what is going on, something far more flashy happens on another spot! Getting up and moving a bit closer to Nathan, "Are you ok?" he asks, seeming concerned at the person suddenly launched into the fountain.

The muffled sound of surprised, feminine screams can be heard from the public restrooms, followed shortly by more panicked, male screams as Zenitsu flees the women's restroom at high speed, and nearly barrels right into Rayne. He's moving super fast, and like he was on fire, which it turns out is the opposite of true; behind the blonde boy, a wave of icicles nearly explodes out of the restroom entrance, extending out a good three feet. Zenitsu manages to stop before he'd actually run into Rayne, and he shouts out behind him more clearly this time. "I didn't mean to!"

The ice melts surprisingly quickly, and from inside the restroom, a quieter feminine voice calls an apology of its own. Zenitsu sweatdrops a bit. "...Even the humans here use demon arts! It's not fair. How did I end up back here?!" He had thought his last experience with this place was some strange fever dream when he woke back up in the inn. Wait, that's it, maybe he's dreaming now. Zenitsu pinches himself, then squeaks. "Ow!" ... Well. What was he expecting?

He looks to Rayne, getting ready to appraise her and maybe say something, when a bolt of lightning strikes over by the fountain! Zenitsu eeps, and in a flash, he's put Rayne between himself and the fountain, and appears to be hiding a few feet behind her. He peeks out of his 'hiding place' to see what that was. He's a bundle of nerves. "...I knew it. I'm going to die." Well that's pessimistic.

Of course the sound of the bolt of lightning gets Rayne to turn to look at what /that/ noise was. ...wait, that weird plastic loking thing moved? ...of course it did, why should that surprise Rayne? She looks back at the kid (though she could pass as just a year or two older than him fairly easily) again and hastily says, "Just... don't do it again. Pay attention to the signs, please!" From his reactions, she's pretty sure that was a legitimate accident, so now she's marching her way /back/ to the fountain to see just what the hell happened /there/.

Nathan Xeos starts crawling his way out of the fountain once he stops twitching. "..I'm fine. Nothing to see here... Don't flip any coins for the next hour or so..." There was a reason he was a field agent and not Templar PR. He whips out a fire spell this time, in order to dry himself off. Thankfully the wet clothes stops him from setting himself on fire. "Well, paradoxes are precocious as ever... I guess everything is working." Oh, great, he's attracting something of a crowd.

Alden blinks a bit and moves to try to offer Nathan a 'hand' out of the fountain, and seems quite amused when he sees the fire, "So many humans that can do stuff like that." he muses outloud, "Paradox?" he asks, his tail somehow wagging, curious plastic looking creature.

Rayne's words cause Zenitsu to furrow his brow, and he replies just a little too quickly. "What signs?!" He turns to look back at the women's restroom, and sees, well, clear signs of a women's restroom. He balks. "...Where did the inn go?!" Seems like he's crazy, yup.

When Rayne wanders off towards the fountain, Zenitsu runs after her quickly. "H-hey, you can't just leave me here, I'm an innocent child!" The sword at his hip probably ruins that lie the moment it's passed his lips, but he does sound genuinely agitated. "Besides, you're the first woman I've seen here who hasn't tried to kill me! That's fate!" ... Uh huh.

Rayne steops at the edge of the fountain and crosses her arms as she looks over the man. "My comment as well. Paradox? So if everything is working, you /intended/ to do that?" She doesn't sound amused. She then slowly turns to look at Zenitsu as he calls himself an 'innocent child'. Nope, she's not buying that. The mention of 'not trying to kill him' actually gets a bit of an insulted look. "Seriously? Don't insult the me and the force like that! Entering the wrong bathroom is /far/ from a capitol offense!"

"Well, yes, no, kind of. I did mean to call lighting, just not exactly on myself... They happen when you start playing with probability and the like." Nathan's probably not helping his case right now. "It gets complicated when you try to mathematically model reality. It doesn't like it." He stuffs his jade coin into his pocket. "Not that it stops the Dragon, but..." He looks at the little lego thing quizzically. "You're actually there right?"

The small(ish) plastic dinosaur pauses on his examination of the no longer damp Nathan to wave towards Rayne, and the seemingly scared Zenitsu, looking fairly cheerful, that short 'tail' just wagging a bit more as people get closer. There is a momentary pause as there is mention of a 'dragon', and then that odd question. He just pokes at himself with one 'hand'. "I think so! You are here as well, right?" he asks, reaching slowly to 'tap' Nathan's shoulder. "Probability? You mean you can do things with luck?"

"The... force?" Zenitsu looks confused, and then flails when Rayne says it wasn't a capitol offense. "...That's what I said! But then people tried to kill me! And they did when I ended up in that weird library, too. Everyone around here is murderous!" ...He seems to have gotten a good impression of the place.

