2015-07-26 (PostU) A Change in Focus

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A Change in Focus

Summary: Kotal Kahn and Tabitha finally decide they've had enough of Caliga.

Who: Caliga, Kotal Kahn, Tabitha
When: July 26th, 2015
Where: Old Shack In The Mountains(#2491R)

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Old Shack In The Mountains(#2491R)
The path in the mountains opens into a very small clearing, at the back of it rests a shoddy old cabin in definite disrepair. It's hard to tell if anyone lives there, though the door does hang in its proper place, and wouldn't open with just a touch. Oddly, the clouds about this area are continual, an ever overshadowing grey mass hovers in the sky despite the weather in other parts of the kingdom.

The girl listens to the two of them go on, her hands balled into fists. It's like her entire being wants to call bullshit on Caliga's story but she can't figure out why. Something doesn't add up. Is it the other voice's influence slumbering inside her? Is it some kind of taint placed there by Diablo? Tabitha looks away from the two men as she considers this. Senior Diablo's hands seem to be in everything, sometimes literally. Everything about him was placed there in her mind and an entire history was written for her. But why? To seal away a monster? If her whole past was gone, doesn't that make her the monster that was sealed? The Devil told her to carry the dagger... How does that fit into this?

Reaching to her side the Nekojin draws the dagger, looking over its blade carefully once more. If the dagger lets her draw that power faster, why is it important that she learn to draw from that power without it? "What's so important about how long this takes?" She tilts her head to the side, playing over bits of the conversation in her head, not realizing she just spoke aloud. What was it Caliga had said? Something about Christabella would have been released anyways?

Pointing the tip of the blade at the man in question, her eyes narrow. "Caliga? Why is it so important that we're here and not in Twisted? Why are you so focused in teaching me something I already know how ta do?"

"Spare me your sarcastic comments, Caliga." Kotal gives a dismissive wave of his hand as the man rolls his eyes at him. "I remain unconvinced that this girl -your so called savior of Twisted- will have the responsibility to wield her powers adequately."

"What guarantee do I have that once she knows how to control her powers she will use them for good? All I know of her is of her erratic behavior, her impulsiveness, and her penchant to make very wrong calls of judgment."

"For all I know, she might very well use her newfound abilities to take her revenge on Diablo and yourself for abusing her constantly." And there Kotal's golden glowing eyes flash with recognition. "An act that would be well justified considering the injustices that have been taken upon this girl. Though I do not trust her, I can understand why she would lash out against a society that has done nothing but abuse her since her creation. Her hatred for Diablo is understandable, as is her hatred for you."

"Time and time again you've sworn to me that you act for Twisted's benefit, Caliga. And yet all of your actions have been self serving. You gave me your memories so I could shoulder your responsibilities and be free to plan your revenge on Diablo. Now you wish for me to teach Tabitha to control her chi because you fear she might kill you?"

Kotal grunts whilst Tabitha voices her own concerns about this. "Tabitha brings up good points. I tire of you withholding information, Caliga. Speak plainly or be held in contempt."

Ah, now Tabitha starts asking questions that make it more difficult for Caliga to truly answer. "What's so important about how long it takes Tabitha is I don't want to risk you endangering yourself on some fools errand because you feel like you need to clean up the mess you made. You proved in Hell you have no control still. Right now, as you are, you cannot be on Twisted. Its up to you if you wish to believe me or not. If you wish to leave, use your dagger. Go. However my warning stands."

Narrowing his eyes as the paper seals on the tsuba of his katana burst into blue flames, Caliga's left hand reaches up to grab the hilt. "You will be destroyed Tabitha Li Bogard, because you will not be a saviour, but you will bring doom and calamity because you will lose yourself again. I do not want that to happen. I do not want the Beast taking control of you again. Learning how to control your own ki will sever just one of those bonds you have with it, and in a case like this? One is more then enough."

The hand is removed from the hilt, and eventually lowered to his side. His voice lowers, as it grows rather serious. "Once upon a time, there was a kingdom. This kingdom was quite powerful. The wonders they created, the powers they had. It was marvelous. This was all something they had the ability to do themselves. They didn't /need/ to draw from something. They had the ability to shape and forge the energy of the world around them on their own."

Lowering his gaze down, Caliga shakes his head. "However, they grew greedy, and learned of a creature they could draw power from instead, feasting on it, growing complacent. Then they turned on eachother. They abused the power they discovered, allowing it to fully corrupt and control them.. Until the abuse grew to be too much. The creature awoke, and wiped them out. No stories were left to exist of them, the horrors they had done because of the corruption they sustained. They were vile, and deserved every last bit of pain they endured in those final moments."

Raising his head, a look of anger now rests upon the man's face. "You, Tabitha, are tapping into the powers of an entity like this, one that if it ever fully awakened, will destroy everything. All lives on Twisted will cease to be. Every world that is connected will be destroyed. Unless you learn to use your own power? This will be your fate."

