2007-06-07 (PreU) There be new changes in the wind

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There be new changes in the wind.


Who: devi, momo, oblivion
When: June 7th, 2007
Where: Peaceful_Glade_Cemetary


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Cemetary - Path to Redemption

As you move along the path between the cathedral and the cemetary gates you notice that the grave stones here are much older than the majority of the others. Some are cracked and in very bad states of ill repair. You can almost feel the outraged souls burried here screaming for attention, but instead you move onward, least your nightmares come to life...

A thick fog covers the path to the Church, and hides the century old graves stones along with it. Fear ebbs into the very soul of most that step foot in here. But there is one that finds this atmosphere rather comfortable. Devi is found leaning against the back of one gravestone, her diary out before her, with no worry as to what the hard groudn may offer for comfort. She idly chews on the cap of her pen, trying to figure out how she's going to handle Johnny, who was returned to his pre-Abomination memorys a few hours ago. She scribbles something on the paper proped on her bent knees and reaches over to her can of Poop Cola, taking a long draw. If one were standing on the broken pathway, they wouldn't see Devi. But in Twisted, there aren't very many humans left for rules to apply to.

Theres a rustling sound, and the air grows gold. Girlish giggles can be heard echoing throughout the area, and shadows seem to take on a life of their own when outside of direct visual range....

Devi rolls her shouders as her skin crawls and raises with goosebumps. She takes another drink of her soda and focuses her vision on her pad. Her feelings however, probe outwards, reaching towards the gates, then the church, and on either side of her. If she were a cat, her ears would perk, but, alas she is not. Trying to pinpoint the actually location of her mentor, Devi grunts as she fails to find a starting point. After all, Blivy is the only one who giggles like a schoolgirl and makes it sound menecing.

The wind begins a low moan as it passes over the gravestones. There's a flick of motion off to the side, something passing from behind one gravestone to being behind another. Then again further to the side. Devi, at this point, with her abilities being what they are, can sense a strong, evil presence.

Devi hides a self satisfied grin as she feels Oblivion. The evil washes over her, bringing a tremble from the bottem of her gut and she fully flashes her 100 watt smile, still looking a little crazy. The cut on her arm throbs a bit as she glances around, wondering just were He'll pop out from. Giving in to her mind, she says, "Why do you hide all the time? I can feel you out there, You know that."

From behind one of the gravestones, a small head raises, with little hands peeking over like a demented Killroy. The small doll-like, its eyes hidden by long black hair, smiles twistedly at her, revealing a mouthful of dagger-like teeth, and the little hands have definately looks to be claws as fingernails. Seemingly blind, it still seems to be 'staring' evily at Devi, and again, that girlish giggle is heard, coming from it.

Devi blinks as her color fades, thinking only for a moment that it was Sickness, having esacped her head again. Unbenoced to any, Sickness has started ciding her from the recesses of her mind. She narrows her eyes as she relizes that it's not her demented head-mate, only Blivy. She grins wickedly back at the doll, and emptys her can, throwing it towards the Doll's head. "Havn't seen you latly, are you hiding from something?" She smirks, knowing it's not true, considering how powerful he is. A ridiculus thought, that this guy hiding in fear from something.

"Wow. She actually LIKES you!" comes Oblivions voice from behind Devi. Sure enough, he is. His grin becomes menacing "She hasn't killed you yet. Either she's learning her manners, or is getting kind in her old age. This is a good thing for what i intend...". The doll thing floats up, revealing it to be about 2.5 feet tall, and clad in an old kimono that was once likely white, but is now a faded yellow. No feet are visible. It snickers in a girlish, yet somehow menacing, manner, a slight red light visible from under the hair, where it's eyes would be.

Devi starts, and cusses, putting her hand to her head. "Dammit Oblivion, I hate it when you do that to me. What is she?" Devi gets to her knees, eying the doll, her hands planted on her thighs. "I'm not even going to ask what you intended, I'm not sure I want to know." Devi shrugs in an offhand kinda way and tilts her head at the doll again. "Anyways, my question remains unanswered. Where ya been, Oblivion?"