After a moment longer, the blonde boy notices the others around. A human man... who made the lightning bolt? Another of those... what's he going to call people that use demon arts but aren't demons? ... Mages. Another of those mages. And. a. toy. dinosaur.

"What the?! It can talk!" Aaaaand Zenitsu's hiding a few feet behind Rayne again. Why is everything so scary here?

Weird shit by the fountain? Let's add a Jack hawksmoor. Who definitely counts as weird given he just walked out of a nearby wall. It ripples back into its normal configuration behind him. He raises an eyebrow. "No, everyone around here is *not* murderous."

Rayne deadpans, "Yeah, I wouldn't try to mathematically model this reality. You'll end up with two plus two equalling sausage." She shakes her head, then tilts her head slightly at the mention of stopping a dragon. She looks back to Zenitsu and says, "Police force," simply in response to that implied question. She pauses slightly and says, "Someone tried to kill you in the library?" She sounds actually serious about that one. "Yeah, it can talk, the cephelapod that used to work at the Welcome Center could talk, just don't be surprised when things talk around here." She then looks over as Jack walks out of the wall and reacts with a perfectly calm, nothing unusual going on here, "Detective," in greeting.

And a little rat comes strolling down the street, she seems to be carrying a bunch of of what looks like scrap, so much that she can't really see where she is going as she walks through the middle of the gathered people.

Nathan Xeos who's not entirely sure what else is going on besides the LEGO dino being rather chatty as plastic is wont to be and someone's being terrified of their own shadow. "Well, right now 2+2 has a 50/50 chance of equaling 1.21 jigawatts. It'll go away on it's own... I think. I hope." He doesn't quite know how here handles such things, at least they dissipated back home. "As long as you're actually there and I didn't get the funny lighting again..." He responds to the little plastic dino. "Yeah, I can. It backfires though."

Jack Hawksmoor shakes his head a little. "Hey there, Twitch," he says, waving to the rat, then turning his attention. "A lot of things can talk. The real question is whether you can listen." Ah, philosophy, citywalker style.

Zenitsu tilts his head as Jack walks out of a wall, turning just in time to catch the last of the act, and the ripples following it. He looks... startled? Startled. "Gah!" His mouth opens wide as he shouts, and then falls back and away from Jack's direction. "Y-You! D-d-don't do that! It's unsettling!" Somehow, it seems unlikely Jack is going to follow that directive.

The blonde boy turns his head to look between Rayne and Jack, and then he clears his throat. "Police? Oh." It's illegal to walk around carrying a sword where he's from. He should maybe not talk about what happened in the library after all. He sinks down a little further, his shoulders slumping as he's told matter-of-factly that he shouldn't be surprised by any of what's going on, even as a humanoid rat walks by. He looks crestfallen.

"My life has become a single, ongoing revelation that I haven't been cynical enough..."

Alden nods a few times to Nathan, "Cool, I haven't met any digimon or... anything to do things with luck!" he says cheerfully. "Still, seems dangerous!" he says. He seems almost hurt when someone seems so scared of him, "I'm not murderous! And I am not an it! I'm Toy Agumon." he states with a huff, crossing his arms, looks kind of cute trying to pout. He quickly calms down to wave at the other arrivals, not seeming to be too surprised at just people walking through walls, just curious maybe, "Hi!" he offers to the citywalker, then waves to the mouse gal as well, such a happy guy.

Rayne hasn't seemed to be concerned about the claymore on the mage's back, nor Zenitsu's own blade. "Ugh. I wish I could be /less/ cynical, lately," she mumbles, then looks over Nathan again. Well, things /seem/ to be under control. "We don't need to cordon off the area, do we? Damnit, I don't have a magic expert to analyze this kind of thing still..."

Jack Hawksmoor sighs. "Need me to go take a look?" Jack asked. He turns his attention to Zenitsu. "Don't worry. *You* aren't in trouble." Whoever tried to murderate him, that's another matter...

Twitch looks up "O hi there jack" then looks around, tail twitching as she looks around at all the people around there. "O...hi there..." she says to all the new people.

Nathan Xeos has a license for his sword. Penned by an ancient secret society, but still valid back home. "As long as no one flips any coins or flat round coin like objects in the area, we'll be OK. Remember, it runs off probability." He sighs, rats, toys, cowards and cops oh my.

"You're a dinosaur!" Zenitsu proclaims in response to Alden, obviously presuming that makes one murderous. Or at least a monster. He gets to his feet and looks back to Jack. "I'm not in trouble?!" The blonde kid points at Jack emphatically, as if the citywalker is in some way responsible for all this. Realistically, he's just the person getting the venting.

"The inn with all my friends in it just disappeared, and I'm in some kind of demon world with women that make exploding ice and men that summon lightning! Don't tell me I'm not in trouble! I'm in all the trouble!" ...Ok. In his defense, those are actually true statements.

