2019-09-04 - He Works in Construction

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He Works in Construction

Summary: An Itinerant Construction Worker visits the UR and finds out a bit more about the world he finds himself in.

Who: Pops, Jack Hawksmoor, Leon Kennedy, MoonShadow
When: September 4, 2019.
Where: The Usual Restaurant.

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Jack Hawksmoor nods. "Yeah. And I tend to be something humans don't understand," he says, wryly but thoughtfully."

Leon S. Kennedy nods as he will finally sit down and relax now as he will offer. "I think I may need to cut down on the whiskey... Or find something that doesn't give me a hang over before I need to prep for work." he says.

Sarra_Moon smiles "That might cause a proble, yes." she giggles

Leon S. Kennedy nods as he says, "For now it's just to make sure I can get to sleep and not deal with the Nightmares of Raccoon City.

The door to the UR swings open and a large man with gray hair steps through the doors and stops just inside of them. Pops sweeps the room with his gaze, his eyes drifting through the venue, focusing on each patron in turn as if scanning them with his eyes. After a few moments he shifts his body to the right and moves over to a side table to settle down, sliding heavily into the seat with his large, weathered hands resting on the table.

Jack Hawksmoor hrms. "Sounds like you need a therapist," he says, wryly. "Of course, finding a therapist for shit like we deal with..."

The three wolves at the bar all look tords pops as he enters, sarra turns to watch him for a moment, her wolf-like ears twitching as she watches

Leon S. Kennedy looking over to the Older gentleman he does his own approach, smooth fluid about him but when all four wolves (sarra included) it catches Leon's attention as he knows enough to know something is up as he will smiles to the older gentleman. "Hello how are you today sir?" he says

Pops shifts his eyes towards the dogs, then towards Sarra. The man's blue eyes only alight on her for a moment or two before they shift towards Jack Hawksmoor. He watches Jack for a few long moments, as if seeming to be trying to make sense of something about the other man. Leon's voice pulls him out of whatever he was doing, however. He turns his attention to Leon and smiles in a wide, toothy, and almost unnaturally large grin. "I'm fine. Thank you."

Jack Hawksmoor turns towards Pops. He knows that glance, it's the look of somebody who's spotted something odd about him. Usually, it's the feet, bare as they are. Or perhaps the lack of a drink when the guy next to him has whiskey.

Leon S. Kennedy the Grin of course will make Leon will catch him a bit off guard as he knows something is wrong. He had planned on getting some practice in on the Gym, but he asks, "So A new arrival to the World of Twisted and City of Mabase?"

"Itinerant Construction Worker." Pops explains in reply to Leon's question, "I go where the work is." He turns his head out towards the street, "A train was derailed a few days ago. They were hiring to help fix the street."

"Should have been there faster, could have saved you the trouble," Jack says, quietly. He's watching Pops with something akin to suspicion. That wasn't the look of a construction worker.

Leon S. Kennedy nods, "Yeah I was on the train when it arrived." he doesn't want to recall it but he says "Well hopefully it was safe to handle."

"The work order did not come in until the train was seized." Pops explains matter-of-factly to Jack before he focuses his attention sharply on Leon, "Tell me. What is the Umbrella Corporation?"

Leon say, "Pharmisutical corperation in my world. They developed a Virus that reanimate people's into Zombies, Among other horrors." he explains. "Sorta like a form of Rabies that cuases necrosis of the skin, destroys higher brain functions and leaves the individual more or less with an all consuming desire for food, any anything human or other wise."

Jack Hawksmoor shrugs. "And if I hadn't been busy, then I'd have been over there before." But he was. He can't be everywhere. He listens to Leon. "I still think..."

Pops listens patiently to Leon's explanation, seeming to be, well, processing it. "What is the infection vector of the virus?"

Leon S. Kennedy Listens as he says, "Water transmission, or being bitten. Thankfully it seems I was one of the rare few naturally immune to it." he says. "That is most likely why Tricell took the Train engine."

Jack Hawksmoor ahs. "So, the way to infect a city is to get it into the water supply." He is going to have to have a word with, well. The asshole. Ah well.

"Waterborne Infection Vectors were the bane of many cities for centuries." Pops states, looking at Leon after a moment of pause, "You should have a Doctor take samples of your blood for analysis and creation of possible antibodies."

