Kotal Kahn

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Kotal Kahn
Full Name: Kotal Kahn

Series: Mortal Kombat
Class: Emperor
Threat Level: Planet Breaker
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Gender: Male
Species: Osh'Tekk
Age: 624?
Birthdate: January 19
Height: 6'10
Weight: 230 pounds

Short Description: An imposing turquoise skinned man dressed in Aztec Eagle Knight regalia.

Kotal Kahn
A statuesque turquoise skinned man with glowing yellow eyes and equally glowing golden lines going across his body. He is dressed in a manner very similar to that of Aztec Eagle Knights, though it seems his gear is made out of metal. Strapped to his back is a gigantic Macuahuitl serrated blade and dangling on his belt is a large ceremonial knife. Despite his regal like attire and composure, he seems to favor simplicity and wears little more than sandals to cover his feet.
Kotal Kahn
Kotal's first and foremost abilities are martial arts.

He practices a blend of Chinese Long Fist and Aztec Yaomichita fighting styles. When in KOMBAT he relies on punishing long range strikes that are meant to overwhelm his opponents, specializing in closing the distance quickly and brutally. He seemingly glides when fighting, one moment being way outside range and then the next being inside his opponent's guard. Thanks to his Aztec fighting techniques he also has a dedicated set of take downs, knowing how to keep his opponent off balance when he's in close quarters, sweeping their feet, parrying their blows by redirecting their kinetic energy, or destroying their center of gravity with grapples. Kotal Kahn also possesses a legendary made Macuahuitl razor blade which he utilizes with great skill. It is powered by his very own chi and is thus not only just as durable as he is but he is also capable of calling it back to his hands with a gesture.

Outside KOMBAT, Kotal Kahn is a superb leader and diplomat who is very concerned about the well fare of people around him in general. Although his main concern is for him and others to grow stronger, he knows that strength is not only raw power or skill, but ability as well. He encourages others to sharpen whatever skills they may have and is more than glad to assist in how they better themselves, offering gentle counsel, advice, a strong arm when needed, or even a sparring partner.

Being a Demi-Deity, Kotal Kahn is abnormally strong, durable and fast, well beyond the peak of a normal human. Although possessing great strength, he relies on martial skill rather than naturally built muscle; meaning that while he can't lift an entire building over his head, he can very well punch one down.

Kotal has gathered much knowledge over the centuries, mostly concerning martial arts and how to best eviscerate his foes. However, he is also an Emperor and thus knows a wealth of political strategies, history, arts, architecture, military strategy and diplomacy. He knows how to run a city and defend it, all other skills he has gathered are simple side effects of his need to govern.

A practitioner of magic by necessity, Kotal is naturally capable of bending sunlight to his will, able to use it to harm or heal as he prefers. When he faced with even greater foes, he was then forced to take on Blood Magick to stand against the horrors of Outworld and the defenders of Earthrealm. He can slice his own flesh to greatly empower his already devastating attacks through a blood sacrifice and he is able of summoning different magical totems from the ground, strengthening himself and his allies.

Character Theme: Clash of Nahual
        --Medieval II: Total War OST

Fight Theme: Jinsei Chamber - Round 1 - Extended Version
        --Mortal Kombat X OST
Deity Mode: W.A.R
Mortal Mode: Gimme Tha' Power

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Kotal's story begins in his own realm before Shao Kahn's invasion. Heir to the crown of the Osh'Tekk civilization, his original name was Ko'atal and he was groomed from very early to become the leader that his parents, and his people, needed him to be. A strong warrior ruler who would not only tolerate no weakness in his people, but would also bring them closer to the sun.

The Osh'Tekk were an intriguing race of humanoids that drew their power directly from the sun, growing stronger by day but becoming very lethargic at night or on cloudy weather. Theirs was a warrior society that waged war on their neighbors constantly, not for need, but for sport. It was a way to cull the weak from the society and to ensure that only the strong made it into the next generation. A brutal exercise of dominance, thought it seemed that everything else worked as the Osh'Tekk enjoyed great power and prosperity. While the Osh'Tekk society wasn't exactly repressing, their people were sticklers for tradition, and so very few complained of their strangely war like practices.

Unfortunately for them, their toy warfare did not help against the forces of Shao Kahn. Trained to fight as a group instead of individuals, the Osh'Tekk empire lost 10 consecutive Mortal Kombat tournaments which branded them ripe for invasion. In a desperate attempt for survival, Ko'atal's parents threw him into a portal that led to Earthrealm, or what we know as Earth.

He wandered the Earth for many years struggling to survive until he ran across a people not unlike his own. They lived off the land and practiced a very intriguing way of life in which they sold themselves as mercenaries to other cultures. It looked like these people knew nothing but warfare and it was thus their main means of survival.

These people were called the Aztecs.

Ko'atal was impressed, and being a formidable warrior himself quickly integrated into their culture. Not only that, Ko'atal's powers were down right supernatural to normal humans, as he possessed superhuman strength, speed, endurance and the impressive ability to call down rays of sun from the sky to scorch his enemies or heal his allies. The Aztecs started to revere him as their very own God of War, giving him a new name; Huitzilopotchli.

Other people in Mesoamerica also began to know of him as the God of War, dubbing him Buluc and Inti.

The Aztecs flourished under the rule of their own personal God King and rose to dominate a great chunk of Mesoamerica. However, as their empire expanded and was at its very peak, invaders from across the sea attacked with strange and never before seen weapons.

Bristling with anger at the thought of another invasion that reminded him of his homeland, Ko'atal rose to the challenge to meet these invaders head on. It was just as he feared, for his adopted people faced an invasion not unlike the Osh'Tekk civilization endured at the hands of Shao Kahn. The invaders were called the Spanish and their goal was to ransack all of the Aztecs treasures and livelihood.

They would not do so under Ko'atal's watch. He obliterated the Spanish forces, burned their ships with rays of sun and laid waste to their armies and their mercenaries by leading his Aztec forces against them. Such was Ko'atal's drive to extinguish every fiber of the invasion that he taught his Aztecs an Osh'Tekk practice. Tear the hearts of their enemies and eat them, thus having a devastating psychological effect on their enemies.

It worked -at first- the initial Spanish force was repelled and they would not dare attack them again due to the sheer brutality of the Aztecs. However, Ko'atal had not foreseen that eating the hearts of his enemies would have an adverse effect on his people. Being an essential demi-deity, Ko'atal was naturally resistant to all kinds of diseases, but his people were not, and quickly fell prey to the small pox carried by the invaders. Ko'atal saw /entire/ cities of his empire fall completely dead with the plague. Unable to overcome his grief, he renounced his role as a God, claiming that he had failed to protect his people.

Some time after that, a portal opened to pull Ko'atal back into the midst of the Osh'Tekk empire which had now been assimilated into Outworld. His father had taught him a very important lesson, that when dealing with enemies he must not allow even the smallest speck of them to survive. Or even the most miniscule things, like diseases, will come back to kill him.

Ko'atal took this lesson to heart when Shao Kahn was defeated many years later in an attempt to conquer Earthrealm. Ko'atal rose to take his place and took on the name of Kotal Kahn, swearing to wipe out all memories of Shao Kahn, eliminate his heirs and all his supporters in order to become the new leader of Outworld. There, the empires of Osh'Tekk and Aztec both, will be reborn!


Kotal Kahn will answer to the names of; Huitzilopotchli, Buluc or Inti.

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