Zenitsu turns and looks to Twitch. In all of this craziness, the rat almost seems normal for a moment. Almost. "...Hi there." He waves. Halfheartedly, but he waves.

"You're not in trouble from *me*," Jack corrects, keeping his tone even. He's been vented at before. It's not his fault. This time.

Alden rubs his chin for a moment, "I guess... I am a dinosaur?" he says, as if uncertain, "But I promise I am not going to attack." he says softly. He nods at the warning about coins, "Good thing I don't have any!" he says, "I'm not really familiar with magic." he adds. Twitch gets a happy noise from the dinosaur, somehow, she seems the most normal thing so far to him, moving just a bit closer to her.

Rayne glances at Jack with a raised eyebrow. "You can check on the magic stuff?" She then pauses before slowly turning to look at Nathan. "...We're at a fountain. What do people do at fountains?" She sighs, facepalms, then says to Jack again, "See what Mabase says about it. If it /knows/ the effect is overturned, we do nothing. Otherwise, let's get a cordon around the fountain..." She mumbles something about supposed to be on a lunch break.

Jack Hawksmoor shakes his head. "NO, but I can ask the library what it saw," Jack points out. "Which might tell us something useful." Magic consultants...there's a few. Then he nods to her second request. He steps back, drops to one knee, and spreads his fingers on the ground. His eyes flare red for a moment before he closes them.

Twitch smiles at the toy Dinosaur. "Hi there." She tilts her head as she examines Alden. "My names Twitch, what's yours?"

Nathan Xeos hums, exploding ice? "I can do other things besides screw up reality and shoot lighting. Thermal shock is fun, and useful as a makeshift 'explosive'." The blood magic stays under wraps for now though. Oddly enough that particular school gets worse rep than Chaos.

When Alden promises not to attack, Zenitsu furrows his brows again. "You promise? Do you double dog promise? With sprinkles on top?" He takes a moment, just to lean back and breathe. The plastic dinosaur promises not to attack him. The human beings and weird rat thing didn't promise not to attack him. But the plastic dinosaur did.

The plastic dinosaur.



"I give up! This day is too strange!" Zenitsu folds his arms across his chest, closes his eyes, and just sits down in place, pouting. If he refuses to accept the day, it will just go away, right?

The plastic critter nods, "I promise!" he says, before tilting his head when Zenitsu decides to have a crisis. "Are you... ok?" Of course, he doesn't ignore Twitch, moving closer and smiling, going still as he notices the curious glance, "I'm Toy Agumon! But you can call me Alden if you prefer." he offers. He keeps glancing back at the young man apparently having a panic attck.

Jack Hawksmoor finally stands up. "I'd cordon it off. It's like...a web of cracks, it's getting weaker but it's not gone just yet." He shoots Nathan, well, a *look*.

Rayne sighs and facepalms again. "Please don't cause explosions. And if he attacks you, he'll have to deal with me in response." She doesn't think for a moment that Alden would actually do it, from the exasperated sound of her voice. She peers at Zenitsu from between her fingers and decides to more or less give up on him for now just as he gave up on the entire day. "Right. Lemme call that in then, Detective..." She pulls out a phone and steps to the side to start barking orders into it for getting the fountain cordoned off for the time being.

"Nice to meet you, I'd shake hands, but mine are kinda full." Twitch says to Alden.

Jack Hawksmoor nods. "I need to go chat with a couple of people, chief. Let me know if you want me to check out the library." With that he glances once more at the strange gathering, "See y'all." He heads for the cop shop. By mundane means this time.

Nathan Xeos shrugs. "I never said I was going to do anything." And indeed he isn't. At least not right now. He's already broken reality as we know it, he's not about to cause property damage as well. Though, the moment Sonnac catches wind of this, there will be hell to pay after Egypt.

As he pouts with his eyes closed, Zenitsu looks every bit the stubborn child who's just decided the world will go away if he's not looking at it. Realistically, he knows that's not how it works, but maybe object permanence isn't all it's cracked up to be! Unfortunately, while he pouts, he is, in fact, ignoring everything. And this means poor Alden doesn't get an answer. But on the bright side, he's out of Rayne's hair for the time being.

Alden waves to Jack as he vanishes to the cop shop, rubbing his chin, "Maybe we should get away from the plaza, it might be a bit dangerous." he says, before glancing to Rayne. "I promise not to explode anything." Wait, he CAN explode things? He simply begins to slowly walk away, mostly since he realizes he is making poor Nathan all nervous.

Twitch follows Alden out, "yes somewere quieter would be good"

Eventually, Zenitsu opens his eyes, and everyone seems to have wandered off. Well. That... actually worked, at least a little. Now there's noone weird around. Except him, but he doesn't think of himself as weird, obviously. "...But I'm still here. That's not fair, right? It's completely unfair."

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