Tabitha shakes her head slowly, that dagger still held. "And THIS is what I'm talkin' about. Right now there's monsters runnin' around on Twisted. Kotal here said when he got here that they're forcing people to hide in their homes. But instead o' going and trying to stop them - you're too busy standing here telling me old stories ta get me to relate ta why we should just stand here an' let these people die." The dagger begins to emit black smoke as her body begins to change into its shadowed form again. "I get that I screwed up, an' I'm sorry... But we've been here TWO fucking weeks an' instead of helping people, ya go an' bring another person here ta have this little pow-wow while Christabella runs free." She spins the dagger around to clutch it's hilt, pointing the blade downwards. "An' from what I've seen from this stupid thing," She takes off the scouter and throws it on the ground, "He's a lot more powerful than you are. Quit wasting our time, quit STALLING, and get us back ta Twisted so we can put a stop ta this mess - and then IF you prove ta actually be more than Diablo's lapdog, I MIGHT consider lettin' ya try this trainin' crap on me again."

Kicking herself off the ground again, the nekojin looks at Kotal Kahn with a raised brow. "You in?"

Not exactly what Kotal meant by telling Caliga to speak plainly. Alas, Kotal has pretty much given up on ever trying to get a straight answer from Caliga, and he simply shakes his head.

Fortunately for everyone involved, what actually keeps the Aztec from simply saying to Hell with all this nonsense and trying to leave back for Twisted by himself, is rather ironically, Tabitha's enthusiasm.

Kotal isn't sure if he really trusts Caliga, even after the two have shared so much -- not even knowing all of Caliga's memories makes Kotal fully place his trust in the energy made man, if anything, it gives him more a reason to be wary of Caliga and his unpredictable nature.

But not Tabitha. The catgirl is mercurial, sure, she also sorta caused Hell itself to be unleashed on Twisted. That was her bad. But one thing she does have over Caliga is that she is very honest about herself. Kotal agrees with her at least, that they gain nothing by standing here idly by whilst the people of Twisted suffer.

"As if I had a choice." The Warrior God chuckles when Tabitha questions if he's willing to join in their plight.

"Twisted is under the protection of Huitzilopotchli now. As long as I draw breath, I shall see that nothing hurts my new adopted people."

"...Stronger then me?" Caliga blinks at this statement, and turns to look at Kotal Kahn. It seems she's made her choice already, and while he could force the issue, and show just where he truly stands in strength..

"This will be the only time I offer you a second chance at rethinking your choice, Tabitha. I don't believe you are ready.. however.." He slowly walks towards the girl and stops.

"Huitzilopotchli.. You are to keep an eye out for this child, if, for any reason the Beast awakens, you are to combat it until it returns to its slumber, and you are to /protect/ this girl. You will not pass judgement, nor shall you attempt to imprison her. If she is not within your watch, then you shall not be held to this. If she is, and I discover you have failed in this.."

Slowly the air around Caliga becomes cold and thin, as if he were drawing in every last bit of energy in the immediate area around him, causing the ground to grow cold and brittle. "I will come for you, and the match that we had will be nothing like you have ever endured."

Caliga's right hand rises upwards, quickly grasping the hilt of the katana, only to deftly yank it from the sheath and slice the air before him. A tear remains, leading straight back to the street. "Leave."

Turning around, Caliga moves to the shack, gently poking at the door only to cause what appears to be a wall of glass to shatter before him. The door is opened, and once he steps inside, it is deftly shut.

Tabitha glares angrily again. "Rethinkin' my choice? How about rethinking that comment about Christabella being freed anyways!" She doesn't care that the door has been closed already, she continues to scream at it until she feels she's done. "You don't CARE about Twisted!! How could you?? Fuck, ya don't even care about ME or you'd get off your fuckin' ass an' 'watch' me yourself!" She gestures at Kotal Kahn in disbelief. "He's NOT my bodyguard an' he WON'T be held responsible for my actions! Just because you're some fancy ex-councilman an' Diablo's butt-buddy you think you can just breeze in and do whatever?! YOU'LL HAVE TO FACE YOUR OWN JUDGEMENT, YA JACKASS!! ONE DAY IT WILL COME, and I HOPE ya fuckin' burn for it!" Without waiting for anyone to say anything she turns and walks off through the shimmering portal. She doesn't question her new found confidence, but she's going to see that she does something about the situation she's caused since apparently no one but Kotal Kahn seems to care.

Kotal Kahn wasn't intending to say anything about Tabitha's comment about him being stronger than Caliga, at least until the other indignantly brought it up.

Now its the Aztec deity that rolls his incandescent glowing eyes as Caliga feels the need to posture at him yet again. Kotal frowns once Caliga finishes and scowls.

"Never think you can order me around, Caliga."

"I shall protect Tabitha because she is a citizen of Twisted, and thus she falls upon my jurisdiction. Not because you command it."

He shakes his head again and looks straight back at Caliga, staring daggers at him. "Come at me whenever you want, your pathetic posturing strikes no fear in me."

Ah, but finally the portal opens and as the catgirl turns to leave, the Eagle Knight catches up to her in a single step. Kotal has a very odd way of moving around, it almost looks like he's gliding on the floor rather than walking, making him move a lot faster than one would think a tall bulky guy like him would do.

He grasps her by the shoulder with a heavy hand before she wanders off. "Come, Tabitha. I think it best you stay with us at the Devil May Cry agency for a while. Dante has been looking for you, and there are others that you must meet."

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