2019-08-30 - A New Rookie

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A New Rookie

Summary: Leon comes across the Usual Restaurant, where he manages to strike up a conversation with the Chief of Police.

Who: Leon Kennedy, Rayne, MoonShadow
When: August 30th, 2019
Where: The Usual Restaurant

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Rayne is there. At the bar. Head down with her hand clutching a drink beside her head. As usual.

As he comes in having Finally taken care of what he believes is that foul odor that has clung to him which involved yet another four hour shower and a scalp tight buzz, Leon comes into the usual almost positive he is free of it. Still till he meets Sarra again he can't be sure. Looking around the Rookie Police officer concerned for the girl with her head down slowly approaches her asking, "Miss, Are you alright?" he asks softly not wanting to startle her.

It takes a moment for Rayne to realize she's the one being addressed and she slowly lifts her head to look at the unfamiliar man, blinking blearily. "...Did I fall asleep at the Usual again? Damnit, I need to lighten my workload somehow."

As he looks at her and smiles softly. "Ah yeah Work, I can understand how THAT can cause you to just collapse." Once Leon was scrubbed clean that's what he did after his arrival.

Rayne grumbles and nods, then looks at the drink in her hand. She's not been out too long. There's still ice in her tea. Well, not for long as she downs the remains quickly. "You have no idea," she monotones, then sighs and nearly drops her head to the bar again.

Leon smiles and says, "Well after the first day on the Job for me, I think any other day would be relaxing. Leon Kennedy." he says offering his hand in greeting. He does have his Raccoon City Police badge on his belt, more out of a desire to have a memento of surviving that hell.

Rayne looks back to Leon with just a tired look. "Rayne Hurris," she says, and eyes the badge on the man's belt. Not one she recognizes. Not that she's capable of recognizing that many police badges other than MCPD's. "First day on a job? You must be new around here, I'm guessing. You get used to the strangeness of the place."

Leon S. Kennedy says, "Yeah was suppose to start my job on the Raccoon Police Force a week or so ago, Got a call to stay away, after a week of no contact I headed into down find out it's infested with zombies and other horrors." he says "After escaping ended up here.""

Leon S. Kennedy says, "Not how I imagined my first day ending up."

Rayne asks, "Run into any zombies and other horrors yet here? Though keep in mind, some of the 'horrors' here are just people. I used to work with a sentient cuttlefish." There's a glance away and a sad look before she shakes her head perhaps a bit too violently, then says, "Ah, so you're even newer than I thought, then."

Leon S. Kennedy think, "Yes a Doctor Johann took me to the hospital to get a decontamination shower, clean clothes and shower. Prior to that I met a... talking Cyan Pegasus about the size of a Pony. And at the hospital I met a few other...What is the proper term here for non humans?" he says not wanting to sound racist at all.

Rayne raises an eyebrow. "There's not an official term. You refer to them what they are. Or at least in an understandable manner... I mean, I could have called Ren a Fsst, but you'd not have a clue what I meant so I said cuttlefish."

Leon S. Kennedy nods as he offers a smile and says, "Yes I can understand that. I have a lot of learning to do it seems. I was hoping to eventually Join the Local Police department. At least until I get back to my own dimension to take Umbrella down." he says. "They created the Virus that turned the City into Zombies."

Rayne raises an eyebrow at the mention of joining the police department, then reaches into a pocket sown into her tunic. She pulls out what looks very much to be a police badge. If Leon has seen a local police badge yet, this one stands out as the eagle at the top is red instead of just being the same as the rest of the badge. But even if he's not seen one, something might still stand out on the badge to him. The number on the badge: 1. "Okay, you've gotten my attention. Hopefully it's not bad attention."

As he watches her pull out the Badge he thinks and says. "Well while I am not a professional Hacker I was able to Extract from the Umbrella Facility several hard drives with hard data and proof of the Viral weapons that Umbrella was creating, Including partial formulas for the Tyrant and Golgotha Virus, but not the full creation. It also contains the Vaccines for Both the T and G viruses. I also managed to survive as well."

Rayne groans and facepalms. "Another hero type," she mumbles. The hardest to keep under control. Why can't anyone show up that was just a beat cop? "Well, if I was looking for a spy that would be great. How well trained are you in handling domestic disputes and noise complaints?" she asks as she puts her badge away again.

Stepping into the usual is a woman in her mid thirties, three large gray wolves following behind her.

Leon S. Kennedy says, "Hey I didn't show up there looking to be a hero, I thought it was just a phone line outage. I didn't expect to be thrust into a life or death survival situation. I was trained as per standard police procedures, including on Domestic and Noise issues. I scored relatively high. I was going to be a patrol officer."

Leon S. Kennedy goes into detail of his training which seems pretty standard study of state laws, criminal investigations, patrol procedures, firearms training, traffic control, defensive driving, self-defense, first aid and computer skills.

Rayne lets out a mild sigh of relief. "Well, that's sounding a lot better than the last kid that tried to interview for a job as a regular cop." No, she's not going to get into that. The guy that went for a detective job was a lot better. Also, she looks like she's in her late teens and she called someone she interviewed a kid? "I'm going to set you up for an interview with Captain Mike Cosgrove. He's the most veteran beat cop I've got on the force, so he'll sniff you out for how accurate everything you just said was, but it's sounding right to me."