Leon S. Kennedy says, "Well it was a botched raid on the Umbrella Facility. Burkin the creator of the more powerful G-Virus was trying to sell his creation and the T-virus to the us military. Umbrella sent in a team to retrieve it. Burkin was shot, but still had a sample of the G-Virus and injected himself with it. Resulting in an out of control run away mutation. Damn near impossible to kill.""nods. "Already been done, If it's ever needed I will again." he says."

Leon S. Kennedy says, "I also extracted data from the facility on the vaccine and got that to them as well.""

Pops pauses for a moment, leaning back in his seat slightly as he continues to listen. He tilts his head slightly to one side in an almost mechanical motion as Leon suggests that this runaway mutation was 'Damn Near Impossible to Kill.' "If it bleeds we can kill it."

Jack Hawksmoor nods. "Always hard to protect the water supply," he muses. "But not impossible, especially with a heads up." He studies Pops for a moment. Wryly, "Construction worker." Yeah. He doesn't buy it.

Leon S. Kennedy doesn't buy it either as he says, "8 12 gauge rounds. 14 .50 Action express, 400 .308 minigunn rounds, and two anti tank rockets didn't stop the final form. Took Uncoupling the Train cars and letting the explosion from the Umbrella Facility to incinerate the train to kill it." and then as he thinks on it... "I hope."

Pops says, "Then you were unable to confirm the termination of the target?"

For a moment, Hawksmoor frowns. His brow furrows. He closes his eyes. When he opens them, they flare *red*, but he doesn't speak. Not right away. He also stops petting the wolf.

Leon S. Kennedy nods, "No, as the Engine car I was on with two others sped away from the inferno It ended up ejected here. So I have no idea if the thing survived."

Pops says, "What was the level of virulence of the G-Virus? Are you certain the train you escaped on was uninfected?"

Leon S. Kennedy says, "We managed to unhitch the engine car before the creature reached it, as for the G-virus... I didn't get all that but apparently it could implant embryo's into other creatures that would most likely be regected and burst through the target killing them..." he says and asks, "I managed to extract some hard drives from their labratory and at least one black box fromt he train asn umbrella used it to transport their BOWS and other reseach. I been meaning to try and get with this Tricell so far none of my calls have been returned.""

Jack Hawksmoor blinks again. His eyes return to normal. "I am fairly sure there is nothing like the mutant here, but if you will excuse me, I'm going to go make sure." He glances at Leon. "Don't worry. It won't infect me." He sounds very confident of that as he hops off his stool and heads for the door.

Leon S. Kennedy thinks, "I been over the area myself several times, no trace of it is there." he says.

Pops lays one hand on the top of the table, straightening himself up before casting a gaze towards Leon, "Where are the hard drives and the black box you collected from the train?" He starts to stand up, "I require all the data available." He starts to walk towards the door, stopping in mid-step and looking back towards Leon over his shoulder. "Now." Then he goes quiet as if considering the situation or having an internal monologue with someone before adding. "...Please." And once again putting on that large, weirdly creepy smile.

Jack Hawksmoor turns back to Leon. "Ah, but you can't ask the railroad tracks where it went." To Pops. "We need to talk at some point." Yeah, he's reaaal curious about that guy. Then he finally does leave. And Pops is probably the only one who will know that he steps outside, goes around the corner, and literally sinks into the ground and vanishes.

As Leon looks to him he knows and says, "Right now Classified. But they are protected." he says. "I would be a fool to just hand out that information to just anyone. Why do you want it? You are no construction worker I can tell." he says and he moves his hand closer to his weapon. It's not his .9mm it's his desert eagle.

Pops doesn't seem to react to Leon reaching for his weapon beyond a slight shifting of his eyes towards the gun. "Your information is incorrect. I currently work in construction. The information on those hard drives and the black box is necessary to create a proper countermeasure to these mutated creatures. They and the viruses are a threat I have no data on currently." He reaches for the door, "If it is currently classified, I will have to find it another way." He turns his head back towards Leon and Sarra and offers another large grin, "Nice to meet you. Have a nice day." And he steps out of the UR in a single stride, quickly moving down the street.

Leon S. Kennedy says, "and That will happen." he tell the construction worker."

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