Oblivion smiles evily. How ELSE can one smile, one has to wonder "Oh, here, there, and upside down, then at a teaparty some nice rabbit and guy in a top-hat were holding. However, more important is why we're here now...". Theres a note of danger in that tone "In the world i come from, there are five lords of Mazoku, who work under the big badass of the day. One of those five is presently in this toilet of a dimension, but he's not a threat. Since there are no others, i've taken it upon myself to appoint myself as one of the new Mazoku Lords of this place! After all, the others aren't here to dispute it! Each of said lords, one aside, had a Priest and General that were their acting right and left hands". He points to the small doll, which is currently defacing the gravestones "Allow me to introduce my Priest. Say high, Momo!". His grin goes goofy once more, and the little doll thing sneers, and spits a razor-sharp tooth at Devi, just cause it can.

Devi falls all the way back, her legs twisting at a very odd angle as she dodges the tooth. Looking up at him, she arches an eyeborw and says,"Lemme guess. New cup, new cup?" Shaking her head she sits up, her legs remaining still, putting her in a W sitting position. "Momo hmm? Well, I'd shake her hand, but I think she'd try to bite it." Devi gives a small heartless wave, and says," Well, Momo, I'm Devi." Standing up, she tucks her writing pad away and dusts herself off. "So where are the rest of the Mazoku lords? I think I should like to meet one of your peers."

Oblivion snickers "Well, i was myself a general of one. Deep Sea Dolph. Getting destroyed in Neotokyo destroyed the connection to her rather than me. She, Xelas Beastmistress, Gaav, and Dynast are still back in the world I'm from, as far as i know. Hope they rot there, too. The most powerful of them, Hellmaster Phibrizzo, however, is here, but doesn't seem too concerned. After all, I want the same thing he wants". His grin turns nasty again "Which leads to why I'm here now...."

Devi raises her eyebrows, "Hellmaster? Yeah." She rolls her eyes because to her, that's overly corny. But she's not going to question it too much. At any rate, she crosses her arms and rests against a gravestone, crossing her ankles, motioning for Oblivion to continue with his explanation. Oblivion asks, "I have a priest. I don't have a General". His eyes pulse with evil red light "Want the job?"

Devi grins. Her mind immediately springs into action. 'I'm going to do something stupid here, I just know it... ' "Yes." Devi's grin widens quite a bit. "What will you have me do, then as your general?" She just HAS to ask.

Oblivion's grin goes from evil to twistedly evil (thats +4 to his intimidate check usually), and puts a hand on Devi's head. Black power, insane power, evil power. All are ways of describing that which infuses into Devi, binding her to Oblivion, and in the process, giving her power beyond her wildest dreams, but at the same time, has a cost. As is the trait, slight amounts of madness infuse into her mind as well as her body is transformed from a human one to a mazoku one, making her an astral being as a result. Her eyes take on a permanent red glow to their irises, she gains all the benefits and weaknesses of being such a creature, all of which she is instantly aware of, and a profound desire to do evil roots itself in her psyche. Once the torrent of power fades, Oblivion steps back, his evil gaze focused "An improvement, if i DO say so myself!"

Oblivion turns to the grave Momo was defacing, which now reads something entirely different. He points at the ground at its base, and a beam of energy makes a hole about 4 feet deep, into which he places a small stone tablet. He then covers this with earth, and smirks at the grave marker. It reads 'Here Lies Devi, useless in life, more powerful than can be imagined in death'.

Devi flexes her fingers, suddenly feeling very odd in her own skin. Suddenly, she lets her head falls back and starts laughing. Indeed her laughter does sound quite mad. She bends over, holding her stomach, her cackling getting louder as she tries to breath, while wiping tears from her eyes. Collapsing to her knees, she continues, not seeming to be at an end any time soon.

Oblivion smiles, his voice dropping to a normal, almost sane-sounding tone "Now, my minions, here are your orders. Go forth into this odd world, and sow chaos, destruction, and madness where you can, how you can. That is to say, have fun!". He then vanishes to the astral to do just that himself.

Devi manages to stutter a yes before lapsing back into her painful gales of laughter, the pain sending her into new waves of amusement.

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