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Full Name: MoonShadow

Series: Whightwolf, World of Darkness
Class: Lupas, Theurge, Silent Strider

Species: Garou
Height: Varies
Weight: Varies

Short Description: An Atric Wolf

You see a young human, standing at five and a half feet, maybe in her mid thirties. She has light brown skin and her eyes are a bright yellow. Her snow-white hair is long, kept loose, and well combed, traveling down past her shoulder blades. There are two, wolf-like ears, sticking out of her hair, covered in snow white fur. Her build is thin and lithe, with modest sized breast. For her outfit, she wears a tee-shirt and a pair of jeans, worn loose. On the tee-shirt, there is a picture of a white wolf, its bright yellow eyes staring out at you as it stands regal on a snowy ledge. On the back is a set of three gray wolves, standing close together in a snowy landscape. On her feet are a pair of hiking boots, light-brown in color, with laces all the way up the ankle. Sticking out of the back of her jeans is a long, fluffy, wolf-like tail, covered in snow white fur. Dangling from her neck is a silver medallion, round with a an emerald embedded in the center.

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Sarra was born in the wilds of Alaska to a wolf pack. She spent the first year of her life as a wolf, though she seemed to be smarter and stronger than others of her pack. Then one day that all changed when she did, taking on cronos form when a group of hunters came to harm her pack, she drove them off. This began her life as a mighty Garou.

After that she was found by a member of the silent striders tribe, her father. Who showed her Garou society, taught her about aspects and gifts and showed her the ropes. This took place for about three years until she found a pack of her own, made of several different tribes and tasked with joining a group of several different kinds of mythical creatures, Vampires, mages, the fey to deal with a group of pentex, a behind the scenes organization, pulling the strings of many governments.

During this mission there were many things she had to learn, the group trying to infiltrate the organization she had to learn to be human, she even learned how to fire a gun, drive, use computers. Gaining falsified documents that would allow her to even pass background checks.


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