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Violet Karrde-Donovan
Full Name: Violet Karrde-Donovan

Series: Original
Class: Martial Artist/Mecha Pilot/Starship Captain? Am I allowed that many classes?
Alignment: Lawful Neutral with Chaotic Tendencies.
Gender: Female
Species: Human. Mostly? I think? Arguably a little phoenix in there? Maybe something else?
Age: 9 (though she looks to be in her early 20s)
Birthdate: December 20th, 1998
Height: 5'7"

Short Description: A young woman of somewhere between 20 and 25, with sharp violet eyes and bright green hair.

Violet Karrde-Donovan
Long green hair contrasts with the red in her uniform. She's wearing a jacket with a pattern on it like a red vest with white shoulders. The jacket goes all the way down to her thighs, and is held close to her waist by a black belt, which has two holsters for her blasters. There are markings on the upper arms marking her as a Lieutenant Commander. Under the jacket she wears long black pants, all the way down to end over her black boots. She seems fairly young, at the oldest in the early twenties, but more likely in her late teens, and has a relatively thin, athletic build. If forced, she'll have on her red beret, but most likely she won't have that on.
Violet Karrde-Donovan


In NeoTokyo

Way way back when, in NeoTokyo, there was a time when a certain Maniko Hurris fell in love with a certain Jack Karrde. They got married, and Maniko predictably got pregnant.

That's when everything started going wrong. Maniko was kidnapped by her former employers and longtime enemies, the Noblas, and her unborn child was stolen. As an insult, they didn't kill or even keep Maniko locked up. No, they wanted to make sure she'd be insulted, ashamed, and utterly humiliated. They took her daughter, named her simply by the color of her eyes, and raised her to be Maniko's replacement within their organization, an assassin that would be sent out to kill her own mother and father.

Of course things didn't go as planned.

Soon after her first few attempts at her parent's lives, Violet decided to hell with the Noblas, and she defected as well. Unfortunately for her, her mother soon vanished, and Jack withdrew, leaving Violet on her own. But Violet was tough! She kept up with her life, her independence, soon reconnecting with her father and joining with the NTSDF as a pilot of the Victory Gundam. She even gained captaincy of her own ship, the Nobara!

But of course, all things come to an end, and soon the very universe itself began to collapse. Thousands tried to flee the ensuing chaos, many escaping into other worlds, but to Violet, NeoTokyo was her home. She had made a decision to stay, to fight to the end to protect those fleeing. Aboard the Nobara, she continued to cover the evacuations, but in this darkest of her days, everything fell apart around her. As Nobara began to take critical damage, she was physically hurled into an escape pod, from where she watched her ship destroyed in front of her. From there, she witnessed her father's ship destroyed, hurling itself into the path of oncoming debris. Here, she quite nearly snapped. Had she remained conscious for just a few seconds longer, she would have become a different being altogether. But her escape pod fell into an unstable gate, knocking her unconscious and into another universe.

In Lethumi and MU

When she awoke, she was completely unaware of who she was, what she had done, what she could do. She found herself on the planet Avia, and soon came to the attention of Avia's prize admiral, a certain Admiral Maniko Hurris. In House Hurris, the second Noble House of Avia, it is common for someone to be adopted into the family by a prominent member. Admiral Hurris used this tradition to adopt the still confused Violet into the house, and after some brief testing, placed her in the bridge crew of the Dragonship Eagle Flare. Arguably the second most powerful ship in the Second Avian Fleet, the Eagle Flare had long suffered from an inability to connect with any captain, as a Dragonship has, at its core, a Dragonseed whose full potential can only be unlocked if it properly bonds with its captain. As Violet was being given her tour of Eagle Flare, her hand brushed against the console on the captain's chair that was meant to connect the captain to the Dragonseed while on the bridge. The entire ship reacted, the seed having made its connection to Violet. Her place in the fleet, and indeed as captain of Eagle Flare was set.

While this lasted two years, of course it couldn't stay that way. She one day simply woke up in a pile of ruins, lost and confused until she was found by others. In this new city, many people seemed to know who she was, which distressed and confused her, as she still had not regained her memories. In Metropolis Universalis, she stumbled about for a bit, joining the police but that didn't last. She herself seemed to almost fade away. She would later refer the time after MU as 'nothingness,' a period where she existed, but didn't exist. This unexistance lasted until the unthinkable happened.

NeoTokyo rose again.

Back in NeoTokyo

She awoke in the captain's quarters of Nobara, but none of the rest of the crew could be found. Everything seemed to be powered down. It took her days to finally figure out how to get down to the surface. Her mind was cloudy, her memories poor... but now she did remember. She remembered her life, her father, NeoTokyo itself. But everything was foggy, cloudy, nothing of her memory was clear. And as she attempted to return to he ship, it became clear that Nobara was nowhere to be found. No contact with the NTSDF Fleet was ever made, and only fleeting glimpses of her ever appeared on sensors. It was as if she were a ghost ship, staying only long enough to make sure Violet was able to return to NeoTokyo.

For a while she was stuck doing paperwork for the NTSDF, but soon she was assigned to captain the NTSDF Phoenix. She soon gathered several individuals she considered to be valuable assets to fill out the crew, including Artanis, Miriya Genius, and her then-girlfriend, Alexa Donovan.

Violet has since married Alexa, and the two spend much of their time aboard their personal ship, the Outrider.


Yes, the Admiral Maniko Hurris that adopted her is the actual Maniko that is her mother. This also means that Rayne at Twisted MUCKis in fact Violet's half sister.

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