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Alden (or Toy agumon also works)
Full Name: Alden (or Toy agumon also works)

Series: Digimon Tamers
Class: Unknown
Threat Level: Unknown
Alignment: Unknown
Gender: Unknown
Species: Toy Agumon/Digimon
Age: 3
Birthdate: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown

Short Description: A short 'dinosaur' made of very large, colorful toy bricks/legos. Miscellaneous: Friendly and kinda silly!

Alden (or Toy agumon also works)
Toy Agumon (or Alden) looks like something a kid would make, if said kid had access to a large pile of legos (and based on digimon lore, that seems to be the case!) A simple bipedal 'dinosaur' made of colourful plastic blocks (of clashing colors), that seems just as nimble and alive as anything else, despite the 'material' it seems to be made of.



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