Leon S. Kennedy nods and will offer Rayne a card with his contact information handwritten on it. "Here." He doesn't offer an explanation and says. "Thank you. Hope I can pass his inspection." he says and will then turn to Sarra and smile, "Hello Sarra." he offers.

Sarra_Moon waves to Leon as she walks over to were the two sit"How are you?" she asks as her three wolves lay at her feet.

Rayne glances back to Sarra, then takes another swig of her not-so-iced tea. She eyes the glass, swirls it, then flags down Steve to get her a refill. She's stopped trying to get to know everyone that comes to Twisted over the past few years, by now a bit jaded.

Leon S. Kennedy says, "Better hopefully I finally got rid of the smell on me." he mentions Sarra knows he was slogging around in the Sewers from her nose. Which is why he has a Buzz cut to the scalp it seems. "Hopefully will have a Job in a few weeks."

Sarra_Moon smiles "You do smell better now" She says as she takes a seat.

Leon S. Kennedy nods and sighs as he will relax and once more order some food now that he knows for a fact he is genuinely clean he'll order a meal once more, Steak, eggs, hash Browns, toast and a whiskey sour. Light on the Whiskey.

Rayne looks back with a raised eyebrow at the mention of the bad smells. "...Do I even want to know what's up with the smell you had?"

Leon S. Kennedy says, "Not unless you wanna Risk loosing your lunch."

Rayne pauses a moment, then looks away again and says, "Yeah, I'm not that curious," before she takes a long drink from her now refreshed iced tea.

Leon S. Kennedy doesn't want to remember it himself as he knows what he does smell is psychosomatic. But he will finally look to the three wolves asking, "So Do they have names?" he asks of the wolves.

Sarra_Moon shakes her head, it was pretty bad, but my nose is more sensitive then a humans so..."

Sarra_Moon says, " softpaws, swiftrunner and ghost" she smiles

Leon S. Kennedy nods as he offers a smile, "They are beautiful." he says he has only ever seen wolves in the Zoo or photos or videos but he does enjoy wildlife. And as his food comes he asks, "Anything you want to talk about Ms. Hurris" he asks of Rayne not having caught her last name he doesn't think.

Rayne glances back. "Huh? Oh... not really. Nothing in particular. I've already had enough work talk considering I'm off duty." She's apparently the Chief, as she sounded like she's in charge from the way she was talking, but apparently she's not fond of taking her work home at the end of the day. She's a pretty aloof sort the past year or so, but the new guy is attempting to be friendly. So she decides to try to be friendly as well, and finally she seems to actually make note of Sarra's presence. "Uh, hello there. Rayne Hurris."

Sarra_Moon offers her hand "Sarra Moon, its a pleasure" she says as she pets a wolf with the other hand

Being Social is important, being friendly can help disarm tense situations. Right now Leon is not too sure of what to talk about but does ask, "So how hard is it here to get residence, I been mostly living out of the Homeless shelter, But that needs to change soon."

Rayne glances down a the wolf, but doesn't seem particularly enamored with the fluffer. No, she's a cat lady. "Well, there's always Integra Arms. I'm pretty sure they're collecting data somehow on their residences, but... it's free like the Usual, and you're able to customize your apartment in some weird extradimensional manner?"

Leon S. Kennedy says, "Like a Strong 6 foot high three foot by three foot heavy Gunsafe?"

Rayne blinks and tilts her head. "...You want to live in a six foot high three foot by three foot gunsafe?"

Leon S. Kennedy says, "No When I showed up I had a bunch of weapons I would like to keep them safe and secure."

Sarra_Moon looks over at leon "What weapons do you have?"

Rayne says, "OH. Well. They only provide basic furniture. It's the space and environment that they provide. Granted, I didn't request a gunsafe, but it sounds like the extra kind of thing they don't do."

"Right now, My matilda." Motioning tot he handgun on his hip, "12 gauge, Desert eagle. which is what I carry with me. But I had with me on the train. While they have no ammo, A couple .45 APC Submachine guns. One single shot 88MM anti tank launcher. Several small handguns, A chemical Flamethrower, m79 grenande Launcher, and a 400 round .308 minigun...."

Rayne sighs and puts a hand to her forehead as she closes her eyes. "...How did you carry all that?"

Leon S. Kennedy says, "a Pair of Duffle bags. And most of that was on the Train engine had an area that was outfitting with an armory."

Sarra_Moon says, "Tring to supply an arm?"she laughs as she pets a wolf"

Leon S. Kennedy says, "No But after what I went through I do wanna keep them safe."

Rayne looks at Leon a bit tiredly, then shakes her head. "Well, I suppose. At least there's not likely to be ammo for them there at... wherever you left them." Leon S. Kennedy says, "yeah I have them Safe for now But no they were depleted of most ammo when we found them. And what was left we really needed."

Sarra_Moon nods and turns to Rayne "So were might i find work here?"

Rayne shrugs to Sarra. "Well, it depends on what you're looking to do. Though the Welcome Center can help you find something."

Leon S. Kennedy getting his food Leon will start eating.

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