Zenitsu Agatsuma

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Zenitsu Agatsuma
Full Name: Zenitsu Agatsuma (Zeh-Neet-Soo Ah-Got-Soo-Mah)

Series: Kimetsu No Yaiba (Demon Slayer)
Class: Demon Slayer
Threat Level: Block Buster
Alignment: Neutral Good
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 16
Birthdate: September 3rd
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 128 lbs.

Short Description: A short, blonde young man with a sword and an orange haori. And orange socks. Who wears orange socks?

Zenitsu Agatsuma
Zenitsu is a short young man with fair skin and downward-sloped, scared-looking eyes that fade from soft brown to gold. He has short, yellow hair that's cut off squarely at the ends where it fades to a darker orange color, and it falls in front of his face in uneven bangs.

He wears a pale brown version of the standard Demon Slayer uniform, which consists of a dark brown gakuran jacket, a white belt around his waist and hakama pants underneath his signature white-triangle patterned, yellow and orange gradient haori. Attached to his hip is a white sheath with a golden tip, housing a katana with white and gold triangular wrapping.

Zenitsu also sports a pair of tabi socks, tied at the front in 3 white bows, with the same pattern as his haori, and white-laced footwear.

Zenitsu Agatsuma
Natural Abilities

Enhanced Hearing: Zenitsu has a heightened sense of hearing, allowing him to detect danger from even the faintest of sounds. This sense is superhumanly honed, as he can even distinguish between humans and other humanoids by comparing the noises made inside a creature’s body to those produced by a human. This is usually used to identify demons.

Unconscious Combat: Zenitsu becomes dramatically stronger when he sleeps or acts subconsciously. When his life is in danger, he often blacks out due to fear, which is when he reaches his true potential; when Zenitsu is asleep, he can perform his swordsmanship at a high level based purely on instinct alone. However, as Zenitsu grows, he will come to rely on this less and less, and more and more on his own conscious command of the blade.


Breath of Thunder Style: This breathing technique increases the user's strength and agility to equal that of a demon's. Most of the Breath of Thunder forms are medium or ranged attacks, but Zenitsu is only able to learn the first of the six forms, which is for melee, and is said to be the simplest. Mastering any of the forms dramatically enhances the user’s physical attributes.

  • First Form: Thunderclap and Flash (Ichi no kata: Hekireki Issen) - The user dashes forward and slashes at their opponent with incredible speed. Zenitsu has honed this ability to the extent that he can repeat the dash multiple times in quick succession.
  • Six Fold (Rokuren) - Zenitsu performs the First Form six times in quick succession, getting faster with each dash.
  • Eight Fold (Hachiren) - Zenitsu performs the First Form eight times in a single instant.



Zenitsu is a coward; always claiming he doesn't have long to live due to the dangerous job of being a Demon Hunter. He also has rather low self-esteem despite his strength, to the point that he thinks he's actually useless, as seen when he couldn't believe he'd slain a Demon, tricking himself into believing that it was a nearby child that killed the demon.

However, despite these weaknesses, Zenitsu still wants to live up to the expectations others set up for him and will try his hardest when he is needed to. He holds great respect and admiration towards his deceased teacher, and his inner focus and drive in avenging him often help wash away his cowardice and second thoughts when he's in a pinch.

Weapon: Nichirin Blade


Nichirin Blades are special blades used by and made specifically for the Demon Slayers to slay Demons. They are forged from a unique ore that absorbs sunlight, one of demons’ only major weaknesses. Thus, beheading by Nichirin Blades is one of the only ways a human in Zenitsu’s world can kill a Demon.

Nichirin Blades take on a unique color when first drawn by their owner, which is why they are also referred to as "The Color Changing Swords". Zenitsu’s is half black, half white, with a yellow lightning bolt separating the colors as it runs the entire length of the blade.

Passive Skill: Constant Focused Breath


Zenitsu has perfected (or nearly perfected) the art of maintaining Thunder Breath even while sleeping, which means that he is constantly training his lungs and body even while at rest. This increases his stamina to “anime protagonist” heights; life-threatening injuries and exhaustion are tomorrow’s problem, not today’s.

Flaw: Cowardice


Owing both to his own failure as a pupil, and the hellish difficulty of being a Demon Slayer, Zenitsu’s craven nature has developed into a severe fear of hard work and monsters, as in his world, both are equally deadly.

Zenitsu is much more likely to flee than fight, and to encourage others to do the same, and is not known for standing on almost any principle, except to show respect and deference to women.

This flaw can be overcome by severe emotion or motivation, and will lessen over time, if for no other reason than to be less irritating to other players.

Flaw: Worshipful Misogyny


Zenitsu views women not entirely as human beings, but as sacred things; to be cherished, protected, and shown deference to, certainly, but also to be obtained. This attitude differs from actual respect, in that it simultaneously reduces women to damsels and to objects, but it can mirror respect in many ways, such as spurring Zenitsu to “defend a woman’s honor”, or other sexist tropes.

Ultimately, Zenitsu’s intentions are good and his thoughts are surprisingly wholesome, but this still puts Zenitsu squarely in the “creeper” camp, though nowhere near such infamous examples as Roshi or Miroku. This flaw will lessen as he matures, and is already well below Sanji levels.

Flaw: Pessimism


In any dangerous situation, Zenitsu can be counted on to find the downside of things. While on a day to day basis he is docile, any time he is placed in a dangerous situation, the complaining begins.

He has started an argument with a sparrow for singing too cheerfully. It is unclear who won this fight.

Weakness: Off-Guard


Zenitsu’s abilities are frightening, but if he does not yet feel backed into a corner, it is possible to deal lethal damage to him via poison, gas, or other deadly slow-acting agents with almost no reprisal.

Since he doesn’t always display his full strength due to cowardice, enemies that strike with full force from the get go are likely to surprise him, especially humans.

Weakness: The Fairer Sex


Zenitsu is particularly vulnerable to manipulation from beautiful women, and while he cannot be persuaded to do anything particularly immoral, he can easily be tricked.

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